Abe the Wizard

Chapter 30 - Simon the Worgen

Chapter 30: Simon the Worgen

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Not far from where the gigantic bear trap was placed, Abel spotted even more bloodstains on the ground. As he resumed his search following the directions of the blood trails, he suddenly stumbled across another spot of bloodstains which wasn’t too far from the original directions that he had come from.

Abel continued to follow the blood trail. From the looks of it, the prey didn’t seem to be injured badly. It was probably just a leg. However, as he continued, he thought that maybe the wound on the prey’s leg might be quite serious since it bled continuously.

Abel’s hunting instinct and experience in his previous life had taught him that when prey was injured, they instinctively sought the most secure and safe place for themselves to recover from the injury. This would probably be the case with this prey as well.

After following the blood trail for around thirty minutes, Abel suddenly saw lights from a fire in front of him. Abel felt confused and found it strange. Humans would never have survived or habited in a place like this.

As he slowly approached the fire, Abel saw in the distance, a creature that he had never seen before treating its’ own leg wounds. The creature had a head that looked like a wolf, two canine teeth protruding from the outside, alongside with a body that resembled a human. However, it had a slightly more curved back with a height of around a little over two meters.

Next to the creature was a huge mysterious wolf resting on the ground. The belly of the wolf seemed to be so large that it looked as if it was pregnant…

Abel was now certain that the creature in front of him was the Wolf Troopers, that attacked the village that he saw earlier, and the wolf that was resting near it must be the legendary mount wolf.

Once again, Simon was out of luck… He hid in the jungle, away from the humans. Every day, he hunted for food to keep himself and the mount wolf well fed.

One day, he went out to hunt just like any other ordinary days, he had already familiarised himself with the environment during these days, therefore he had lowered his awareness when moving around the forest… It was an everyday routine for him.

During his hunt, he went onto a route that he was extremely familiar with, it was the route that he had took many times and it was the safest road to him. But suddenly, he stepped on something strange, it looked to be two giant elephant’s teeth that clamped through his legs. The pain that he suffered when he stepped onto the trap made him furious. It was so painful that he screamed repeatedly… He didn’t know what it was, but he was certain that it belonged to the humans.

After a while, he realized that even though the trap looked scary, it wasn’t particularly painful, and it only injured him a tiny bit. It didn’t even break the bones of his leg, it was just a sharp serrated tooth that tore his skins with the muscle of his lower legs. Most importantly, the trap was easy to break, too. All he did was to gather up all his strength and pry it open with his hands.

However, his injured legs still needed to be treated. All the precious medical supplies were left back in his camp. Therefore all he could now was to limp back slowly to his camp, so that he could treat his wound.

As Simon treated his wound, he thought to himself… There have been sightings of humans around this area, and it was no longer safe to stay here. It looked like they may have to move to another area. With Simon’s mount wolf Black Wind having to give birth in these upcoming few days, the best time to move away would be tomorrow. To Simon, the quicker they moved, the better. With the birth of a small mount wolf, they will lose all their mobility…

All of a sudden, Simon’s nose picked up a different scent in the air. It was the scent of humans, Simon then ferociously stood up with a worried facial expression on his face and looked around carefully to scan for any danger.

Abel observed with extreme caution as the wargon got up and peeked around. Suddenly, Abel realized the wargon must have sensed his presence from a distance.

As a wargon, Simon had an extremely strong and terrifying sense of smell. The moment he picked up the scent of Abel, Simon knew that this human was the one who injured him. These inferior humans would need to use such despicable methods to injure him. He was ready to do anything he could to find the bastard who did this and wipe him out the surface of the Earth.

When Abel realized that he was spotted by the wargon, the wargon was already dashing directly towards his direction from afar. At that moment, Abel knew he was in big trouble. From the vigorous look of this wargon, it at least possessed the fighting ability of a novice knight, which to say this wolf rider was at least level 6

While Abel was only a rank five Novice Knight, he was only one rank away from being in rank six. However, the probation between knights that were level 1 to 5 only had one combat qi force. The power of the force was determined through level-based, Level 1 being the weakest while level 5 being the strongest. However, their combat qi was only available to fire once at a time, since novice knights did not have a core to generation more combat qi. Therefore, once they used up all their qi in their meridian, it would require at least a few days for them to recover before using it again.

The combat qi was like an amplifier for power. If a professional could produce around 500 pounds of force, his combat qi would be capable of doubling that power to a thousand pounds. For level 6 professional, they can use the Combat Qi multiple times, thus multiplying their attacking strength. However, level 5, or below only has one shot to double their strength. Therefore, their difference in strength could not be matched no matter how good the weapons and accessories are.

