A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1438-End - The Beginning of Love

Chapter 1438: The Beginning of Love

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His voice was hoarse. It was as if thousands of years had passed.

Tears flowed out of her eyes again and she smiled as she cried. “You’re finally awake. Do you know how worried I was? In the future, you’re not allowed to exchange your life for mine, understand? Do you hear me?!”

A faint smile appeared on his weak face. “Ok.”

At that time, when he gave her the energy of his life source, he did not expect to live. However, he somehow survived in the end. He asked her, “How did you save me?”

Her face darkened slightly. “The World Tree.” Then, she told him about the self-initiated explosion of the World Tree’s seed.

He also became sad. No matter what the World Tree had done to them, it was still their child. Now, their child was dead. “What about Gu Jinxiu?” His voice was dark.

She shook her head. “I don’t know. Gu Jinxiu fainted and I spent the past few days by your side, so I didn’t get the chance to hear any updates about her.” She looked at Wei Lingnan and said, “What she has become is no longer important. World Tree’s death can’t be blamed on her. Nothing else matters as long as you’re fine.”

However, he sneered. “How is it not her fault? If she didn’t launch a surprise attack on you, all of this would not have happened.”

Deep down, she knew that too.

Wei Lingnan’s voice was icy. “I will make her pay the price.”

However, she stopped him. “I don’t care as long as you’re fine. Nan, don’t cause any more trouble.” Nothing was more important than the two of them being together again. After experience so many life-or-death situations, she only wished for peace and wanted all the unhappy times to be swept away by the wind.

Wei Lingnan loosened up and looked at her warmly. “What did you call me?”

“Nan.” She blushed slightly and smiled again. “You’re my guardian and my husband. In the future, we will create a new World Tree and leave this planet to rebuild the Skatana Planet. Our people and your life are mine, so you must promise me that you’ll be good and not get yourself in any danger that will make me worried.”

He looked at her deeply. Under the peaceful light of the ward, she looked so beautiful and was just close enough to touch.

After a long time, he smiled. “Your wish is my command, my queen.”

When he fully recovered from his injuries, they hosted an extravagant wedding.

For this wedding, Wei Lingnan especially invested a huge sum of money to build a theme park called “The Star Wars Era Theme Park.” In actuality, he designed it such that the interior resembled Skatana Planet, their home.

Some reporters and members of the public were curious about why the layout was not exactly similar to Star Wars Era 1 and 2. Why was the theme park constructed in this manner? Wei Lingnan calmly explained to the public. “This is the main setting for Star Wars Era 3 and it is more ambitious than 1 and 2.”

In the theme park, Xia Yingluo wore a white wedding dress with special deep purple embroidery from Skatana Planet. She walked step by step towards her groom in the snow-like flowers.

Their wedding ceremony was very unique and was a mix of human and Skatana customs. When he knelt down to kiss her hand and swore that he would never leave her, many of the guests were moved to tears.

The salute was sounded.

This was the highest honor of a Skatana warrior.

Wei Lingnan hugged and kissed her affectionately in front of everyone. “It is my greatest honor to marry you.”

They had to go through many ups and downs together before they could finally be together. She smiled and quietly answered in her heart. She felt that she was the one who was lucky to marry him. No one knew about the future. Rebuilding Skatana Planet and repopulating it required both of them to work together. Both of them were guilty, but so what?

Until the day they had to apologize for their offenses, they would live and die together without regrets.

After the oath, the ceremony was complete.

The emcee and guests cheered on her to throw her bridal bouquet.

She smiled sweetly and her wedding dress swirled beautifully when she turned around. She found Jin Ling’er in the crowd and blinked at her. After that, she lightly threw it. The snow-like bouquet flew magically in the golden sunlight like it had wings and fell precisely in the hands of Jin Ling’er.

The girl who caught the bouquet was surprised and looked at the well-built man beside her.

That well-built man, Du Zheng, looked at her warmly and tenderly.

“I have one more thing to announce today.” Xia Yingluo glanced at the elders of the Du Family and mainly noticed Sheng Yuqiong’s slightly irritable face. She held Jin Ling’er’s hand, smiled and took her to her parents. “Ling’er is my good friend and has a very good relationship with my parents. My parents want to seize this happy occasion to recognize Ling’er as their goddaughter. Ling’er, are you willing?”

There was an uproar.

Everyone knew how important the Li Family was and the significance of this goddaughter.

At once, all eyes of jealousy, confusion, and curiosity were focused on Jin Ling’er.

Only Jin Ling’er was aware of this arrangement. She smiled awkwardly, looked at Li Lei and Xia Ling and softly called. “Godfather and godmother.” Her bashfulness was well received by everyone. Li Lei and Xia Ling gave her a very generous initiation gift which made all the surrounding guests jealous.

Li Lei also announced. “From now on, Jin Ling’er will be like my biological daughter. Whatever Yingluo has, Ling’er will also have. No one is allowed to bully her. I will also give a generous dowry to anyone who marries her.”

The Du Family knew who these words were directed at.

Sheng Yuqiong’s expression was dark, but she quickly understood the circumstances. Even the goddaughter of the Li Family was richer and more powerful than the biological daughter of another family. Thus, she looked at Jin Ling’er and smiled kindly.

The wedding ended successfully and Xia Yingluo and Wei Lingnan became an enviable couple in everyone’s eyes.

Wei Lingnan carried her as they looked for Gu Jinxiu because he wanted to end the life of the woman who tried to kill Xia Yingluo several times. Unexpectedly, he found out that Gu Jinxiu had gone crazy. The Gu Family locked her in a psychiatric hospital and stopped caring about her. Now, the previously elegant woman had fallen from grace. Her hand disappeared in an explosion and her hair was messy. She always screamed randomly, stuffed trash into her mouth and was in a constant state of anxiety.

Suddenly, Wei Lingnan did not feel like killing her anymore. He felt that she could continue staying in this pathetic state to pay for her crimes.

After the wedding, the Skatana Planet theme park was officially opened to the public.

The epic layout attracted thousands of visitors.

The heart of the theme park was the monument forest. It consisted of sculptures that depicted the history of the Skatana Planet from ancient times to the present. The remains of the World Tree seed after its explosion was buried under these monuments. Every day, many people would visit it and lament and commemorate this mysterious race. It was truly a decent resting place for the seed.

Xia Moyan accompanied Xia Yingluo to the theme park.

Looking at the crowd, Xia Moyan said, “This is a very good opening.”

Xia Yingluo smiled and said, “That’s true.”

Through this medium, humans would understand the distant and powerful planet which was the home of their allies. Perhaps after hundreds of millions of years, a rebuild Skatana race and a more powerful humanity could fight together side by side to create a more magnificent era.

And all of this, was the beginning of love.

—————————— [The End] ——————————

At this point, A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return has officially ended and there won’t be any other spin-offs. I know that you want to know more about Wei Shaoyin, Brother Xia and Luo Luo, but this long year and a half has made me very tired. I’m not feeling very well, so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to achieve the desired effect of what I had in mind. Thus, after some thought, I decided to scrap the idea. All of you can use your imaginations to make up stories for them. Thank you for all of your support along the way. I will probably start a new book around April. When the time comes, all of you are welcomed to take a look at it! I love you all.

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