A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 15

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15. Hamster Eats Venison

After the addition of a snake in his cave, Shu Shu's life . . . . Well, it would be a wonder if it did not change much!

As a hamster spirit, he would never be able to get used to the addition of a snake in his cave!

Therefore, this cultivation issue had to be put forward on the schedule as soon as possible!

Once the huge snake became a human, he did not need to fear anything at all. He did not know what the huge snake’s appearance would be after he became a human though . . . . By the way, the huge snake probably wouldn’t be a female, right? Was it possible that it would turn into a beautiful woman? If it could not turn into a beautiful woman . . . . Some daemons have not fully developed intelligence yet. Indeed, it might turn into a baby. Would the huge snake become like that?

Imagine if the huge snake turned into a soft baby who allowed him to knead and pinch it. Shu Shu couldn't help but laugh. He laughed as he used his claws to cut off a block of wood in front of him to make a super big big bowl. Or say . . . a washbowl?

Of course, it was not to be used for washing his face. Rather, it was to be used for serving food to the huge snake.

After Shu Shu carved a wooden bowl with his claws, he put several slab-roasted frogs and a few pieces of dried meat into it. Then he placed the large wooden bowl on the ground and pushed it toward the huge snake. When he was doing this, he couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

Now he had no meat to eat because he had to set it aside for the huge snake’s meal . . . . Shu Shu pitifully gnawed the roasted chestnuts.

The large wooden bowl appeared in front of Edgar. Edgar regarded the wooden bowl and slowly began to eat.

He had never thought that one day he would actually depend on a sub-beastman to be kept . . . .

He thought it was wrong, but he could not deny that his heart was weak, and that he also felt quite happy.

"You stay home; you’re not allowed to run around all over the place, you know? Wait until I return to bring you food.” Shu Shu finished eating and then cleaned up before going out. As he prepared to walk out, he worried about Edgar being unable to understand his words. Hence, he stressed it again several times: “Snake, no move. Snake, no move.”

Edgar remained motionless, fixed to his spot.

Shu Shu was satisfied. Only then did he walk outside.

Just getting out of the cave, Shu Shu at once trembled from the blowing wind outside. But he clenched his teeth and still went out in the cold. He went out to look for food to feed the huge snake.

If he did not feed the huge snake in his nest satisfactorily, he was really worried that the huge snake would eat him, ah!

Shu Shu jumped up and down a few times inside the cave until he felt a bit warm. Only then did he agilely run out. After Shu Shu left, Edgar also made his way out of the cave mouth, following Shu Shu closely.

Edgar had been living in Shu Shu’s cave for seven or eight days. When Shu Shu had gone out a few days ago, he hadn't followed after him. Rather, he had obediently recuperated in the cave. But now that his injuries were already much better, he could not depend on the little sub-beastman to keep him, right?

Moreover . . . hadn’t almost all the frogs around here been caught?

Thinking of all kinds of reactions from the little sub-beastman these days, Edgar's face inevitably showed a smiling expression. The more he found out about the little sub-beastman, the more he felt that the little sub-beastman was adorable and fascinating.

By the way, thanks to the little sub-beastman who kept talking all day long, he could already understand quite a lot of words spoken by the little sub-beastman.

Shu Shu absolutely did not know that behind him was a snake following closely. Right now, he was holding a branch, knocking on the ground left and right and hoping to catch a frog.

In the end . . . after searching for a long time, he still didn’t find a single frog!

Did not manage to catch any frog; later, what would he feed the huge snake with, ah . . . . Shu Shu wrinkled his brows and looked at his absolutely empty hands, feeling dejected.

Wait a minute, he could set a trap, ah!

He could not set a trap like the noose and so on, but he could dig a pit!

However, there were not many animals on this side. Digging pits did not necessarily mean that the animals would fall into the pits; most likely he had to wait for several days. . . . That’s it!

Shu Shu suddenly thought of a good method. He came to the edge of the small lake and dug a pit that was neither deep nor small. Then he dug a passage to connect the pit and the small lake. After that, the water from the small lake flowed into the pit.

At this time, he took out some roasted, delicious chestnuts and broke them into pieces. Then he put the crumbled chestnuts at the area where the small lake was connected to the waterlogged pit. He also threw some of the them into the small waterlogged pit . . . .

