A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 355 - Su Yicheng's Plan

Chapter 355 Su Yicheng’s Plan

Luo Xiaoxi rested her chin on her hands and looked at Su Yicheng. “You worry too much. How is it that I would get in trouble if I continued my career?”

“You’ve made too much trouble.”

“…” Luo Xiaoxi didn’t know what to say.

Su Yicheng then asked seriously, “Xiaoxi, why are you so eager to be a model?”

Luo Xiaoxi sat upright; she said with a serious look on her face, “It’s true that I initially wanted to be attractive and draw your attention. Now, however, I do like this job because I enjoy walking on the catwalk. Uh, I don’t care if I’m famous or noticed by the public, that doesn’t matter to me! I just want to see if I can handle it.”

Su Yicheng thought for a while and said, “I’ll agree with you if you promise one thing.”

If he would agree with her, Luo Xiaoxi could think over anything. She got close to him and asked expectantly, “What?”

Su Yicheng smiled mysteriously and kissed her lips. “I’ll tell you in a few days.”

Then he stood up, put on his coat, and was about to go to his company.

Luo Xiaoxi said with disdain, “Nonsense! I’m not curious about it at all.”

What she said was not what she actually had in mind. After Su Yicheng left, she began thinking about his words repeatedly.

Su Yicheng had never been that mysterious. What did he want her to promise?

Su Yicheng arrived at his company 30 minutes later when the office hours had just started.

Xiao Chen followed him to report the schedule that day and said, “Boss Su, it’s the eighth anniversary of our company half a month later. What do you think about an anniversary celebration?”

Su Yicheng smiled. “It’s necessary, of course.”

From what Xiao Chen knew of Su Yicheng, there was definitely a reason for his smile. Xiao Chen suggested, “Shall I contact a planning company?”

“No.” Su Yicheng raised his hand before Xiao Chen and said, “I’ll plan out the anniversary celebration activities myself.”

“Uh?” Xiao Chen felt surprised for the first time. “Boss Su, are you… that free?”

“It’s very important to me,” Su Yicheng said. “I would be worried if I asked others to do it.”

In order to operate and expand the Cheng An Group, Su Yicheng had seen ups and downs in the past eight years. To him, the eighth anniversary would be a key milestone.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Then we’ll cooperate with you. Do you have anything special to say?”

Su Yicheng said, “Don’t tell Xiaoxi about it.”

He did not want Luo Xiaoxi to know anything about the anniversary, because he wanted to give her a surprise.

Xiao Chen guessed what his boss was thinking about. He smiled and said, “No problem! We won’t let her know a thing.”

No one, including Su Jianan, would know about the plan except Su Yicheng and Xiao Chen.

After all, Su Jianan couldn’t help with anything even if she knew of it.

After two peaceful days, Su Jianan started throwing up in the morning. She would have refrained from vomiting just to not have Lu Boyan worry, since he needed to work.

However, she looked the same as when she was in her worst condition. She was too sick to sit up or lie down, unable to say a word.

Lu Boyan sent for a doctor. The doctor said he could do nothing, because vomiting during pregnancy was not a disease. He just suggested an observation.

Seeing Su Jianan suffering from heavy vomiting, Lu Boyan got mad and drove the doctor and nurses out. Then he turned to Su Jianan, feeling sad and helpless.

Su Jianan held Lu Boyan’s hands and managed a weak smile. “I’ll be fine in a few days, just go to work.”

“Yuechuan can handle it.” Lu Boyan parted Su Jianan’s black hair that was resting on her cheek. “I’ll stay with you at home.”

His company did nothing to her sickness. Su Jianan vomited until the afternoon and ate nothing. The doctor had to give her a nutrition infusion.

It was heartrending for him, but he couldn’t do anything to help.

It became dark. Su Jianan seemed to be tired and fell asleep, which the doctor thought could stop the vomiting; that way she would feel better after waking up.

After a call from Su Yicheng, Lu Boyan decided to go out. He asked Aunt Liu to look after Su Jianan and to call him once Su Jianan woke up.

Then Lu Boyan drove to the club.

Instead of a private room, Su Yicheng booked a table on the third floor, from which they could have a panoramic view of the open space on the second floor.

He noticed Lu Boyan’s pale face, laid down the glass and asked, “Did Jianan throw up again?”

Lu Boyan finished the wine in the glass in one long swallow. He frowned and said, “She didn’t fall asleep until I came out.”

Su Yicheng knew well how Lu Boyan felt then, because he wished he could suffer from the pains in Su Jianan’s stead, when seeing her vomiting violently.

He patted Lu Boyan on the shoulder and said, “I need your help.”

Su Yicheng could have talked about it on the phone if it wasn’t important.

Lu Boyan guessed that Su Yicheng wanted him to help with something unusual, for Su Yicheng called him out especially for it.

After Su Yicheng finished his words, Lu Boyan knew he had guessed it and asked with a smile, “Why are you in such a hurry? Xiaoxi has just returned.”

“You married guy would never understand me.” Su Yicheng shook the wine glass. “To me, waiting for one day is like waiting for a year.”

