shin's birthday (reverse)

[86 Side Stories] May 19th – Shin’s Birthday (Reverse)

“――Captain Nouzen.”

He looked back, and saw a girl with silvery white hair, dressed in the deep blue Republic army uniform and a long sleeved coat. She was Major Anrietta Penrose, of the 86th Mobile Strike Package.

“What is it, Major Penrose?”

“Annette is fine. Dispense with the formalities.”

Annette, who was staring intently at him for quite a while, looked as though she had long forgotten about her actions.

Shin was holding onto the philosophy book he lost days ago. The bookmark gave a silvery glow from that angle, looking alluring.

“It’s your birthday, no? Sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you before.”

With a stoic look, Shin received with one hand a case of cufflinks.

Those were accessories to fasten the shirt sleeves instead of buttons, but they were not usually worn on formal attires. Except for the battle dress uniform and army uniform, he hardly wore any service dress.

Naturally, Shin frowned.

“……Why give me this?”

“Didn’t you hear my apology?”

“I don’t really use it.”

“No point returning it to me now. I don’t have any other gift prepared. Also, officers have to attend parties, and you need formal wear.”

Even if there is, I don’t want to go.

Such words seemingly appeared on his face. Annette quietly sighed reluctantly.

“I’m leaving. Make sure you wear it then…got it?”

She then wordlessly shoved it into him.

The cufflinks were made of little rubies and platinum, along with fine orange flower patterns.

For some reason, Shin appeared to be pouting as he slowly reached his thin fingers in.

“Make sure you wear it, especially when going out with Lena for such events.”

――Currently, in Annette’s room.

There was a choker that came with the cufflinks, to be given to Lena two months later

Of course, Shin did not know about this, yet.

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