A Step into the Past

Volume 3 Chapter 4

Book 3 Chap 4 – The war between a male and female

The next day when the envoy was getting ready to leave, Lady Pingyuan remained unmoved and refused to leave with the team. Xiang Shaolong laughed secretly to himself and bring with him Zhao Da and the other tree as well as 10 odd specially trained elite soldiers, went to pay a visit to Lady Pingyuan personally. When they reached the tent, Xiang Shaolong told his men to stand guard outside while he went to see Lady Pingyuan alone.

Lady Pingyuan was still furious and she said with a frosty look, “Xiang Shaolong you’re good, you’ve injured my son so badly.” Xiang Shaolong knows that she was talking about the hard kick he gave to the groin. He secretly laughed to himself but when he spoke, he sighed instead, “I didn’t know he is Prince Shaoyuan at all in the darkness. Luckily I realized in time or I would have killed him.” Lady Pingyuan was at a loss for words, but her anger was still unappeased so she stared at him and said, “My son is still weak and is not suited for long travels, you can go to Daliang on your own! I will only leave when he has recovered.” Xiang Shaolong looked at her fiery eyes filled with hatred and sighed, “I am in a difficult position and have no choice but to put on an act in front of Zhao Qian. Actually I’ve considered what Lady told me the other day and have come to a decision long ago.”

Lady Pingyuan was stunned for a moment, and this ignited Xiang Shaolong’s hope. She eyed him for a moment before she nodded and said, “If you really have such a thought…” Xiang Shaolong interrupted her, “But what Prince Shaoyuan did last night was obviously done with your approval, and this has aroused my doubts about Lady’s sincerity.” Lady Pingyuan immediately lost the upper hand. In actual fact ever since Xiang Shaolong seemed to foretell her plan, which she was so confident of and spoil it, she has started fearing him and has no idea how she should deal with this man.

Her instinctive reaction was to lower her eyes. Xiang Shaolong saw that she did not try to deny and knows that she is now confused by his forcefulness. He moved boldly forward, looking closely at her tired yet pretty face and said with a smile, “Shall we talk about this after we reach Daliang? At least you should let me see Prince Xinling first!” Lady Pingyuan saw her standing so close to her and she lifted her head, her face frosty as she said, “Are you trying to be rude to me? How dare you insult your superior?” Xiang Shaolong said calmly, “I just have a secret to tell Lady, but I do not know if Lady is interested in hearing it.” Lady Pingyuan was thrown off guard and she asked, “What is it?” Xiang Shaolong moved his lips closer, so close that it was only inches away from her, and deliberately pretended to be mysterious as he said, “I don’t know if it was Zhao Mu who leaked out news, but a few groups of horse thieves including Hui Hu are waiting within Wei’s border for us, and I heard that Lady is one of their targets.”

Lady Pingyuan’s face turned pale and she exclaimed hoarsely, “What?” Xiang Shaolong said with a straight face, “I, Xiang Shaolong, can swear to heaven, if I speak a word of falsehood, then let me die a horrible death.” He secretly thought that people of this era is not like those in the 21st century, they will not give their vows so easily and now he is witnessing the miraculous use of this method. Lady Pingyuan did not suspect his words as expected. She rolled her eyes for a while before she asked weakly, “Is Hui Hu really part of it?” By now Xiang Shaolong is absolutely sure that Hui Hu is the King of Wei’s man, and because Lady Pingyuan knows this secret, all the more she believes his words. He boldly sat down to her right, his mouth moved close to her ear, almost touching it and said, “The news was relayed to me by the spies the Wu family planted in Wei. They even said the mastermind could very well be the King of Wei himself.”

Lady Pingyuan furrowed her brows and said, “Can you sit a little further away to talk?” Xiang Shaolong saw that although she looked irritated, her pretty face was blushing and her breathing was faster and knows she’s feeling confused whether to reject or welcome him. He can’t help but secretly laugh and was even more determined to seek his revenge. He thought to himself, since you can be unscrupulous towards me, why can’t I have a little payback, and he gently kissed her rounded ear lobes. Lady Pingyuan’s dainty body shook, and was about to reprimand him when Xiang Shaolong retreated to his original position, his mesmerizing eyes looking at her deeply. Her heart immediately started pounding, and the reprimand she was about to utter stuck in her throat.

