A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 837 - I Can’t Kill You!

Chapter 837: I Can’t Kill You!

At that moment, the entire battlefield became deadly silent. No one spoke, and no one dared to move. Everything seemed to freeze at that moment.

Truly… Wang Baole’s battleships appeared too suddenly. At the same time, Wang Baole purposefully unleashed the auras of the battleships. The close to 10,000 Nascent Soul disturbances and thousands of Soul Conduit auras made the entire Black Rift Legion shudder.

That was especially so for the former commander of the Ink Dragon Legion. She stared in disbelief and shock as her body trembled slightly. In reality, the aura that Wang Baole exuded gave her the illusion that she was looking at a mighty figure!

Tens of thousands of Nascent Souls… thousands of Soul Conduits… this power… The former Ink Dragon Legion commander’s heart was in turmoil. She couldn’t help but compare Wang Baole’s power with the Black Rift Legion. In the end, she found that, excluding the Black Rift Legion’s commander, even if the three False Immortals and the entire Black Rift Legion attacked at the same time, they would still be evenly matched with Wang Baole!

The other two False Immortals also felt this way. Even the Black Rift Legion commander, the middle-aged male within the Dharmic Battleship who had previously looked calm and spoke calmly, stared. His eyes revealed an unprecedented sense of seriousness as he took a deep breath after a moment. While the capability Wang Baole displayed made him very interested, he couldn’t help but consider the consequences.

Unless… I can just kill him directly. That way… The Black Rift Legion commander narrowed his eyes, pondered for a moment, and then spoke slowly.

His voice spread throughout the silent battlefield, seemingly shattering the tense atmosphere.

“Leave half of your battleships here, and I’ll let you leave peacefully. I’ll also wipe away all grievances between you and the Ink Dragon Legion.”

As his words spread, the surrounding Black Rift Legion cultivators all heaved sighs of relief. Even though the former Ink Dragon Legion commander felt indignant, she understood that the strength of Long Nanzi now was different from when he was being chased down previously. So, although she still had some resentment towards Long Nanzi deep down, she could only tolerate it.

However… Wang Baole, who was standing on his Dharmic Battleship with his hands behind his back, raised his eyebrows and laughed after hearing that.

“Arrogant as usual. But I want to ask you, Senior Black Rift Legion Commander, what gives you the right to make that statement?”

“What gives me the right?” Hearing that, a cold glint flashed between the Black Rift Legion commander’s eyes as he laughed. While laughing, he shook his body and appeared outside of his leopard Dharmic Battleship!

He was clad in black robes and had a head full of black hair. His skinny silhouette and proud and aloof appearance made the Black Rift Legion commander look extraordinary. That was especially so considering that the cosmos trembled and disturbances were created all around the moment he appeared. An early-stage Spirit Immortal aura also exploded forth, gathering to form a giant vortex outside his body.

Looking from afar, he seemed to be able to warp the cosmos all around him on his own. That was especially so considering how all of the surrounding Black Rift Legion battleships made way as the vortex outside his body circulated. In fact, even Wang Baole’s self-destructing battleships showed obvious signs of being suppressed!

Such was the power of a Spirit Immortal!

And it hadn’t ended yet. As the Black Rift Legion commander appeared, he raised his foot and stepped towards Wang Baole.

The moment his foot landed, the vortex outside his body neared Wang Baole. It was so fast that it seemed to ignore the confines of space. Afterwards, he raised his right hand and grabbed towards Wang Baole’s neck!

“Now do you know what right I have?” While his words were still echoing in the surroundings, the Black Rift Legion commander’s right hand had already appeared in front of Wang Baole and was about to grab onto his neck. But at that moment, a cold glint suddenly appeared in Wang Baole’s eyes as the Thearch Armor covered his entire body. In the next moment, while his False Immortal cultivation spread rapidly, he was also boosted by the Thearch Armor. This gave him the combat strength of an early-stage Spirit Immortal despite not being a Spirit Immortal.

It would take a very long time to describe all of this, but in reality, it all happened in the blink of an eye. In the next moment, Wang Bailey raised his right hand, clenched it, and threw a punch towards the Black Rift Legion commander’s right hand!

