A Valiant Life

Chapter 30: A Sudden Fight

Chapter 30: A Sudden Fight

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"Can I ask where Master Lin is?" Wang Ming Yang stood at the door. His voice wasn’t loud, but it was authoritative.

"Sir, are you here to get your fortune read? Or are you here to get your Feng Shui read?" Fraud Tian warmly approached him. With such a rich customer like him, everything had to be done properly.

The young rich man didn’t even take notice of Fraud Tian and he felt really awkward.

"Looks like you’re the Master Lin who dared to insult me." Wang Ming Yang stared at Lin Fan.

After seeing the arrival of those two cars, Lin Fan already knew who it was.

"Sir you shouldn’t come out. Your fortune says that you will have blood on your head today."

"Haha!" upon hearing that, Wang Ming Yang laughed. "You’re an interesting one, you didn’t predict anything else except for my demise."

Fraud Tian looked at them dumbfounded. Since when did Lin Fan have connections that rich guy? Why didn’t he know anything about it?

Lin Fan had never met someone who was so serious and earnest. He looked at the suitcase that was by Wang Ming Yang’s side and saw that it was full of money.

"If you know that my predictions are accurate, shouldn’t you be leaving this place to avoid it?" Lin Fan said.

Wang Ming Yang let out a chuckle as he gestured for his servant to open the suitcase. Inside was nothing but stacks of cold, hard cash.

Fraud Tian pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. "That is a lot of money..." he thought, salivating at the sight of it. What on earth was going on?

Lin Fan’s heart pounded inside him as he saw the cash. It was really a lot of money…

It was a pity that Lin Fan couldn’t take the money, otherwise, he would have been struck down by lightning.

"I won’t say anything else. The fortune you read for me yesterday was a hundred-percent accurate and I credit you for that." Wang Ming Yang said.

Lin Fan looked normal on the outside, but his heart was breaking on the inside. With all the strength determination he could muster, he said, "A free fortune-reading is a free fortune reading. I will not take your money."

It pained Lin Fan to say those words. He really, really wanted the money

The exchange between Wang Ming Yang and Lin Fan left Fraud Tian confused.

That was a million dollars, he’d be crazy not to keep it.

"Since you read his fortune correctly, this money should be yours. Why won’t you keep it? He came here just to pay you the money." Fraud Tian was frustrated. Someone was trying to give Lin Fan a million dollars at his doorstep and he wouldn’t keep it. He thought Lin Fan was an idiot.

Lin Fan kept silent. He had a glimmer of hope in him, but it only lasted for a second, and it was gone.

"Note: Fraud Tian and the host are partners. If he were to take it, it would be the same as the host receiving the money."


"I won’t keep it!" Lin Fan shouted.

Fraud Tian was stunned and he looked at Lin Fan. "Since he already took the effort to send the money to your front door, just take the money and give him some face.’ Fraud Tian sounded desperate.

Fraud Tian knew that Lin Fan had definitely wanted the money. But he wanted his pride more than the money and so he didn’t keep it.

Even if it was just a hundred dollars, Lin Fan would already have remembered this lesson dearly, needless to say, a million dollars.

"This isn’t a question about my own pride, but of my own principles." Lin Fan heaved a sigh. Whatever he had just said went against his convictions.

Wang Ming Yang stared at Lin Fan as he took the suitcase and placed it between them.

"You have your principles and I have mine. When I say something, I will stop at nothing to complete it." Wang Ming Yang’s temper was unparalleled. His way of thinking and doing things was far beyond a normal person.

At this point, the crowd that gathered around them started increasing in numbers. Soon enough, they were surrounded by a circle of spectators.

"What’s happening between these two, they look like they’re going to fight!"

"I heard that this guy wanted to give the boss of this shop a million dollars, but he rejected it and now these two are going to fight"

"What the f*ck? Are you for real?"

"This boss is an idiot and that guy is also equally stupid! We’re talking about a million dollars. If he doesn’t want the money, why did he still insist on giving it to him?"

