Abe the Wizard

Chapter 319 - The Soul Beast Along The Way

Chapter 319 The Soul Beast Along The Way

They had set out for 2 hours by this point. Suddenly, Lady Carrie lifted up her hand up the front, and all 4 ladies and Abel stopped with their mount.

“I sense danger. Jenny, you go have a look!” Said Lady Carrie.

Lady Jenny arrived at the side of the tree and placed her hand onto it. She closed her eyes and began their communication. There wasn’t any wind, but somehow leaves on the tree began to dance and make shaky sounds.

“We had entered a powerful soul beast’s territory!” Jenny reopened her eyes and said.

“Oh no, did we get lost?” Said Lady Carrie as she took out a piece of the map to confirm. Afterward, she followed, “No we didn’t get lost. Maybe this soul beast is new here!”

By this point, Abel realized why Lady Carrie took so many detours when she was leading. She was trying to avoid soul beast territory.

“Jenny, can you confirm what kind of soul beast it is?” Lady Carrie asked.

“Carrie, this big tree is not old enough so it can not tell!” Lady Jenny said, shaking her head.

“If we turn left, we will run into an intermediate flaming tail tiger. If we turn right, we will run into an intermediate flaming shadow beast. If we continue, we will run into some unknown beast. Let’s do things the old way, Vote!” Said Lady Carrie holding the map up.

Abel began to use his druid soul to communicate with the big trees around the. After he gathered all the information, he concluded that this beast up front was a poisonous intermediate soul beast, and it could unleash attacks that targeted the soul.

Other than Abel, everyone around knew exactly how powerful those 2 intermediate soul beasts around them were. It would be a disaster to battle with a soul beast with fire attributes in the forest, so all the ladies almost immediately pointed forward as soon as Lady Carrie’s words landed.

“I sense this path is very dangerous. It’s best if we can change a path!” Said Abel. Poison creatures are the scariest and annoying out of the bunch. Even if you could win the battle, one strike by them could bring you a lot of trouble.

“Bennett, I know you have a powerful sense, but this is the forest. Every druid also has a powerful sense here, so democracy is always the best choice!” Said Lady Carrie. Although she knew Abel was a commander and she knew how powerful their senses were, she didn’t believe it was more powerful than Druids in the forest.

Abel didn’t want to argue, as he just took out the Jade Tan Do from his portal bag and held it in his right hand, and the Pelta Lunata in his left. The Jade Tan Do’s +0 maximum poison resistance and the +95% counter poison attribute made him a little more confident about the unknown.

In regards to fighting a soul beast with spell attacks, he could be less worried about using those Dark Gold Weapons from the Dark World. Meanwhile, even though Lady Carrie had disregarded him, she still carefully sent out her 5 ravens to have a look first.

The Lawland Squad and Abel closely followed behind carefully, as the tension in the forest got tighter and tighter. By this point, all the ladies realized they were about to face an intermediate soul beast, and its powerful senses suggested it was as strong as the other 2 soul beasts they avoided.

Suddenly, a Raven let out a screech of agony. Since this raven belonged to Lady Carrie, she quickly closed her eyes and sensed how it was doing

As an intermediate druid, Lady Carrie could share part of her raven’s feeling from a long distance. A shocked look emerged from her face. Ravens were simultaneously the weakest and the most resilient summon.

Those ravens were so weak. They couldn’t do any damage to anything other than normal beasts, let alone a soul beast. All they could do was to distract it.

However, they were also a Druid’s most resilient summon since they were basically immortal and could avoid almost all attacks. They also had the ability to make the enemy blind by picking the enemy’s eyeball with their sharp beak.

It was very rare that they would screech in agony and could not retrieve from a summon, which made Lady Carrie and Ladies very anxious about the beast they were about to face.

When Lady Muriel saw that Lady Carrie was frowning for a long time, she couldn’t help but ask, “What happened, Carrie?”

Even Lady Carrie herself was not certain what had happened to it, so she just commanded, “My raven is locked, it seemed like it was caught by something. Everyone, get ready to fight!”

“Let’s go!” Lady Muriel jumped off her dire wolf, retrieved the dire wolf back to her Monster Portal Bag, and summoned 5 spirit wolves.

“The Lawland Squad is not afraid of any soul beast!” Said the childish-looking Lady Morrie waving her fist around, as she summoned her spirit wolves as well.

Afterward, Lady Jenny and Lady Marian also retrieved their dire wolves, and 10 more spirit wolves dashed out.

Unlike the others, Lady Carrie did not retrieve her dire wolf. Instead, she summoned 2 more dire wolves out. Her dire wolves were not summoned by magic equipment since her ‘dire Wolf Summon’ had already reached the top rank, she could easily summon 3 dire wolves.

The 2 new dire wolves quickly surrounded the ladies to protect them. He wasn’t sure if Lady Carrie did this intentionally, but there was a space left out in front for Abel

Abel shook his head, but he couldn’t complain. As a commander with 2 dark gold equipment, he deserved to be upfront.

He first summoned his 5 spirit wolves from his monster portal bag, which included 4 energetic one, and 1 slightly nervous-looking one.

“Bennett, haven’t you trained your spirit wolves?” said Lady Marian pointing at that slightly nervous one.

Lady Carrie was very confused as well. She knew Abel had taken those 5 spirit wolves from druid Marlon, and this nervous one looked like it had just been summoned. Summons wouldn’t die easily, and Abel always just stayed in the city. He almost didn’t join any battle at all. Even if a summon was badly injured, it would go first into critical condition. It would only die if it hadn’t been retrieved back to the monster portal bag 5 minutes after that.

Upon seeing Lady Carrie’s amusing look, Abel touched his head and said in an embarrassed tone, “I’ve been very interested in spirit wolves lately, and I’ve killed one by mistake during an experiment!”

Of course, this was just an excuse, no way he would tell them about his spirit guardian knights.

“Master Alchemist’s are so scary!” Lady Morrie looked at Abel with her big round eyes as though as she was seeing a cannibal monster. Maybe her little brain was imagining Abel slowly cutting up a spirit wolf with a knife, and laughing loudly while holding up its guts.

“Boo!” Abel said with a scary face. Lady Morrie was so scared, she screamed and immediately hid behind Lady Carrie. Afterward, all the other ladies started laughing

Although Lady Carrie didn’t really believe what Abel had said, she still warned him. “Bennett, your summons will treat you as a life and death partner if you interact with them using a kind heart. Even though they will not betray you, you guys might not work well together in a battle and that will impact a Druid’s ability to level up!”

What kind of experiment would kill a spirit wolf? Maybe not too many. Those things were half-dead creatures. They would not die even if you cut them with a knife. They would only be badly hurt at most.

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