A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 14 - Heretic

Chapter 14: Heretic

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Merlin sat in the spacious carriage. Although the journey was as bumpy as always, his physical attributes were no longer what they used to be, so this bit of distance felt like nothing to him anymore.

“Master Merlin, we’ve arrived!”

Moss said to Merlin while pulling the curtains in the carriage.

Merlin opened his eyes and alighted from the carriage. Before his eyes was a small three-story building, with an old man watching at the door. Merlin ignored the old man. Just as he was about to enter, little fatty Gutt’s luxurious carriage which was drawn by four horses, arrived as well.

“Hey, Merlin.”

The little fatty poked his head out from the carriage before leaping down casually. Anson alighted from the carriage behind him. It seemed that Gutt had picked up Anson along the way.

Gutt and Anson quickly walked to Merlin. The little fatty Gutt stretched his chubby hand out and patted Merlin’s shoulder lightly and said with a laugh, “Merlin, you’ve not come for so many days, what have you been up to?”

Before Merlin could answer, Anson’s face suddenly fell. His eyes were staring fixedly on something behind Merlin.

“It’s Tirath and Teacher Gia. Why are they walking together?”

Anson’s expression was dark and gloomy. Ever since he laid his eyes on Gia, he had always been thinking about her. Never had he thought that Tirath would rush in and take the first step.

Merlin turned as well to see Tirath and Gia chattering and laughing away. They seemed to be deeply immersed in their conversation.

Tirath also saw Merlin and the others. The corners of his lips curled into a sarcastic smile. In a high and mighty demeanor, he walked into the small building with Gia.

Gutt glanced at Anson, who was next to him. In a deep, heavy tone, he lowered his voice and said, “Anson, don’t be so crestfallen. This Gia is not an easy target. Hehe, haven’t I said the other day that I’d investigate Gia thoroughly within three days? I’ve really gone and did my investigation. Guess what I found out, guys?”

Seeing Gutt’s serious face, Merlin could not help but ask rather curiously, “What did you find out? Is Gia’s background really great?”

Gutt shook his head and spoke in a low voice, “Her background isn’t great, it’s that she has no background at all! To be accurate, I’ve not found anything. Gia has only appeared in Grand City, and it looks like she appeared out of thin air. I’ve not been able to find out where she’s from, what she does, and who her relatives and friends are at all! Hehe, my family’s business is spread throughout the entire Kingdom of Light so we’re very powerful when it comes to intelligence. If we wish to investigate a person, we’ll definitely be able to, but this Gia… She’s really mysterious!”

Gutt might be careless and unconcerned most of the time, which made him look like a good-for-nothing rich man’s son, but after Merlin had come into contact with him more, he had discovered that this little fatty controlled a part of the Dougland family’s business. He was definitely not as deplorable as he seemed on the surface.

Even if the Dougland family’s powerful web of intelligence could not find out anything about Gia’s true identity, then he was afraid that there were really some secrets surrounding this Gia.

Gutt continued to speak to Anson, “Anson, you’ve to be alert. This Gia might be pretty but her identity is unclear and is very mysterious. You also need to be more careful and do your best not to have anything to do with her. As for this fellow Tirath, hmph, if there’s anything wrong with Gia, he’ll be sorry by then.”

Gutt curled his lips. It was obvious that he thought nothing of Tirath.

Hearing Gutt’s advice, Anson’s expression eased up a little. Merlin did not have much interest in this Tirath and the mysterious Gia so he asked Anson for news about Macy, “Anson, Macy, Swordsman Pero, and the others have gone to Grand City for so many days and they haven’t returned by now. Have you heard about any news?”

“Macy, huh? I’ve actually heard some news. Let’s get inside first. I’ll tell you about it slowly.”

Anson’s eyes were flashing. For a moment, Merlin’s heart sank a little.

In a single file, the three of them went into the spacious house. This class was a history class, as always. However, Gia and Tirath were both not here and no one knew what they had gone off to do.

“Anson, has something happened to Macy?”

Merlin asked hurriedly after they had sat down.

Anson shook his head gently, and said with a wry smile, “Don’t worry, Merlin. Your sister Macy’s fine. But you’re in quite some trouble, though.”

“I’m in trouble?”

Merlin did not know what Anson was talking about. He looked at Anson in confusion.

“It’s like this. Haven’t Macy and the others gone to Grand City under Swordsman Pero’s leadership to join the social exchange? It’s at this exchange that Cawthon had a breakthrough and became a true Elemental Swordsman, and what’s more, a Light Swordsman! This matter has even shocked the bishop of the Grand City church, who personally blessed Cawthon and received Cawthon as a Guardian Swordsman of the Church of Light. That was why they had delayed their return. Tsk tsk, this fellow Cawthon can be considered to have reached the heavens with a single step.”*

Anson’s face was full of excitement as though he was the one who had become an Elemental Swordsman.

Merlin knew that an Elemental Swordsman was not much but to be a Guardian Swordsman of the Church of Light was different. A Guardian Swordsman would receive the full nurturing of the Church of Light. Also, when it came to the position, although he would not receive the title of an aristocrat from the Royal Family of Light, the position of a Guardian Swordsman in the Church of Light was, in fact, practically the same as an aristocrat!

As the power of the Church of Light grew greater in the kingdom and their influence became more widespread, the position of these Guardian Swordsmen would also improve, like a ship rising with the water level.

After a while, Gia and Tirath walked in together. Gia was radiant and beautiful, as always. Tirath, on the other hand, had a long face. His expression was somewhat dark.

“Hehe, by the looks of Tirath, could he have been rejected and humiliated by Gia?”

The little fatty snickered secretly and delighted in Tirath’s misfortune.