What is happening? This person injured her son and outraged her modesty, but why didn’t she react? Once she thought of this, her face burned and she lowered her face and said quietly, “Fine! We will leave with you.”

When Xiang Shaolong returned to his troops who were all packed and ready to leave, he added Wu Zhuo’s 100 men into his group, thus increasing his control. These 100 family warriors were well built and alert, and with one look anyone can tell that they’re elite fighters. Cheng Xu who has been nervous and apprehensive all this while seems to have been finally reassured, and his smile is a lot more radiant now. Xiang Shaolong set the trap last night as if he could predict Prince Shaoyuan’s evil plot, and this has raised him to almost a god-like status amongst the soldiers. While waiting for Lady Pingyuan’s men to dismantle camp, Xiang Shaolong, Wu Zhuo, Cheng Xu and Zha Yuanyu went to a nearby hill to look at the map and discuss the route to take to Daliang.

Wu Zhuo is very familiar with the geography of Wei and he said, “From here to Tangyin, we have official roads which we can travel on. In the past the Weis set up gantries and camps along the roads, and there are watchtowers on higher grounds as well. But according to our scout, not only are the gantries missing along the road now, but we can’t even find a single Wei to ask around.” Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that if the King of Wei really intends to send someone to attack him, he will not want to do it too far away from the Zhao border so that he will be able to push all the blame and say that the thieves went after them from the Zhao border. Especially when Hui Hu has a personal feud with Xiang Shaolong, so this excuse can be used to shut the Zhaos up and at the same time deal a great blow to Prince Xinling. Hai! All those in power in this era are all conniving people. But he thought about the politicians in the 21st century and felt that maybe it’s not so strange after all. Cheng Xu pointed at the river, which forked from the Yellow River, flowing across Tangyin and said, “After we past the river, there’s another official road that goes from the east straight towards another large city, Huangcheng, next to the Yellow River. If we were to travel there instead, won’t the horse thieves be least expecting that?”

Xiang Shaolong said somberly, “If I’m the horse thief, I will certainly launch an attack while you are crossing the river. They came well prepared and outnumber us, so the outcome of the fight is predictable.” The other 3 were dumbfounded. Everyone knows that when crossing rivers, there’s no way to defend oneself on the river as the boats are totally exposed to the enemy’s catapults, and it’ll be a perfect opportunity for the horse thieves to attack. Xiang Shaolong is a soldier who went through vigorous training and after thinking for a while, he said decidedly, “No matter which official road we choose, we will still fall into the enemy’s expectations. The other party’s energy is conserved while waiting for us but we will be tired from the travels. The only way is to change this obvious advantage and make the enemy tired instead. That’s the only way we can win with our fewer numbers.” He paused for a moment before continuing with confidence, “Now we’ll still travel south on the official roads but we will not cross the river when we come to it. Instead we will travel east along the water until we reach the inlets. This is certainly not within the enemy’s expectations and they will have to come after us via the river crossing while we set up camp next to the river and wait for the enemy. This will greatly increase our chances of winning.”

Zha Yuanyu commented, “But that is not an easy route to travel on…” Wu Zhuo interrupted him, “As long as we can keep our lives, we will be able to overcome any difficult routes.” Cheng Xu agreed, “That’s decided then! We’ll increase the number of scouts who will keep a lookout on the front, back, left and right of the group. I’d rather travel slowly than to fall into a trap.”

After the decision was made, the large group continued on their journey. Xiang Shaolong personally chose a team of fit soldiers to be the scouts and they were separated into 5 in each team, with 2 teams each in front, at the back, the left and right, a total of 8 teams. They will use flags to signal to the main group once it’s safe. By dusk, they’re only a day’s journey away from the river. They chose a high ground that is easy to defend but difficult to be attacked against to set up camp. Xiang Shaolong did not sleep at all last night so he took the opportunity to hide in the tent and have a good sleep. When he woke up the surroundings were in total darkness. Beneath the blanket he sniffed a fragrance and felt a soft body. He lit his lamp and saw that it was Lady Ya who was leaning against him fully clothed and sleeping. Lady Ya was awaken by the glare from the lamp and she complained, “You! Sleeping like a dead pig. It’ll be terrible if there’s an enemy attack.” Xiang Shaolong laughed, “Are you the enemy?” He felt refreshed but extremely famished, before he remembered that he had not eaten. Lady Ya heard his tummy rumbling and laughed as she got up, “I came especially to send you your dinner, hai! It’s all cold now.”

