A Step into the Past

Volume 2 Chapter 3

Book 2 Chap 3 – The duel in the Palace

Xiang Shaolong sat down next to Wu Tingfang and she hurriedly leaned over and asked with concern, “Shaolong are you all right! I am so worried, and last night you were even at that s.lut’s place.” And she pinched him hard on his thigh under the table.

Xiang Shaolong looked at the delicacies filling the table, reached his hand out and caressed her thigh and laughed quietly, “Don’t worry! Just trust your future husband!”

Wu Tingfang’s body went soft under his touch, and on one hand wanted him to be even bolder but on the other hand afraid that she may not be able to take it and let others see through her. She was so frightened that she hurriedly sat properly, and luckily Xiang Shaolong’s 5 fingered army finally retreated.

A tall and thin gentleman with a pale face seated at the 2nd table in front turned his head around and stared at Xiang Shaolong who was seated on the 3rd table at the back row, his glance filled with the intent to create trouble.

Tao Fang who was next to Xiang Shaolong told him, “That would be the Prince of Shaoyuan, Zhao De.”

Xiang Shaolong looked back at him coldly, his eyes shooting out rays of ice. That Zhao De did not back down but stared back at him, and the warriors seated at the surrounding tables also turned back and stared at him angrily. The air was charged with explosives.


The bell rung again.

The sounds of bamboo instruments are heard, a group of musicians blew on their instruments as they walked in and stood at the two sides, continuing with the music.

Only now did Prince Shaoyuan took back his stare and looked at the main door.

With the accompaniment of his concubines, King Xiaocheng of Zhao, aged around 30, walked into the hall, with over 100 followers walking behind him. Half of them went to stand around the tables, the other half following the King of Zhao towards the main seating area set aside for him.

The King of Zhao has a pale face tinged red from alcohol, his features quite handsome, his eyes bright and forehead broad, quite good looking overall. However he’s just a little thin, his lips are not thick enough, and looks like a young greenhorn.

On his head he wore a headgear with a board, rounded in front and squared behind, with 10 strands of pearls stringed with red and green threads hanging from the end of the board, signifying his status as King.

His dragon robe was sewn with diagrams of the sun, moon, stars, dragons etc, looking extremely grand.

He walked alone to the main table, his concubines sat at the 3 tables behind him while the guards stood protectively at the 2 sides and the back. He really exuded the aura of the King of the state.

Everyone knelt on the floor, waiting for him to be seated.

After the King of Zhao sat down, he said gently, “Please rise and take a seat.”

After everyone called out greetings, they returned to their seats.

Naturally there are palace maids who will pour the wine for the guests.

The King of Zhao raised his cup and said, “King Xi of Yan thinks too highly of himself, and sent Li Fu and Qing Qin to attack us but were badly defeated by us. Now General Lian Po has brought troops to surround Yan under my orders. I think King Xi of Yan can forget about a good night’s sleep. Let’s drink a toast to us defeating Yan!”

Everyone cheered and the atmosphere was celebratory.

The King of Zhao suddenly stood up, and the rest were so startled they hurriedly stood up as well. He laughed, “The success of defeating Yan this time is due to the hard work of all my beloved officials. If Master Wu did not provide the warhorses and food supplies, Master Guo did not supply weapons and ships. I’m afraid we would not have succeeded. Let us all drink a toast to both of them.”

Everyone took another drink heartily.

Master Wu and Guo Zhong were both overwhelmed and ecstatic.

Xiang Shaolong who did not have a initial good impression of him, had a change of heart and secretly thought that a person who can become the ruler, his bearing is indeed different from others.

After the King of Zhao invited everyone to be seated and enjoy the dishes, his hands clapped, emitting a crisp sound.

The musicians who had retreated to both sides of the main door immediately started playing again.

A group of nearly 200 beauties with their hair combed like a swallow’s tail, wearing light veils made from translucent material danced into the hall like flying birds. The semi hidden bosoms and silken legs made various marvelous poses, capturing one’s attention.

Everyone clapped and cheered, the applause was deafening.

Xiang Shaolong watched as the dancers sang and danced daintily, and can’t help but think about Ting Fangshi, who was given away, and think about if he defeats Lian Jin, he will be able to get her back, and can’t help but feel a gush of bravery.

Wu Tingfang whispered proudly in his ear, “Fang’er’s song and dance is a lot better than theirs. I will let you have a good look when there’s a chance.”

