Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1402 - The Mountain God

Chapter 1402 The Mountain God

Translated by Jim

Edited by RED

By the time the one hundred and eighty Magic Circles were created, the faith in Doff’s kingdom was already growing thin.

But Abel did not care as he focused on the body of the Mountain Gods.

The one hundred and eighty Magic Circles turned into a single large one. It was what destroyed the soul of gods, but there was not a name for it.

It had been forbidden since the era of gods began, but the funny thing was that many gods knew very well how to use it.

“Up!” Abel lowered his voice.

Soon, the body of the Mountain God rose up, and arrived at the centre of the Circle.

The Magic Circles had formed a Pentagram, but one that looked different from normal


According to the Goddess of the Moon, this Magic Circle also needed the support of six divine servants.

Thus under Abel’s command, God Rank no.1, God Rank no.2, and God Rank no.3, God Rank no.4, Doff’s second body, and the angel body stood around the Magic Circle on each point of the pentagram.

Abel gave the order, and the Summons unleashed their Power of the Will towards the God of the Mountain in the centre all at once.

Abel himself was also busy. He reached out with the Dark Gold Dimension Force from his soul and formed a net around the circle.

The gaps within the Dimension Force were so tiny the godhead could not escape.

He had tried this before, so he was confident of the result. Dimension Force was the worst enemy of godheads, as it could perfectly destroy the future of gods.

After all, dimension force was top level energy, and even godheads could only utilise a tiny bit to create a passage. There was no way the Mountain God could go against a large net of it, especially a Dark Gold one.

Once everything was set, Abel gave the order, and a golden layer emerged from the bottom of the Magic Circle.

Seeing that gold colour, Abel couldn’t help but look through his notes again to be sure.

Indeed, a glowing layer should emerge after the six divine servants unleashed their Power of the Will.

The colour of that layer would be determined by the rank of the servants, but Abel had not been expecting his God Rank Summons to form a gold layer. After all, it was highly unlikely that six God Ranks would contribute at once, considering how taboo this operation was.

According to the notes, the soul would be weakened each time the glow scanned the holy body. This process would normally take a while, but considering Abel’s layer was gold in colour, a single pass should do the trick!

The golden glow started to scan the Mountain God from his feet and slowly moved up.

The Mountain God instinctively began to struggle, but the God-Binding Chain on him was restricting his movements.

As the golden layer moved up, the struggles turned into small twitches and finally stopped. Abel leaned forward. What happened was very strange. Even though the Mountain Gods above was still struggling, the places where that golden layer had touched had immediately turned lifeless.

“The Goddess of the Moon really knows her stuff!” Abel let out a breath of relief. He knew the Goddess of the Moon would not trick him, but resurrecting four gods was still a huge thing.

He took a big risk to get them, and he might not be able to get any more.

All the God Ranks around had learned their lesson after so many of them were killed by Abel, so it would be much harder. The God Ranks had always believed they were immortals, which led to a strong sense of arrogance, but what had happened had made them much more careful in their actions.

The Mountain God suddenly opened his eyes and roared in fury, “I Curse you!”

At that moment, the final bit of his soul turned into a black holy text and hurtled towards Abel.

For a powerful god, dying in such humility would not be tolerated, even if their godhead could escape successfully. This attack would take the life of any half-god easily, especially considering how hard it was to stop a Curse.

But it did not threaten Abel, because he had a layer of Dimension Force separating him from the Mountain God.

As the black holy text slammed into the dimension force, a furious roar emerged with a furious yet pitiful face.

S roa ren

Just like that, the Mountain God’s final attack had failed, without even leaving a scratch on Abel.

After all, they were in Doff’s Kingdom, and any other god’s energy would be suppressed. Unless the Mountain God’s body was many times more powerful, there was nothing he could do.

By this point, the Mountain God was extremely weak, but even in his prime he was only a tiny bit more powerful than Doff. On the other hand, Doff’s Kingdom had merged with the Fire God and the Mountain God’s original kingdom, which had made him more powerful by conquest.

Since the Mountain God gave up his last bit of soul to make an attack, the golden layer quickly reached the top of his body. It was also at that moment that his body became unstable and Faith began to sift out.

The godhead instinctively planned for the worse and formed a dimensional passage to escape. Abel did not care, as he knew there was no way it could flee.

Instead, he turned to the body with Faith leaking out. This was not what he wanted, but at the same time, he didn’t have the guts to enter his Dimension Force net, even in Doff’s kingdom.

If he made even a tiny slit, the godhead might escape!

But still, he had a back-up plan. He gave an order, and his angel body stepped forward with a Soul Potion. With a twist of the cap, it was poured into the Mountain God’s mouth.

The Soul Potion immediately turned into a special energy and formed a new little soul in the holy body.

Abel had his Power of the Will prepared, and he immediately sent out a contract to that weak little soul. Since he was the creator of that soul, it was basically impossible for it to reject the contract in its weak state.

Meanwhile, a nail-size godhead appeared inside the golden net. It had lost its only chance of escaping, and Abel immediately grabbed it with his Power of the Will and retracted his Dark Gold Dimension Force.

The soul contract was completed, but the soul was still extremely weak. The powerful holy body could crush it at any moment, so Abel arrived next to the Mountain God’s holy body with his angel body on the other side.

The angel body poured another soul potion in, and the soul began to strengthen.

It was at that moment that Abel sensed the godhead being attracted by the Mountain God’s holy body. Maybe it thought its original soul was still alive, and so it desired to return.

Sincea godhead could only react out of instinct, it was really easy to trick!

The godhead had inherited all capabilities of the Mountain God and a tiny bit of soul that reacted out of instinct. Since the Mountain God’s body was recovering, of course it wanted to go back!

Abel hesitated, but a holy body without a godhead couldn’t really do much. At most, it would be one of those pseudo-God Ranks.

Finally, he decided to let the godhead go, and it returned to the Mountain God’s forehead.

The godhead silently entered the Mountain God, just like it was a part of Abel.

Abel immediately examined the soul contract he had just signed and was connected to the Mountain God’s soul.

The first thing he saw was a battle between the tiny bit of soul in the Mountain God’s godhead and the newly formed soul in the holy body. They were not the same soul at the end of the day, so one of them had to go!

The winner was soon decided, as the new soul continued to get support from soul potions. It swallowed up the Mountain God’s original bit of soul in the godhead and finally the Mountain God regained his holy power.

Three holy abilities were automatically mastered: ‘Lightning Hammer’, ‘Strong Armour’, and ‘Fire Control’.

The ‘Lightning Hammer’ was a lightning holy spell. It could be used either as a single attack or a mass attack.

The ‘Strong Armour’ was a dwarf-style armour formed by holy force; its strength was determined by the amount of holy force applied.

Finally, ‘Fire Control’ was the control of fire through holy force. It was not for attacks, but was made for forging. “Fighting abilities!” Abel felt his heart lift. He had learned more about gods, and he knew a god would be a God of Battle even if it had even one fighting ability.

Gods of Battle were the most powerful gods of the War of Gods, and the Mountain God had TWO fighting abilities, one for attack and one for defence. Perfect!

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