A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 111

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111. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Who Eats Hamster

Edgar was very busy after he ascended the throne, managing the business, dealing with the Imperial Fleet, and doing various activities of the imperial family. He was so busy his feet did not even touch the ground, and he practically had no time to spend with Shu Shu during the day.

Shu Shu was also busy for a while but soon became free. The hospital was usually only busy for half a day, and the two children were raised by Chris and Ian . . . . He had nothing to do and began to miss Edgar, always wanting to accompany Edgar.

But in that case, it was not good for Edgar to work overtime reading documents while he sat beside him or slept soundly, right? How bad would it look if others saw it, ah? They would definitely think that the empress had no manners and no ability . . . .

Shu Shu racked his brains and finally thought of a good way, that was to turn into a little hamster and hide in Edgar's pocket to accompany Edgar.

His former owner loved to be accompanied by him like this, so Edgar had to like it too. If he dared to not like it . . . humph!

Edgar read the documents, and Shu Shu ate in his pocket. Edgar worked overtime, and Shu Shu slept in his pocket. Edgar held a meeting, and Shu Shu crawled into Edgar's clothes and licked Edgar's belly . . . .

Well, he did not get down to business, but it was not bad for him to do so. Not only was his relationship with Edgar not affected because Edgar was too busy, it was even better.

After a long time, he also realized the benefits of doing this.

After turning into a little hamster, he no longer had to walk by himself, and he could always be with Edgar at any time. He could eat anytime and anywhere without having to pay particular attention to etiquette or worry about being gossiped that the empress had no bearing.

Everyone's demand for the empress was still very high. Although they felt that he, the empress, was great, they would occasionally pick at him, such as saying that he had no taste in clothes and so on. However, as a little hamster, even if someone did not like him, there was absolutely no one who would criticize him. Even if he had no image, people would not bother about a little hamster.

He scratched an obnoxious official last time, and others could only watch him helplessly. If it was replaced by the empress hitting someone . . . wouldn’t it break the headlines?

Shu Shu was becoming more and more fond of turning into a little hamster to go out with Edgar instead of going out with Edgar as the empress.

As a result, Shu Shu was inevitably exposed, and the people of the entire Beastman Empire knew one thing—His Imperial Majesty the Emperor kept a hamster as a pet.

"His Imperial Majesty is really nice and kind. He actually keeps a pet, ah!"

"The picture of His Imperial Majesty carrying a little hamster looks very lovely!"

"His Imperial Majesty’s expression when looking at the little hamster is also very gentle and soft!"

"His Imperial Majesty goes out with a little hamster all day long without the empress. Is he not afraid of the empress feeling jealous?"

. . . . . .

Humph, I’m not jealous at all since that’s me, ah! Reading the comments online, Shu Shu was joyfully satisfied and went to browse through his beautiful photos on the star network.

He was definitely the best-looking little hamster in this world!

On the star network, people commented on the photos of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor carrying a little hamster, and these comments were basically positive.

"The people now like to watch those big figures show their children and pets. Many politicians will even deliberately release photos of themselves interacting harmoniously with animals to show that they love animals . . . . You can go out with me more in the future." Edgar, seeing the evaluation on the star network, turned to face Shu Shu with a smile.

He hoped that Shu Shu would always follow him.

"You’re not afraid of causing any problem at that time?" Shu Shu asked.

"Causing what problem?" Edgar replied, smiling. He only kept a little hamster, that’s all . . . .

Edgar was very confident and thought that going everywhere with Shu Shu would absolutely not lead to any problem. But unexpectedly, he was proven wrong after a few days.

In the capital star, there was a very famous restaurant called Sky Restaurant. This restaurant was built in mid-air. The guests sat in separate suspended cabins floating in mid-air to dine, while the waiters stepped on a one meter-width floating device to serve the guests.

There were a lot of special dishes there, and they were not for to go. Shu Shu had long drooled over them and wanted to try them. This time, he and Edgar attended a banquet nearby. They could not eat their fill at the banquet, so they went to that Sky Restaurant to eat.

Yeah, from beginning to end, he was in the form of a hamster, and he also didn’t change back when eating.

After eating, Shu Shu got into Edgar's clothes and went to sleep. Edgar carried him home as usual.

For Edgar and Shu Shu, this day was no different than usual; everything was very normal. But the next day, something went wrong.

A photo suddenly appeared on the star network, and this photo caused a "sensation".

The photo that appeared on the star network was a photo of Edgar and Shu Shu, whom had turned into a hamster, eating together, which was taken by someone at Sky Restaurant.

Edgar was photographed eating with a little hamster. This was originally not a big deal, but . . . the timing of this photo was too clever.

In the photo, Edgar sat at the dinner table. He was leaning down toward the little hamster and kissing it, while the little hamster was lying on Edgar's plate, facing upward with its eyes tightly closed and its tiny mouth waiting for a kiss.

If Shu Shu had not turned into a hamster at that time, it was definitely a very beautiful kissing picture, but Shu Shu was a hamster at that time.

