A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 10

Unedited chapter

10. The Little Sub-beastman Has a Fever

Having a fever, the little sub-beastman’s ears were drooping, his face was red, and he looked very weak. It made Edgar feel sorry for him.

After feeling sorry for the little sub-beastman, Edgar’s heart started to race, once again worrying.

Sub-beastman’s body was mostly not good. If they fell sick in the city, they would certainly be fine after getting excellent medical treatment. But here was the wild!

The little sub-beastman was burning up with fever now. At this time, if he couldn’t think of a method to bring his temperature down, then it might be possible that.... Edgar simply didn’t dare to continue thinking about it. And regretting about it was pointless.

He shouldn't have followed after the little sub-beastman back to his cave. No, after he had saved the little sub-beastman yesterday, he should have left right away instead of letting the little sub-beastman bustle around serving him....

The cave the little sub-beastman used for sleeping was very small. It was inconvenient for Edgar to enter or exit, so he just stuck his head in. He stared at the little sub-beastman and watched him for a while. He saw the little sub-beastman sobbing softly in his drowsiness. The tears kept falling and falling. He had an urge to lick the tears on the other person's face.

But when he opened his mouth, what came out was a forked tongue.

He was already a beast, not a beastman....

Edgar used his chin to touch the little sub-beastman burning forehead, a bitter laugh in his heart. He had been in contact with the little sub-beastman for so many times. Every single time the little sub-beastman would get scared of him to the point of leaving things behind and running away. It was only because the little sub-beastman was unconscious now that he could get close to him....

But he would rather not have the opportunity to get close to the little sub-beastman than see him get sick.

Edgar went around the little sub-beastman's living room and found a wooden bucket. There was also a wooden ladle in the bucket. He bit the wooden ladle, wanting to get some water for the little sub-beastman to drink. However, as soon as he moved towards the sub-beastman’s side, the water was spilled.

No matter what, even with the wounds on his tail, Edgar used his tail to carry the bucket to the little sub-beastman’s bedside. Then he again used his tail to hold the wooden ladle and very carefully place the ladle filled with water on the little sub-beastman’s lips.

The little sub-beastman remained unconscious, but the wooden ladle made it to his lips. Nevertheless, he subconsciously licked it up and drank a lot of water.

Edgar fed a lot of water to the little sub-beastman. Feeling that it was good enough, he then used his tail to lightly mash a fruit brought back by the little sub-beastman into his room. After that, he spread the mush on the little sub-beastman’s forehead.

This kind of fruit had very high moisture content, and it also had some cooling effect. He could only do these things now.

After taking a profound glance at the little sub-beastman, Edgar turned his body and quickly slithered out. Although his mech was already broken, leaving only some scraps that wouldn’t let him send out any information, but he had once seen a familiar plane flying over the sky. He knew that there were people who lived on this small planet.

He could go and try to find the people who lived on this planet and let them bring the little sub-beastman to the hospital.

Edgar moved quickly, and he didn't notice that the wounds on his body had split open again. After travelling for two hours, he had left his territory.

Here, he smelled the scent of the other beasts. As expected, there was the smell of a giant tiger, but it did not belong to that giant tiger from before.

Edgar stopped moving.

Originally, the giant tiger had been his neighbor. They had always been non-aggressive and lived together in harmony. Yesterday the tiger had suddenly ran to his territory and even wanted to harm the little sub-beastman....

All along, he hadn’t understood why the tiger had gone to his territory. But now, after getting a sniff of the smell here, he actually came to understand.

Ferocious beasts all had their own territory. This territory had originally belonged to the tiger he had killed, but now it already belonged to another tiger.

If he wanted to pass through here, most likely he had to fight first. At that time, even if he had won, he must still have passed through the second, the third, and even the fourth ferocious beast’s territory.

Edgar calmed down.

He had long thought that he would send the little sub-beastman to the people in this area. The reason why he had not done it yet was completely because he knew that the forest was very dangerous.

After his beast core had been shattered, his remaining basic strength had only been 10% of his former strength. And now....

Looking at the deep wounds with exposed bone on his body, Edgar rushed back without the slightest hesitation.

