A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 130

Chapter 130

130. The Impersonated Empress Dowager

Emperor Fred of the Beastman Empire had been on the throne for fifty years. He and the empress had a little prince more than twenty years ago, and now the little prince had already grown up.

Fifty years ago, the people of the Beastman Empire followed Fred and Gary closely every day, but now, the people they followed closely had long changed into Gary’s children and Fred’s child.

Every day, people shouted on the star network that the little prince was so handsome and so excellent. Gradually, no one remembered Retired Emperor Edgar and Empress Dowager Shu Shu, and even as time went by, the photos of these two people on the star network were getting less and less, and their sense of existence was getting lower and lower.

However, there had been a legend on the star network saying that Retired Emperor Edgar and Empress Dowager Shu Shu had been spending their honeymoon everywhere. Those who were lucky could not only meet them but also got their help.

More than twenty years ago, the leader of Nord Financial Group nearly killed his younger brother. It was the retired emperor and the empress dowager who saved his life.

Shu Shu and Edgar came to a planet they had never visited before.

They did not intend to stay on this planet for too long because the entire planet had no natural landscape that could brighten people's eyes at all. This planet was one of the oldest inhabited planets in the Beastman Empire. Such a long history of being inhabited and the beast people’s excessive demand on the planet in those days had made this planet's natural resources long been exhausted. Many years ago, the beast people simply didn’t realize why they had to protect the environment.

Fortunately, this planet could still be regarded as a place of cultural interest somewhat.

Edgar and Shu Shu came to this planet to see the places of cultural interest on this planet.

As soon as Edgar got off the spaceship, he could not help but frown—the air on this planet was very bad, and how many harmful substances there were was unknown.

After he looked around and saw countless buildings but not much green, he became even more displeased with this planet.

On the contrary, Shu Shu stared at everything around him and showed a nostalgic expression.

This planet looked like the earth! There were less people here than on the earth to the extent that many houses were empty.

The beast people here still used those very old electronic products, and their lifestyle was very similar to that on the earth . . . . Shu Shu was getting more and more happy.

"You like it here?" Edgar looked at Shu Shu in surprise.

"No, I just think it's very familiar here!" Shu Shu looked at everything around enthusiastically. "When I still had no awareness before, the planet I lived on was like this."

Shu Shu had already told Edgar about his past experience. At that time, when Edgar first heard about Shu Shu being kept by others, he was extremely depressed.

"You used to live in such a bad environment?" Edgar asked.

"It’s very good, ah!" Shu Shu said. "I think this place is better than in the woods; there’s no danger at all!"

Edgar: ". . ." This was also true. Just like this planet, there were no wild animals at all, so naturally there was no danger whatsoever.

Edgar and Shu Shu had already booked the best hotel on this planet. After getting off the spaceship, they went to that hotel.

The result . . . .

"The room we’ve booked was given to someone else?" Edgar, frowning, stared at the hotel customer service personnel in front of him.

"Sorry, sirs, the presidential suite you booked is no longer available, but our hotel still has other rooms, which are also very good. We can give you a 50% discount." 

The booked room was suddenly unavailable. Edgar was more or less unhappy, but he would not go so far as to get angry because of this.

Hearing that they could change to another room, Edgar nodded, "Then change to another."

"Thank you, sirs!" The hotel customer service personnel said. Unexpectedly, he also reminded them, "Sirs, the one who lives in your presidential suite is a big shot! If you have time, you can make contact with him."

"Okay." Edgar nodded but did not take it seriously at all. He and Shu Shu were the real big shots.

Although the presidential suite over there had always been very lively, Edgar and Shu Shu completely had no intention to go over and take a look. Instead, they went out to play at their own pace every day and came back to roll the sheets . . . .

Edgar and Shu Shu were right in the middle of rolling the sheets on this day, and there was a sudden noise outside. Occasionally, the words "Shu Shu" could also be heard.

