ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 011: A Buggy Nose

Yes, Lin Yuan was really very distraught.

Caesar's strength, Caesar's gaze, as well as his body's strong Alpha aura, caused Lin Yuan’s heart to inexplicably beat out of control. His blood seemed to have suddenly accelerated the speed of flow, his body even had a slight fever. His body's restlessness caused Lin Yuan to feel very uncomfortable.

After going to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water, Lin Yuan turned back to his bed, picked up the communication device and called his mother’s number.

A woman's nervous face soon appeared, Lin Mom anxiously asked: “God! Xiao Yuan! I saw on the news that the pearl was hijacked, are you all right?!”

Lin Yuan smiled: “Rest assured, Marshal Rosen arrived in time to save us!” He also rotated the communication device so that his mother could look at his bedroom, “I'm at school. The school dormitory is very good, and we live in a large apartment, everyone has a separate bedroom."

Mrs. Lin was relieved and said, “Having a separate bedroom is good.”

Lin Yao suddenly came over and said: “Xiao Yuan, your Hobby has vanished, I can't find it anywhere!”

Lin Yuan waved, Hobby quickly ran over, watching Lin sister's shocked face, Hobby proudly waved his claws toward her, as if in greeting.

Lin Yao: “…….”

Lin caught Hobby's waving claws, smiled and said: “Sister, it secretly hid in my box. I took it to school, you can relax."

Lin Yao looked complexly at Hobby, “Well, there it is. Take good care of yourself in school! If anyone bullies you, tell your old sister, I'll come beat them up!"

Lin Yuan laughed: “Rest assured, no one will bully me. Don't forget, I practiced Kung Fu."

Lin Yao thumbs up: “Awesome! Keep up that momentum, if anyone bullies you, don't hesitate to beat them directly!” Lin heard a ding, “My cake is done, I'll go look, you and mom talk!"

“Bye Sis.”

Lin Yao walked away, Mrs. Lin was silent a moment, then pretended to ask casually: “Xiao Yuan, what kind of people are your roommates? Have you seen any Alpha yet?”

Lin Yuan scratched his head and said: “My roommates ……. cough, they're the same as me, Beta……. They're nice."

Mrs. Lin was relieved, “And the medicine, you've been taking it right?”

Lin Yuan: “…….”

Oops! He'd completely forgotten to take them on the spacecraft!

It was no wonder, the pearl spacecraft was hijacked, in a life and death situation who would still remember a “good for the body" pill. And later on because Rosen Marshal appeared he'd gotten too excited, then along the way he was chatting with Snow, so the drug was completely forgotten.

Seeing his mother's dignified expression, Lin Yuan didn't want her worry, so he laughed and said: “Don't worry, I eat it every day."

Mrs. Lin said: “Well, be sure to remember, or your body will have problems!"

Lin Yuan said earnestly: “I know.”

After hanging up the call, Lin Yuan suddenly thought of his unusual reactions these days….is it related to the drug?

At the age of eight, he had such a weird heartbeat and his body also heat up. Today’s reaction was very similar to that time. Over the years he regularly got injections. Dr. Fornt had said his body had no serious illness, but it was special and had regular imbalance in the immune system, so he needed drugs to adjust.

Since this bottle of medicine was given to him by Dr. Fornt and his mother repeatedly told him to eat it every day, it was certainly the same regulation of the immune system medicine ……. right?

Lin Yuan would like to test this guess, so he immediately took out the bottle of medicine and ate a piece.

His body's agitation actually reduced a lot, and the heat filling his body was slowly pressed back. His breathing and heartbeat gradually became regular.

– Forgetting to take the medicine was really the reason.

It seems that these abnormal reactions were his own physical problems, it was not directly related to Caesar's Alpha aura. Lin Yuan was finally relieved. He calmed down, and carefully locked the bottle of medicine in the drawer.


When Brian finished his bath it was already seven o’clock, Caesar apparently also took a bath and was finishing his food in the cafeteria.

Caesar was away from home so Queen Anna was not at ease. Afraid he could not get used to things there, she gave him a lot of Cepheus's specialties. Fruit, barbecue, and snacks stuffed a full car that the Royal Guard sent all the way over.

In Caesar's mind, food was only a way to fill his stomach, as long as it wasn't unpalatable there was no need for it to be so extravagant.

However, Queen Anna sent it for him. As her son it wasn't a good idea to refuse, so he could only endure as the royal escort sent the food from Cepheus to Army star, and also watch as the captain of the guard team personally delivered it to his dorm room.

Caesar was impatient to finish the food, seeing Brian out of the bath, he pushed over a big box and said: "Your favorite five star fruit, take it."

