A Thought Through Eternity

Chapter 13 - You can come too!

Chapter 13 - You can come too!

The conflict between the Burning Stoves Kitchen and Administrative Department had been going on for years. Although there had been many conflicts, they had always managed to prevent the situation from getting too out of hand. The worst that had happened was someone getting wounded.

This fight, occuring due to the Burning Stoves Kitchen’s people selling the spots to become an outer sect disciple, lasted only about twenty minutes. Suffering from Zhang Fatso One and the others’ punches and kicks, Chen Fei and the other Administrative Department’s people were badly battered. Finally, it ended with each of them giving the Burning Stoves Kitchen some spirit stones to compensate for the damage done to the front gate. After issuing numerous threats, they finally departed, feeling extremely grieved.

Before leaving, Chen Fei looked back and took a glance at Bai Xiaochun who had been standing on the fence wall and acting like he was cool. He felt his hatred intensify. Ever since Bai Xiaochun had joined the Burning Stoves Kitchen, they had become even more immoral.

This fight had caught the attention of the entire Handyman Department. When all the other handymen in the South Bank heard that even the Administrative Department could not deal with the Burning Stoves Kitchen, they became indignant. However, there were a few handymen, like Hou Xiaomei, who felt that the Burning Stoves Kitchen had been extremely astute in creating this opportunity for themselves.

Next month, when the Promotion Examination began, the Burning Stoves Kitchen’s people had once again waited under the mountain peaks, in front of the entrance to the trials.

The surrounding handymen were giving them angry glares.

“My Brothers, if you can run faster than us, then you obviously don’t need to buy these spots from us. We are only doing this to raise your competitiveness, and to help the sect select the best of the best!” Zhang Fatso One coughed intentionally as he spoke to other handymen. This method was taught to him by Bai Xiaochun, but when he let these words out just now, all the other handymen gnashed their teeth.

When the bell sounded and the entrance to the test paths opened, each and every handyman as well as the Burning Stoves Kitchen’s people darted forward with everything they had. Those handymen seemed as if they had been preparing to compete with the Burning Stoves Kitchen’s people for a long time.

But as they watched the silhouettes of the Burning Stoves Kitchen’s fatsos vanish from their sights, all of them let out bitter smiles. They were not willing to accept the truth, but could only gnash their teeth and continue onwards.

This… was somehow exactly as Zhang Fatso One said…

After successfully selling the places of the outer sect disciples once again, the three fatsos were extremely proud and confident. This time, they had thoroughly shocked the entire Handyman Department. Countless handymen were frightened when they heard about this. But those few fatsos were gigantic and powerful, therefore, everyone could only choke with silent indignant fury.

This was never before seen in the entire Burning Stoves Kitchen’s history. Although within the Handyman Department, the Burning Stoves Kitchen was quite famous in the past, but now its reputation seemed to have reached a new high.

Another two months had passed. Every time the test paths opened, the Burning Stoves Kitchen’s people would get excited and energetically dart towards the test paths. In their eyes, every time the test paths opened, was the day that they would earn themselves another pile of spirit stones.

Bai Xiaochun was excited as well. He had accumulated more and more spirit stones, almost enough to buy those medicine materials that he needed, when another round of tests were about to begin.

This morning, Bai Xiaochun, Zhang Fatso One, Black Fatso Three and the other fatsos had woken up very early. The nine of them separated into three groups, and rushed all the way towards the test paths. Bai Xiaochun, Zhang Fatso One and Black Fatso Three directly headed to the Scented Clouds Peak.

However, when they were rushing towards the test paths, the Administrative Department’s people abruptly showed up and started to pick a fight with them for no good reason. The Administrative Department’s people had the advantage in terms of number, which allowed this fight to last for quite a while. When the bell sounded, Zhang Fatso One immediately became anxious, and his eyes turned red.

Right at this moment, all of the Administrative Department’s people turned around and fled. Zhang Fatso One stomped his feet against the ground in anger. However, he didn’t have enough time to chase them. Zhang Fatso One, Black Fatso Three and Bai Xiaochun darted towards the test-path of the Scented Clouds Peak in a big hurry. Finally, upon arriving , they discovered that only a few people were still standing outside the entrance. Therefore, they rushed onto the path as fast as they could.

“Those Administrative Department’s bastards! Later when I go back down, I’ll call all of our Burning Stoves Kitchen’s Bothers and tear the entire Administrative Department apart!” cursed Zhang Fatso One while heavily gasping. While he was cursing in rage, he went all out; the fat in his body seemed to have started burning, and he continuously shrunk smaller and smaller; along with which, his became faster and faster.

Bai Xiaochun was angry as well. With just a few more, he could acquire enough spirit stones to buy the medicinal materials for his mission. He gnashed his teeth hard and doubled his speed; which was already quite fast. All three of them ran as fast as they could, overtaking the other handymen one by one.

When they got close to the mountaintop, their faces instantly darkened. This is because they saw that three silhouettes were standing on the mountaintops, very close to the path exit.

The one who was standing in the front was Chen Fei, the man from the Administrative Department. Another two strong men standing behind him, they were all in the third-level of Qi Condensation. The three of them stood right in front of the exit; when they noticed the appearances of Bai Xiaochun and the other two fatsos, they laughed out loud one after another.

“Zhang Fatso One, Bai Xiaochun, you’re late! But it’s fine, we happen to have some spare places, do you want them?”

“Dirty, shameless, villans!” cursed Zhang Fatso One with his teeth gnashing and eyes turning red.

“Since it’s not against the rules, if your Burning Stoves Kitchen can do it, then so can our Administrative Department!”

“Haha! From now on, this business belongs to us!” yelled Chen Fei.