Then, Gia began to explain the history course. Merlin had no interest in Gia’s course but he was secretly observing her. Even Gutt had not been able to figure out Gia’s identity by mobilizing the intelligence network of the Dougland family. She must have kept some secrets.

Nevertheless, Merlin was unable to see anything that was out of the ordinary with Gia even until the end of the course.

“Merlin, see you tomorrow.”

Little fatty Gutt and Anson bade Merlin goodbye. Thus, Merlin returned to the Wilson Castle in Moss’ carriage.

A team of more than twenty knights moved swiftly across the wide-open road. The outfits of this team of knights had very distinguishable features; all of them wore white light armor and on their backs was a greatsword each.

“How much further until Blackwater City?”

The team of knights came to a gradual stop. A middle-aged, golden-haired man asked in a cold voice. This man had long, brown hair which had been tied into a small braid, tucked behind his head. He wore a white robe with light armor fitted on the outside. He looked rather androgynous. However, there was a silver crossed-swords imprint embroidered in front of his chest.

“Sir Jason, after we go over the mountain in front, we’ll reach Blackwater City.”

A knight wearing a beautiful silver helmet spoke slowly. Fear flashed across his eyes as though he was extremely afraid of this androgynous, white-robed knight.

The white-robed knight nodded. His expression was cold and indifferent as he spoke to the knight in the silver helmet, “Swordsman Bogg, this operation cannot go wrong. The evil heretic hiding in Blackwater City must be captured. I believe that the bishop has already told you what should be done?”

The white-robed knight’s eyes were sharp, causing Bogg’s entire head to break out in sweat.

“Don’t worry, Sir Jason. The bishop has already told us before we depart. This time, all authority over the operation is in your hands, Sir Jason.”

“Very good, let’s go.”

The white-robed knight nodded satisfactorily. However, the heart of Swordsman Bogg was very heavy. He was one of the Guardian Swordsmen of the Church of Light in Grand City and also a powerful Second-level Light Swordsman.

Despite his level, Bogg was still very careful in this operation as the church had mobilized people from the Inquisition and Jason was one of them. Bogg was not clear about the Inquisition but all he heard before were some rumors about how the members of the Inquisition were mysterious and strange, and possessed great power which only ordinary people could imagine. Also, they were God’s most faithful believers.

Every time the Religious Court sent out its team, it was due to the evil heretic which Bogg understood well of. It was a mage in the legends that blasphemed against the God of Light and possessed evil powers, the most powerful force in the depraved Kingdom of Blackmoon.

Faced with the evil heretic and mobilizing the people from the Inquisition, even Bogg, a Second-level Light Swordsman, felt ill. He did not know what awaited him in Blackwater City.

With his eyes closed, Merlin laid quietly in the bathtub of steaming hot water. He was holding the piece of relief sculpture in his hands.

After a moment, Merlin opened his eyes, looked at the relief sculpture and a deep thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

“For the past few days, there’s no longer any sweat on my body in the morning. I don’t feel any effect anymore when I perform the posture of the relief sculpture. I think it’s already ineffective for me…”

Merlin murmured quietly. Although he had already expected it, he still felt sorry when this day had really arrived. He felt that the tremendous power he experienced with his body could practically rival that of real Elemental Swordsmen, and such a change had been brought about by this mysterious relief sculpture.

Then, Merlin got up, put the relief sculpture away properly and headed downstairs.

Macy had already given up on waiting for Merlin and had begun eating breakfast.

“I’m going to practice my swordsmanship at the church.”

Macy quickly finished eating and spoke in a cold tone to Merlin. Then, she immediately walked out of the castle with her sword.

Merlin was already used to this. Ever since Macy had returned from Grand City ten days ago, her entire personality had become cold and indifferent. Moreover, she had been desperately training her swordsmanship to a point that the liveliness she had possessed previously had disappeared.

Merlin also understood the reason for Macy’s change. Apparently, Macy had been provoked by Cawthon.

Macy and Cawthon had always been the candidates whom Swordsman Pero looked highly upon – the geniuses who had the most hope of becoming Elemental Swordsmen. Cawthon, however, had broken through very early and had even become a Guardian Swordsman of the church. Macy, on the other hand, was a genius like Cawthon, and yet she had not become a true Elemental Swordsman until now. With this, Macy had changed into a cold and indifferent person. All she could think about was practicing her swordsmanship.

“It looks like I’ve to find the time and have a good talk with Macy.”

Merlin muttered quietly. Perhaps even he had not noticed that he had slowly melded into the identity he possessed now and had completely become one of the inhabitants of this world.

After finishing his breakfast, Merlin returned to his room upstairs. Within the past ten days, he had mastered over a hundred words in the Molta language. Including previous ones, he had already mastered over two hundred words and phrases in the Molta vocabulary. This was already enough for him to read some simple sentences in the Molta language.

To grasp the Molta language well, Merlin had even neglected his swordsmanship training at the church in the morning. It was lucky that Macy was now provoked by Cawthon, so all she could think about was to become an Elemental Swordsman, therefore she did not have the time or energy to meddle in Merlin’s business. This was why Merlin had been living comfortably for the past ten days.

“It’s been ten days, I wonder if old man Etha has returned?”

Merlin was about to continue practicing his Molta language, but upon careful contemplation, it had already been ten days – he should go and see if old man Etha had returned.

Although he had the materials old man Etha had given him, he would still encounter some problems while self-studying. If old man Etha was around, those problems would naturally be solved with the greatest of ease. He would no longer have to make guesses so painstakingly.

Thus, Merlin put on his clothes and left Wilson Castle, sitting in Moss’ carriage as it rumbled toward old man Etha’s little house.

(TN: The Chinese idiom used here is 一步登天. Literally translated, it means to step into the sky with a single step. It is used to describe instant success.)

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