Xiang Shaolong replied, “But you must not wear any item of clothing.”

Wu Tingfang rolled her eyes at him, and gave him a sweet smile.

Zhao Mu and Lian Jin, who were keeping an eye on Wu Tingfang, was fuming at the scene, and were consoling themselves that Xiang Shaolong will be in trouble later.

The dancers retreated, leaving behind only their fragrance.

Everyone’s gaze shifted to the King of Zhao, holding their breath and waiting for him to speak.

The hall was huge, but it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

The King of Zhao sat alone at his dragon throne, overlooking his subjects. He laughed long and loud and said, “The State of Zhao started with a military background, and we have a lot of famous generals, Zhao Shuai, Zhao Dun, Zhao Wu were our distinguished forefathers, their military exploits unparalleled at their time. After they established the country, those without military contributions cannot be appointed officials. If not for their advocating of military strength, our country would have been long gone.”

Everyone voiced their agreement.

The King of Zhao looked at them with pride, and his gaze settled on Lian Jin, and said happily, “I did not expect that such a tiny state of Wei, would actually produce an invincible swordsman.”

Lian Jin hurriedly went to his table, knelt down and bowed his head, “There is only Great Zhao in my heart now. As long as your Majesty gives a command, I am willing to lay down my life without a word.”

Master Wu secretly gave a cold snort, obviously he despised him because he defected to Zhao Mu’s side.

Maybe the King of Zhao has been influenced by Zhao Mu, his attitude towards him changed greatly and he said joyfully, “We must use the talented, as long as you’re loyal to me, I will certainly treat you well.”

Lian Jin as ecstatic and hurriedly voiced out his promise.

The King of Zhao raised his voice to ask, “Where is Xiang Shaolong?”

Xiang Shaolong gave a slight smile and answered as he walked out and knelt opposite Lian Jin. He greeted loudly, “Xiang Shaolong pays respect to my King.”

The King of Zhao’s eyes brightened, and said, “You single handedly defeated 800 horse thieves with your wits, and you’re loyal and brave. For your comrade’s sake, you risked your life to stay behind and fight the enemy. This act has brought up the fame of Great Zhao, I am very impressed with you.”

Xiang Shaolong hurriedly voiced his gratitude and modesty, but in his heart he was secretly laughing that the story is getting more and more exaggerated.

The King of Zhao smiled with satisfaction, “The two of you are the dragons among men. I want you to come into the Palace for a duel, because I want you to become our country’s role model, and spread the spirit of martial arts so that they will have the ability to kill our enemies to repay the country.”

The two of them agreed unanimously.

The King of Zhao laughed loudly and said, “I, as well as my officials, are all impatient to watch your display of legendary swordplay. But you must remember that this is just an exchange of pointers, you must not endanger each other. I will appoint the winner as imperial swordsman immediately, and he will be able to lead an army into battle.”

Zhao Mu raised his voice, “Your Majesty, I have a suggestion.”

The King of Zhao replied in surprise, “Marquis Ju Lu, please speak.”

Zhao Mu stood up and said respectfully, “If your Majesty decrees that they cannot endanger each other in this duel, they will certainly not dare to go against your orders and will control themselves in the duel. That way, it’ll be difficult for them to fully show off their sword skill, would your Majesty please reconsider.”

On hearing this, Lady Ya’s body trembled. She stood up and fluttered, “Knives and swords are emotionless, if a life is lost, won’t it turn a joyous affair into a sad one.”

The King of Zhao looked at Lady Ya in bafflement and said, “Imperial Sister, Official Zhao please take a seat, I know what to do.”

Zhao Mu stared coldly at her before returning to his seat. He was feeling secretly overjoyed, because Zhao Ya’s reaction tells him that Xiang Shaolong was really drugged, and she is clearer about that more than anyone else.

By now everyone in the hall knows that there is something wrong with Xiang Shaolong.

The King of Zhao looked at Master Wu and asked nonchalantly, “Does Master Wu have any thoughts about this?”

Master Wu secretly thought to himself, if Xiang Shaolong lost because of women, he can only blame himself and he’ll be better off dead. But if he can kill Lian Jin, he’ll be able to help appease this anger he felt, and he nodded in agreement, “Shaolong once told me, he only knows how to kill, and is not well versed in performing swordplay at all. So if you want to see his real skills, we should not limit him at all.”

