Abe the Wizard

Chapter 26 - Second Visit to the Boutique Shop

Chapter 26: Second Visit to the Boutique Shop

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Because Master Bentham and The Knight of Marshall had businesses to discuss together, the Knight of Marshall had arranged it so that he would come to the council to pick up them up back to the castle after two hours. In the meantime, Abel sat on his carriage and went off towards Edmond’s boutique shop.

When Abel entered Edmond’s boutique shop, Yvette was nowhere near in sight, so Abel went towards the counter and asked the male assistant “I’m looking for Ms. Yvette, have you seen her?”

Since Master Bentham had just dropped off Abel in Harvest City directly coming from the blacksmith shop, Abel was still wearing grey cotton overalls. It was stained with traces of burnt fabric and sparks from the master blacksmith examination. Alongside with Abel’s young age, he looked as if he was just another normal civilian.

Surprisingly, the male shop assistant did not discriminate against Abel since he saw that Abel had arrived on a horse carriage. No matter how Abel looked or who he may be, the shop assistant knew that anyone who arrives on a horse carriage was probably someone who he couldn’t afford to offend, else he could risk losing his job. Therefore, the shop assistant politely assisted Abel to wait at the chairs in the reception hall. Before the waiter left, he gave Abel a cup of coffee then promptly went upstairs to find Yvette.

Suddenly, a shrill voice came out from somewhere.

“Who do you think you are? How could a peasant like you sit down at a boutique shop? Are you here for the free coffee, is that it?”

Abel looked around hesitantly for a few moments before finding out that it was himself who was being called a peasant. Abel had already accustomed to his identity in this world. Ever since he came here, no one has ever made such an insult to him. He looked at the man with a frown on his face and spoke to the man directly.

The man who called Abel a peasant was a skinny thirty years old man with a face as dry as the desert. He was wearing a black dress like a stick in his body with a posture like a bent shrimp.

“Are you talking about me? Abel questioned the man in an unimpressed and dissatisfied tone.

“Nice try, in pretending to be someone you will never be,” The man then glanced over towards Abel. He then laughed at Abel as he saw the Blacksmith medal that he, not even once, had seen in his whole life.

“If you’re going to bring a blacksmith medal. At least bring one that looks real, not some shady fake pieces like these! Guards, get this guy out of here,” The man said with a mocking tone.

“Sir, please exit the store.” Said the two guards as they approached Abel.

“If Edmond’s boutique shop doesn’t give me what I’m looking for, I will forward this matter to the Noble tribunal for my rights and authority to be here,” said Abel as he took out a white unicorn coat of arms from one of the pockets. He immediately displayed it in front of the guards.

When the two guards saw the coat of arms from Abel’s hand, they frantically ran away in panic. The man who doubted Abel suddenly became pale and shocked.

No one in this world dared to fake the coat of arms. This was because that faking the coat of arms was a sin and it would often lead to a death penalty. Moreover, the coat of arms represented the status of a noble. Only the noble and his successors would have had the rights and eligibility to use their family coat of arms.

The noble arbitration court was built to protect the noble’s rights. When the noble’s dignity was violated, the noble arbitration court would step in and defend the noble’s legitimate rights. This may sound a civilized thing to do, but the noble arbitration court and their course of action were extremely cruel. According to past events, every time a noble arbitral tribunal was dispatched, for violating and insulting the dignity of these high-classed noble, someone was bound to be burned to death.

“What’s the matter? Yvette hurried down the stairs at a brisk pace and saw the situation and what was happening. When two guards saw her, they slowly walked back with their body shrinking backward.

Yvette quickly glanced over and saw Abel’s clothes. She quickly realized the situation and she spoke apologetically, “Hello, I apologies on behalf of Edmond’s auction house for all the inconvenience caused to you.”

At the same moment, Yvette’s eyes froze as she witnessed the medal on Abel’s chest. “Are you a Master Abel? The 36th blacksmith to passed the blacksmith master rating?” said Yvette with an astonished and shocked tone.

“Ms. Yvette, you are correct, I am Abel. I didn’t realize that the news would go around so fast.” Abel lamented on how fast the new has spread. Rumors were just as widespread as it was on earth.

