A Valiant Life

Chapter 16: You are Insulting Fortune-telling

Chapter 16: You are Insulting Fortune-telling

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At the Youth Arts Magazine Publisher.

"Look, there's a reporter at Little Boss' stall!" said the shocked Huo Han as she looked over to Red Star Primary School.

"It's no surprise, the scallion pancakes are just too delicious!"

"Huo Han, I guess your Mr. Handsome must be elated at the sight of the reporter."

Zhong Qing Yi was also captivated by the scallion pancakes. More importantly, it allowed her to regain some dignity with her sister. That morning, she had given a scallion pancake to her sister to try. Qing Yi giggled at Qing Fan's ridiculously hilarious expression after eating the scallion pancakes that she had bought for her. The more she thought about it, the happier she became. She just regretted not having taken a picture of her ugly expression.

"What do you mean by my Mr. Handsome? He is everyone's Mr. Handsome, okay? Yeah, I guess Little Boss would definitely be really happy," Huo Han smiled and said.

But what they did not know, was that they had guessed wrong.

Lin Fan was feeling depressed and helpless. If he had a cigarette, he would have silently lit one to show his sadness.

The second page of the encyclopedia was a joke.

"Unlocking the second page of the Encyclopedia. The second page involves the profession of someone close to the host."

"Mr. Tian has been a good friend to the host, hence the fortune-telling classification will be opened."

"Acquired Task: To become a brilliant and well-known Master Lin (in fortune-telling)."

"Task Reward: 20 Encyclopedic Points and the ability to unlock the third page of the encyclopedia."

"Note: Upon opening a new page, the host must quickly equip himself with new knowledge, otherwise, the Encyclopedia will be withdrawn."

While Fraud Tian was actively trying to get more customers, he realized that a pair of eyes had been looking at him viciously. The hair on his body stood on their ends and his anus expanded as he felt threatened.

"Why are you staring at me?" Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan curiously as he did not know the intent of Lin Fan.

If Lin Fan had a knife, he would have used it to chop Fraud Tian into bits and pieces.

Why did I become friends with someone like that? Lin Fan thought. What the f*ck…

Fortune-telling classification? Looking at Fraud Tian sitting on the small stool and the way he had been fortune-telling for others, Lin Fan felt like killing himself.

Lin Fan thought the new given classification should've been something better than selling scallion pancakes.

But the current situation left Lin Fan speechless. If he did not start his fortune-telling career, the Encyclopedia would have to be withdrawn. Lin Fan's current situation was like a dream. How could he give up on the encyclopedia just like that?

"Ahhh!" Lin Fan let out a loud sigh and turned his head. Looks like he really had to go into conning people in the future.

But at that instant, a sudden outburst of information appeared in his mind as he looked at the customer in front of him.

"Yang Yong Kang, 40 years old, a language teacher in Guang Ming Secondary School, divorced. Currently raising a son and a daughter. Virtuous, charitable and has no evil intentions. Will have a fruitful end to his life."

In Lin Fan's eyes, the freckles and wrinkles on Mr. Yang's face suddenly became symbols. Each symbol had its own meaning.

Lin Fan suddenly had the ability to look at someone's entire life.

This was too damn powerful. Lin Fan blinked several times. Everything felt illogical.

Suddenly, Lin Fan suddenly let out a series of vulgarities. Lin Fan had thought that a career in fortune-telling would involve many lies. But the current situation was unusual.

"Little Boss, are you okay?" the stunned Yang Yong Kang asked Lin Fan. He had no idea what happened to him, it felt like he was possessed.

Fraud Tian looked up at Lin Fan. Did something bad just happen?

"Nothing, nothing." Lin Fan waved Yong Kang away and continued to make scallion pancakes, but he looked at Yang Yong Kang and studied him more carefully.

More and more images appeared in Lin Fan's mind. "Immensely good fortune, almost as if the God of Fortune watches over him."

Lin Fan felt that things were becoming clearer to him and proceeded to look further.

"Buys a ticket from the ticketing counter outside the school entrance and wins the grand prize..."

"It seems like the God of Fortune could leave anytime and that would indicate a change in his life. Until then, Yang Yong Kang could miss out on this one-time opportunity."

