A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 18 - Interrogation

Chapter 18: Interrogation

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“The Inquisition, huh?”

Merlin etched this place into his mind. That strong, white-robed man came from this Inquisition of Church of Light. Merlin felt even more alert. If he met anyone from the Inquisition in the future, he would need to treat them with care.

The carriage slowly came to a halt. Led by the Guardian Swordsman, Merlin went out of the carriage. He raised his head to see and to his surprise, he had reached the Blackwater City’s church.

There were many people same as Merlin but most of them did not have such privilege as him. They were all normal citizens and were brought into the church by the City Defense Troop.

“Let’s go. Tell them everything they need to know. As long as it’s not related to the evil heretic, they’ll let you go soon.”

The Guardian Swordsman said to Merlin with a smile. Due to Merlin’s relationship to Cawthon, he had a good impression of Merlin.

Merlin nodded and entered the church with this Guardian Swordsman.

In the church, there were up to a hundred people. They lined up in a few rows. Some were asking the crowd about matters related to old man Etha. There were also some clerks who were responsible for the records.

Merlin had a good hearing. Listening closely, he heard a few people in front of him interrogating a middle-aged man.

“When have you met the evil heretic?”

“For many years now. I’m a tailor. Whenever there’s a change of season, Mr. Etha will come to my shop for tailored clothes.”

“Except for clothes, have you seen him anywhere else?”

“Except for clothes, I haven’t seen Mr. Etha anywhere. He’s very secretive, always hiding in his wooden house. Usually, he doesn’t even come out. Who would’ve thought that he’s an evil heretic?”

“Good. Next.”

That was the whole process of the questioning. Those who had gone through the process would be brought away swiftly for the next round of interrogation.

“If it was such a simple interrogation, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Merlin finally calmed himself.

Soon, it was Merlin’s turn. The clerk standing in front of Merlin seemed neat and tidy. He was responsible for recording the conversation while the one doing the questioning was a Guardian Swordsman.

This Guardian Swordsman only took one boring glance at Merlin before he asked, “What’s your name?”

“Wilson Merlin.”

After hearing Merlin’s name, the Guardian Swordsman’s expression changed slightly. Then, he took a good long look at Merlin and his expression obviously became stern.

“What’s your relationship with the evil heretic?”

Merlin did not hesitate and said directly, “I don’t know Etha’s true identity so I learned antique authentication from him for a while.”

Merlin was also observing this Guardian Swordsman closely. He saw that there were not many changes to his expression and Merlin immediately understood.

These people were clear who old man Etha had contacted with before the interrogation. They had also gotten hold of some information of the people Etha had contact with. Surely, they knew of Merlin’s relationship with old man Etha.

The Guardian Swordsman asked Merlin more questions and Merlin had also answered truthfully except for the ring. Merlin would not hide any fact regarding the old man. Otherwise, the people would doubt him.

After a long while, the Guardian Swordsman had asked all he needed to ask. He raised his head and said to another Guardian Swordsman by his side, “Bring him in. Let Lord Jason do the last bit.”

Hence, another Guardian Swordsman came forward and brought Merlin to a small house in the church.

“Go on in.”

The Guardian Swordsman stopped after he sent Merlin to the door. He said to Merlin without much emotion.

Merlin sighed deeply before he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The house was a little dark and humid. As soon as Merlin stepped inside, he could feel a few gazes upon him.

“Miss Carice?”

Mersin squinted his eyes. He saw that there was someone he knew in the house. It was Carice. She was brought here too.

Carice also saw Merlin and only nodded her head slightly as an acknowledgment. It seemed that her emotion was much stable and she was not as afraid as she was yesterday.

Other than Carice, there were a few more strangers in the house. A bald old man, a fat madam and the tailor who was questioned by the Guardian Swordsman before.

They stood in the small house feeling unrest. They gazed up to the white-robed man sitting in the chair with fear.

After seeing this white-robed man, Merlin knew that he was the Wizard who killed old man Etha – Wizard Jason of the secretive Inquisition.

Merlin was the same as others, standing idly in the house. Jason did not speak and he was simply waiting silently instead.

After a while, a few people came in. In total, there were eight of them. They were feeling unrest, sometimes a hint of fear escaped their eyes. They did not know what sort of interrogation awaited them here.

