A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1265 - Don’t Want to Kill You

Chapter 1265: Don’t Want to Kill You

At the thought of this, Du Jingjing smiled at Wei Lingnan. “Sir, welcome. May I know your name?”

“Wei Lingnan,” he said shortly.

Gu Jinxiu seemed to have found some sort of confidence. She stood beside him and added arrogantly. “Lingnan is my fiancee.” She looked purposely at Xia Yingluo. During Pei Yan’s engagement banquet, she had seen how flirtatious Xia Yingluo and Wei Lingnan had been. If it wasn’t for that scene prickling her heart, why would she have tried to make things difficult for Xia Yingluo time and time again?

At the end of the day, it was all because Xia Yingluo was a fickle woman!

Gu Jinxiu thought fiercely in her heart, then suddenly felt more vigilant—

Back then, she had thought that Xia Yingluo was just a poor student trying desperately to survive by clinging onto the rich people. She had seen many girls like that and wasn’t afraid of them. No matter how Wei Lingnan womanized outside, he wouldn’t possibly let a poor student enter the inner chamber and replace his proper wife. However, it was different now. Xia Yingluo was actually a prestigious noble lady, and was even more prestigious than her by a few times!

In front of a lady with such a background, Gu Jinxiu felt a burden as heavy as mountains.

Intentionally and otherwise, she walked to Wei Lingnan’s side and leaned on him.

Their elbows touched and they looked to be very affectionate. Wei Lingnan didn’t stop Gu Jinxiu, but his pair of eyes as tranquil as the surface of a lake only fixated quietly on Xia Yingluo.

An unknown fire burned in Xia Yingluo’s heart. She didn’t know why, but she wanted so badly to run up and pull Gu Jinxiu away from him. But since he didn’t even seem to mind, so why should she meddle in someone else’s business? Humph, he still dared to say that he wasn’t her fiancee, but if that was the case, then why did he allow her to be so intimate with him? Even when Gu Jinxiu had announced their relationship publicly he didn’t deny it!

Xia Yingluo was getting more and more unhappy and she turned her head away.

A slight flicker of joy appeared in Wei Lingnan’s narrow, tranquil eyes. He suddenly smiled and said softly to Xia Yingluo, “Yingluo, why did you just leave that day without a farewell? Do you know how much I missed you?”

Xia Yingluo looked up in surprise. She even forgot to hide her surprised expression—

What did he say? Miss her? In front of so many people, and even in front of his “fiancee”!

Gu Jinxiu was also extremely shocked. She straightened her back unconsciously and covered up the hurt in her voice. “Lingnan?” She didn’t expect that her own fiancee would express goodwill to the woman she resented the most. He was slapping her face in front of everybody!

The other guests had on strange expressions, especially Du Jingjing and Jin Ying. They exchanged glances with one another, unable to determine the truth.

Wei Lingnan continued to ignore Gu Jinxiu. He only looked affectionately at Xia Yingluo.

Xia Yingluo saw that she couldn’t avoid him and summoned her courage and said coldly, “Go away quickly, stop pestering me.”

The man that Gu Jinxiu treated as a rare treasure was a hindrance she wanted to get rid of.

Wei Lingnan’s long and narrow eyes shone slightly again.

Li Lei stepped forward and broke his gaze at her daughter. “Wei Lingnan, we meet again.”

Wei Lingnan glanced at Li Lei and the corners of his lips curled in a cold smile. “What a coincidence, we meet again. Let me think, the last time we met was a few years ago? At that time, you still weren’t… this annoying.”

The last time they met was over Xia Yingluo’s birth.

At that time, Xia Ling’s pregnancy wasn’t stable and there were signs of a miscarriage. They couldn’t find a solution even after consulting all the famous doctors in the whole world. On a night where flowers bloomed, Wei Lingnan had appeared quietly and had brought a small tube with a blue liquid inside. “Drink this and the fetus will be safe.”

Li Lei had looked at him warily. “Why should I believe you?”

“I’m Wei Shaoyin’s little uncle, so of course, I should help his friend,” Wei Lingnan said matter-of-factly. “Furthermore, Madam Li was only able to get pregnant because of the medicine I gave. Of course, I should ensure the baby is born safe and sound so as not to destroy the Wei Family Biopharmaceutical’s reputation.”

Li Lei had known that the man’s background was complicated and he was unpredictable, so he had been full of doubts about the medicine.

But Xia Ling had said, “He doesn’t have any reason to harm our child. Furthermore, if I can’t keep the baby anyway… I would rather try his medicine.”

There was no better choice.

Thus, Li Lei had taken care of Xia Ling after she drank the medicine. After a few months, their daughter Yingluo was born.

For a long time, Li Lei worried that Wei Lingnan had some ulterior motives. He protected Yingluo strictly and watched over her meticulously, but the man called Wei Lingnan never appeared again. Gradually, Li Lei thought that he was over worrying and hence, relaxed his vigilance. That was until Xia Yingluo started to have nightmares growing up. They had been warned by Wei Lingnan that this child would be different, and Li Lei’s worry over Wei Lingnan was reignited again. Now, something had happened indeed. After coming back to China, they finally understood that Wei Lingnan had come to Earth because of his target, Yingluo.

How could Li Lei possibly endure this as her father?

He stared coldly at Wei Lingnan. “When we met last time, I didn’t want to kill you this much.”

The biting cold in his eyes that he didn’t cover up made people feel frightened.

This patriarch who kept his words was the biggest leader in the Chinese world and held countless lives in his hands. He didn’t even need to hesitate if he wanted someone to die. With one word and one glance, someone would bring the end result to him.

Du Jingjing felt like the scene was about to go out of control. She seriously considered if she should call her uncle or her cousin here? She didn’t want them to fight here in their own family’s banquet. If this were spread to the public, she wouldn’t be able to shed responsibility since she was present.

This man called Wei Lingnan, what kind of enmity did he have with Li Lei?

Du Jingjing felt extremely confused. She secretly blamed the guards for their weak security and letting Wei Lingnan in. As the city’s home-grown noble lady, she knew that the Wei family wasn’t considered a prestigious family and was only an ordinary middle-class family. She had already heard that Gu Jinxiu had found a fiancee for herself, and she had even mocked her with Jin Ying and the other noble ladies, laughing at her for being a little crazy. How could she possibly have taken a fancy to this little character who couldn’t even squeeze into the inner circle of the high society?

Now that she saw Wei Lingnan, yes, he was handsome, but he was also very troublesome.

He just came and was already picking a fight with Li Lei, this big shot. He even ignored his fiancee and said to Big Boss Li’s daughter that he missed her?!

No wonder Li Lei wanted to kill him. He was a toad trying to eat swan meat.

Did he think that everyone was like Gu Jinxiu, wanting to marry him and disregard his family’s status and pride just because he was handsome?

Wei Lingnan was, however, calm and composed under Li Lei’s murderous glare. He even revealed a small smile. “Save your energy, you know very well that you can’t kill me.”

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