This punch gathered all of the power of his cultivation and the Thearch Armor. As the power was unleashed, the cosmos immediately warped. Disturbances spread in a boundless area, and the aura on his body also exploded forth. It also formed a vortex and suppressed the surroundings. Looking from afar, it actually seemed evenly matched with the Black Rift Legion commander’s aura!

This made the Black Rift Legion commander’s expression change. But the two of them were already too close to each other, and it was too late for him to retreat. In the next moment… their fists collided together.

As the fists collided, a wave of physically visible disturbance exploded forth from the two of them. Wang Baole’s whole body trembled as he retreated a few steps back and stepped onto the Dharmic Battleship beneath his feet. The Dharmic Battleship trembled and absorbed most of the impact. As for the Black Rift Legion commander, his body also trembled. Because he had nothing behind him to absorb the impact, he flew back thousands of feet before stopping. He raised his head and stared daggers at Wang Baole. At that moment, his eyes were extremely red.

At the same time, the disturbances formed when they collided were already spreading rapidly towards the surroundings. All battleships in every direction flew backward instantly. In fact, some couldn’t take the impact and exploded.

As for the Black Rift Legion cultivators, they all retreated in a panic and were in a sorry state. Many of them spat blood while wearing expressions of shock. But those who found it most incredulous were the three False Immortals, including the former Ink Dragon Legion commander. Their bodies also retreated uncontrollably. They all seemed like they had seen a ghost. That was especially so for the former Ink Dragon Legion commander, who shouted out in shock.

“Spirit Immortal? Impossible!”

Ignoring the chaos in the surroundings and not looking at the former Ink Dragon Legion commander’s expression, Wang Baole coughed. After taking care of the cultivation rolling around in his body, his gaze landed on the Black Rift Legion commander, who had an extremely ugly expression.

“Sorry, but I still don’t know. What right do you have?”

At that moment, the killing intent in the Black Rift Legion commander’s eyes was extremely intense. He raised his right hand and grabbed in the direction of his Dharmic Battleship leopard while growling.

“Dharmic Battleship, return!”

As his words spread, the black leopard raised its head and growled while its body charged out, becoming a seemingly endless amount of black light. Instantly, it neared the Black Rift Legion commander. After covering his body, it became a ferocious armor, making the Black Rift Legion commander look equally as ferocious at that moment. His aura also increased, reaching the peak of the early-stage Spirit Immortal Realm. His body also became a ray of black light with a flick. It charged towards Wang Baole again, seeming as though it could cut through the cosmos!

“I also have a Dharmic battleship!” Wang Baole laughed loudly as he leaped forward. Instantly, the locust Dharmic Battleship beneath his feet became countless rays of light shooting towards him. Using the Thearch Armor as a vessel, it fused immediately and formed… the Emperor Armor!

As the power of Red Crystals within the Emperor Armor circulated, a wave of Spirit Immortal disturbance exploded forth from Wang Baole’s body, making him travel even faster. In the next moment, he collided with the Black Rift Legion commander in the cosmos and threw a punch again!

Rumbles exploded forth with a power more powerful than before. This time, they spread towards a wider area, and the disturbances could be felt from very far away.

As the disturbances rumbled, Wang Baole’s advantage in combat strength was in full display. Despite having a Dharmic Battleship, the Black Rift Legion commander actually kept retreating under Wang Baole’s ferocious attacks!

This scene made all of the surrounding Black Rift Legion cultivators shudder in fear. They dared not believe what they were seeing. That was especially so after the Black Rift Legion commander was sent flying thousands of feet away as Wang Baole growled, and his right hand Divine Armament landed!

“Long Nanzi, you tricked me. You acted like you’re a Soul Conduit when you’re actually a Spirit Immortal. You…” The Black Rift Legion commander growled angrily, but he didn’t finish his sentence and was cut off by Wang Baole.

“Your battleship army is weaker than mine, you’re less handsome than me, your combat strength isn’t as strong as mine, and you’re not as rich as me. Black Rift, what right do you have to blackmail me?

“I stole your army’s secrets? You dare bully me because you have the upper hand in terms of numbers? You think you can handle me just because you have a high cultivation level?”

“I can’t kill you!” Wang Baole unleashed all of his power as he stood there like a deity. As he growled, he flicked his body. As the surrounding crowd watched in shock, he charged towards the Black Rift Legion commander, who was also extremely shocked, still in disbelief, and who was feeling extremely indignant and frenzied!

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