12 Hours After

Chapter 198 (END)

Chapter 198: Chapter 198. Epilogue

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Writer’s Reviews:

First of all, I would like to thank you. Thanks to the readers, who read my lack of writing; I have finished my fourth book! I’ll always remember that.

As I said earlier, this is my fourth book, and I still don’t think writing a novel is easy. I always feel this. Personally, I started to feel weak around the 150th chapter. It has not been easy to write since then. I thought it would be better to take six books from the beginning or divide them into two parts and take a break.

This time, I wrote a series, but I couldn’t handle it in the second half. I’m sorry about that. I used to post it on the day I finished my epilogue, but this work has been so hard that I had to take a day off.

It has been the most popular piece of my writing, and at the same time, it was the most regretful piece of work. After writing and posting, I always thought ‘I should write something like this,’ or ‘I should try to develop something like this,’ or ‘I could write something more specifically here,’ or ‘I’d like to reduce that a little bit.’

I work for a company, but I’ve tried to write, edit, and post it on the Munpia. It has not been easy. When I was writing my previous Master Hunter K, it was really easy to write because I had no job then. I think it was difficult this time because I was always running out of time.

The future news of this article I originally thought of about a year ago. When I wrote my previous novels, I used a theme of going back to the past, a time shift, but I’ve never written about a future foreseeing, so I made a decision to write this genre if I could. We had a contest in April in Munpia, so I participated in it with this novel.

The motive was a horror cartoon based on future news, which I saw when I was in elementary school. My memory was dim, but in the animation, the main character had a paper newspaper every day, and it had the future news. I decided to convert it into something that would be in line with the Internet news standard.

As you can see, I took the League of Legends rating except for the last two, and Editor and Publisher. I thought they were the sources that I’d take to the end. As the abilities grew, I conceived the idea of the character’s power and assets growing together, and I wrote it on the basis of that, before the last two grades.

The last two rating scenarios, the U.S.-China nuclear war, and the rare cancer of his son, were actually must-not subjects in web fiction writing, but I chose them as subjects to showcase the power of the last two parts. In the first place, the main character was so strong that I couldn’t pull the story out unless it was that special. It was not bad to finish at around a hundred eighty episodes, but I still had leftover material. So I tried to use it without paying any attention to my grades, since it was material that I would like to release, and a scenario that I wanted to use. I am satisfied, but I’m a little sorry to those of you who have dropped out on the way.

By getting the last two ratings, the main character has a pure divine ability. Some of you worry about chaos or confusion at the end of the story, but it’s just a part that I put in as a cautionary note that the power of this kind of manipulation is so strong that it could destabilize the world if he mismanages it. If the probability is not limited, he can pop his fingers a few times and destroy the world. The main character, Han Sang-hoon, has a pretty wife, a daughter and a son, so he will use it carefully.

From April to November… I feel relieved but sorry to have finished the series after more than half a year. I think I wrote it in my previous reviews that when I was in middle school and high school, I used to read genre novels, but I haven’t read any genre novels in the ten years since then. A few years ago, when web novels appeared, I thought there was this new kind of novel, and I became a reader, and a writer, and then wrote four books.

I’m sure many of you remember the genre novels of ten years ago, but there weren’t many contemporary fantasies of this kind at that time. Most of the time, I read pure fantasies, martial arts novels, and so on. So, I was going to write that kind of pure fantasy. It’s been ten years since I came to the web fiction world, and I found that all the pure fantasies were dead, and there were only a fusion or a modern fantasy. Since the pure fantasy was not popular at all, I tried to write a modern fantasy to see if my writing would work or not.

That’s how I have written three novels so far. Except for Master Hunter K, there has been a reversal of the order of host and guest. So, the next novel will go back to its original version, and even if I can’t write a pure fantasy, it will go toward a fusion fantasy. Originally, I announced that I would release my next novel as a game fantasy. Due to the nature of the genre novel, I don’t think I need to use the game format. So, I’m going to go to a fusion fantasy similar to the previous Master Hunter K.

Now, when I think about it, I think it’s a personal achievement and a lucrative hobby. But now I’ve won a big prize after writing this novel, and I’ve changed my mind a little bit after getting too much love from you. It is no longer right to write with such amateurish ideas. I will reduce my stubbornness a little bit, and get closer to my readers with a little more professional writing, for the fun of my readers.

So, I’ll return to you with the next novel, which reflects that aspect. It’s something that readers might like more. In a month or two, after recovering my physical and mental strength, I’ll be back after I’m finished with the idea of my next novel.

Thank you so much again for reading so far!

See you in the next novel!


Editor’s Note: And so the novel is completed! It’s been interesting to read along as I edit it, and get drawn into what originally seemed to be another money-grabbing ‘I’ve got a cheat’ fantasy. I have to say I enjoyed the aspects of him administering justice with his power more then how he accumulated it.

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