100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 881 (END) - The End

Chapter 881: The End

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“Mahjong, right? It’s too low-class to play with money. How about this, whoever loses will strip and run around naked?” Ye Feimo proposed the match’s conditions.

Run… naked?

The two fools of the Mo family were shocked and were stunned for a moment. The two of them looked at each other and thought of their cousin’s mahjong skills. The two of them clapped and cheered, agreeing to the rules.

Mo Yao’s smile became even colder.

Hence, they started.

Mo Chen sat opposite Mo Xiaobai, while Mo Yao sat opposite Ye Feimo. Kaka was Ye Feimo’s strategist and Wushuang watched all three. The game began.

The first round.

Ye Feimo threw out his tiles very slowly. He had four bad tiles in his hands. According to his observation, Mo Yao wanted to Pong one of them, and Mo Xiaobai wanted to Chow one of them, while Ye Feimo wanted to let Mo Xiaobai Chow it. He was more interested in looking at Mo Yao than him. Ye Feimo played his tiles slowly, and Mo Xiaobai was an impatient person who kept shouting. Ye Feimo smiled in a deadpan manner. This paradoxical act was not easy, and it made Mo Xiaobai’s hair stand.

Hence, Mo Yao did a Pong and threw out a tile. Mo Chen took a tile and threw it out. It was Ye Feimo’s turn again. He touched his tile and the corner of his lips curled. He threw it out and Mo Chen took it with a Pong. When Mo Chen threw out a tile, Ye Feimo got a tile and did a Concealed Kong.

Mo Xiaobai was in tears. Ye Feimo had still managed to get a Concealed Kong after denying him two tiles in a row. Was there any justice in this world?

It was said that rookies were lucky.

Mo Xiaobai calmed down.

This game wasn’t played by Taiwanese mahjong rules, but a mahjong game with a single chucker. In this round, with a winner and a chucker, the chucker would be punished when three parties lost. Therefore, the way of playing was much more conservative than Taiwanese mahjong. One would rather have the other party win by a Self-pick than having themselves throw out the winning tile.

Both of them threw out a few useless tiles, but Mo Xiaobai could not Chow a single tile. He started to realize the seriousness of the situation and asked Ye Feimo with a sad face, “Feimo, I thought you don’t play mahjong?”

“Who told you that?”

“Everybody says so.”

Ye Feimo coldly harrumphed. “You’ve been deceived by everyone.”

Mo Xiaobai expressed his sadness. “Feimo, throw out a tile for me to Chow. I’m so pitiful.”

He actually could not Chow a single card from his cousin. This was too sad, too overboard, and too cunning. Mo Xiaobai was crying. Mo Chen looked at him pitifully and sympathized with him in spirit.

One should never underestimate Ye Feimo.

Wasn’t that courting death?

As a result, Mo Xiaobai started to stretch his legs. Ye Feimo raised his eyebrows coldly. Humph, playing mahjong with Mo Xiaobai was really damaging to his elegance. This was similar to Mo Yao insulting his intelligence.

“Mo Xiaobai, you kicked my leg,” Ye Feimo coldly reminded him. Mo Xiaobai bit his lips and Mo Wushuang touched Mo Xiaobai’s face. “What a tsundere idiot.”

Mo Xiaobai was angry and turned to glare at Wushuang. Ye Feimo and Mo Yao both turned their heads and quickly looked at Mo Xiaobai’s tiles. When Mo Xiaobai turned back to look at his tiles, the two of them were already sitting upright with a gentlemanly look—he didn’t know what had happened.

Mo Chen: “…”

Mo Xiaobai, I sympathize with you in spirit.

Boohoo, two foxes, each more vicious than the other.

Ye Feimo won the first round, and he smiled decisively. Mo Xiaobai had thrown a 7 Character, causing him to win. Kaka clapped his hands. “Come on, Mo Xiaobai!”

Mo Xiaobai jumped up and screamed. He grabbed his collar as though he was about to be raped by two women. His eyes were filled with innocent tears and his shoulders were trembling. He portrayed the image of a woman forced by two families to do something nasty very well, but such an innocent image did not seem to arouse the bully’s conscience. Ye Feimo crossed his legs and looked at him calmly. He snapped his fingers and signaled him to take off his clothes.

