A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 22

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22. Getting Ready to Leave

God knew how long Shu Shu had hoped for being able to see other daemons. However, he had lived for so many years and never seen a daemon.

After he had begun to cultivate, he hadn’t been an ordinary hamster anymore and had played less with the other hamsters. He had wanted to become a human, but in the end, he was not a human . . . .

During the past hundred years, he, in fact, had always been very lonely and had no sense of belonging. Until he had met the huge snake not long ago. Only then had he felt like meeting someone of his own kind. Unfortunately, the huge snake was a snake, making him not dare to get too close.

Suddenly seeing a wolf daemon now, Shu Shu felt extremely happy. The initial fear towards the group of humans has also disappeared—these people came with the wolf daemon together, so they should bear no malice towards daemon.

Of course, even if these humans was not malicious towards daemon, Shu Shu still liked the wolf daemon the most.

"Hello, my name is Shu Shu. What’s your name?" A sweet smile was hanging on Shu Shu's face while he turned towards the wolf daemon again.

Jeca saw Shu Shu's smile and immediately became quite elated.

Cas planet was a remote planet. Communications was inconvenient; shopping was inconvenient; immigrants were also lacking. Basically, the immigrants were all beastmen who liked the primitive environment here. As a result, there were very few sub-beastmen.

The garrisons that were stationed here, other than a few sub-beastmen who were even more powerful than some beastmen in their own troops, only saw sub-beastman a couple of times a year. As one could well imagine, what a rarity it was for them to see the little sub-beastman now.

Although Jeca couldn't understand the little sub-beastman’s words, but he still thought that the little sub-beastman’s voice was pleasant to hear, making people bewitched.

Jeca felt this way, and it was the same for Jeress and the other men at Jeca’s side.

The little sub-beastman who was wrapped in several thick layers of animal skins looked very cute. They almost couldn't restrain themselves from wanting to get close to him. As it happened . . . the little sub-beastman seemed to be only interested in Jeca?

How could that be? Jeca looked so ordinary, ah! Could it be that . . . the little sub-beastman liked the beast type?

Jeress considered and promptly turned into a lion.

The enormous lion tossed his head and then crouched down to sit in front of Shu Shu. Jeress was the strongest among these men. Jeca's strength surpassed that of others, but he was no match for Jeress. Jeress’ beast type was also very bold and powerful.

"Boss!" Jeca saw his own dearest leader's action and cried without tears. Since his dearest boss was like this, the little sub-beastman would certainly love his dearest boss. Don’t look at him, OK? How could you be like this, ah!

The lion glanced at Jeca without a word, but the lion’s thought was not difficult to guess at all—to woo a sub-beastman, one had to rely on each and every skill.

"Wow!" Shu Shu exclaimed. Compared to the wolf, he really liked the lion more.

The lion was so big, so powerful. It simply wasn’t a small domestic animal like a hamster! When a wolf was very hungry, it might still catch a mouse. But a lion . . . seemed like it never ate the very small species such as a mouse?

Shu Shu liked this kind of animal!

"So you’re a daemon!" Shu Shu's sight moved to the lion body. His gaze was more fervent than before. He wanted to touch and stroke the lion’s mane, but he did not dare to really do it. The mane’s slightly tangled appearance was extremely interesting.

After that, everyone else on the scene suddenly turned into animals! The little sub-beastman liked the beast type; if they did not reveal themselves now, when would they do it then?

Lion, wolf, antelope, Asian black bear . . . . A group of animals were surrounding Shu Shu, and they remained friendly.

Shu Shu saw this scene and was very pleasantly surprised—all these men were actually daemons!

He did not sense the slightest amount of malice on these men's bodies, so his impression of these men was even better. He chattered continuously while being surrounded by these men.

The little sub-beastman’s language, they seemed to not understand it? Jeress who had been properly listening the little sub-beastman speak suddenly discovered this matter. He immediately turned into his human form and tried to communicate with Shu Shu.

Shu Shu really liked this lion daemon. Even if the other person’s appearance became human, he did not dislike him a bit. Only after the two parties “communicated” for a while did Shu Shu manage to respond. He and these daemons definitely didn’t speak the same language.

Towards this, Shu Shu did not take it seriously. There were so many languages ​​in the world, and he did not understand most of them. It was indeed very normal for people to be unable to speak many languages!

Jeress also did not take it seriously, but he believed that the little sub-beastman had been living in the forest for a long time. He could not help saying: “It’s too dangerous for a sub-beastman like you to live in the forest.”

“Yeah, it's too dangerous here. Even if you have a fallen beast, he definitely can never protect you properly. You go with us, OK!” Jeca also said while waving both his hands incessantly, using gestures to tell the meaning of his words to Shu Shu .

Shu Shu obviously didn't understand Jeca’s words, but he knew from this man's gestures that this man probably wanted to bring him to someplace . . . . Could it be the place where the daemons lived?

To tell the truth, he really didn’t like to go to crowded places, but he currently didn’t know anything at all about this place, and it always made him a little uneasy. In the end, he wanted to know what the outside was like.

Shu Shu nodded briefly and promised to go outside to take a look around: "You want to bring me outside to take a look around, do you? I will go!"

Edgar was watching from the sidelines and saw Shu Shu nodding. He instantly felt that his ice-cold body, frozen by the ice and snow, seemed to get even colder.

At this moment, the pheasant in his mouth that had not been bitten to death by him fluttered its wings and started to struggle violently, but Edgar looked like he wasn’t aware of it.

It was actually Shu Shu who thought of Edgar at this time.

After he hung on in this world, the one he got closest to was the huge snake. Moreover, the huge snake had already begun to cultivate into a daemon. Now that he was going to go out to take a look around, he naturally had to take the huge snake along with him.

"Big snake, Big snake, come here." Shu Shu beckoned to the huge snake.

Edgar, holding a pheasant with his mouth, slithered toward Shu Shu. He was worried of coming too close, or Shu Shu would recoil from him. He stopped just two or three meters away from Shu Shu—in the end, he had lived in the cave for so long; Shu Shu has completely accepted this distance and would not be afraid.

Was the little sub-beastman going to say goodbye to him?

“Good disciple, I, your master, will bring you out to see the world!” Shu Shu happily said to the huge snake. Worried that the huge snake could not understand, he explained it again in detail: “I’ll bring you to go out and have fun.”

Edgar stared blankly. There was a brief sensation of going from hell to heaven.

The little sub-beastman did not forget him at all; he was still thinking of him and would also bring him when he left!

Edgar thought of this and immediately dumped the fowl in his mouth. Then he put it down in front of Shu Shu, looking like he was asking for credit for his achievement.

“Big snake is really amazing! Today we’ll have chicken broth to drink!” Shu Shu stated, pleasantly surprised. He waved towards Jeress and the other men, asking these men to go with him and have a meal together.

So many people, a single pheasant was certainly not enough to share. The disciple had caught and given it as a present for the master, so it was reasonable to share it between him and his disciple. Anyway, he could provide some chestnuts, stem tubers, and so on to entertain the guests. He could also contribute some dried meat . . . .

TL’s note:

家 (jiā) = home; family; (polite) my (sister, uncle etc); classifier for families or businesses = dearest

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