Xiang Shaolong’s mood was greatly improved and allowed this beauty who has always been served by others to serve him as he dine. By the time his stomach was full, it’s already morning. They continued on the journey, following the official road down south towards the river, with lolling hills and woods surrounding them, the scenery breathtaking. Lady Pingyuan became a lot more cooperative and the carriage that was carrying her and her injured son traveled closely behind Zhao Qian’s group while their 200 family warriors followed right at the back.

Ever since the conversation that morning, Xiang Shaolong has not spoken to this venomous woman. He wonders if she is thinking of any nefarious plot again. When he went past Zhao Qian’s carriage, the pretty Zhao princess lifted up the curtain and called out daintily, “Xiang Shaolong!” Ever since they left Handan, this is the first time she initiated a talk with him. Xiang Shaolong was surprised. He slowed his horse down and traveled alongside the carriage. He looked at her bright and pretty eyes and asked, “Princess, what instructions do you have!” Zhao Qian boldly looked at him in the eyes for a moment before lowering her head, “Xiang Shaolong! I’m very grateful to you, but I hate you as well.” She lowered the curtain as soon as she said this, cutting off his direct and greedy gaze.

Xiang Shaolong has mixed feelings. As a Casanova, of course he understood the hidden meaning in her words. By calling his name directly, it’s obvious that she is treating him as a man who can be a match to her royalty. She’s grateful to him because he protected her chastity but she hates him because he’s giving her away to the Weis. Although it’s an imperial decree that cannot be disobeyed, she can’t help but feel upset with him. Feeling dejected, Xiang Shaolong can only try to concentrate on the passing scenery.

In this world 2000 years ago, the world outside the cities still preserved an alluring primitive look. It not for the fact that winter is approaching, they’ll certainly see herds of animals strolling along the grasslands. This road is mainly along the lower hills or across flat open plains so although in the distance there were cliffs and mountains, dense forests and woods, the route they took is a quiet and peaceful road. They turned around a little hill and on their left a small lake as still as a mirror suddenly appeared. The water in the lake was jade green without any waves, serene and clear, and in the early morning fog it looked especially enchanting. On the opposite bank green hills lined the distance, with green bamboos and trees, looking very delicate. Xiang Shaolong secretly thought it a pity, if he is on a tour, he’ll certainly stay here for a few days. Even after they’ve left the little lake, the pretty scene was still etched deeply in his mind. But very soon he was attracted by another valley they passed.

There were unique looking cliffs in the valley, the rocks lined intricately, the forest dense and once in a while a strange animal would appear. A stream was flowing down the cliff and under the sunlight, the water and rocks seems to be moving, the illusion captivating. Xiang Shaolong suddenly had a strange thought, if Crazy Ma’s time machine can really send people back to the past and present freely, then all he has to do is set up a tour agency and he’ll be able to earn big bucks. As he went on imagining, his mood became better and by dusk, they finally reached the northern bank of the river. The scenery that appeared was enough to captivate a time traveler like him. He is the only one who understands that the damage done to earth 2000 years later can be so unacceptable. The river was about 60 odd meters wide, flowing between 2 huge rocks, with abundant weeds growing in the middle of the river. There was an unexplained beauty about the river.

Xiang Shaolong was totally engrossed with enjoying the scene until Cheng Xu reminded him and he gave the orders to set up camp next to the water. Without waiting for his instructions, Wu Zhuo had already sent someone to climb up the highest cliff to study the surroundings. On the surface, everything looks peaceful, and birds and animals would come and drink from the river occasionally, or even mingle around with their mules, enjoying the sweet river water. The camp he set up this time is the ‘6 petals camp’, with the commander’s tent and the ladies’ tents, including Lady Pingyuan’s right in the middle of the camp while the rest of the troops are split into 6 groups surrounding the central camp, like a flower with 6 petals. Naturally the circumference is still protected by the carriages joined together and the horses and mules were enclosed next to the river. By the time everything was settled, the sky is slowly getting darker and the various camps started their fires and smoke was seen everywhere. Xiang Shaolong, Wu Zhuo and Cheng Xu climbed up a huge rock to examine the happenings at the opposite bank.

