108 Maidens of Destiny

Extra 3: Magical Girl Little Huang III

Extra 3: Magical Girl Little Huang III

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The so-called calmness was truth, but in living, it was not possible to ordinarily be like water.

In the small ripples within tranquility, it was possible to add a bit of pleasure. Your Servant is Gongsun Huang, the maker of tiny waves.

Don’t think this is unbelievable!

Because Little Huang is a magical girl...

This. Is a se~cret~


Truthfully, this was an idea that suddenly sprung out. Little Huang needed a target to demonstrate the results of her recent cultivation.

Little Huang practiced a new Star Magic. It was completely harmless, yet it also had the benefit of being difficult to detect.

Oh, Little Sister Yingmei appeared walking in the corridor. Little Sister, good day.

In that case, Little Huang shall use you as a test subject. Test Little Huang’s “Blushing Face Soul Technique.” [1]

For an entire day, Yingmei will be blushing!

Su Xing: This is...Yingmei? Yingmei is blushing at me...Sorry, Young Master has been staying too long at Niangzi’s place recently!

Wu Siyou: Yingmei? Yingmei! Siyou knew it, how could you surrender to a man, Lin Yingmei! Yingmei, Siyou will go help you!

Shi Yuan: Hmph! Su Xing definitely did something dirty...Why won’t you do some dirty things to Yuan’er, too...

Chai Ling: Ohoho, Xing’er, are you not being honest? Is that so, Xing’er?

Zhang Yuqi: Ha, ha, ha, Young Su must have done something dirty. Next time, I must watch and take pictures!

Bai Yutang: What does “something dirty” mean?

Zhang Yuqi: Huh? Did I say something?

Zhang Feiyu: It’s, it’s drinking wine! Drinking wine will make you flushed, right!

Hua Wanyue: Yingmei? Yingmei! Yingmei is blushing at me? Yingmei is blushing at me! Yingmei is blushing at me...

Wu Xinjie: Wanyue? Wanyue?

Hua Wanyue: Yingmei is blushing at me...

Wu Xinjie: Hm, a bored Gongsun Huang.

Tang Lianxin (looking over her shoulder): Elder Sister Yingmei will not blush at Lianxin. There must be someone else, right...No one?

Konghou: Hang in there, Siyou! The Majestic Star back then was also like this...

Gong Caiwei: Su Xing has already agreed to be with me tonight...Lin Yingmei, you would surprisingly...

An Suwen: Fever? No, it does not seem so...Suwen must go check ancient prescriptions...

Zhao Hanyan: What is Lin Yingmei blushing for...Su Xing must have forgotten to close the door, right? She must have walked in on last night when we...

Dong Junqing: Hehehehe...A blushing Yingmei is a different kind of cute...

Hu Niangzi: This...Dear Husband has been staring at Elder Sister Yingmei all along. Blush? A, a good tactic!

That night, Su Xing dashed to the door of Lin Yingmei’s room in excitement, only to find the Wu Siyou who had just arrived, the Hua Wanyue who walked in from the end of the hall, and Dong Junqing on the floor, beaten to a pulp beyond recognition.

What a very beautiful day.

Little Sister Yingmei’s night was difficult. Yingmei is Little Huang’s little sister.

To be frank, only one is an Elder Sister, Wu Xinjie.

How about this then. Tomorrow, Little Huang will send her a cool breeze and conveniently stick a piece of paper onto her back. Shhh, this is a secret.

Now then, what should Little Huang write on that paper?

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1. 臉紅心法 ?

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