There was a large religious mural behind Wizard Jason. It was about God of Light who was punishing a bunch of devils who committed all sort of atrocities. Accompanied by this mural and the indifferent Wizard Jason, it was inevitable to induce fear in the people’s heart.

After a long while, Wizard Jason finally stood up. His sharp gaze scanned everyone briefly before saying slowly, “More or less, you’re the people who’ve spent a long time with the evil heretic. That evil heretic is cruel, sly and extremely capable of evil spells. So, I want to test for myself if you’ve been tainted by the evil heretic.”

Upon hearing Wizard Jason, that bald old man and the fat madam were already full of trembles. If there were no one holding them, they would have already passed out.

In Church of Light, those who were related to evil heretic would receive the cruelest punishment. The most serious of all was to be strapped to the stake and be burnt alive. So, the fact that Wizard Jason questioned if they were related to the evil heretic had caused insurmountable fear in them.

Wizard Jason’s mouth quirked into a smile. With both of his hands crossed in front of his chest, he spoke in a low pitch, “Don’t be afraid. If you’re not tainted by the evil heretic, God will definitely forgive you.”

After that, Wizard Jason began to murmur. From his body, he began to emit a faint white light that felt holy and noble.

In the blink of an eye, it covered the whole house. Meanwhile, Wizard Jason had already taken off the light armor he wore. Along with the huge white robe and the brightening of the holy light, the mark of a silver cross on his white robe became clearer as well.

The people who were engulfed in the holy light felt as if they were seen through completely. They could not hide even the slightest secret. Merlin took a sideways glance at Carice to see that she was bright red with a slightly awkward expression.

Merlin frowned because he felt it too. Albeit well-dressed, in this holy light, clothes did not seem to have any effect of covering one’s body. It was as if they were seen naked by others. He could not blame Carice for being awkward about it.

“Is this the magical spell? Luckily, I didn’t bring the ring with me. Or else, there’s no way I can escape Jason’s investigation.”

Merlin became stern and more terrified of the secretive Wizard because the magical yet strong spells were powers that he could not fathom at all.

The others were horrified by the holy light Jason emitted as well, but Merlin remained calm. He even had the energy to observe Wizard Jason. Merlin then noticed that obvious mark of a silver cross on Jason’s white robe.

Merlin had only seen such a unique mark on Jason. Even the Guardian Swordsman of Grand City did not have such a mark. Merlin guessed that this mark represented Jason’s status and identity in the Inquisition.

The holy light continued for a while and then dissipated slowly. Then, Wizard Jason showed a slight cheerful smile and said in a high voice, “Good. I’ve completed my investigation. You’re all loyal believers and haven’t been tainted by the evil heretic.”

Upon hearing Jason’s words, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Some even prayed silently.


The door to the house opened wide and Jason waved his hands, “You all can leave.”

Thus, everyone bowed slightly to Wizard Jason, then left the house hurriedly. After experiencing that scene just now, no one would like to stay any longer with Jason.

Swordsman Bogg who was outside walked into the room. With a hint of uncertainty, he asked, “Lord Jason, did you find anything else?”

Jason shook his head, “Nothing. I investigated with Magic-detection. These people don’t have any magic power, not to mention anything that has the aura of that evil heretic. It seems that evil heretic came to Blackwater City by himself.”

Swordsman Bogg nodded and continued, “The things in that evil heretic’s home. How should we deal with them?”

“Put them in the carriage and bring them back to Grand City. Let the bishop deal with them. Maybe from his things, we’ll be able to find other heretics.”

Wizard Jason said to Swordsman Bogg.

Walking out of the church, the wind was chilly. Merlin could not resist the urge to pull up his shirt to his neck. However, he was fiery hot within. He had finally overcome the hurdles with the church. Following that, he could properly plan to study old man Etha’s Spell Manual in secret.

“Miss Carice are you alright?”

Merlin asked out of courtesy as he saw Carice who was behind him.

“I’m fine…”

Carice pulled a forced smile. He could see that she was still exhausted. Surely the matter with old man Etha had pulled a great deal on her.

“Miss Carice, you should go back and rest for a few days.” Merlin consoled Carice while the latter nodded. She then bid Merlin goodbye, entered her carriage hurriedly and left.

Ensuring that Carice’s carriage had left his view, Merlin looked at the church. He knew the butler would definitely come.

As expected, Merlin saw the familiar figure of the butler and Moss. However, beside Moss, in this chilly weather, there was yet another familiar figure.

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