By saying that, he’s obviously means that this is going to be a duel to the death.

Lady Ya’s body trembled, and finally wept over her own stupidity. Xiang Shaolong saw this, and his despise for her lessened a little.

Everyone in the hall became excited and were talking amongst themselves eagerly.


It was the sound of the cup shattering, and the atmosphere was immediately serious.

After the King of Zhao threw the cup onto the ground, he said coldly, “To kill the enemy, is to use your life as a stake. The way of battles, is the way of life and death. Fine! I will not impose any restrictions, the winner will be my imperial swordsman.”

Xiang Shaolong and Lian Jin who were in front of the dragon throne agreed at the same time.

The King of Zhao cried out, “The duel begins.”

The hall was deathly quiet, silently waiting for a good show to start.

Lady Ya fell into the arms of her sister Lady An, who was next to her, unable to witness the horrific scene where Xiang Shaolong will be killed.

Wu Tingfang’s face turned pale and she leaned towards her father and asked, “He won’t lose, right!”


Lian Jin pulled out his famed Golden Ray Sword and stood steadily in the middle of the hall and took a bow, a smile seemingly on his face.

Xiang Shaolong stood up, took off his robe with one hand and threw it aside, revealing the warrior’s clothes specially designed for him by Shu’er and the 4 maids. The clothes made him look even more broad and heroic.

Everyone felt that Lian Jin was good looking and heroic, but on comparison, Xiang Shaolong had a little more upright and valiant air about him, making the men sigh in compliment and the women lose their hearts.

When Xiang Shaolong drew his wooden sword, everyone gasped in surprise.

He stood next to Lian Jin and bowed with the sword.

The King of Zhao asked surprisingly, “Shaolong is using the wooden sword to duel, aren’t you afraid of being at a disadvantage?”

Xiang Shaolong smiled a little and replied suavely, “Your Majesty, do not worry. This wooden sword is made specially for me, it’s not afraid of any swords or sharp weapons.”

Lian Jin was secretly sniggering to himself, let’s see how capable this empty shell can be now.

Lady Ya can’t help but raise her head and took a peep at him. Looking at him standing so heroically, she felt even more guilty and collapsed into Lady An’s arms again, unable to bear taking another look.

If one must find someone who is in most pain there, she must be the one.

Before Xiang Shaolong, Zhao Mu is the one who controls her heart, and ever since Zhao Gua died in the battle of Changping, Zhao Mu took the opportunity and conquered her.

Initially Zhao Mu was very taken with her mesmerizing body, but in less than a year his attention was taken by pretty men and women from other countries. These few years he treated her hot and cold, so due to loneliness and revenge, she began a wanton life hunting for men. Only when she met Xiang Shaolong, did she manage to slowly replace Zhao Mu.

This time she was tried by Zhao Mu to deal with Xiang Shaolong, on one hand because she’s afraid of his control, afraid that he will harm Xiang Shaolong and spoil their good times together. But more importantly, subconsciously she is used to obeying his orders, which resulted in her silly decision and causing her much hate and regret.

After Zhao Mu snatched her from Xiang Shaolong’s hand yesterday morning, he used all his ways, drugs and skilled ministrations, combined with threats and benefits. After having fun with her for more than half a day, he finally succeeded in getting her to proceed with his devious plan.

The deal is he will not hurt Xiang Shaolong, and after the duel he will help her and Xiang Shaolong get together and will never harass her again.

Now of course she has realized that Zhao Mu had lied to her.

Right at this nerve breaking point, Zhao Mu laughed and said, “Since ancient times heroes have been matched with beauties. To increase the excitement, and to make everyone in our country understand your Majesty’s ideals in developing martial arts, I have another suggestion.”

The King of Zhao really treats this ‘lover’ of his differently, and said, “Marquis Ju Lu’s suggestions have always been very good, say it quickly!”

Zhao Mu’s sharp eyes swept past the whole hall and said slowly, “I suggest that the winner of the duel today, will be able to choose any one of the beauties in this hall as his wife. In this way he gets both beauty and official appointment, won’t it be the best thing in the world. I ask that your Majesty approve.

Everyone made a ruckus.

Xiang Shaolong can’t help but secretly praise Zhao Mu for his plans. He could see through his devious plot. Obviously, if Lian Jin defeats him, he will be able to take Wu Tingfang for himself, and by then he can offer her to Zhao Mu. Zhao Mu would then get what he wants.