What was this all about? No one should know that they were staying in this hotel . . . . Shu Shu and Edgar glanced at each other and walked out together.

Only after they went out did they realize that it was not their place that was noisy but another place, which seemed to be the place where the man who had robbed their presidential suite lived.

What the hell was going on?

"Your Excellency Shu Shu, please save my child! Please!" Just at the doorway of the presidential suite, a sub-beastman holding a pink and tender piglet was begging over and over again.

"Please leave here." A nice voice sounded. Edgar and Shu Shu looked over and saw a seemingly cultured and refined middle-aged sub-beastman standing at the doorway of the presidential suite with a frown while looking at the mother and child in front of him. 

"Your Excellency Shu Shu, please, I beg you . . ." The sub-beastman knelt on the ground, looking at the middle-aged man imploringly.

Shu Shu: ". . ." Could it be that it was the same given name and family name?

"Your Excellency Shu Shu, as long as you can save my child, I’m willing to give you all my property." The sub-beastman said again, and the piglet in his arms started to whimper at this time, looking painful and weak.

At this time, Shu Shu keenly sensed that the child should have a broken beast core.

In this world, the only one who could heal broken beast cores seemed to be the imperial family, right? Moreover, he was the first one to do it. So this person was impersonating him?

The imperial family always helped people to heal their broken beast cores for free. Why didn't this sub-beastman take the child to the capital star but beg a . . . swindler here instead?

Eh . . . it seemed to be really not easy to get to the capital star from here. This planet could not even connect to the star network . . . .

Shu Shu turned his gaze towards the middle-aged man called "Your Excellency Shu Shu" only to realize that this man did look a bit like himself.

If he got old, maybe he would look like this man when he reached middle age.

"For the sake of your sincerity . . ." The middle-aged sub-beastman dragged out his speech, as if he was about to agree.

"Hey, you’re Shu Shu? Empress Dowager Shu Shu?" Shu Shu frowned as he asked.

"Who’re you?" The middle-aged sub-beastman also frowned and turned to face Shu Shu, whom looked extremely young.

"You don't need to care about who I am. If you’re really Shu Shu, where’s Edgar?" Shu Shu asked.

"Who allowed you to directly call me and Edgar by name like this?" The man looked at Shu Shu with dissatisfaction. After sizing Shu Shu up, he breathed a sigh of relief—this sub-beastman looked particularly young, maybe around twenty years old, and the imperial family did not have any sub-beastman at this age.

Furthermore, how could members of the imperial family come to such a planet that was almost abandoned? He was still quite safe here.

Thinking so, the sub-beastman then became aloof and remote again and even narrowed his eyes at Shu Shu with disdain.

"Then I’ll call you! Uncle Uncle Uncle!" Shu Shu made a face.

At this moment, a short fat man walked out of the presidential suite and looked at Shu Shu angrily. "Who’re you? How could you be so rude to His Excellency Shu Shu!"

"What His Excellency Shu Shu, I think he’s a swindler! Otherwise, where’s Edgar?" Shu Shu snorted coldly.

"His Excellency Shu Shu quarreled with His Imperial Majesty Edgar, so he came to our place." The short fat man said. "Young man, there’re some people you can't offend. Quickly apologize." He even gave Shu Shu a meaningful glance as he spoke. This sub-beastman looked young; he had better not offend Your Excellency Shu Shu, ah!

Quarreled with Edgar? Edgar certainly won't quarrel with me! If he dares to quarrel with me, I’ll definitely scratch him! Shu Shu thought angrily and then said, "I won't apologize. He’s a fake. If he has the ability, let him cure this child and show me, ah!"

"This child's beast core is broken; how can it be cured so fast?" The middle-aged sub-beastman said. He waved his hand, unwilling to talk more with Shu Shu. "You go, I don't want to see you again."

After the man said he did not want to see Shu Shu again, the short fat man waved his hand. Soon afterwards, a good deal of people appeared from a corner and then surrounded Shu Shu and Edgar.