If Abel used his large sword against Simon the wargon, the only outcome would be that Abel being excluded by the force of the sword. While Simon only slowed down a bit by the ice magic of the sword.

When Abel thought about it, he suddenly had an idea. He wasn’t going to fight the wargon. Since he saw the injury on the wargon’s legs, maybe he could have a chance to escape.

When Simon saw that the man, not only was he unwilling to engage in combat but was turning around and running away, he thought to himself, “What a coward that human was”.

With little regard to his injury, Simon began to make a chase after Abel.

Originally, Abel thought that since the wargon’s leg was injured, he surely would’ve run faster than the wargon. However, the wagon was still the fastest predator in the Holy continent. Ever since Simon began to chase after Abel, he had been catching up closer and closer to his speed at every second.

Abel estimated his current distance to the wargon. If he used the exploding sword with a three-second wait time, he could cause severe damage, or even kill the wargon. However, with all these forests nearby, with the speed of the wagon, it could use these trees as cover and dodge the majority blast.

The exploding sword only had one attack, the best chance for Abel would’ve been when the wargon was unprepared for his attack. However, if the first attempt was unsuccessful, the second attempt would be even less likely to succeed as the wargon would’ve raised his awareness.

Abel took out a crossbow, which was already loaded with an arrow. He immediately looked back and aimed at the head of the wargon and fired. The wargon had extremely precise reaction time, he instantly dodged the arrow. The wargon was now even closer, Abel realized he didn’t have any time left to reload his crossbow, so he made a quick decision. Abel threw his crossbow directly at the wargon who was rapidly catching up to him. The wargon’s paws caught the crossbow in the air and within seconds, and the crossbow became a pile of trash on the ground. With not much time left, Abel lastly took out the crossbow made by the dwarf. However, he only got the chance to fired it once before it became useless again.

With no more ranged weapons equipped with Abel. The only option now was to use the trees to distance himself from the wargon. Abel kept changing directions, by doing so, he could slowly keep his current distance against the wargon.

As Abel sprinted, Abel quickly caught a glimpse of a familiar sign with the corner of his eyes. He realized that It was the trap he had set earlier…

Simon became more and more frantic. The blood of the Orcs seemed to boil within him. He gave a great shout, and his muscles were immediately all ferociously tensed. It even transformed him from 2 meters large into 2.5 meters.

Simon’s speed seemed to change significantly too, Abel suddenly felt the wargon’s breathing behind him. When he looked at the sign again, he was already at his trap that he set earlier, he lunged forward as he held his ground between the two traps that were placed on the ground. The front hand of the trap flipped, which turned over the second trap. This allowed Abel to escape the attack from the wargon claw from behind.

The wargon screamed with a cry of “OW ~~”, Simon’s legs were caught again. As he ran, the chain of the gigantic trap was tied to the tree pole at one end, and the strong pulling force caused Simon to fall onto the ground.

Abel saw the wargon lying down on the ground, and before the wargon’s hand could pull open the clamp, Abel had pulled out an exploding sword from the horadric cube. Before the white light flashing in the explosion of the sword, Abel was already on the ground taking cover and the light shield at the waist was tilted in front of him to protect him from the explosion.

Simon saw a bright, shining white sword flying towards him. It was not moving very fast, which surprised him. But at the same time, an instinctive sense of fear arose from the depths of his body.

Then immediately the sword exploded, there was a loud bang, and Abel’s shield jingled in front of him. When everything became quiet, he stood up and the trapped wargon was covered in blood. Particularly in the middle of its fear-filled eyes, a hole was gushing out blood, A piece of debris had directly struck the wagon on its head.

Abel approached the wargon. The wargon, who was 2.5 meters in shape, had transformed back to 2 meters upon its’ death. Due to the transformation of the wargon earlier, the clothes made from the fur on its’ body have broken open and something was protruding outside.

As Abel took out that something from the blood-smeared wargon. It was a sheepskin paper. On the paper was some kind of Orc’s text with a map and some strange piece of branding. On the brand was carved with a long-curved horn and a lion’s face. The lion looked to have more developed muscles of the body than a normal human, along with sharp claws on its hand followed by a pair of toe shoes. The lion was the god of the Orcs. As Abel investigated further, he found that at the bottom of the brand, there was a star.

If there were orcs here, they would’ve known the importance of this sign. These were special Orc ability skill cards. Each sign was sealed with a powerful ability. Because most of the orcs had no written language, the Orc gods used this method to preserve these skills, and the Orcs learned their skills through these signs.

The sign that Abel found had another star, this meant there’s still another opportunity the special to learn the special Orc ability. Even though It was not known where Simon had gotten the special Orc sign, but the rarity of this orc sign was beyond doubt even for ordinary Orcs.

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