Kaka, who had a united front with the others, applauded. He took out his The Top Terrorist Organization-produced cell phone, which was more advanced than any camera in the world, and aimed it at Mo Xiaobai before snapping his fingers.

“Come on! Baby.”

Mo Yao’s sneer turned into a teasing one as he looked at her teasingly. Wushuang was also very interested in their evilness. She was still very interested in seeing her brother naked.

Even though there was nothing to write home about.

“All of you are bad people!” Mo Xiaobai pointed at them with his trembling fingers, posed in a feminine manner. His expression was as aggrieved as he could be.

Ye Feimo was very cooperative with the situation. “Mo Xiaobai, hurry up. There’s still another round when you come back.”

“Just you wait, I will take revenge.”

“Even if there are ten of you, you will still be the loser.” Ye Feimo looked down on him.

Mo Xiaobai was angry and stomped his feet. “Stripping? So be it!”

Therefore, he boldly and valiantly took off his shirt. As it was hot on the island, he did not wear much and there was nothing the moment he took it off. He then took off his beach pants and was about to run with only his underwear left. Ye Feimo knocked on the table. “Naked.”

He had enunciated ‘naked’ clearly. Mo Wushuang slammed the table and laughed. Although Ye Feimo was usually the quietest person, his evilness was indeed not to be underestimated. Kaka was already in a fit of laughter.

Mo Xiaobai was a person with backbone. It was never too late for revenge. He took off his underwear.

Kaka’s cell phone snapped repeatedly. Ye Feimo leaned over and said, “That’s a pretty good resolution. Zoom in.”


Everybody fell silent. What evilness.

Mo Xiaobai was sad. He turned around and ran away.

He secretly clenched his fists. He would definitely win next time.

He ran from the mansion to the beach and back. It wasn’t far, but when Mo Ye and Eleven, who were whispering sweet nothings by the sea, saw Mo Xiaobai running towards them, their eyes widened.

Mo Xiaobai said, “Boohoo, Uncle, please help me. They are bullying me.”

“Who bullied you?” Mo Ye asked.

“Brother and Cousin.”

Eleven looked at him, and Mo Xiaobai twisted his slim waist and covered his genitals shyly before running back. He met Ye Wei and Mo Jue along the way and Ye Wei whistled. “Mo Xiaobai, not bad.”

“Wah… All of you are bad people.” Mo Xiaobai turned around to run like a strutting peacock. The muscles on Mo Jue’s face were distorted. Was his son born to be a joker? F***.

Mo Xiaobai harrumphed when he returned. He picked up his beach shorts and put them on. He did not even wear his shirt or underwear. Ye Feimo said, “Little Idiot, you sure know yourself well.”

Did he already have the realization that it would be him next round? It wasn’t easy; that was why he did not even wear his clothes.

The few adults who heard them came to watch them play. Ye Wei and Mo Jue kicked Mo Wushuang away and flanked Mo Xiaobai by being his strategist. Third Young Master Ye, Anya, Rong Yan, and Chu Li went behind Ye Feimo. Eleven was behind Mo Chen, and Mo Ye was behind Mo Yao.

Mo Ye started to feel that giving birth to twins was too disadvantageous.

Mo Xiaobai, with his parents supporting him, started to show his might. Everybody knew that his daddy never lost in mahjong. He was an expert, and he was eager to take revenge. Ye Feimo took a cold glance behind him, and Mo Xiaobai started to lack confidence. Ye Feimo had four strategists that were not to be trifled with, and their numbers were definitely superior.


Mo Chen was depressed. He was way more pitiful—he and his elder brother only had one strategist each.

Hence, the second round began.

Things were different with the support of strategists. He threw out whatever Ye Wei got him to. Looking at her son’s confused expression, Ye Wei sighed. “Be good. Although I know you are stupid, I didn’t expect you to be this stupid.”


In the second round, the four of them played to a draw.

This was the level obtained from having strategists.

The third round was a draw again.

Mo Xiaobai bit his lips. “Daddy, revenge.”

