A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 1052 - Glimmer of Hope

Chapter 1052: Glimmer of Hope

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In the blink of an eye, Merlin had led his squad in the Void Sea for twenty years.

To Twenty years to an ordinary life form, was very long. It was long enough to see a young boy became a husband and father. It was also long enough for a father to grow old, and for a beautiful face to turn wrinkly.

However, to the Free Beings and Controllers around the Void Sea, this was nothing more than an instant. Some of the powerful Controllers spent tens of thousands of years just to mull on a single decision, so what was a mere twenty years?

In the past twenty years, Merlin led his squad and only patrolled the barrier of the Void Sea. During this period, Merlin did not encounter any Void Beasts.

These Void Beasts were not very fast. In addition, the barrier was huge, so there was a chance that Merlin would not encounter it. Perhaps, Merlin would not encounter it even after a few hundred years.

For the past twenty years, Merlin’s Illusory World had been expanding slowly. The natural order of the Illusory World had long-since recovered and became more stable and sturdier. There was no chaos in the Illusory World due to a well-maintained order. Hence, it could only expand very slowly. At Merlin’s current level of abilities, this rate of expansion was almost negligible.

However, the peace over the past twenty years was not reassuring. Recently, they heard that a squad encountered a Void Beast and had suffered a massive loss. Out of over two thousand people, only over one thousand was left. Almost half the squad was killed or injured. Moreover, the Latitude Cosmos of the Medium Cosmos Absolute Being who was at the helm, was on the brink of collapse. Fortunately, Tyron arrived in time or else, the consequences would have been disastrous.

This was the true reason why Tyron and the other Major Cosmos Absolute Beings stood guard behind the barrier. As soon as a Void Beast was discovered, he would immediately provide support to stop the Void Beast.

However, sometimes, the distance was too far. Even Tyron needed a long time to arrive. During this period, it was up to the squad. If they could not withstand the Void Beast, the entire squad would be wiped out.

Under the stern orders of the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings, anyone who dared to escape and give up on the barrier would be jointly pursued and killed by these Major Cosmos Absolute Beings without exception.

Therefore, despite knowing they could not win against the Void Beast, no one dared to retreat. The battle which involved countless Free Beings and Controllers could only be described as brutal.

Affected by this incident, the morale of Merlin’s squad was slightly depressed.

“Controller Merlin, we’ll be going back soon. In the past twenty years, we had been quite lucky to not encounter any Void Beast.”

Azulon said with a smile. He was now Merlin’s right and left hand. In addition to his massive strength, he was able to help Merlin manage some issues in the squad. Merlin was quite pleased with him.

Of course, Merlin knew that everyone was under pressure. If they encountered a Void Beast, no one knew whether they would be able to survive it.


Suddenly, the entire void was shaking. Although this place was very near the Void Sea, none of them had stepped foot into the Void Zone, so they could still feel the energy fluctuations. It was no longer an endless stretch of void.

If it was from the Void Sea, regardless of how strong an energy fluctuation was, it could not vibrate outward. Therefore, upon sensing this massive surge of energy fluctuation, Merlin and Azulon exchanged a look and saw the gravity sunk in each other’s eyes.

Alas, it came!

Both of them knew that such a large-scale energy fluctuation meant that a Void Beast was striking the barrier and that a squad was currently fighting hard to stop it.

“Can you determine the direction? Provide backup at once!”

Merlin immediately made a call. No one was willing to provide backup but this was a rule laid down by the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings. If anyone sensed the Void Beast’s attacks but did not provide backup, they would similarly be subjected to severe punishment. Due to the precariousness of the situation, the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings would not spare anyone who dared to slack.

Hence, any squad who sensed the energy fluctuation had no choice but to provide backup.

In the Illusory World, everyone became anxious. Fortunately, all of them were either Free Beings or Controllers, so they had gone through many hardships to become a Free Being or Controller. Despite the heaviness in their hearts, at this critical juncture, they were determined to fight.

“First, inform this news to Teacher Tyron.”

Every squad had the means to relay information to Tyron and the rest of the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings. Upon receiving the news, they would rush over as soon as possible but in this period, it would be up to squads like Merlin’s to hold the fort.