The way Lin Fan had looked at Yang Yong Kang made him have goosebumps, he felt as if someone was targeting him.

This Little Boss shouldn't have that kind of interest, right?

Yang Yong Kang started to hallucinate and felt that Lin Fan had a vicious look in his eyes.

"Mr. Yang, do you buy the lottery often?" Lin Fan asked.

"Lottery? I've never bought it before. It's all a scam," Yang Yong Kang smiled and said. Then, he realized something and was shocked. "How did you know my surname was Yang...?"

"If I told you it was just at my fingertips, would you believe me?" Lin Fan said.

While Fraud Tian was trying to scam others, he coughed violently and looked at Lin Fan suspiciously. This scallion pancake seller is starting to con others too, he thought. Could it be that he has been influenced by me?

"Haha," Yang Yong Kang laughed and thought Lin Fan was just joking. He didn't think much of what he had said.

But Lin Fan realized what was going on; what he saw in his mind was not a fixed outcome. Mr. Yang had the blessing of fortune in his life, if he took the opportunity to achieve great fortune, he would reap the benefits of it. If not, then it would all be for nothing.

One has to be opportunistic and make the most out of the opportunities presented to him. Once he misses it, it's gone.

When Lin Fan passed the scallion pancake to Mr. Yang, he grabbed him by the hand.

Mr. Yang was stunned and thought that Lin Fan had a thing for him.

"Mr. Yang, I could see from your face that you are destined to win big money today. Remember to buy a lottery ticket from the stall counter at the entrance of the school," Lin Fan said it seriously to him. If it was true, it could prove that the magical Encyclopedia was invincible.

And if he did not win the first prize, he could just pretend like nothing happened.

When Reporter Wang saw what had happened, he was also shocked. In his mind, he laughed and thought, This f*cker must be kidding, there's already a 'fraud' beside him and now he wants to be a conman?

Reporter Wang did not say much as he did not want to interfere with the 'show' that Lin Fan was performing.

Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan and gave him a thumbs up for coming up with such bullshit which was even more ridiculous than what he had told people.

"This guy's crazy. Just telling someone to buy the lottery ticket straight, without fearing what would happen if he doesn't win."


Yang Yong Kang was stunned by how serious Lin Fan was.



Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the stall beside him.

"What the f*ck!"

The sudden jolt scared the f*ck out of Lin Fan; his heart had skipped a beat.

The people surrounding him were also scared to death.

"Lightning, it's lightning!"

Lin Fan forcefully swallowed his saliva; his heart had not settled down.

"Warning: Host is insulting the magical knowledge of fortune-telling. The host is forbidden from directly telling people their fate. It's the first and last warning, if it were to happen again, the host will become a handicapped man from being struck by another bolt of lightning."

Initially, Lin Fan thought it was just a normal lightning bolt but it was actually a warning from the magical Encyclopedia.

The surrounding people were so scared that they turned pale. If they had been struck by the lightning earlier, they would have died immediately.

Mr. Yang ran far away from the stall.

"Mr. Yang, don't forget! I won't repeat again, if not I would be struck by the lightning!" Lin Fan exclaimed.


Came another bolt of lightning.

Lin Fan trembled. He waved his hands and said, "I won't say it anymore, I won't say it anymore, please don't strike me."

Reporter Wang had wanted to expose Lin Fan's 'scam' in order to write some news article about it. But as he witnessed how dangerous the place had become, he quickly fled the area.

He was just there for a piece of exclusive news, not to gamble with his life.

Those who had wanted to buy the scallion pancakes were also stunned. Compared to delicious food, their insignificant lives still mattered more.

"What the f*ck did you do to infuriate the heavens? Quick, give me $200 and let me tell your fortune." Fraud Tian hugged his stool and quickly distanced from Lin Fan. This chap must have f*cked some old pig next door to have angered the heavens to this extent.

As the saying goes, 'A fire in the city gates is also a calamity for the fish in the moat'; the bystanders would also suffer.

"What the f*ck…" Lin Fan shouted unhappily. The f*cker just wanted to remind Mr. Yang and felt that there wasn't a need for another lightning bolt.

I won't say it anymore, that's it.

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