Mo Jue ruffled his head. Mo Xiaobai was touched. It was rare for his violent daddy to have sympathy. Mommy definitely did not have any.

In the fourth round, Mo Yao, who was sitting after Mo Xiaobai, became the chucker for making Ye Feimo win. Ye Feimo won again. Big Boss Mo scratched his nose, and Eleven laughed at Mo Chen.

Third Young Master Ye and Chu Li high-fived. Done!

Anya and Rong Yan secretly thought, What are you two so happy about? Feimo did not say a word to them from the start to the end, and they did not say a word either. How did it become their glory? What was even more embarrassing was that Ye Feimo had listened to them in the second and third rounds to a draw. In the fourth round, he started to feel that the think tank behind him was not reliable. Kaka expressed that they were indeed unreliable.

Hence, Ye Feimo decided to do it alone and hence, he won again.

Therefore, Anya felt that they should be ashamed instead of high-fiving? Third Young Master Ye and Chu Li had always been thick-skinned, so they had no inkling of being ashamed.

Mo Yao was a straightforward person and took off his clothes in a few seconds. Kaka did not waste a second and took photos. Eleven was depressed. This time, Mo Xiaobai was happy. He pointed at Mo Yao’s manhood and said, “Haha, your manhood is small too; yet, you laughed at mine.”

Mo Yao slowly turned around and looked at him coldly. Mo Xiaobai was so scared that he hid in Ye Wei’s embrace. The adults laughed and Mo Yao turned around and ran.

Chu Li asked his son curiously, “Kaka, why did you take the photo?”

Kaka’s smile was a little more cunning than Chu Li’s. “It will definitely be worth more in ten years.”

Chu Li touched his son’s head in relief. “You have a future.”

“Thanks for the compliment, Daddy.”

Rong Yan turned her head and did not look at the father and son. How embarrassing. Eleven, Mo Ye, Ye Wei, and Mo Jue were speechless. Ye Wei threw Mo Xiaobai a punch. “Why don’t you have any sense of awareness?”

“Mommy, I lost in the first round. Right, right, the tables have turned, and it should be Little Cousin’s turn. I’ll prepare the cell phone.” Mo Xiaobai cleverly set the cell phone shutter. These children used the same cell phone, and they all had binding and warning functions, just in case. Therefore, the other functions were naturally the same.

Ye Wei was relieved that this child was quick-witted and had the best reaction.

Ye Feimo raised his eyebrows and looked at Kaka. “Which of us do you think knows that?”

“I won’t do such an embarrassing thing.”

“I think so too.” Ye Feimo nodded. “You just confessed to me at night. To prove your sincerity, you’ll strip if you fail.”

Anya and Rong Yan could not stop laughing.

How should she put it about Ye Feimo? He was the classic example of rather having his comrades die than himself.

Kaka was very calm. “Feimo, are you sure we want to start a civil war now?”

“En, let’s work together to fight the outsiders first.”

“Good boy!”

The few men were speechless at how different kinds of sons were produced from their education. Mo Jue, on the other hand, did not feel anything as Mo Xiaobai met his expectations and he did not educate him in any way.

These children had naturally matured and had nothing to do with him.

Once he came back, he did what Mo Xiaobai did and only wore his beach shorts. Ye Feimo thought calmly that he was indeed a person with a high level of awareness. His return brought Ye Ningyuan and Xu Nuo over.

Mo Chen shouted, “Ah, no, Big Cousin, you can’t be Ye Feimo’s strategist anymore. We will definitely lose then.”

Ye Ningyuan knew what they were up to based on the situation. As he saw the many strategists behind his younger brother, Ye Ningyuan thought about it and the couple decisively chose Mo Yao who had just lost.

Mo Yao had no doubt about Ye Ningyuan’s intelligence, but he had doubts about his mahjong skills. Ye Ningyuan asked, “Who do you want to see strip?”

“Ye Feimo, Kaka!”

“How impolite. Call Brother Kaka, Little Cousin,” Kaka said as he pinched his throat. Mo Yao had the air of an emperor, and Ye Ningyuan saw that there were already two of them. His little brother had aroused public anger.