Master Wu’s expression immediately changed. He can tell what the other’s nefarious plan is, but is in a difficult position to voice opposition. Because that would imply that the winner will certainly choose his granddaughter, and indirectly mean that Wu Tingfang is the prettiest among all, the other beauties are all not qualified.

The King of Zhao was a little stunned on hearing this, and thought of Wu Tingfang. He secretly felt that if he did not convey this order, it would tell everyone here that he is afraid of Master Wu. He was silent for a moment before raising his head heavenward and laughed, “The sword will win the beauty. This way, the palace duel tonight will be the talk for centuries to come. I will follow Marquis Ju Lu’s suggestion, the winner will be able to choose from here any lady without a betrothal to become his wife.”

Once he has spoken, this became a set deal.

Everyone’s attention returned to Xiang Shaolong and Lian Jin.

Lian Jin could not conceal the look of happiness on his face. He and Zhao Mu made a secret agreement that Zhao Mu will have Wu Tingfang for the first 3 days, and in future this beauty will belong to him. It may not be perfect, but it’s a lot better than not being able to have her at all.

Xiang Shaolong on the other hand is so calm that it borders on emotionless, having entered into the realm of calmness of the Mozi swordplay.


The duel began.

Lian Jin turned towards Xiang Shaolong and struck a pose, both his feet steady on the ground, as if he’s atop a horse, his upper body leaning a little back. Under the firelight, his dazzling Golden Ray Sword pointing at Xiang Shaolong, who is 20 steps away from him. He held the pommel of the sword tightly in front of his chest, making one feel his immense strength waiting to be unleashed.

Xiang Shaolong’s eyes were lowered to the ground, his wooden sword touching the ground, like an old monk meditating. He was facing the King of Zhao, with Lian Jin at his side.

Although the two of them have not started the fight, but everyone can strongly feel the opposing calmness and movement, the atmosphere so tense that it makes breathing difficult.

Lian Jin has no idea that this calmness is the essence of the Mozi swordplay and thought that his opponent is afraid because he is weak. He laughed loudly, “Is Brother Xiang frightened!”

Lady Ya sat up straight and looked at the plaza, a dagger hidden in her sleeves. She cried out in her heart, “Xiang Lang, do not be afraid, Zhao Ya will accompany you.”

Once the crowd heard Lian Jin say that, they all felt that Shaolong was afraid and talked amongst themselves busily. The King of Zhao and Master Wu looked unhappy while Zhao Mu laughed icily.

This does not mean that their eyes are not bright enough. It’s just that the essence of Mozi swordplay which places more emphasis on defense rather than attack, is really vastly different from the other schools of swordplay and ideals during that era. When 2 enemies face each other, who would not use all their might to attack, hoping to strike a fatal move.

The corners of Xiang Shaolong’s mouth curved up into a slight smile and he said nonchalantly, “Top grade martial arts, is not something that Brother Lian can understand, strike now! Don’t let others misunderstand that Brother Lian is only someone who can talk.”

Lian Jin was so furious that his eyes shot out a murderous, icy stare. He straightened his back, using the strength to propel his hand forward, the golden ray from the sword shot forward, aiming at his opponent’s shoulder, his aim accurate and vicious.

Zhao Mu and Prince Shaoyuan’s tables erupted in thunderous cheers.

Xiang Shaolong was calm, not at all affected by the cheers of his opponent’s supporters.

He knows that once he strikes, it’ll be difficult for him to pretend to be tired and weak, then he’ll certainly be defeated by Lian Jin whose sword skills is as good as his. But he can lure Lian Jin in using strategies.

Lian Jin will take advantage of the fact that he’s weak, so he will certainly use all his might to attack once he moves. Besides, Lian Jin has deep hatred for him, and wants to further weaken him, so he will surely not give any leeway in his attack. He will use all his strength in all his moves, and in that way, he will fall into his trap.

Comparing their stamina, how can Lian Jin be better than him who has gone through the strictest stamina training.

So when Lian Jin thinks that he is exhausting his energy, the truth is contrary, it is Lian Jin himself who will be exhausting his own energy.

Besides, his advantage is that his wooden sword is 3 to 4 times heavier, so if Lian Jin wants to fight head on, he’ll be at a disadvantage.

The sword’s ray has reached him, aiming towards his left rib.