Yesterday’s battle had reduced more than 50% of his strength. Going out to look for people naturally meant courting death. And if he had died, leaving the little sub-beastman by himself here would only have endangered him more....

Edgar’s return speed was faster than his departure’s speed, but unfortunately, his increasingly heavy body affected his speed in the end. When he returned to the little sub-beastman cave, the little sub-beastman was still unconscious.

Seeing this situation, Edgar did not know if he should feel upset or if he should feel that he deserved to feel unwell—he could barely move now.

Advancing forward to examine the little sub-beastman’s condition and discovering that the little sub-beastman’s temperature was still very high, Edgar somewhat felt helpless in the face of this crisis.

He knew some basic medicinal herbs, but they were all for treating injuries and could not be used to reduce fever.... Edgar mashed a fruit like he had done before and changed the fruit mush on the little sub-beastman’s forehead. Then he once again used his tail to hold the wooden ladle and fed some water to the little sub-beastman.

Shu Shu’s body felt very hot and achy all over. At this moment, water entered his throat and helped to bring some relief. However, he was still very hot.

There seemed to be something ice-cold around him. Shu Shu grasped it tightly and held it in his arms. Rubbing up and down against it, he felt a cool and refreshing sensation. At the same time, he started to have a nightmare.

In the dream, he became a tiny hamster again, and behind him was a snake chasing after him.

The snake chased after him so persistently until he exhausted all his strength to run. He circulated the magical power throughout his whole body, but the snake was still chasing after him and was getting closer and closer....

He was outstripped by the snake in the end. The snake opened its big mouth, ready to swallow him down.... Against reason, while he could still run in the past, but now at this very moment, he unexpectedly couldn’t move at all.

The snake's mouth was so big that it soon engulfed his head.... He was eaten!

Shu Shu cried up in fear. The next second, he returned to the beginning of his nightmare.

He was still a hamster and behind him was still a snake, and the snake was still hotly pursuing him.

The escape route that was chosen last time was ultimately confirmed as to have no way to escape. Shu Shu changed the route this time. He ran and ran, ran and ran, squeezed into a small hole, got into a pile of grass, crossed over a small hill, ran for a very long, long time, but still couldn't escape....

He was eaten again, swallowed alive into the snake's stomach and digested by the snake's gastric fluid.

When he came back to himself again, he was at the very beginning once more—still in that area, still with that snake.

Shu Shu was somewhat distracted, but when the snake chasing after him come up to his rear, he unconsciously started to run once more.

Of course, he... still could not escape.

Quite soon, it was back to the beginning....

Shu Shu didn't know how many times he had repeated this scenario. Later, when he was totally worn out and fed up with it, he even thought that he might as well not run away, just lie down immediately and let the snake eat him.

However, he still couldn't help but reflexively run ahead while the snake on his back still chased after him.

Obviously he shouldn't look back, but this time Shu Shu looked back. He even vacantly and foolishly thought—every time it was this snake, could it not be replaced by another snake?

After this thought arose, Shu Shu suddenly discovered that the snake chasing after him was sure enough replaced with a snake he was very familiar with—the huge snake.

Shu Shu looked at the huge snake, and the entire time, he felt that there was something wrong.... Wait a minute! He had fallen into an inexplicable and mysterious place, and his appearance had even turned into a half-man half-mouse. How could he suddenly changed back into a small hamster and even got hunted continuously?

Thinking this way, Shu Shu suddenly became clear-headed. Then he found himself sniffing at the smell he was familiar with as well as the smell of rotting flesh.

The smell he was familiar with emanated from the snake's tail he was hugging, and the smell of rot also emanated from said tail—the huge snake's wounds were all rotting!

Why was this snake so thoughtless? Shu Shu frowned and the next second, he thought of a crucial point—the snake, ah! He was hugging the snake's tail!

Immediately flinging the tail away from his bosom, Shu Shu quickly retreated. The experience of being eaten by the snake over and over again in his dream made him extremely frightened. His whole person shivered with fear.

However, he unexpectedly didn’t get scared to the point of fainting like in the past....

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