Abe the Wizard

Chapter 917 - Captured

Chapter 917: Captured

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Under the suppression of big Druid Lendo and the nonstop work of the red cloak law enforcers, nobles, druids, and warriors were brought out without any hope of resisting.

Their difference in power was night and day. Although the Harmon family looked invincible on the surface, members of their family were thrown into the square like helpless children.

“Mr. Lendo, what did the Harmon family do to bring you here?” The Harmon Headmaster saw big druid Lendo, and his voice began to shake. The calmness on his face was completely gone. Instead, it was paperwhite.

“I know the Harmon Family is powerful, but you’ve attacked a Master Potion Makers. You guys really have guts!” Big Druid Lendo gaze around the druids and finally landed his gaze back at Headmaster Harmon as he lowered his voice.

“Mr. Lendo, there must be a mistake. We did not attack a master potion maker! We are innocent. Please investigate further!” Headmaster Harmon yelled. He was completely caught by surprise.

The most prestigious group in the elves was not nobles but the elite druids. If the Harmon family did not have so many connections, no way they could get so many elite druids to support them.

However, there was one occupation that demanded more respect than druids, and it was potion makers. Master potion maker was at the pinnacle of that.

“It was the Harmon family who’s hidden the information from the city spirit when Master Bennett’s mansion was attacked. The Queen will soon be the judge of that!” Brig Druid Lendo lowered his voice.

“Master Bennett, Bennett!” Head Master suddenly remembered why Marquis Angelo was banished from the position of a judge. The name Bennett was involved. Headmaster Harmon began to yell, “Angelo, you’ve destroyed the family!”

He looked at the elves being dragged out. Marquis Angelo was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, a body stood on a public teleportation circle with an identity card in his hand. It was Marquis Angelo, but his identity card said otherwise.

As an experienced politician, worries always lurked in the back of his mind. He resisted an alternate identity for this teleportation circle. It was the fastest way to leave Bay Law City.

The rumors about the Harmon family spread around. Marquis Angelo had already made her decision.

He packed up all his wealth and came to the public teleportation circle. He was a beginner druid, and he had the right to carry a small portal bag.

He stood on the teleportation circle. He had his eyes fixed on Bay Law City with the sentiment, he hustled all his life in this city, and he might never be able to come.

How his gaze soon turned into hatred. His revenge failed, and the hatred in his heart never stopped burning. Not the hatred for himself, but Master Bennett, the Lenny family, and even the Harmon family.

The Harmon family did not back him up. If not, he might not need to go hideout. He then shifted his hatred to Queen Luisa and finally Bay Law City.

The idea of holding himself accountable did not come across his mind. He was right all his life. All he did was kill some servants. He didn’t deserve to go in into hiding at all.

He gazed at Bay Law City one more time and mumbled. “I will be back. I will definitely be back!”

Afterward, his body flashed from the teleportation circle. Due to this different identity, the name Angelo was never recorded.


“Master Bennett, Ms. Poly, the Queen wants to see you!” The police Druid Hume sent out had returned with a shocked look on his face, and he bowed.

“Druid Hume, what happened?” Druid Poly asked, seeing the shock on Druid Hume’s face.

“All the elves in the Harmon Family were captured, and the law enforcers were talking to their Headmaster!” Druid Hume bowed again.

“Master Bennett seems like the potion maker union has shown its strength!” Druid Poly said. There could only be one explanation. The potion maker union had made a move.

“Druid Poly, let’s go to see the queen!” Abel knew he got what he wanted. He didn’t want to spend too much time on it anyway.

Abel and druid Poly jumped back on their mad wolves. The 5 druids did not get back to their flying mount. Instead, they also summoned their mad wolves and rode alongside Abel and druid Poly. It looks like they wanted to protect them, but they were actually just worried that something would happen.

“Master Bennett is here!” A guard announced as Abel was invited in. Afterward, Druid Polu and Abel stepped in.

“Master Bennett, I’ve heard about your famous name for a long time. Today I finally have the luck to see you!” Queen Luisa bowed with a smile.

“Your Majesty!” Abel bowed back.

He could sense powerful energy coming from the queen. It was the energy of a rank 20 druid, but at the same time, he sensed that she was only around 200 years old. A druid who could reach rank 20 in 200 years was definitely a genius.

Queen Luisa was also looking at Abel. She was stunned by Abel’s youthfulness. It seems like Master Bennett had become a master in just a few years of development.

She knew Abel was not an old elf, but she could only comprehend how young Abel was once they met. Abel was already a rank 18 druid at this age, which meant he was not only gifted at being a master alchemist, he was also a monster in training.

Druid Poly awkwardly gazed at Queen Luisa and then gazed back at Abel. It seemed like she knew about Abel’s past identity, but how come she never mentioned it?

Simultaneously, a strange look emerged on the face of big Druid Lendo behind the wall. Since all the features of the transformation necklace were unlocked by Grand Duke Edwina, it could perfectly hide one’s scent from an elite druid. But still, it could not escape the sense of a big druid.