Without a word, Xiang Shaolong took a diagonal step back towards the right, the heavy wooden sword left the ground and came up diagonally, and struck right at the tip of the Golden Ray sword, which is exactly the weakest point of his opponent’s sword.

The Golden Ray sword could not withstand this and was immediately bounced away.

This time it is the rest of the people who cheered, the loudest of course being those from the Wu family. Wu Ting Fang’s palms were almost swollen from the clapping.

Even Lian Jin did not expect his opponent’s swordplay would be better than when they fought the last time, and was afraid he’ll take the opportunity to press on an attack. He lifted his sword back into the defend position, and was about to strike again when his opponent turned to face him, his heavy wooden sword retracted a little, as if he’s getting ready to attack. He was so shocked that he took a step back.

Right at this time, the sword Xiang Shaolong was holding lightly trembled, and dropped a little, revealing a superficial loophole.

Lian Jin was ecstatic, thinking to himself that this lad is already showing fatigue at the second strike, so he hesitated no further. With a ‘swoosh’, he lifted his sword for a direct slash, as if he wanted to slash his opponent’s wooden sword. When his shoulder is almost parallel, his body dashed forward, his wrist flicked and the slash changed into a stab, aiming right at his opponent’s face. At the same time he gave a flying kick towards his opponent’s wooden sword, the moves aimed at killing his enemy with one stroke.

His movements were fluid like a swimming dragon, forming a coherent whole with a murderous intent. Everyone was dumbfounded and started getting worried for Xiang Shaolong.

Lady Ya secretly exclaimed to herself ‘forget it’, and while those people next to her were concentrating fully on the duel, she pressed the dagger against her belly.

Xiang Shaolong looked icily at the Golden Ray sword that was coming to him like a poisonous dragon and moved swiftly to the side. With a backhand move of his wooden sword, it hit square and hard on the Golden Ray sword.

“Clang” and the Goldne Ray sword was propelled away again.

The crowd was intoxicated and cheered loudly.

Although Lian Jin’s wrist was numb from the impact, but because Xiang Shaolong used only 50% of his strength, Lian Jin thought that he is just using his remaining strength, coupled with the excellent swordplay and the heavy weight of the wooden sword to block his Golden Ray sword. He laughed loud and long, and struck 10 times, each attack aimed to force the opponent into fighting head on with him.

Xiang Shaolong was secretly laughing, his opponent is giving up the intricacies of the swordplay, and his using his disadvantage to attack to his advantage. Therefore he retreated as he fought, with no loopholes in his defense at all. Either slashing or stabbing, he’d always managed to neutralize Lian Jin’s vigorous attacks at the last moment.

On the surface, Lian Jin has gained the upper hand, forcing Xiang Shaolong to keep on retreating without a chance to retaliate at all. But only Lian Jin will know the difficulty, although his opponent seems to be in a dangerous position, but he can never seem to fully break past his last defense.

Why is it that after last night’s depletion of his energy, he is still so formidable.

The crowd has never seen such startling swordplay and were cheering madly.

The King of Zhao was excited as well and kept on clapping and cheering.

Zhao Mu had thought that Lian Jin could have a swift victory, and now he was furrowing his brows. He took a glance at Lady Ya and saw her piteous look, which put his mind at ease a little.

Prince Shaoyuan shouted the most fiercely, he wished that Lian Jin would cut off Xiang Shaolong’s head with one slash.

Xiang Shaolong took another 3 steps back and laughed loudly before standing steady. The heavy wooden sword slashed across with all his might, but just before it hit against the Golden Ray sword, the stance changed twice, forcing the now tired Lian Jin to change his moves twice before he can block the heavy wooden sword.

“Dang!” The sound this time actually sounded like the crisp clanging of 2 metal swords hitting against one another.

Lian Jin was stunned and realized that his opponent’s strength has increased by at least half and although he did not want to, he can’t help but take 2 steps back, changing his attack into defense. His relentless attacks finally came to an end.

Xiang Shaolong stared at him, electricity shooting out from his eyes, and he seems to be a totally changed person. He straightened his back, revealing a heroic air and said icily, “You’ve been tricked!”

He took half a step forward, roared and raised his sword to slash at his opponent’s face. The wind carried his roar, piercing to the ears, and even more astonishing, this slash seems to carry with it the fatality of a thousand soldiers and horses charging into the battlefield.

