A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 18

Unedited chapter

18. The Huge Snake is Talented

"Big Snake, I’ll teach you cultivation. Let's go back." Shu Shu was of the opinion that cultivation was the answer. At once, he looked happy: "You cultivate, no need to hibernate, and no need to sleep."

A cultivating snake should not need to hibernate, right? Yeah, even if it did not work now, it would definitely be effective in the future!

Edgar didn't understand what the meaning of the so-called cultivation was. He looked at Shu Shu puzzledly and was faintly happy at the same time— Shu Shu had stopped him, not letting him go back; it might be assumed that Shu Shu valued him very much.

"Big Snake, don't move!" Shu Shu said to Edgar.

Well-trained Edgar obediently didn’t move.

A burst of cold wind blew, and Shu Shu involuntarily trembled. He promptly wrapped the fur tighter and then went round to the huge snake's side, extending a hand and placing it on the huge snake’s body.

Shu Shu had long wanted to teach the huge snake cultivation, but he had never got down to doing it because the huge snake had been unable to understand anything at all, so communication had been already difficult. And also because . . . he didn't know how to teach.

He was already in a muddle over his own cultivation, gods knew how to teach others, ah!

But now, consider him as being forced to take desperate measures . . . .

Shu Shu had helped healing the huge snake in the past few days. He had already known the huge snake's meridian channels, but the structure of a snake was completely different from that of a hamster or his current human body. He totally didn’t know which route he had to use to circulate the spiritual power within the huge snake's body . . . .

Shu Shu silently infused the spiritual power into the huge snake's body just like he had done in the past. Even if he could not teach the huge snake cultivation now, let it feel that the existence of spiritual power was pretty good . . . .

Shu Shu's spiritual power was really pitiful; in an instant, it all went into the huge snake’s body. It would nourish the huge snake's body one time. As for cultivation, whether it was the huge snake or Shushu, they did not know what would happen.

Red bead! You could make me cultivate, couldn’t you also make the huge snake cultivate, ah? Shu Shu glumly used his mental power to poke the red bead in his body.

At this moment, from the top of the red bead, a warm current that was very familiar to Shu Shu suddenly rushed out. Then, following his hand, it went into the huge snake’s body.

This was exactly . . . the warm current that could help people to cultivate!

When he had been a hamster, he absolutely hadn’t known how to cultivate. When he had accidentally cultivated, this warm current had wandered around in his body every day, causing enormous inconvenience to his activities. Sometimes he had been right in the toilet, and then this heat flow had suddenly circulated, making him stop urinating at once . . . .

However, this heat flow had been useful after all. Circulating in his body, it had drawn the spiritual power into his body, making him become intelligent. When he had finally come to see the truth and decided to cultivate properly, this heat flow had rushed to help him even more, making him change into a daemon.

The heat flow had gone into the huge snake's body, and now the huge snake could cultivate, too. He didn’t know how many times the heat flow had to circulate in the huge snake’s body before the huge snake was able to learn.

Whatever, the huge snake should take quite a while to be able to learn, right? When the moment came, then he could make the huge snake change its plan to leave . . . .

This heat flow did not need to be controlled by Shu Shu, but Shu Shu did not let go to avoid being distracted. Edgar, however, was not distracted. On the contrary, he was exceptionally shocked.

He knew that the little sub-beastman had a kind of magical power that could help people to heal. Even though it was unusual, but frankly, it was not surprising at all. Whether it was the sub-beastmen or the beastmen, they all might awaken their innate skills. These innate skills were also varied: controlling wind or fire, treating corrosion, spraying allurement poison . . . . There was everything for every situation. For them, the little sub-beastman was not considered as noteworthy.

Speaking of skills, his former innate skill was controlling wind and water. The beastmen of the royal family were always able to ride the wind and tread the waves.

It's just that a beastman who wanted to make use of his innate skills needed to rely on his beast core. Therefore, he now . . . could not use any skills at all.

It was not unusual for the little sub-beastman to have innate skills, but what was this heat flow?