Abel was wrapped in the goddess of the moon’s energy. Although Druid Lendo could not know Abel’s original identity, he was sure of one thing. Abel was not an elf.

He was confused. How come the goddess of the moon recognized Abel’s identity when he signed a contract with Druid Poly?

Therefore even though Big Druid Lendo knew Abel wasn’t an elf, he couldn’t say anything. If the goddess of the moon recognized Abel, then he was an elf.

“Druid Bennett, I’m very sorry the Harmon family caused you trouble. We will bring you the comprehension in a few days!” Queen Luisa bowed again.

“Thank you, majesty. I believe you will serve justice upon the land. I don’t care about my own comprehension. I just hope my murdered stewards and servant’s family can get their share!” Abel bowed as well.

“Of course, I will organize that!” Queen Luisa smiled and continued, “you shouldn’t live in your mansion anymore. I’ll grant you another mansion as comprehension!”

“Majesty, thank you!” Abel bowed again. He did not reject the queen. He knew the queen was trying to please him.

“Master Bennett, I heard you can make a potion with the ability to being an elf back to her youth. Can I have one?” The queen said in a slightly embarrassed tone.

At first, she didn’t want to raise this request since it would seem like she was only rewarding Abel if she got something in return.

But she just couldn’t help it looking at the face of Master Nolan. Getting a beauty potion earlier would make her very happy.

Abel was caught off guard. Although he was not surprised that Queen Luisa knew about the beauty potion, asking it directly was not good for her image.

He did not know how important a beauty potion was to the queen. She heard the news and saw the effect. She just couldn’t risk getting rejected by Abel if she sent another elf to ask for her.

“Majesty, of course. Here’s a bottle of beauty potion to show my gratitude!” Abel also wanted to form a good relationship with the queen since he would be staying with the elves for quite some time. Therefore, he took out a bottle of blue beauty potion and handed it to a guard standing by his side.

“Master Bennett, thank you for your generosity. If you have any requests in the future, feel free to ask!” The queen said, looking at the potion on the guard’s hand.

Abel knew the queen was yearning to use the beauty potion, so he bowed, “Majesty, I’ll be on my way now!”

“Steward, bring Master Bennett to his new mansion!” The queen said in command.

As Abel and Druid Poly stepped out of the palace, a female elf steward was waiting for them.

“Master Bennett, I am steward Hardy. Your carriage is ready. Let me bring you to your mansion!” Steward Hardy bowed.

The carriage that appeared in front of Abel was those silvery-white ones with delicate engraving unique to the royal family. It was glistening under the sunlight like a piece of art.

The carriage also came with a protection circle, and a Pegasus dragged it, so you could just guess how luxurious that carriage was.

The pegasus was a prestigious flying mount of the elves. With its beautiful physic and pure white feathers, it was the most beautiful flying mount in the Central Continent. For a species with a strong yearning for beauty, such as the elves, no wonder it was their favorite.

Abel did not know too much about Pegasus, but he could tell how precious they were looking at the excited look on Druid Poly’s face.

Steward Hardy bowed as Abel and Druid Poly stepped on the carriage. She then took a seat on the rim of the carriage. The coachman was a top-level half-elf warrior. With a gentle flick of the reins, the 4 Pegasus swiftly lifted their wings and speeded towards the sky.

It was only at this moment Abel realized the Pegasus was not just for show. This carriage really could fly.

“Master Bennett, this Coachman Loka. He will be your coachman from now on, and the queen said she would give you this carriage as a gift!” Steward Hardy said to Abel in the carriage.

“Please help me deliver my gratitude to the queen!” Abel smiled. Although he was not lacking in flying mounts with White Snow, White Cloud, and Flying Flame, he would not reject if the queen wanted to give him the best flying mount of the New Asia kingdom.

Unlike Abel, Druid Poly’s face was filled with surprise as though there was nothing she loved more in this world than this flying carriage.

Since they were in the kingdom’s city, the carriage was under a speed limit, and it only reached the destination after 10 minutes.

It was a pure white palace with 2 armored warrior elves as guards. The carriage did not stop at the gate. Instead, it directly landed inside.

The place was filled with the delicate architecture style of the elves. Extra attention was placed on both materials and craftsmanship.

There was a garden in front of the main building. Its eye-catching flora and fauna merged with the delicate statues with a fountain. The place was screaming luxury.

A pure white stone passage connected to the main building. Every stone was the exact same size, and they seamlessly merged with each other.

The main building had 2 stories. Its white color looked even purer under the sun.

“This place is beautiful!” Druid Poly couldn’t help but gasp.

Abel also nodded in satisfaction. He had many elf assets in the Holy Continent, and this place was quite decent even compared to an incomparable place such as the Orwell Palace.

A male steward in a suit stood in front of the main building with 5 elf servants and a group of top-level elf warriors standing by the side waiting for them.

Steward Hardy began to introduce each of them to Abel. They were personally picked by the queen, and the captain guard could help Abel take care of some unwanted business. At least something like the Marquis Angelo incident would not happen again.

Afterward, Steward Hardy left with a bow, leaving the Pegasus carriage and coachman Loka to Abel.

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