The endless cheers and roars came to an abrupt stop.

This change is too unexpected.

Many stood up unconsciously, and Zhao Mu is one of them.

Lady Ya stood up with a surprised ‘Ah’, the dagger in her hand dropped to the ground, a look of happiness as she gazed at her godly and heroic lover.

When Lian Jin heard his opponent said “You’ve been tricked”, he was so frightened his senses took leave of him. But he is after all a skilled pugilist, and used all his capability and strength to forcefully meet with this unavoidable attack.

Lian Jin’s stamina was not as good as Xiang Shaolong’s in the first place, and coupled with the fact that he’s fought for a long time and losing strength. His opponent’s wooden sword was almost a hundred catties, so Xiang Shaolong’s attack forced him to retreat 3 steps back.

A thunderous applause erupted from the crowd at this time.

There was no expression in Xiang Shaolong’s eyes at all, he was as calm as still water. The heavy wooden sword on his shoulder, he walked towards Lian Jin step by step. The ‘pak pak’ sound made by his footsteps, became the symphony of death.

His formidable imposing manner pressed further, not allowing Lian Jin any time to catch his breath at all.

Lian Jin knows that he must not let his opponent take control of the situation, so he roared and the Golden Ray sword became a shining blur, turning from a wide attacking stance back into the more intricate swordplay he is more adept at.

Xiang Shaolong’s heavy wooden sword sprung up from his shoulder and was in midair as he said icily, “It’s too late!”

The heavy wooden sword increased its speed. It looked like a clumsy move but in fact it was an intricate one, slashing heavily right in the middle of the shining, blurred sword.

The blur of the sword stopped, Lian Jin took a few steps back, fresh blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

Xiang Shaolong knows that if he wants revenge, this is the time. He quietly called out Shu’er and Su Nu’s names in his heart and charged forward, knocking into Lian Jin together with his sword.

The two bodies joined together and separated again.

Everything was quiet, it was as if time has been frozen at that instant.

The whole hall was so quiet that one can hear a pin drop. Besides Zhao Mu and a few other highly skilled pugilists with excellent eyesight, the rest can’t really see clearly what has happened.

The two of them exchanged positions, then separated by one step, and stood back to back.

Xiang Shaolong raised his head upwards, the wooden sword back on his shoulder, his eyes filled with endless sadness and anger.

Lian Jin looked totally dumbfounded and lowered his head to look at his chest where the sword struck. He felt the broken ribs and the gradually spreading heart wrecking pain.

Everyone was flabbergasted, looking at the two quietly standing person in the hall.

Lian Jin groaned, and he knelt down.

Xiang Shaolong looked heavenward and laughed loud and long. He knelt down towards the King of Zhao, the tip of his sword on the ground and said respectfully, “It’s my good fortune that I have not lost my life, and I would like to marry the young lady of the Wu family, Tingfang as my wife.” His words were deliberately spoken for Lian Jin’s ears.

On hearing this, Lian Jin felt a rush of anger attacking his heart, spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood and collapsed on the ground. His stance was like he was kow-towing in prayer, and died on the spot.

Zhao Mu lost everything in this bet and was so furious his face turned pale. His fists clenched tightly, he looked at Lady Ya with hatred.

Lady Ya’s pretty face revealed an alluring exhilaration, her dainty body trembling. She had just turned her head back and took a look at him, the corners of her mouth revealing a disdainful expression.

Zhao Mu suddenly knows that Lady Ya is now fully out of his control.

Everyone in the Wu family was excited.

Wu Tingfang’s hands clasped her pretty face, tears of love rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably. Heavens! She will be his little wife.

The rest of the people in the hall have not recollected their emotions after witnessing the engaging duel earlier and were still looking on speechlessly. The only sound they can hear is the remaining echoes of Xiang Shaolong’s words.

The King of Zhao personally poured a cup of wine and left his seat to walk towards Xiang Shaolong and said with a sigh, “Such swordsmanship has truly never been seen before. From today onwards, not only will Shaolong be Wu Tingfang’s husband, but you’ll also be Great Zhao’s Chief Imperial Officer. I will bestow you a cup of excellent wine.”

Xiang Shaolong put his wooden sword down and after kowtowing and thanking his Majesty, he received the wine while still kneeling and drank it in one gulp.

Thunderous cheers erupted.

No one is interested to throw even a glance at Lian Jin’s body.

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