When Edgar felt this heat flow circulating inside his own body, it seemed that something had entered his body. This kind of thing was similar to the power that the little sub-beastman had once infused him with, but it did not help him treat some wounds and then dissipate. Instead, this heat flow continued to stay within his body.

The heat flow within his body circulated all the way through one time. Very quickly, it began to circulate again for the second time. The first time, Edgar still hadn't fully understand the specific circumstances yet, but this time, he actually remembered all the routes through which the heat flow circulated.

Two full circulations, and Edgar already had a very small air mass within his body. He didn't know what use this air mass had for him, but he knew he could control this air mass, and he also knew that it was definitely a good thing.

The heat flow began to circulate for the third time.

Edgar controlled the air mass within his body to follow after the circulating heat flow, and after he did this, the energy from the outside that rushed forth to enter his body seemed to increase; the air mass also got larger and larger . . . .

The fourth time, the fifth time, the sixth time . . . .

Didn't know at what time the heat flow had left Edgar's body, but Edgar was still cultivating, over and over again.

Shu Shu let go of his hand after the heat flow came back, stunned.

Who could tell him why the first time the huge snake cultivated, it managed to go into meditative state? Furthermore, the surrounding spiritual power was actually rushing forth toward the huge snake!

Lots and lots of spiritual power! Really lots and lots!

When he had been on the earth, there had been very little spiritual power there. No matter how hard he had tried, the amount absorbed had never been enough. Having arrived here, the spiritual power in this place was actually abundant, but he had only passed half of the tribulations, and his body was not in good condition. As a result, the same thing happened; he was unable to absorb the spiritual power!

Thinking back on himself and taking another look at the huge snake before his eyes that was absorbing the surrounding spiritual power at lightning speed, Shu Shu felt his heart become extremely heavy.

No, in fact, it was wrong of him to have a heavy heart. This was his own disciple, and an amazing disciple had to be taught well by the master. Moreover, the faster the huge snake cultivated, the sooner it could become a human, ah!

Thinking like this, Shu Shu felt extremely pleased. After that, he started to tremble again.

It was really too cold now!

Shu Shu really wanted to get back into his own cave, but the huge snake was in the middle of its cultivation journey, still in the meditative state. Someone definitely needed to look after it . . . .

Sighing, Shu Shu dug a small, human-sized hole beside the huge snake to hide in. Then he covered the opening with the fur—the one he had brought and draped around his body—to block the wind. Bored in every possible way, he started to cultivate.

Once he cultivated, he immediately found a problem—the surrounding spiritual power was rushing forth towards the huge snake’s body, and he actually didn’t manage to grab even a tiny bit of it! Really could not grab any of it at all!

How could the master of a disciple was not even able to cultivate?

Shu Shu could not do anything about it. Ultimately, he could only nest in the hole resentfully, waiting for the huge snake to finish cultivating.

An abundance of spiritual power rushed forth into Edgar's body. Edgar was controlling it to circulate over and over again, and within his body, the air mass was getting larger and larger. When the large air mass reached a certain level, it began to shrink. Along with the passing of time, it eventually condensed into a droplet.

Edgar shook all over and suddenly became clear-headed. He immediately discovered that he had actually recovered completely from his old injuries.

His physical condition was unprecedentedly good, and his control over this body was also unprecedentedly good. Before, he had been slightly influenced by some snake-like instincts, but now the influence was next to nothing.

In the end, what had the little sub-beastman taught him?

Edgar moved his body and looked at his surroundings, only to discover that the world had become clearer in his eyes. He was extremely excited.

His strength had recovered a lot!

The little sub-beastman was next to him . . . . Edgar turned towards the small dirt hole at his side, and looking at the young boy in the dirt hole, his whole heart felt like bursting.

How could this little guy be so honest? To actually teach and preach such technique . . . .

TL’s note:

功 (gōng) = meritorious deed or service; achievement; result; service; accomplishment; work (physics)

法 (fǎ) = law; method; way; Buddhist teaching; Legalist

According to Google, 功法 = exercise or work method. But I think it’s not suitable for the context. Someone also asked about it on WW forum, and from there, I choose to translate it as technique.

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