They could hear the sounds of animals and birds fleeing in alarm from the woods on the opposite shore. The three of the exchanged glances and smiled, secretly thinking that they’ve had a close shave. Cheng Xu said, “Yuanyu will find some men and pretend to build rafts and let the thieves think that we will cross the river tomorrow morning.” He continued with a bitter smile, “Tonight may be the last night of peace.” Wu Zhuo said, “The thieves will surely have men hidden on this side as well. When we change our route tomorrow and heard east along the river, will they give chase in a moment of anxiousness.” Xiang Shaolong smiled, “Wu Zhuo make a guess who could it be that’s keeping an eye out for us at the bank opposite?” Without a thought Wu Zhuo replied, “Of course it’s Hu Hui, they’re the strongest amongst the horse thieves and has the capability of attacking us during the day. If it’s Xiao Weimou, he would not dare to openly launch an attack with a thousand troops within the borders of Wei. At the most he will use the strategy of attacking at night or with fire.” Xiang Shaolong laughed, “Knowing yourself and your enemy is the way of winning battles. This is the famous words of the great militarist Old Sun, so how can we let this opportunity to make him fall badly pass.” Wu Zhuo and Cheng Xu’s eyes immediately shone.

Xiang Shaolong continued, “Besides, we have an added advantage, Hu Hui does not know that we have an extra 100 elite soldiers. Just based on that we can make Hu Hui fall on his nose and when he breaths out, his beard would all be gray (hui = gray).” He lowered his voice and revealed his plan. Wu Zhuo and Cheng Wei were exclaiming how brilliant the plan was after they heard it. Xiang Shaolong asked offhandedly, “Why is it that we’ve traveled for a few days but we don’t even see a single Wei village, it’s as if we’re in no-man’s land now.” Cheng Xu replied, “This is the King of Wei’s orders, the areas 50li around official roads are not to be inhabited, for fear that when enemies travel past the official roads, they can plunder the villages for food, women and men.” Xiang Shaolong was enlightened and after going through the details of their mission a few more times, they returned to camp.

That night he had dinner at Lady Ya’s tent and Xiao Zhao and the rest of the maids served them happily. They even helped him bath and change and he was enjoying himself amongst the bevy of beauties so much that his weariness was all gone. While he was hugging Lady Ya and lying on the rug, she caressed his broad and muscular chest and said, “I really don’t understand how you can predict that Prince Shaoyuan will launch a secret attack on Zhao Qian, and I don’t understand why they’ll want to do that?” Xiang Shaolong was silent for a moment before he came to a decision, and told her about him overhearing the conversation between Lady Pingyuan and her son. Lady Ya’s pretty face turned pale on hearing this and the first thing she said was, “What a good Prince Xinling, to make me think that he’s really missing me, so he’s trying to harm me instead.” Xiang Shaolong sighed, “You can’t say that he does not miss you. If I really killed the King of Wei, won’t you still end up being his?” Lady Ya was at a loss and asked while hugging him tightly, “What shall we do now?” Xiang Shaolong replied, “With me here, what do you have to fear? He has his plans of Zhang Liang*, but I have wall ascending ladders, humph!”


Lady Ya furrowed her brows as she asked, “What is ‘plans of Zhang Liang and wall ascending ladders’?” Only now did Xiang Shaolong remember that Zhang Liang was a person who appeared at the end of the Qin era and the beginning of Han, so he’s not born at this time yet. He was dumbfounded and laughed in reply, “Anyway this is called acting according to circumstances. As long as the Weis dare not out rightly make an enemy of us, I am confident of returning home with our lives.” Lady Ya asked, “Why is Lady Pingyuan suddenly listening to you, it is because…” Xiang Shaolong slapped her butt warningly and said, “Don’t let your thoughts wander. I just analyzed to her the situation.” Lady Ya giggled, “Of course I believe you, Lady Pingyuan may be vicious but she’s very uptight about relations between men and women. I just wonder if you can make her break her defenses? Don’t forget that even Zhao Ni was unable to escape from your evil clutches!” Xiang Shaolong said honestly, “I did flirt with her a little. In order to survive, and under this major rule of thumb, I am willing to do anything.”