“Be good, mahjong is also a test of intelligence,” Ye Ningyuan smiled. Xu Nuo secretly thought that he was really thick-skinned. Was he praising him for being smart? Indeed, he was indeed better if intelligence were to be judged.

However, according to research, a national college entrance examination top scholar’s contribution to society was clearly less than what was expected. In other words, high IQ was nothing. She remained a bystander as she was not very good at mahjong.

Ye Feimo faced Ye Ningyuan without fear.

A new round began.

Mo Ye immediately gave up his seat to Ye Ningyuan and went to guide Mo Chen with Eleven. This round was exceptionally long. The last three rounds of drawing the tiles had reached the most crucial point. Everybody was one tile short of a winning hand, and they would let someone win if they were not careful. The few adults could not help but be nervous. They would rather discard a safe tile than something that hadn’t been discarded.

Ye Feimo played a card, Birdy.

It was a tile that hadn’t been discarded before. He looked at the adults and children calmly. All the adults and children stared at him. Third Young Master Ye thought that his son had become the target of the crowd.

Ye Feimo harrumphed and was not afraid of making a scene. He discarded the tile, but nobody claimed victory. Mo Xiaobai drew a tile and discarded a safe tile. Ye Ningyuan thought about it and discarded a safe tile too. Mo Ye naturally discarded a safe tile as well. Everybody wanted to quickly finish this round. They became more nervous towards the end. Ye Feimo drew a safe tile and heaved a sigh of relief. He discarded it. Great, he didn’t have to worry anymore as he didn’t need to discard tiles any further.

When it was Mo Chen’s turn, he cried.

He did not have any safe tiles in his hand. He only had five tiles in front of him, except for the Birdy. Mo Ye thought about it and discarded the Birdy. Ye Feimo had just discarded it, so the card should be safe.

Kaka cheered while Ye Feimo slowly flipped his tiles. He had won.

“F***, didn’t you just discard it?” Mo Ye said.

“I waited one round. It’s time to win,” Ye Feimo replied calmly.

Third Young Master Ye covered his face. “He actually discarded a Self-pick tile that could have won him the round.”

“Feimo, you are too cunning,” Eleven said.

Ye Wei and Mo Jue had no other thoughts. Ye Ningyuan would have to concede defeat in terms of how sinister he was, right? He had even discarded a tile that he could have used to win to deliberately get someone to treat it as a safe tile—after all, being the chucker implied punishment. He was too cunning. After a few rounds, they had a deep understanding of Ye Feimo. They used to think that he was dull and arrogant, but they did not expect him to have inherited Third Young Master Ye’s cunningness, and he might have even surpassed his predecessor.

He was too cunning.

Mo Chen cried and Eleven gently caressed her son’s head. “Be good and take revenge next time.”

The enemy was too strong, and they were not on the same level. Ye Feimo was good enough to take on everyone alone.

Mo Chen also started to act like Mo Xiaobai and took off his clothes in an extremely wronged and innocent manner. Everybody was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. Mo Xiaobai affectionately shouted, “Mo Chen, you have a good figure. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Everybody fell silent. They indeed had a united front.

Kaka’s phone kept snapping away, and so did Mo Xiaobai. Support was one thing, but taking photos was another. Mo Chen was in tears and turned to run.

Ye Feimo and Kaka high-fived. Yes, victory!

Mo Ye coldly said, “Don’t the two of you know what extreme joy begets sorrow means?”

Kaka said, “I’ve never heard of it.”

Ye Feimo replied, “No idea.”

Third Young Master Ye and Chu Li were very pleased that their son had improved.

The Mo brothers looked at each other and coldly smiled. Ye Ningyuan saw this, and felt that they had incited public anger. Ye Feimo and Kaka were too arrogant.

Mo Xiaobai said, “Big Cousin, aren’t you a genius? Why are you so bad too?”

Ye Ningyuan rebutted. “Must a genius be a genius at playing mahjong?”

“Geniuses should be all-rounded. If not, they can’t be called geniuses. Big Cousin, if you can’t win against Little Cousin, I will despise you forever.” Mo Xiaobai clenched his fists. He felt that all the think tanks were not reliable, so he pinned all his hopes on Ye Ningyuan.