After the message was sent, Merlin and Azulon hurried toward the source of the energy fluctuation. If they were late, then the Void Beast might breach the barrier.

Controller Caesar was originally a very unique life form. His natural abilities were powerful, so from the time of his birth to becoming a Controller, it only took him one hundred thousand years.

Such a brief period was considered very admirable. In addition, after becoming a Controller, Caesar encountered many favorable opportunities. He managed to devour a great number of incomplete Latitude Cosmoses and finally became a powerful Medium Cosmos Absolute Being. He was a top contender among them.

However, the Void Beasts’ invasion had disrupted Controller Caesar’s plans. At first, he was hopeful that within ten latitude years, he could become a Major Cosmos Absolute Being, the ultimate existence of all.

However, all his plans had gone down the drain. He could only lead a squad. Due to his fame and prestige, approximately two thousand five hundred over contenders were willing to follow him.

This should have been a truly formidable force but no matter how powerful, they still could not compare to a Void Beast. Their luck had been considered stellar. It was only after over fifty years at the Void Sea that they encountered a Void Beast.

Now that they finally encountered a Void Beast, their luck had run out. Looking at the inconceivably huge Void Beast exuding a vicious aura, all of them knew that a fight was inevitable today. Moreover, their hope of surviving was extremely bleak. They could only wait for a Major Cosmos Absolute Being to arrive or backup from the surrounding squads.

“We’re already requested for help to the surrounding area. If there are any other squads around, then there’s still hope. Plus, a Major Cosmos Absolute Being will surely come as fast as he can. Hold on!”

Although Controller Caesar was a top contender among the Controllers, at this point, he was barely capable of holding on further. He wielded his Latitude Cosmos, supported by over two thousand contenders and achieved the power level of a Major Cosmos Absolute Being that he so greatly desired.

Sadly, faced against this Void Beast, this incredible culmination of power appeared so minuscule.

This Void Beast’s body was too gigantic. It was even bigger than some Latitude Cosmoses. Its size was comparable to a few dozens Latitude Cosmoses. The end of its body could not be seen with the naked eye.

With such a gigantic body, it was considered powerful even among the Void Beasts. Controller Caesar was not confident that he could hold on until a Major Cosmos Absolute Being arrived.

“Boom boom boom.”

Regardless, Controller Caesar mobilized all his power and launched a frenzied attack at the Void Beast. Save for angering the Void Beast, the attacks did not seem to have any effects.


Finally, the Void Beast seemed to reach its boiling point. It threw its head into the air and roared. Its gigantic body slammed directly against Controller Caesar’s world.


Controller Caesar’s heart lurched. He prayed silently in his heart but the prayer did not work. The moment the Void Beast slammed into his world, instantly, the entire world collapsed.


Like the crashing sound of a waterfall, his world was torn apart. The natural order of the world was shattered. Only his strongest natural order was not destroyed. As for the contenders, over eight hundred people were killed on impact and many others were being swallowed alive by the Void Beast.

Being swallowed by a Void Beast was truly terrifying and tantamount to death. Upon entering the Void Beast’s body, everything was instantly converted into nothingness, so it was impossible to survive. After all, the Void Beast was a horrifying existence capable of swallowing multiple Latitude Regions. It represented endless destruction.

“It’s over. I didn’t expect that I’ll die here…”

Caesar’s expression was filled with despair. He knew that, no matter what, a Major Cosmos Absolute Being would not arrive here in time. So, he was facing certain death.

Thinking of this, a crazy idea appeared in Controller Caesar’s mind. He was prepared to self-destruct his Latitude Cosmos and use the Latitude Cosmos to gravely injure the Void Beast.

Whether or not his plan would succeed, he did not know.

“Come on, everyone, one last blow. No matter what, we cannot allow this Void Beast to breach our defense!”

Caesar’s voice turned ironically calm at this time. For a second, all the Free Beings and Controllers fell silent.

It was amid this extremely somber atmosphere that, suddenly, someone sensed something approaching and raised his head toward the void.

“Controller Caesar, a squad has appeared. We’re saved!”

“A squad?”

Controller Caesar was overjoyed and stared at the void with delight. Despite that enormous energy fluctuation, he did not expect that someone could arrive in such a short time.

Immediately, everyone saw a glimmer of hope.

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