Before he finished his words, Xiao Zhao came in and said, “Lady Pingyuan would like to invite Master Xiang over!” Lady Pingyuan was seated along in her tent, her hair piled high up in a bun and affixed with a gold hairpiece. She was wearing a long brocade outfit with light makeup on her face, looking absolutely radiant. Xiang Shaolong can’t help but secretly compliment this woman for knowing how to dress up, mainly because she is a born clothes rack, and looks good in anything she wears. She must have been an alluring thing when she was young, a pity that she is so vicious. When she saw Xiang Shaolong arriving, she said nonchalantly, “Imperial Protector please take a seat!” Xiang Shaolong loves flirting with especially alluring women, and she still looks so young, so he smiled and said, “Can I sit anywhere?” Lady Pingyuan stared at him, “Imperial Protector, you are getting more and more discourteous with me.” She stared at him fiercely again, as if reprimanding him for licking her earlobe the other day. Xiang Shaolong looked at her expression and knows that she is going to play along with his plan, thinking of changing her strategy to a softer one to trap him. But he is not afraid at all. Matters between men and women are like playing with fire, and one can burn oneself if he’s not careful. It’s still an unknown whether Lady Pingyuan will really fall for him in the end. Xiang Shaolong is not willing to press her too hard so he went to her side and lied down. Lying on the soft rug, he stretched lazily and gave a satisfied sigh. Lady Pingyuan turned her head around and looked at Xiang Shaolong who was lying now next to her and asked coldly, “Xiang Shaolong! Stop playing games, what do you want?” Xiang Shaolong deliberately breathed in deeply twice and said, “Lady smells so nice!” There’s nothing Lady Pingyuan can do to him, and suppressing the urge to slap him angrily, she said, “Answer me quickly!” Xiang Shaolong felt all these exchanges exciting and said, “Right now I only want one person, Lady should know who that person is?” Lady Pingyuan calmed down and nodded her head, “Fine! If you answer one question of mine, and if I find the answer satisfactory, I will make a guess who is the person you want.”

A person of her status, by saying that is akin to agreeing to give her body to the other party. Xiang Shaolong has eavesdropped on her conversation with her son before and naturally knows that this woman has a sweet tongue but hidden daggers so he said with a smile, “Matters between men and women are not a transaction, so how can you lay down rules beforehand. Besides it’s up to you to decide if my answer is satisfactory, so please forgive your subordinate for not accepting it.” Lady Pingyuan’s gaze turned glacier and stared at him, “Xiang Shaolong are you feeling guilty, that’s why you don’t even dare to answer a question?” Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that she should be the guilty one and said, “Who has no guilt? Those without guilt has gone to seen the King of Hell a long time ago.” Lady Pingyuan has lived most of her life as royalty, and now she is in an esteemed status so how can she tolerate such behavior. She felt extremely unhappy, yet she also felt an excitement she’s never felt before.

All along, she has always remained emotionless as she carried out her plans that can benefit her. She has always never cared much about relationships between men and women. When she married Prince Pingyuan, all she thought was the possibility of him replacing the King of Zhao. Marriage to her is just a transaction. Therefore she never allowed other men to flirt with her at all. This time she met the young and handsome Xiang Shaolong, and although she was a little attracted by his appearance, what moved her heart was his strong will and high handed ways as well as his unique charisma. Strangely it made her want to bow down to one stronger than her. And slowly but surely he is advancing towards her. Now she feels as if she cannot take it any more, and yet she feels greatly excited by it all. Such dilemma is making her feel lost. By now she has forgotten that Xiang Shaolong is only a useful pawn. Xiang Shaolong could tell that this is her only weakness, that’s why he deliberately used such methods to deal with her. The 2 of them stared at each other, neither wanting to back down.

Xiang Shaolong feels no love towards her at all, but her high and mighty regal status as well as her radiant and mature outlook stirred up his lust. Of course mixed with it is a strong feeling of revenge. He felt that no matter what he does to this vicious woman, there’s no need to be responsible for it. And her dangerous nature is in itself a very strong lure. He sat up and moved nearer, until he lightly touched Lady Pingyuan’s untouchable pale arms and slender legs before he stopped. With less than 2 to 3 inches between them, he looked at her challengingly, looking at her eyes, which showed the conflict in her emotions. Lady Pingyuan furrowed her brows tightly and said quietly, “Xiang Shaolong! Aren’t you going too far?”, secretly hating that touch that made her lose all her senses. Although Xiang Shaolong has the intention to flirt with her, he understands that for women like her who think so highly of themselves, the most important thing is to know when to stop, and he must strip her of her defenses bit by bit. He stood up and said with a laugh, “It seems that Lady has not gathered the courage to accept real happiness.” And he left the tent.