Chen Fei’s proud and scornful voice landed om Bai Xiaochun and the two fatsos’ ears, Zhang Fatso One was burning with fury. Obviously, the Administrative Department had planned all of this long ago, which was why their people had shown up to block their way.

Zhang Fatso One let out a rage-filled roar and prepared to launch an attack on his three opponents. In his mind, this fight was inevitable. Moreover, these kind of things would probably happen again and again in the future. This was akin to robbing spirit stones from him, which threw Zhang Fatso One into a violent rage.

Black Fatso Three was as just as angry. However, right when the two of them were about to launch their attacks, an idea quickly came to Bai Xiaochun’s mind as he abruptly started talking in a low voice.

“Big brother, run as fast as you can and push them out past the exit. We’d rather give up on those spirit stones for this one time, than have those people attempt to seize our business in the future!”

As soon as he said this, Zhang Fatso One’s eyes were instantly filled with wild glee. He increasingly began to feel that Bai Xiaochun just had too many rotten ideas in his head. He threw his head back and laughed towards the sky as his body shot outwards. Black Fatso Three’s eyes were similarly shining as he chuckled darkly. With a flash, his body moved beside Zhang Fatso One.

The test-path was not broad, Zhang Fatso One and Black Fatso Three had darted out towards the exit beside each other. They looked like a wall that completely blocked the path as they started roaring gales.

Their speed was fleetingly quick, in an instant, they reached Chen Fei and his two Brothers.

Bai Xiaochun started yelling in a high-pitched voice behind Zhang Fatso One.

Chen Fei and the other two who saw them coming, launched their attacks without any hesitation; however, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t beat Zhang Fatso One and Black Fatso Three, who were charging like agitated wild boars; their eyes red with rage.

This strike that had been launched by the two fatsos with all of their strength could make even demons cry. They had rushed all the way and directly crashed into the bodies of Chen Fei and his two Brothers. The three of them instantly stepped backwards; their facial expressions instantly changed into shock, suddenly realising the intention of these two Burning Stoves Kitchen’s fatsos; their heads started buzzing.

If they were in other places, they could still dodge and counterattack, but in here, no counterattack could help them, on the contrary, to fight back would probably make them step back even quicker.

The more steps backwards they took, the more fear their faces showed.

They didn’t want to become outer sect disciples so soon. Once they joined the outer sect, they would become ordinary disciples instead of the Administrative Department’s officers, greatly reducing their benefits...

“Brother Zhang, please stop! Calm down! We can talk about th-” said Chen Fei hurriedly, however, before he could finish his sentence, Bai Xiaochun interrupted him in a shrill voice.

“Big Brother! Go! Push him to the peak!”

Hearing Bai Xiaochun, Zhang Fatso One let out another great roar, and doubled his speed once again; so did Black Fatso Three. Once again, the two of them heavily thudded against Chen Fei and his Brothers’ bodies along with loud booms. One of the strong men who had been standing behind Chen Fei couldn’t take the force, and was the first to be sent flying out of the narrow stairs, falling onto the mountain peak. He stood on the peak, wanting to cry but lacking tears.

At the same time, when the man was bumped out, the other Administrative Office’s handyman let out a howl, and took a series of steps backwards, stepping out of the test-path. Standing on the mountain peak beside his Brother, he beat his own chest hard and seemed extremely frustrated.

The last one was Chen Fei. He tried his best, but he eventually got directly forced out with a boom from the narrow path. His eyes thoroughly turned red; standing on the mountain peak, he turned around and stared at Zhang Fatso One with a murderous light in his eyes.

“Bai! Xiaochun!!!” the one he hated most wasn’t Fatso One, but Bai Xiaochun, who thought of this vicious idea.

At this moment, the two outer sect disciples, who were in charge of admitting new outer sect disciples, saw what just happened. They glanced at each other and let out a few dry coughs, took a few steps back and didn’t say anything.

Standing near the test path’s exit, Zhang Fatso One and Black Fatso Three arrogantly laughed out loud.

“Chen Fei, bye bye! Haha, I will never see you again in this Handyman Department, I will miss you! I'm so jealous of you! You have become an outer sect disciple!” yelled Zhang Fatso One while slapping his own stomach; fat rose and fell on his belly like the waves of the sea.

Chen Fei and the two Brothers of his were about to vomit blood, they even wanted to kill these Burning Stoves Kitchen’s bastards.

“My three dear Brothers, you don’t need to thank us at all! Congratulations, you’re the fishes that leapt through the dragon’s gate, you will all have very bright futures! I, your younger Brother, truly envy you for that.” said Bai Xiaochun while raising his chin, his face filled with proudness.

However, right after he said those words, a frosty and bland voice abruptly came from the top of the Scented Clouds Peak.

“No need to be envious, you can come too.”

Bai Xiaochun quivered when he heard this voice, his eyes instantly showed fright. A great force suddenly came from the mountain peak, directly shrouding Bai Xiaochun, instantly rolled his body up and brought him to the mountain peak.

Bai Xiaochun screamed out, grabbed a towering tree beside the test-path, tightly coiled his limbs around the tree trunk, and screamed even louder.

“Brothers! Help!!!”

This happened way too fast, before Zhang Fatso One and Black Fatso Three realised what this was about, the tree trunk which was clasped by Bai Xiaochun had already been broke with a cracking sound. Bai Xiaochun’s body was then directly rolled up to the mountain peak by the force, like a kite but without a line. Meanwhile, a middle-aged man walked out. The man was wearing a light blue robe, giving off a natural air of power and prestige. That was no one else but…

Li Qinghou——

Title for chapter 14: Ninth Brother, be careful it could be a trap!

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