“Master Abel, we have just received word from headquarters that you have passed the assessment at the Harvest City Blacksmith Guild. Headquarters has specifically requested that our division follow closely onto you.” Yvette then quickly glanced over to the man who doubted Abe, and followed up with an apology to Abel, “Our boutique shop will give you an account of your injustice.”

When the tall and thin man heard what Yvette had said, he suddenly became paralyzed on the ground. These words from Yvette’s had sealed his fate. But at the same time, he knew how insignificant his fate is in the eyes of others

Abel had a special intention when he wore his blacksmith master medal to Edmond’s boutique shop. This was because he wanted to auctions his Sword of thousand skills, and also a deluxe version of a Fire Magical Sword of hundred skills at Edmond’s boutique shop in this identity. By doing so, not only it was easier to sell the swords, but it could also attract more publicity to this auction. Therefore maximizing the value of these weapons.

“Ms. Yvette, I’ve brought some of the forged weapons that I’ve made, and I’d like Edmond’s boutique shop to help me put it up for auction.”

When Yvette heard what Abel had said, her eyes lit up and suddenly shined. This was a wonderful opportunity for her to be putting up the newly titled master blacksmith’s weapons for sale at Edmond’s auction house. As Yvette was in charge of this matter, this could well be an immense achievement for her and it would boost her future career and promotion tremendously.

“Thank you for your trust in Edmond’s boutique shop and we will sell your work at the highest standards within our auction.” “Said Yvette excitedly.

Abel made a preposition. “On one condition only, these weapons will not be auctioned at Harvest City.”

At first, Yvette was confused by Abel’s preposition, but then she immediately understood his reasonings. This was because there was a new weapon shop called Harry’s Weapon shop in the same town, and Abel’s last name was Harry as well. Therefore Abel must not want people to misunderstood that all the weapons in that store were also owned by his family.

“No problem, Master Abel.” To Yvette, It didn’t matter where she sold the weapons, as long as she was in charge of the selling, she would’ve been able to take all the credits regardlessly.

As the guards unloaded some of the weapons from Abel’s carriage at the front door. Abel pointed to the seven swords of thousand skills and said: “These are just the weapons I made during my training, they are just ordinary weapons of hundred skills.” He then pointed towards the deluxe version of fire magical sword and said: “This variant was made with the use of dwarf technology, after some decorations, I named it the ‘Deluxe version of fire magic sword of thousand skills ‘”.

“Wait, Is this a magical weapon?”

Of course, Yvette had heard of magical weapons before. That being said, though, they were classified as extremely rare and high-end weapons. Even the headquarters of the Edmond boutique store could rarely see one.

Curiously, Yvette drew the large sword from its sheath, but the sword was too heavy for a lady. So she held the large sword with both her hands and attempted to place it on the counter for a closer inspection. Suddenly Abel’s heart skipped a beat as he what Yvette was about to do, he quickly shouted; “Be careful!”

But it was too late, the fire magical sword had slipped from Yvette’s hand. The moment that the body of the sword touched the floor, a red light flashed from the body of the sword. “Dong” the sword had hit the ground. In that split second the area where the sword was dropped had become fully blacken, and the atmosphere of the boutique shop was filled with a burnt smell.

Abel quickly picked up the sword from the ground and placed it back into the sheath, Yvette was in complete shock and frightened by what had just happened. The sword would have put a huge hole on the counter if it was directly placed there. Let alone thinking of the consequences burning down such an expensive counter, Yvette could not help but pat herself on the chest. At the same time, she had now truely experienced how terrifying the fire magical power of this sword was. She couldn’t imagine what would be the consequence if this sword was used to attack people.

“Master Abel, I will only charge a commission of two percent of the total value of your weapons.” This was the lowest commission that Yvette could’ve offered to anyone, and she offered it to Abel for thanking him earlier for his warning.

“Thank you, Ms. Yvette.” Abel had understood all the details and procedures of the auction, and thankful for Yvette’s kind intentions.

Then, Yvette signed the contact with Abel. Therefore, the 7 swords of hundred skills and the deluxe version of a fire magic sword of hundred skills were left at Edmond’s boutique shop for auction.

Afterward, Abel went to Harry’s weapons shop and handed 2 more swords of hundred skill to the manager. The manager did not ask any questions as he was an experienced businessman.

Seeing that the two hours were already up, Abel called the driver and headed back to the blacksmith shop to pick up Master Bentham and go back to the castle.

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