“Mo Xiaobai, are you interested in our Feimo? Do you have to see him naked?” Ye Ningyuan smiled.

“F***, I’ll rather be interested in Daddy than him. Who would like such a perverted thing?” Mo Xiaobai howled. In Mo Xiaobai’s tiny mind, Ye Feimo was definitely extremely twisted.

He was sinister and cunning; yet, he wore a blank face.

Ye Feimo looked at him coldly, and Mo Xiaobai stared back at him indignantly. Since he had lost once, it did not matter if he striped a few more times. The adults broke into laughter and Mo Jue punched him. “Are you calling me a pervert?”

Mo Xiaobai felt wronged and innocent. “Daddy, I said that Ye Feimo is perverted.”

Actually, you are also a pervert. Why don’t you allow me to say it?

“Why did you link me to him when talking about pervertedness?” Mo Jue gritted his teeth.

“Daddy, there are people in the world who are even more perverted than you. Shouldn’t you be happy? You are finally not the best,” Mo Xiaobai solemnly asked. Ye Wei was already laughing so hard that she held Mo Xiaobai and kissed him a few times.

Her son was too adorable.

She was happy to see him call Mo Jue a pervert.

Ye Feimo would rather fall in love with his daddy than Ye Feimo. How perverted was Ye Feimo?

Mo Jue’s hair was about to stand on end. Mo Xiaobai still felt that Daddy’s pervertedness was something worth celebrating. Why was he angry? Mo Jue felt that he had to teach his son a lesson or he would become lawless.

At this moment, Mo Chen ran back and shouted as he put on his shorts. Hence, the joyful scene of three half-naked boys and a young gentleman playing mahjong ensued.

Mo Chen clenched his fists and said openly, “Little Bai, Big Boss, the two of you better be quick-witted. Let’s stop trying to get a winning combination and target Little Cousin. He definitely has to fall once.”

It was rare for Mo Yao and Mo Xiaobai to nod their heads in unison. What else could be said about such cheating?

Ye Feimo coldly harrumphed. “All of you have never won before. Seeing that the three of you have fallen, how could you have the ability to defeat him?”

Kaka said, “I support Little Feimo in defeating the three of you.”

This was the first time Ye Ningyuan realized that his younger brother was indeed… very traditional when it came to the Ye family style.

Her mommy hit the nail on the head. He had inherited his daddy’s sinister and cunning ways

Mo Yao and Mo Jue clearly made a united front.

F***, if they could not win against a child, how could they not be embarrassed? This was a serious problem and they had to take it seriously. Eleven and Ye Wei shook their heads and laughed. Mo Wushuang bet thirty cents that Ye Feimo would not lose.

This was what happened next.

One had to admit that Ye Feimo was a godly person. Mo Xiaobai, Mo Yao, and Mo Chen lost one after another. Mo Ye and Mo Jue were furious.

“F***, Feimo, are you the God of Gambling?” Mo Jue said angrily.

If his son stripped, as his Daddy, he would be humiliated too.

Even though it was more fun.

“I was just casually playing.” Ye Feimo waved his hands. That nonchalant posture made it seem like he was just casually playing, making them choke. This was the situation they were in from his casual playing. What kind of situation would it be if he played seriously? How shameless was he to say that?

It was such a blow.

Towards the end of the game, even the adults were terrified. Even Ye Ningyuan, who was so calm, felt that it was too weird. Ye Feimo was definitely a god.

“I’m not playing anymore. What a scam.” Ye Wei suavely slammed the table.

Mo Jue praised her for being wise, and everybody broke up with smiles.

The trio looked at Ye Feimo resentfully. Ye Feimo had his arms crossed and a blank look on his face. He was cold and looked like he deserved a beating. Everyone gritted their teeth in hatred.

By the seaside, Ye Feimo and Kaka stood face to face. Kaka held Ye Feimo’s face and seemed to be kissing him. The onlookers behind were stunned. F***, this was too explosive. It’s true that one does not allow benefits created by one’s own work to accrue to others?