Soon, there were fishes swimming from the lake to the waterlogged pit and scrambling to eat the chestnuts. Gradually, there were more and more fishes in the waterlogged pit!

Shu Shu was very proud of himself seeing this scene. He used some mud to cut off the passage between the small lake and the waterlogged pit, making those fishes unable to swim back into the lake. Then he scooped out all the water in the waterlogged pit in preparation to grab the fishes in it.

There were many fishes in the pit; the goods collected today surpassed the frogs from a few days ago. When Shu Shu saw this scene, he was almost unable to hide the smile on his face. He began to sort out the fishes on his hands.

In the end, he had just begun to sort out when he suddenly detected the smell of blood.

The smell of blood was so strong! There was a danger! Shu Shu was about to run away when he saw a huge snake holding a spotted deer with its mouth appear in front of him.

"Big-big-big . . . big snake?” Shu Shu's voice quavered. This snake . . . it should be the huge snake, right?

Edgar put the spotted deer aside and shook his tail toward Shu Shu. When he had been a child, even if he had not been willing to do that move, his parents had made him do it. Now he was very skilled at doing it.

"Didn't I tell you to stay in the cave and not move? How did you run out and come here?" Shu Shu realized that it was the huge snake, and he immediately didn’t feel so afraid anymore.

The huge snake gazed at Shu Shu, totally frozen and motionless.

"What's wrong with you?" Shu Shu anxiously asked. Once again, the answer instantly came. Apparently, he had said those two words "no(t) move".

The snake was still very obedient . . . . Shu Shu's mood immediately turned good, and he did not bother about the issue of the huge snake running out and coming here—as a matter of fact, it was just an illiterate snake that had not learned to speak; it was almost like a child. What’s the big fuss? Besides, that big deer was so plump, ah!

In the past few days, he had only caught a couple of frogs. He even hadn’t got to eat any meat, yet he had contributed plenty of his stockpiled dried meat . . . .

“Snake, you’re great!” Shu Shu gave a thumbs-up to Edgar, his smile was exceptionally brilliant.

When Edgar saw Shu Shu like this, he knew that he had got away with it. Later on, it’s unlikely that he would be watched attentively by Shu Shu all day long or asked to not move again.

The weather was getting colder and colder. Subsequently, as a snake, his mobility would be affected by the cold weather. Right now, he should catch more preys for their stockpile.

Once the winter passed, in the beginning of spring next year, he could send the little sub-beastman to a human settlement . . . .

Uncoiling, the huge snake went to the small lake to drink some water, while Shu Shu calmly began to deal with the deer.

The deer’s belly was opened up, the intestines were got rid of, and the whole deer was skinned. The venison was set aside first. Then the deer skin was tied with a rope and put into the water, while the other end of the rope was tied to a tree. The deer's internal organs were also sorted out. Heart, ah; liver, ah; these convenient meals were deftly collected. The intestines were so inconvenient to deal with, and there was also no place to cook them; just throw them away.

Done with processing the deer, Shu Shu also passed a rope through the fishes’ gills, stringing together all those fishes he had caught. Shu Shu carried the fishes and a bundle of internal organs in his hands and made the huge snake held the skinned deer with its mouth. Then they walked back to their cave together.

"The birds on the tree are paired up. The crystal-clear water and the green hills burst into laughter. From now on, they’re free from the bitter slavery. The husband and wife both return home. You till the fields, and I weave the cloth. I carry the water on a shoulder pole, and you water the fields . . ." Shu Shu couldn’t help but sing. Singing and singing, and yet he felt that something was amiss . . . . Which husband and wife, ah! Never mind, just sing and sing as he pleased. The last time he had sung this song was when he had returned to his old place . . . .

Returning to the cave, both Shu Shu and the huge snake ate “beggar’s” ​​venison and roasted venison.

The venison tasted very good. Shu Shu had not eaten any meat for a few days, so he really ate a lot. After eating, he began to work on making dried meat, stealthily gnawing a few chunks of meat in passing.

After such a busy day, Shu Shu was finally done making the dried meat. He was so tired, his lower part felt paralyzed. But why there was an area that was sticking out with vigor . . . .

Lifting up his grass skirt to see, Shu Shu frowned slightly. It seemed like he was . . . in heat?

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