This scene . . . .

What did His Imperial Majesty the Emperor think he was doing? Why would he kiss a hamster? He actually . . . molested a hamster!?

As soon as the netizens saw this photo, their imaginations went wild.

"What did His Imperial Majesty think he was doing? Molesting a hamster?"

"Your Imperial Majesty, how could you be like this? Are you worthy of the empress?"

"Your Imperial Majesty, you actually did such a crazy thing to a hamster! I finally saw beyond your facade!"

"Isn't it just a public display of affection? Who’s afraid of who, ah! I also have hamsters! I kiss, I kiss, I kiss kiss kiss!"

. . . . . .

Of course, there were occasionally some relatively normal comments.

"His Imperial Majesty looks so caring. I didn't expect him to have such a gentle side."

"The little hamster is so cute, ah!"

"I suddenly want to keep a little hamster too!"

. . . . . .

However, there were too few comments like this, and most people were making fun of this photo.

Under Shu Shu's social account, a big wave of comments suddenly sprung up.

"Empress, don’t cry, stand up and fight."

"Empress, rest assured, even if His Imperial Majesty the Emperor shifts his affection to a little hamster, I still love you."

"Empress, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has an affair with a little hamster. Are you going to beat him up?"

. . . . . .

Looking at these comments, Shu Shu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

It was only a photo taken secretly by someone, that’s all. How did it suddenly become a mess?

"Edgar, what should we do now?" Shu Shu turned to face Edgar with a mixed up feeling.

"Just ignore them; it’ll be fine after a while." Edgar said.

Shu Shu agreed.

However, after a period of time, the incident did not subside and intensified instead.

"You all have misinterpreted what you saw. Where was His Imperial Majesty the Emperor molesting the little hamster? He’s going to eat the little hamster, ah!"

"The poor little hamster was put on the plate, just waiting for someone to taste it!"

"I heard that snakes love to eat mice, and His Imperial Majesty the Emperor is a snake-type beastman. I guess he likes to eat hamsters."

"I’ll try to analyze it from the psychological angle. It’s likely that His Imperial Majesty the Emperor was often teased by his parents using little hamsters in his childhood, so now he’ll eat hamsters."

" Ha ha ha ha ha! "

" Poor His Imperial Majesty . . ."

. . . . . .

Edgar: ". . ." Hello, was this really amusing?

Shu Shu looked at the photo and then looked at Edgar again. He decided that he would never stay on a plate again in the future.

After being said so by them, this picture looked so scary, ah.

Many netizens were discussing this photo, while others had made it into emoticon packs with various matching texts.

There were all kinds of things like "Don't move, I'm going to kiss you" and "Stay on the plate obediently and let me eat you".

For a time, the star network of the Beastman Empire was full of pictures of Edgar kissing a hamster.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor's little hamster was very popular.

The people outside looked at the photo and only laughed out loud, thinking that Edgar turned out to not be as cold and stiff as his outward appearance and actually loved animals. However, Ian and Chris knew that the little hamster was Shu Shu.

"You still have to be more restrained in the future. Don't be so lovey-dovey outside . . ." Ian looked at his son with a tangled feeling. "I don't want someone on the star network one day saying that my son is a zoophile . . ."

Edgar: ". . .”

Fred approached Shu Shu, “Mother, I want to kiss you too! ”

“You’re already this big, no kissing. If you want to kiss, go kiss your wife.” Shu Shu refused without the slightest hesitation.

Fred began to miss his wife.

As for Gary . . . . He hugged Shu Shu's legs. "Mother, I want to go there to eat too!"

The event ended with Edgar taking Shu Shu and the children to eat at Sky Restaurant again.

This time, Sky Restaurant did not charge Edgar. The last time Edgar ate at their restaurant, he was photographed secretly. How could they have the nerve to charge him now?

And that night . . . .

Edgar grabbed Shu Shu and threw him onto the quilt.

"Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!" Shu Shu cried out, deliberately showing a shocked expression.

"Eat hamster." Edgar said. Eating the front and the back, he was going to savor the taste of his little hamster.

After a long time, the princess of the Kamira Empire came to the Beastman Empire and went online to search for information related to Emperor Edgar in order to have better communication.

"Princess, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the Beastman Empire seems to like to eat one type of small animal called hamster!" A male, holding a photo, reported to Elena.

"Let me see . . . . What’s delicious about such a small and hairy thing . . ." Elena pouted and then noticed Edgar's appearance. "He looks very good, ah. I want to have sex with him!”

“Princess, saying having sex is inappropriate. We had better be a little reserved.”

“What must I say then?”

“Just say . . . spending a night together?”

Thus, after Princess Elena saw His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the Beastman Empire, she asked, "I wonder if I have the honor to spend a night together with Your Majesty?"

After being rejected, she tried to talk to Edgar again. Pointing at the little animal in Edgar's pocket, which she forgot what to call, she said, "What’s this? Are you bringing a late-night snack?"

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