Mo Xiaobai quickly snitched on them and attracted a group of adults to hide behind and watch. From their point of view, Kaka’s expression was extremely gentle and he was smiling. Ye Feimo’s back was facing them and they could not see his expression clearly.

Cheng Anya’s face twisted and Rong Yan’s lips trembled. Third Young Master Ye and Chu Li looked at each other and felt a chill.

It really seemed like a kiss…

“Could it be that after Hailan is gone, Kaka really decided to settle for second best?”

Rong Yan said, “I feel that Anya needs to have another daughter.”

Cheng Anya was stunned.

Ye Ningyuan pursed his lips. “No matter how you look at it, Feimo is a scheming top.”

Chu Li said, “Nonsense. How does our Kaka look like a bottom?”

“Being a top and bottom is relative. When compared to our family’s Feimo, it is obvious that he’s a bottom. Who can deal with Feimo?”

Chu Li was in tears. Son, you have to work hard and not be crushed.

Mo Ye said, “There are too many boys in this generation and they have been close since young. This is indeed a problem.”

Mo Jue thought of his Mo Xiaobai and the two brothers and broke into tears.

Their values were about the same, their worldviews were about the same, and their hobbies were about the same. All of them were extremely smart and were not on the same level as their peers. It was normal for sparks to fly.

At the beach, Kaka held Ye Feimo’s face and smiled. “Don’t move! Otherwise, I can’t even take it out.”

“It hurts.”

“Blame yourself for cheating?” Kaka said. He was slightly taller than Ye Feimo, and in order to help him take out his contacts, he had no choice but to cock his head. Seeing how pitiful Feimo was, he couldn’t help but smile.

This was one of The Top Terrorist Organization’s see-through contact lenses. When Ye Feimo was competing against them in the fourth round, he had a serious sense of danger, so he had Kaka put this pair of contact lenses on him so that he could see all of his opponent’s tiles.

It was a sure win.

“If the Mo brothers find out, you are dead meat.”

Only Ye Feimo could think of such a method. He was too cunning.

“If you don’t tell them, who will know? Hurry up and stop dilly-dallying. It’s so painful.” The contacts were special and he needed someone to take them off. When removing them, Ye Feimo’s eyes turned red from the stimulation.

Kaka helped him blow at his eyes and put away the contacts. “It’s okay, right?”

“It’s okay.”

The two of them held each other in arms as they turned around, only to see a large group of people not too far away. Ye Feimo and Kaka’s first thought was that they had been seen through, but seeing the various adults looking at them with twisted expressions, their expressions seemed a little… indescribable.

Both of them shuddered.

They were confused. Who could tell them what was going on?

Mo Xiaobai saw that his little cousin’s eyes were red and he shouted, “Ahhhh, Little Cousin, you were crushed, right? Ahhhh, I feel at peace now. Ohhhhahaha, the world is too wonderful…”

Mo Xiaobai stood with his arms akimbo and laughed until he was trembling. The adults from the various families also laughed until they trembled. They were all very harmonious.

Ye Wei had the urge to flatten him.

Ye Feimo and Kaka were still at a loss.

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Bai Ye was admiring the exhibition at the DLK exhibition. One of the paintings was Ye Ningyuan’s work. He broke into a smile. This child was really talented. He was so talented that his work could be displayed at the DLK exhibition.

A beautiful woman came up to him and looked at him in admiration. Bai Ye waved the ring on his finger apologetically. It was a simple platinum ring that clearly showed that he was married.

The woman left disappointed.

Bai Ye chuckled and continued to admire the painting.

This ring was the wedding ring that he and Su Man had set their eyes on. Nobody had taken it off for many years, and women who saw it were smart enough to avoid him. It helped him ward off plenty of possible romance.

As a mature man in his thirties, Bai Ye was undoubtedly charismatic. His handsome and soft features and gentle temperament always gave off a certain elegance. The wisdom and introvertedness that had accumulated over time were undoubtedly evident on him, and his every move was filled with the charm of a mature man.

Such a man would be the center of attention wherever he went.