Lady Pingyuan jumped up and cried out daintily, “Xiang Shaolong!” Xiang Shaolong stopped in his steps and turned around, his heated eyes roaming about her body a few times before asking respectfully, “Does Lady has any instructions?” Lady Pingyuan stamped her feet and said, “You have not answered my question, I won’t allow you to leave, or else just you wait and see what will happen when we reach Daliang.” Xiang Shaolong walked towards her, his gaze and smile filled with conquering her. Lady Pingyuan was at a loss and actually took 3 steps back and for the first time revealed the weakness of a lady. Xiang Shaolong almost touched her bosom before he stopped, and reaching out his steady and strong hand, caught hold of her chin and forced her to look up at him. The skin under his fingers felt extremely tender. The light wrinkles around her eyes became a strange lure instead. Lady Pingyuan’s hands was clasped tightly around her sleeves, her breathing quickening, the fragrance blowing directly on the other party’s face. She very much wanted to close her eyes but she knows that once she do that, the other party will take a further step forward in her molestation. At this point in time she still finds it difficult to accept the idea although her physical reactions tell of a different thing altogether. She deliberately thought of how he injured her son, but still she can’t find the heart to hate this man. In fact she felt the strong pressure exerted by the other party. Xiang Shaolong said gently, “Lady just ask! If I answer you honestly, Lady must allow me a kiss and you must not try to deny me that.”

Lady Pingyuan’s heart thumped wildly and she felt at a loss as well as extremely furious. However her body seemed to be leaning forward so she lifted her slender hand and pushed against his muscular chest but the other party did not move at all. Xiang Shaolong felt the excitement of taking advantage of a superior and released his hold on her chin, changing to grab her tender hands, which besides the dead Prince Pingyuan, no one else has touched before. He first forced her hands down and pushed it behind her before hugging her, sticking close to her thighs. Lady Pingyuan moaned quietly, her voluptuous body immediately leaned into him, pressing against him totally. Xiang Shaolong was afraid that she might not be able to take the excitement so he distracted her by saying, “Speak! Xiang Shaolong am all ears.” Lady Pingyuan’s body trembled and like a frightened bird struggled for a moment but of course this did nothing to change the situation. She lifted her head and looked at Xiang Shaolong, stammering, “What are you doing?”

Xiang Shaolong suppressed the urge to squeeze her and said, “If Lady is not going to ask the question, I am going to leave.” Lady Pingyuan could not withstand it any longer and with a groan, collapsed limply against him and uttered, “Xiang Shaolong! I want you to tell me, why were you able to set up a trap to harm my son?” Xiang Shaolong had long guessed that she is going to ask this same question as Lady Ya, and with Lady Pingyuan’s intellect she will certainly suspect that he has overheard their conversation. Then that would mean their other plans to deal with Xiang Shaolong has been revealed as well. If she does not clarify this point, how can she lure him. He was secretly cursing that this woman is ultimately still trying to cause him his death. He thought that no matter how interested she is in him, it would never be greater than her thirst for power. He smiled and said, “The person I wanted to deal with is not your son at all, it’s just that the man I placed in a secret location realized there are outsiders nearby and their numbers are not large, so I guessed they might be planning something against Princess. I just did not expect Young Master to be involved in this as well!”

This is a very good reply, and very reasonable as well. Because Wu Zhuo’s men are elite soldiers that Lady Pingyuan did not expect. Lady Pingyuan was relieved and her fake composure returned. She lifted her pretty face and was about to say something when Xiang Shaolong’s mouth pressed down, sealing her sweet lips. If Xiang Shaolong does not know about her evil plots, he will never touch even a hair on the mother of his enemy. Because he’s afraid he’ll be entangled in a messy relationship. But now it’s a game of plotting against each other, each using their own tricks, so there’s no emotional barrier at all. Instead, he felt the joy and excitement of taking advantage of his enemy’s mother as revenge. Her body is still filled with life and suppleness, and doesn’t feel old at all. Under the flirting of his lips and tongue, Lady Pingyuan’s reactions started to heat up. At the most intoxicating and exciting moment, Xiang Shaolong released his hold on her sweet lips, hands and body, moved back and with a bow, said with a smile, “Thank you Lady for your favor.” He ignored her silent look asking him to stay and left the tent. But he could still smell the fragrance of her body.

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