A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1169 - Roommate Jin Ling’er

Chapter 1169: Roommate Jin Ling’er

His embrace was firm and comforting, and she felt a little less afraid. After a long while, she said, “I don’t know…”

When she had this dream as a child, she’d always go crying to Mom. Mom had always been worried for her but had no idea how to help, and had taken her to Uncle and Grandpa a few times, but they couldn’t do anything about it either. Once, she had overheard Uncle tell Mom, Xiao Ling, this is Yingluo’s destiny. Her life might be rather complicated and she’ll have to go through some unfathomable events.

Mom had said, I want to protect her.

But Uncle had sighed instead. There is too much that is out of our control.

She hadn’t understood what they were talking about, but ever since then, she’d stopped bringing up the dream to Mom for fear that she’d get too worried. When Mom asked about it occasionally, she’d just say, “What dream? I don’t remember it anymore.”

Hence, that simple-minded mother of hers had believed her words just like that, thinking that she’d outgrown it.

Only she knew that this nightmare had been disturbing her all this time. So many nights had been spent running away, and she didn’t even know what from.

Wei Lingnan’s lusty voice was heard again. “You don’t know? How could you possibly not know?”

She was even more confused now. Should she know? What should she know? She looked up at the man before her, whose eyes seemed like the universe.

Who was this man?

Why was he using such a tone to get a secret out of her?

Out of the blue, a thought flashed through her head, so quickly that she couldn’t capture it in time.

She recalled this man’s strange characteristics—the intersecting scars and terrifyingly fast recovery rate—and felt a chill that ran through her veins. “I don’t care who you are,” she said guardedly. “Stay away from me, I don’t wish to see you again.”

Wei Lingnan smiled and kissed her on the lips, savoring every moment of it.

Shocked, she tried to push him away as hard as she could, but he just wouldn’t budge.

His weight pressed on her, his torrential desires robbing her of her young sweetness. Only after he’d had enough of the kiss did he let go of her, who’d been struggling in his embrace and panting hard. “You’re mine,” he said. “Xia Yingluo, you’ll be mine only. As long as I want to—” he flashed a devilish smile as he scanned the red marks he’d left on her, “I’ll look for you anytime.”

“Dream on!” She said fiercely and yet pathetically. She hurriedly opened the car door and wriggled out of the car, not even bothering about the shawl that had slipped off her shoulders. It was as if she’d just escaped from hell as she ran towards the training camp.

Meanwhile, he sat in the car, silently watching her.

“Ah Luo…” He uttered wistfully.

Xia Yingluo ran without turning back at all as the landscape of the training camp fell behind her.

She felt as if she’d run straight into that nightmare, where she was now surrounded by thick fog, in which lay a treacherous creature observing her.

Her heart pounded rapidly. She’d run past countless teachers and classmates but hadn’t stopped at all. Under their confused gaze, she ran straight for her dorm, before finally stopping and panting for air.

She looked up at herself in the full-length mirror.

She was in a wine-red dress that showed off her perfect figure, and her fair skin was planted with red and purple marks that spoke of sensuality. Her hair was messy and her lipstick had been smudged by the violent kiss previously. She looked pathetic, and like she’d just escaped from somewhere.

Was it not an escape?

She mocked herself. Everything from the time she stepped into the room the previous night felt like a dream. So much had changed in just one night—she was no longer the simple and carefree girl anymore, she was now someone who’d been betrayed, hurt, and who’d lost her virginity to a mysterious and terrifying stranger. Who was she now?

She laughed bitterly as she thought of these.

Her body hurt so bad she could barely stand.

She recalled the times at home. Second Brother Li Rui loved being involved in such activity and she always wondered how interesting things were. Never would she have expected it to be filled with pain.

She frowned and bent over in pain, letting out a painful moan.

The door opened and a girl walked in. The girl was shocked to see her in this state. “Yingluo?! You’re back? How did you end up like this?!” She hurriedly went over to help her to the bed.

“What exactly happened to you?” The girl asked, “When they checked our rooms last night and found that you weren’t in, they almost flipped the entire camp outside down to look for you. And today you actually come back looking like this? Someone said that she saw you running in like a mistress, and I didn’t believe her, but now I think that’s an understatement!”

The girl was Jin Ling’er. She had short titanium-colored hair in a fashionable cut and didn’t dress up very much even though she looked ordinary.

She and Xia Yingluo shared a dorm and were close to each other, and they didn’t hide things from each other or beat about the bush.

Xia Yingluo was sweating from the pain but still snapped back at her. “You’re the mistress, your whole family…” She couldn’t even finish her sentence. It hurt so much, Wei Lingnan must’ve meant for it to be this tormenting for her.

Jin Ling’er couldn’t be bothered to bicker with her any longer. She looked at her worriedly and said, “Are you alright?”

She got up and poured a glass of warm water for her.

Xia Yingluo sipped some hot water and settled down. She leaned against the bed frame exhaustedly and said to Jin Ling’er, “I’m dying. Remember to get me buried, I want a gravestone that says ‘Zhao Yixuan is a jerk’.”

Jin Ling’er’s eyes widened. “You really went to a room with Zhao Yixuan? Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t touch you until you’re famous?” Her love story with Zhao Yixuan wasn’t quite a secret. In fact, her roommates were envious of how much Zhao Yixuan pampered her, and how he was willing to control his desires for the sake of her career.

Who would’ve known that he couldn’t even make it past a few months?

“Him?” Xia Yingluo sneered. “Is he even fit?” She was beginning to regret falling for that jerk. No wonder Second Brother said that she was as foolish as Mom… no, she wasn’t that foolish!

Xia Yingluo was getting a little disoriented from the pain.

Jin Ling’er looked at her, horrified. “It’s not Zhao Yixuan? Then, did you have an argument? All of these… what happened, did someone bully you?” The more she asked, the more worried she got.

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