A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 815 - A Brand New Path!

Chapter 815: A Brand New Path!

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The immense Illusory World was like an enormous star, bearing down upon Merlin’s Mind Heart. At this point, Merlin’s Mind Heart had expanded to its limit. That “giant mouth” seemed able to swallow any colossal world.

Huge amounts of Mind Power forcefully dragged in the Illusory World like a multitude of limbs. Merlin’s Mind Heart also experienced a sense of heaviness.

He had sensed this heaviness previously but at that point, he was unable to withstand even one percent of the Illusory World. However, his Mind Heart had completely swallowed the Illusory World.

Currently, everything depended on whether Merlin could merge the Illusory World with his Mind Heart fully. Thereafter, the Mind Heart would be the Illusory World and the Illusory World would be the Mind Heart. They would become a unified whole without any distinctions.

If this was an Illusory World he had condensed himself, he could disregard this process because it would be the same thing in the first place. Why would merging be necessary?

Nonetheless, Merlin’s current Illusory World was first created by Titus. It was a relatively massive and mature Illusory World so it must be merged fully with Merlin’s Mind Heart. Otherwise, not only would it be of no help but it would also be a burden instead, exhausting Merlin’s energy.

To fuse completely with the Illusory World, Merlin had to understand the entire Illusory World thoroughly. After all, this was Titus’ ideal world.

Merlin’s Mind Power started to permeate through the Illusory World. Fortunately, he had some previous understanding of the Illusory World, so he could quickly familiarize himself.

Compared to when Merlin had entered the Illusory World previously, this current situation where he regarded the Illusory World from a certain elevated perspective was significantly different.

This Illusory World was just as Merlin had imagined. After all, this was Titus’ world. No matter how familiar Merlin was with this, it was still a world created by Titus based on his own framework.

In fact, this world mostly used the Slothful Beast world as a blueprint, in addition to some aspects of the Void Zone. Still, when Titus was in the Void Zone back then, he was only a nobody, and was ignorant of many things in the Void Zone. His experience was not extensive enough, so his Illusory World was mainly created with the Slothful Beast world as a blueprint.

The original Slothful Beast world was large but it had great limitations. This was an imperfect world, and even Titus had felt this.

“A world like this isn’t my world. I’ll never be able to merge with it!”

Merlin drew in a deep breath. He knew what the problem was. Merging with an Illusory World must be based on one’s own ideas – an Illusory World built based on inner enlightenment.

Otherwise, he would never be able to merge fully. It would become a heavy burden for Merlin, not an aid.

“Titus, I need to reshape the Illusory World. Thereafter, I’m afraid your Illusory World will be gone, replaced by my world!”

Merlin had already made a decision but still had to inform Titus. After all, the Illusory World was Titus’ life work. Back then, Titus had spent an unknown amount of effort and energy to refine the Illusory World.

After a long moment, Titus gave a faint sigh. “The Illusory World belongs to you now. It doesn’t matter how you wish to alter it. After all, back then, my Illusory World was a failed Illusory World. I hope that the Illusory World can be perfected in your hands!”

Titus’ tone revealed a trace of sorrow but he was clear-headed. The Illusory World he had created back then was unable to be perfected for it was flawed.

Now, if Merlin were to merge with the Illusory World and completely unify it with his Mind Heart, it had to be Merlin’s own Illusory World. He must be able to control that Illusory World.

Merlin nodded, then immersed his consciousness in the Illusory World. This world used the Slothful Beast world as a blueprint and was thus more restricted.

If in the future, the Illusory World was truly materialized as reality, the entire Illusory World would become an actual world. At that point, could that world function?

The Void Zone was undoubtedly a real world. The supreme natural order controlled everything. Countless dimensions constituted the entire Void Zone along with the vast, borderless dark territory. This was a complete, mature world.

Therefore, there should be no problems if the Void Zone was used as a blueprint to construct an Illusory World. Nonetheless, Merlin did not understand the Void Zone’s core. It was best if the Illusory World was a world one understood intimately. It was best to create a world one could control completely, which meant a world from one’s heart.

“A dimension merely has a continent, a sun, and a moon but no universe or stars… Perhaps there’s a huge difference between the Void Zone and the home of my previous life, and that’s the dimensions.”