"Sirs, please leave here." These people said to Shu Shu and Edgar.

"Go, dear!" Shu Shu, seeing these people in front of him, said loudly. If a tiger doesn't show its power, do you regard me as a sick cat?

Edgar twitched the corners of his mouth, rushed out obediently, and then knocked down all those little bandits who tried to drive people away.

The short fat man was taken aback and promptly stood guard in front of the fake Shu Shu. "What do you think you’re doing? You . . . you . . ."

"Are you the consul of this planet?" Edgar said to the short fat man. When Shu Shu went up to ask questions just now, he conveniently checked the Internet and then found that the influence of the short fat man in front of him was actually not small.

"Yes . . . so what about it?" The short fat man asked. At the same time, he began to secretly cry for help from the military department of the planet.

Although His Excellency Shu Shu had been very low-key and forbade him to say anything to prevent him from being discovered on this planet, now that His Excellency Shu Shu was in trouble, he would definitely mobilize the army to protect His Excellency Shu Shu!

The middle-aged sub-beastman inevitably showed anxiety at this moment, but he made an effort to calm himself. "Who the hell are you? Are you not afraid of being wanted by the Empire?"

"Of course we’re not afraid. It’s you who’ll be wanted by the Empire." Shu Shu snorted twice. "Looking so ugly yet still dared to pretend to be me; you really have the nerve!"

Pretend to be him?! Who the hell was this person?!

"Edgar, go again!" Shu Shu said loudly.

Edgar: ". . ."

Wiping off the disguise from his face, Edgar said, "I won't quarrel with Shu Shu, and my Shu Shu . . . isn’t so old." 

The middle-aged sub-beastman immediately froze.

The short fat man also froze.

Shu Shu, however, was proud of himself. "Indeed, I’m forever eighteen and as beautiful as a flower!" He tried to wipe off his own disguise as he spoke, but . . . he really couldn't be as handsome as Edgar when doing it, and the disguise on his face turned out to be impossible to be instantly removed.

"Edgar, help!" Shu Shu could only cry for help, looking at Edgar pitifully.

Edgar at once went up to help, and soon an even conspicuously younger face appeared.

This person . . . looked exactly the same as when Empress Dowager Shu Shu first appeared a long, long, long time ago.

At that time . . . the crown prince was also questioned about hooking up with a minor . . . . 

The short fat consul: ". . ." This appearance really looked like Empress Dowager Shu Shu back then, ah . . . .

It was too young, though! But . . . this person really looked exactly the same as the one in the pictures . . . . And there was also Edgar who was as young as the one in the pictures . . . .

Fake Shu Shu: Damn it! The empress dowager, who is obviously much much older than me, is actually still so young!

"Humph! How can I be so old!" Shu Shu proudly stared at the middle-aged sub-beastman and then turned his gaze towards the piglet and beckoned, "Aren’t you going to treat the beast core? Hurry up and come here!"

The almost forgotten sub-beastman holding the piglet: "Oh . . ." He could not keep up with how fast things were developing . . . .

So, he could get treatment without having to spend money now?

At this moment, the short fat consul's communication device rang, and the figure of the general of their planet appeared on it, "Sir, we’ve arrived . . ."

"You quickly come to welcome His Excellency Edgar and Shu shu!” The consul yelled.

Didn’t you make us come to arrest criminals? The general was dumbfounded.

The short fat consul put down the communication device in his hand and saw the piglet turn into a human form in just tens of seconds.

Its beast core was cured.

This person . . . was really Shu Shu, ah! The absolutely true Shu Shu.

He could not help getting excited.

Shu Shu and Edgar appeared on their planet. There would surely be many people coming here on account of their reputation later. At that time, they would be able to drive the tourism industry of their planet. If the tourism industry of their planet was driven, they would have income. With income, they would be rich . . . .

Their planet would also be able to develop in the future and become richer and richer!

They could definitely do it!


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