Lu Boyan made a call and sent a phone number to Su Yicheng. “His assistant will contact you tomorrow. You can also contact him directly if there’s any problem.”

“Thank you.” Su Yicheng proposed a toast to show his thankfulness.

Lu Boyan looked at Su Yicheng and replied, “It’s exactly what I want to say, and I want to thank you again and again.”

Su Yicheng thought it interesting. “For what?”

Lu Boyan said, “For your taking care of Jianan. And, without you, I wouldn’t have seen her again.”

It was Su Yicheng who made it possible for him to be with Su Jianan. So, it was him who was compelled to say thanks.

“If it were not for her loving you so much, I wouldn’t have agreed on her marrying you that soon.” Su Yicheng smiled and said, “My decision turned out to be right.”

Originally, he thought he could give Su Jianan a chance as she would marry nobody if it wasn’t Lu Boyan. It could not be better if they fell in love with each other as days went by. If Lu Boyan just wanted to please Tang Yulan, and did not love Su Jianan at all, then Su Jianan would have recognized the fact and given up.

It never occurred to him that Lu Boyan had already seen something in Su Jianan.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed on her marrying Lu Boyan that soon. Instead, he would have only agreed on it if Lu Boyan pursued her with great passion and caused a sensation in City A.

Lu Boyan checked the time, realized that he had been out for more than an hour. With Su Jianan in mind, he decided to leave, while catching a sight of Han Ruoxi.

She sat at a well-concealed table alone, looking kind of unhappy; she kept smoking as if only the cigarette between her fingers could ease her pain.

Lu Boyan suddenly realized something. With a cold glance, he asked, “What else did Jianan say when she told you about Han Ruoxi and Kang Ruicheng’s cooperation?”

Su Yicheng thought for a while and said, “Nothing. But she said she didn’t understand why Han Ruoxi would cooperate with Kang Ruicheng.”

Han Ruoxi was intelligent. She should know that it would ruin her career if she cooperated with Kang Ruicheng.

It was surprising that she did do that. Lu Boyan and Su Jianan had the same idea—Han Ruoxi was in Kang Ruicheng’s control.

Thinking of the dirty deals Kang Ruicheng made, as well as seeing Han Ruoxi’s manners at that moment, Lu Boyan had a basic understanding of how Kang Ruicheng was controlling her.

“I’m going downstairs.”

Lu Boyan stood up and went to the second floor, then walked straight toward Han Ruoxi.

Han Ruoxi did not expect Lu Boyan to be there, or to go to her. She quickly brought herself to her best condition and smiled. “What a coincidence!”

Lu Boyan cast his eyes over the cigarette. She was temporarily at a loss, and put out the cigarette. “My role in the last film was a smoker. After that, I sometimes smoke when feeling unhappy,” she said and pointed to the seat across from her. “Why don’t you sit down?”

Lu Boyan pulled out the chair, sat down, and said without hesitation, “I got Jianan back.”

Han Ruoxi went blank and then recalled the news spread in the media circle a few days ago—Lu Boyan and Su Jianan had reconciled.

She thought it was fake news for there were no reports about it. However, Lu Boyan himself told her about it, so it was true…

“We didn’t divorce at all.” Lu Boyan added, and calmly had an eye on Han Ruoxi to see how she would react to the big news.

Han Ruoxi just froze for a second. She forced a smile and said, “Really? At that time, you seemed to be enemies, and I thought you had really… gotten divorced.”

She, the Best Actress, perfectly hid all the confusions and hatreds surging within her heart with a forced wry smile.

“She never stopped arguing with me, but we weren’t officially divorced. Now I hope you can clarify the gossiping about you and me. Or else I’ll give a press conference myself.”

The second half of Lu Boyan’s words implied a warning.

With that, he got up to leave, while Han Ruoxi abruptly responded with a sneer. “How would I clarify? Could I say that you can still recognize if it’s Su Jianan or another woman, even if you’re drunk?”

Han Ruoxi recalled the night of the annual Lu Enterprises’ meeting.

At first, Lu Boyan thought she was Su Jianan. But before kissing her lips, he sobered up, stopped touching her all of a sudden, then heartlessly pushed her away and said with a cold shout, “Get out!”

She was ready to risk everything since she was in his room, because she did not believe that a man would only love one woman.

However, she dared not to move for Lu Boyan stared at her coldly. Half an hour later, she had to leave because Shen Yuechuan would go to meet him.

Knowing that there were reporters outside the apartment, she went to the ground floor and left.

She decided to cause misunderstandings since she could not win Lu Boyan’s heart. What she wanted to see was a broken-hearted Su Jianan.

Then came the coincidences. She encountered Lu Boyan who was inspecting in the mall, and met Su Jianan by accident after going downstairs.

She witnessed Lu Boyan’s unrest when Su Jianan nearly fell down, as well as Su Jianan’s pleading eyes.

Then she realized that Lu Boyan and Su Jianan still loved and trusted each other, even if they said they had divorced.

She also realized that nobody or nothing could separate them.

Sure enough, she was right.

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