A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 641 - High and Mighty

Chapter 641: High and Mighty

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Not only was it a cold huff, but a despaired huff as well.

The lightning spell that was invoked by old Sorceress Paku Aguda had dispersed after colliding with the flaming giant’s infernal spirit sword. The old Sorceress, too, retreated tens of meters away. She felt a tremendous pressure on her chest. She was in disarray. Even her sorcerer’s robe had a hint of charred smell.

The huge mouth in front of this fifty meter tall flaming giant that was burning in black and gold color was still wailing ceaselessly, harnessing the animosity and hatred on the battlefield to further strengthen itself.

At this rate, after the flaming giant had finished collecting the power of emotions, its body would grow by more than half. That meant that the True Elemental Body would grow into a maximum height of sixty meters from its original forty meters’ height. The flame giant’s current fifty-meter tall frame was obviously still in its growth phase.

What about emotional control?

Perhaps in a solo battle one could very much control his own emotions. But in a chaotic battlefield, emotion was an indispensable part of high-level energy as well, else there would be no such thing as morale.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

After regaining her composure in mid-air, she saw something from the side of her eyes. Some of the Level-3 Academy Deans had summoned their own elemental-activated creatures. The elemental giants were surrounding the flame giant and growling angrily at it.

The elemental-activated creatures were only ten to twenty meters tall however. The largest one was a water elemental giant and stood at the waist level of Grimm’s True Elemental Body. Compared to the flaming giant’s strong, powerful frame, the water elemental giant was like a child standing next to a beast.

It looked exceptionally frail. Even the blow of a wind would break the creature.

The deans stood on top of their summoned elemental creatures. They converged elemental energy from every direction using the elemental lights of their staves. Together, they led the dozens of academy Sorcerers and hundreds of Strabamite Guardians to surround the flaming giant.

The dozens of Arcane Sorcerers and hundreds of Strabamite Guardians scattered across the sky and stood behind the deans, aiding them in their attacks. A tumultuous mix of elemental beams covered the sky. Between the elemental clouds, the whole sky was turned into a battlefield.

The confined space was very packed with Level-3 Sorcerers. Some of them could not harness enough elemental energies in their attacks, drastically reducing the effects of their spells.


A disarrayed assortment of spells fell upon different parts of the flaming giant’s body, igniting fiery ripples on top of the magma armor. The flaming giant had not much choice but to bear the grunt of all these spell attacks. Through the Three-headed Snake Amulet, there was a continuous flow of mana from the Mana Pool that recuperated the magical power of the True Elemental Body as he unleashed scathing attacks on the elemental-activated creatures that were summoned by the Sorcerers.


As the most powerful water elemental giant dodged Grimm’s infernal spirit sword, a fan-shaped flame was unleashed that made an impact on the grounds below. A ten-meter long fire ditch was carved out from the ground.

At the edge of the ditch, the brickstones of the square began to melt away in a dripping sound.

Splash! The water elemental giant was laying down water attacks. The fifty-meter tall flaming giant appeared to be unperturbed at all as it took on the attacks head on. The water blast that had landed on the magma armor hissed out in a boil. Patches of the magma became blackened and hardened before falling off from the armor.

“Hmm? Something’s not quite right!”

The dean who rode on top of the water elemental giant was about to invoke the elemental light and launch and attack when he became startled. He wanted to warn the others, but it was too late!

Suddenly, the large mouth at the back of the flaming giant that was grinning in a sinister way opened up to shoot out a huge fireblast. The flaming giant did not evade the water elemental’s attack because it had been channeling energy to deal a deathblow to the wind elemental creature which was the weakest among them all.


As one would expect, the wind element-activated creature was weak in its defenses. The fiery pillar soon consumed the wind elemental creature and the Level-3 dean of the Shadow Argus Academy with it.

A raging cloud of fire dispersed as shockwaves rippled outward in a wind-shearing noise.

The pillar of flame continued on for a few seconds before gradually dispersing.


At the other side, on top of a stone elemental creature, a Level-3 Sorceress screamed out in anguish at the firestorm.

Yet, as the flame pillar disappeared, a charred figure warped out in a swoosh without even looking back. His breaths were faint and wavering, indicating a serious injury although he was still alive. The dean of the Shadow Argus Academy escaped.


A dark shadow flew on top of the flaming giant. The two-headed cockatrice spread out its red and green wings and swooped downward. Old Sorceress Paku Aguda was standing on top of the thirty-meter large creature. Her staff was glowing in an elemental light.

Part fire, part lightning.

The two-headed cockatrice’s dual energy beams tore through the air, distorting the elemental energy around them, hitting the flaming giant. The impact was much stronger than that of the other deans’, enough to cause material harm to Grimm’s True Elemental Body.

As expected of a Rank-2 Honor Badge Sorceress. If it were based on their base attributes alone, Grimm would have lost out!

Within the True Elemental Body, Grimm raised his Sabbatic Goat Staff. The flaming giant immediately followed by raising its sword high to parry the onslaught of flame and lightning by old Sorceress Paku Aguda’s cockatrice.


The fifty-meter tall True Elemental Body slightly sank into the grounds. A huge portion of the Darkness Pool energy that enveloped the infernal spirit sword had been diffused, exposing the pure flame and the condensed soul energy of the sword.

Rumble… rumble…

The battle went on and on.

The battle only appeared long to a Level-3 sorcerer. For most of the low-level Sorcerers on the battlefield, they could only cast out one or two elemental spells as they scurried from one point to another in order to aid the deans.

In an abrupt moment, Grimm caught a glimpse of a flying disc at the edge of his eyes. There was a Sorcerer standing on top of the flying altar.

The altar was in an activated state. With the power of the altar, a shadow image of the Level-3 Sorcerer that was tens of meters larger in Grimm’s eyes appeared behind the altar. The shadow image was looking at Grimm in a stern manner.

There was considerable energy charging up in a cannon barrel underneath the flying disc.

Naturally, the weapon was nothing compared to the Void Fortress’s Occult Pulverizer in the eyes of Grimm.

Compared to these, Grimm was more concerned about what was on top!

As Grimm slightly furrowed his eyebrows beneath the Mask of Truth, he cast his eyes on the elemental vortex that was congregating on top of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Tower. There was a hundred-meter wide eye opening up within the twisted space that was looking at him. His face turned grim.

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