Su Man was not in Riyadh today. He had gone to Lin City for work. It had been seven days and he would only return tomorrow. Bai Ye came out of the exhibition hall alone and drove to the bar. His days without Su Man passed very slowly.

Life in Riyadh was much more boring than in Europe. There was little entertainment, and Su Man did not have any special hobbies. He liked to dabble in flowers and plants or design weapons. The two of them spent half a year in Riyadh and the other half traveling the world. Their lives were easy.

When Su Man was not in Riyadh, Bai Ye would occasionally seek out fun. The so-called fun-seeking was having drinks with a few friends, fishing, playing golf, or attending a concert.

The car stopped in front of a classical-looking bar as Bai Ye leisurely approached.

There were many famous gay bars in Riyadh. If one wanted to have fun, they could go to those bars. Bai Ye had been to those bars before, but he suffered harassment the moment he went in. He did not like them, so he decided to go to normal bars.

This bar with classical features suited his taste.

The bar was packed that night. The music in the bar was melodious and classy. There was no passionate singing or dancing, but many young women were drinking together. The bartender said that it was a group of university students celebrating their graduation.

Bai Ye smiled and took a sip of red wine. Graduation celebration. This was something new to him as he did not know what graduation meant. His ending of his studies was called leaving the mountains.

Two young, black-haired women came over with wine glasses and sat beside Bai Ye. The woman was about to speak when Bai Ye gently smiled. “Sorry, I’m gay.”

The smiles of the two women froze. Bai Ye thought that it was another boring night. While they were still in a daze, Bai Ye left the bar and drove home in a cool manner.

As soon as she reached home, Dana smiled. “Master is back.”

Bai Ye was taken aback before he became ecstatic and appeared in front of Su Man as quickly as he could. Wasn’t he coming back tomorrow?

Su Man had just reached home and had taken a comfortable hot shower. As he was drying his long hair, he was suddenly hugged from behind. Bai Ye’s lips had already nibbled at his fair neck and kissed his earlobe.

“Did you drink?”

“Yes, I drank a little.” Bai Ye smiled and gave Su Man a gentle and long kiss.

Once they were done kissing, Bai Ye happily took the towel and dried Su Man’s hair. This was the fun he enjoyed the most. He really loved Su Man’s smooth, long hair, and Su Man enjoyed his service.

“Didn’t you say that you would be back tomorrow?”

“Yes, I completed it in advance,” Su Man said. He would rather die than say that he missed a particular person and had come back in a hurry. He was extremely tired.

Even if he did not say it, Bai Ye knew it too and could not help but kiss him a few more times. The chemistry between the two of them had reached the point of telepathy. Su Man leaned against him and was surprisingly docile. Bai Ye was elated and was about to dry his hair before using his body to express his feelings while they were apart. Little did he expect that after drying his hair, he realized that he had fallen asleep because Su Man was too tired.

Bai Ye smiled lovingly and kissed him on the lips. He carried Su Man and put him on the bed before adjusting his sleeping posture. The computer was still on, and he went to a virus seminar this time and heard about some virus prototypes from a certain hospital.

He rushed back and many of the reports were still unorganized.

Bai Ye sat in front of the computer and helped him write the report and organize the report. After a night’s work, he finally saved and switched off the computer. He took a shower, changed into his pajamas and went to bed. He gently hugged Bai Ye.

Since Su Man would be his tomorrow, he would let him off for the time being. Those reports were not to get in the way. He happily hugged Su Man. With him by his side, the insomniac Bai Ye would easily have a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Su Man saw Bai Ye’s bright eyes as soon as he woke up. There was a fire in his eyes, and when he saw Bai Ye wake up, he pounced on him and kissed him on the lips. Bai Ye had already pulled away his sleeping robe, and his hands were constantly rubbing him, reaching down to grab Bai Ye’s genitals.

“You’re in heat again so early in the morning.” Su Man’s face slightly reddened, but he did not reject him. He reached out and took off Bai Ye’s sleeping robe as he tried to please his lover.

“I miss you.” Men were easily impulsive early in the morning. There was no need to tease him as the air was burning. The two of them interlocked their fingers and the platinum ring shone in the morning light…

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