"This fortune-telling shop just opened, could it be that they are doing this to promote their business?"

"Promotion? You can go and look for a million dollars in cash to help me promote my shop. Look at his sports car, it’s worth more than ten million dollars, a million wouldn’t even be enough for the rental."


The crowd discussed the matter spiritedly, as Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang gave each other death stares, waiting for one to yield to the other. Wang Ming Yang was indeed an incredibly stubborn man.

Although Wang Ming Yang was a tyrant when it came to business, he was sincere when it came to people. If others were loyal to him, he would do the same to them and treat them better than anyone else.


Wang Ming Yang chugged the suitcase at Lin Fan’s abdomen. "You better keep this. Come, let’s go!"

Wang Ming Yang didn’t look back. After shoving the suitcase into Lin Fan’s abdomen, he motioned for his servants to follow him off.

Lin Fan was almost at his breaking point.

Lin Fan tugged Wang Ming Yang backwards. "I don’t want this money, take it back."

"Let go of me!" Wang Ming Yang pointed at Lin Fan’s face. He was getting more angry by the second.

"Take your money back with you!" Lin Fan pointed at Wang Ming Yang and said, he wasn’t threatened by Wang Ming Yang at all.

"Chief Wang…" Wang Ming Yang’s subordinates couldn’t stand the way their boss was being treated.

"Stand there, this is none of your business. No matter what happens, you guys will stay put, got it?" Wang Ming Yang said aggressively.

"Yes boss." The two subordinates nodded their head. They knew that when their boss said something, he was going to stick with it even if the heaven falls and earth ends. The two subordinates stood quietly at the side.

"I’ll say it one more time. Let go of me! I can’t take this money back!" Wang Ming Yang shouted.

"Take the money with you and I’ll let go. Otherwise, I won’t do anything!" Lin Fan could only dream of the money, but even if he took it, he couldn’t spend it because it would cost him his life. If Wang Ming Yang didn’t take it away, it would definitely cost Lin Fan his life.

"Are you mentally ill? Or do you want to fight?" Wang Ming Yang had it. It was his first time in such a bizarre situation like this and it looked like Lin Fan didn’t want to give him any face at all.

"You’re the one with mental problems. I don’t want your money, yet you still insist on giving me. Is it because you have too much money? Or is it because you want to fight?" Lin Fan was also losing his temper.

After all, Lin Fan wasn’t a pushover.

After changing careers to fortune-telling, he didn’t have any business at first, and today he had a huge sum of money at his doorstep but he couldn’t take it. How frustrating!

"Fine, come at me then. If you don’t hit me then you’re a coward. You better keep the money now." Wang Ming Yang thought that no one dared to touch him.

"As long as I hit you, you’ll keep the money, right?" Lin Fan said.

"That’s right, but you wouldn’t dare…"


At that moment, Lin Fan struck Wang Ming Yang’s eyes. Wang Ming Yang looked at him as he tried to process what just happened. He thought that no one would actually dare to hit him.

With one punch, Wang Ming Yang looked like a panda, with a black circle around his eye.


"I’ve hit you, now take your money back." he’d rather punch someone than to lose his own life.


At that moment, Wang Ming Yang’s fist connected with Lin Fan’s eye.

"D*mn you, that was a sneaky move."

Lin Fan was getting really furious since Wang Ming Yang was so scheming. Then, Lin Fan took another swing at Wang Ming Yang’s other eye.

"You dare to hit me?!"

"I just hit you. So what? Take the money and leave."

"D*mn you, I’m not taking the money back." Wang Ming Yang and Lin Fan started getting at each other aggressively.

"I’ll kill you..." Lin Fan taunted.

"Nobody shall come near! This is between me and him!" Wang Ming Yang shouted.

At this point, everyone in the crowd was dumbfounded. It was way beyond their comprehension.

Since when did people like this exist…

It’s just money… if you didn’t want it you could just pass it to us…

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