Merlin thought about the world of his past life. It consisted of giant planets and was called a universe. However, at that time, humanity’s power was still puny. They merely knew about some planets nearby and they never had been able to explore the universe comprehensively.


Merlin lightly shut his eyes. He realized that until now, despite being in the Void Zone for a long time, his understanding of the Void Zone was still half-baked. Conversely, he understood the universe of his past life much better.

“Perhaps that universe isn’t a bad choice. First, one planet. When I have sufficient Mind Power in the future, I’ll develop this into innumerable planets, spanning infinite space and time, giving birth to various celestial bodies. That’s right, giving birth to a universe. Maybe my Illusory World can be perfected one day?”

In truth, Merlin was not certain but he knew that following Titus’ reasoning and using the Slothful Beast world as a blueprint was sure to fail. Would the Void Zone work as a blueprint then?

Moreover, Titus had augmented his Illusory World with some parts of the Void Zone, yet he was never able to refine the Illusory World, let alone become accomplished.

Therefore, Merlin’s current Illusory World must switch to a different way of thinking, a brand new world, unlike the Void Zone. First of all, this involved a different natural order.

However, Merlin was unclear about the natural order’s structure. He had only applied some principles of his previous life’s universe such as gravity, black holes, the Big Bang theory, and so on, using this superficial knowledge on the Illusory World he was constructing.

According to Titus’ theory, for an Illusory World to be perfect, it must be self-developed perfectly. It must not rely on outsiders or even the Mind Power Master themselves. At most, the Mind Power Master could only act as a catalyst.

Thus, Merlin began to reshape Titus’ Illusory World according to the theories of his past life’s universe.

In truth, the extent of modification was not that drastic. He only had to slowly remold a dimension into a planet. Moreover, a Void Zone was not needed outside but a vast boundless universe of stars instead.


Merlin’s Mind Power began a comprehensive process of modification. Instantly, vigorous fluctuations appeared in the Illusory World. The life forms within, which were virtual creatures in the Illusory World Titus had created back then, were illusory. Thus, after Merlin’s alterations, they all vanished.

In its place was a comparatively barren planet. Surrounding this planet was the vast, endless universe and stars. It was just that Merlin’s Mind Power was limited. He did not plan to construct a complete universe as he could not do so.

All that Merlin could provide was merely a general structure, a single planet. He could help the planet produce life forms but these life forms would turn out weak, and Merlin did not want them to be like his past life’s home planet. He thought of the Vestigial Tribe. If they had lived in his past world, only then would they become truly powerful, right?

Thus, Merlin started to create life according to the characteristics of the Vestigial Tribe. After the Vestigial Tribe had mastered some technological capabilities and begun to learn that there was an even bigger universe beyond their planet, Merlin stopped.

“How tiring!”

This was Merlin’s first impression. He was practically about to collapse. He had been engrossed in creating the Illusory World earlier and did not expect that his Mind Power had been consumed to such an extent.

It should be known that Merlin’s previous Mind Power was infinite. Even Merlin would find it difficult to imagine something that could exhaust his Mind Power.

Currently, after merely creating a small planet and prompting a civilization’s development on the planet, without even expanding past the planet, his Mind Power was already exhausted.

“It looks like advancing the progress of the planet’s civilization would require even greater Mind Power. I’ll have to name them as something other than the Vestigial Tribe. You’re a brand new civilization, able to explore the universe, a civilization that can help me perfect the Illusory World. If someday the Illusory World is materialized, you’ll even become a truly formidable civilization… It will be called the Illusory Tribe! Your civilization shall be called the Illusory Civilization!”

Merlin was the creator of the entire Illusory World, so with that single thought, the Illusory Tribe and the Illusory Civilization were imprinted into the depths of these people’s minds as if these were innate concepts that were beyond suspicion.

“If someday the Illusory World is transformed from illusion into reality, becoming an enormous Latitude Cosmo comparable to the Void Zone, then how powerful would I be, being in control of this world?”

Merlin suddenly recalled that Aruba had also mentioned that surpassing the ultimate level would reverse and break through the natural order, no longer being restricted by it.

Nonetheless, the path Merlin was taking would not shatter the Void Zone’s natural order at all but instead, produce a Latitude Cosmo comparable to the Void Zone. Moreover, he would control this world.

This was a path that not even Aruba had seen…

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