Five Star fruit were the specialties in Cepheus's Starfield Star. It was a year-round spring planet that had many wild plants and fruits that can be eaten by humans, one of the most famous was the five-star fruit.

The shape of this fruit was like a five-pointed star, hence the name. Its shell was silvery white, in the moonlight it will emit a touch of fluorescence, and looked just like silver stars hanging on a tree. After stripping the hard shell, it had a sour and sweet taste that was popular with people.

Brian likes to eat it, after he saw the food filled cafeteria he could not help but exclaim: “The Queen is really too much, this is enough to eat for a year!"

He sat down on a stool and bluntly picked up a five-star fruit, peeled it and narrowed his eyes in enjoyment, he looked up at Caesar and said: “But of course she'd worry about you, who let you be her only Alpha son."

His Majesty and Queen Anna were very loving. They gave birth to a lot of royal descendants, but only Caesar was an Alpha, the others were all Omega. Caesar was the fourth prince, he had an Omega brother and two Omega sisters.

Caesar frowned. Brian couldn't help but gossip: “Yes, I heard that your Omega Wang Xiong has not been marked yet? What does His Majesty think ah, the big prince is already twenty-four right? You’re not going to get him a date yet?"

Caesar lightly glanced at him, “What, you want to hit him up?”

Brian immediately raised his hand to express his innocence: “No no no, the great prince is waaay too violent, I'm not a masochist I don't like abuse!” Brian paused, smiling he said, “I still like handsome and refined Omega, especially a cold and usually very serious person. They must give off a special feeling in that season!"

Brian’s voice faded when the door opened. A young man dragged in some luggage.

The man's skin was white, his slightly curled platinum hair hung by his ear. He had a pair of blue eyes like the washed sky after the rain, long and thick eyelashes gently covered in his eyelids. His white face looked particularly exquisite, but his expression was quite indifferent, revealing that he was hard to approach.

“…” Brian’s eyes brightened!

That’s him! A cold but gentle looking person, someone people couldn't help but want to bully!

Brian immediately stood up and walked in front of the boy. Smiling, he stretched out his hand, gently hugged his shoulder, and said: “Hello classmate, I'm your roommate, my name is Brian. I'm a freshman in the Military Engineering Department, I like to study about all kinds of smart mechs. What is your name? What is your department?"

“…….” The teenager looked at him coldly, “Let go.”


Brian did not have time to hear him when the boy suddenly clenched his fist, swing and a punch!

Bang, Brian was directly laid down.

Brian: “…”

Caesar: “…”

Lin Yuan who was opening his computer in his room, suddenly heard a burst of sound from the cafeteria, as if someone was in a fight? Lin doubtfully opened the door and saw Snow standing coldly, frowning, with a fist, and that handsome blonde boy, with a startled face, was climbing up from the ground.

The thick black rim of his eye proved everything.

“You ……. why did you hit me?” Brian put away his smile, clutching his eyes, his tone seemed a little aggrieved.

Snow calmly pulled back his hand and whispered: “I’m sorry, I'm severely obsessed with cleanliness, and I hate human body contact. Please stay away from me, classmate Brian."

“…” Brian was shocked.

Cleanliness? Stay away? Am I something dirty?

Brian had not had time to rebut before the stiff young man pulled the luggage directly around him, and walked to his bedroom. Seeing Lin Yuan, he paused in astonishment.

Lin Yuan's face immediately opened in a bright smile, “Snow, what a coincidence! We actually became roommates!"

Snow's stiff face was a little gentler, he nodded toward Lin and said, “I’ll take a shower first, then I’ll come see you in your bedroom."

Lin excitedly nodded: “Good! We’ll talk later!"

Snow went into his bedroom, turned around and closed the door.

Lin Yuan glanced at the two Alpha roommates in the cafeteria, and also immediately closed the door.

Brian: “…”

Caesar: “…”

What is this feeling of being hated, rejected, and snubbed?

One was the noble prince, one was Bayh General’s only baby son. The two from small to large were pampered by people and were followed by a lot of escorts. This was the first time they suffered this "Despised” treatment.

Caesar and Brian gave each other a complicated look.

After a moment of silence, Brian smiled and touched his nose, “Cough, our two roommates seem to have violent tendencies huh? Three years of military school won't be easy!"

Although the words came out of his mouth, Brian’s eyes were obviously excited, watching Snow’s door, he whispered: “Did you hear? His name is Snow, such a nice name. He really has a face that people just want to bully……. Oh, it's a pity he's a Beta. If he was Omega, estrus sure would be really special……. ”

“I'd shut up if I were you.” Caesar interrupted him, “If Snow hears you, he'll definitely give you another punch.” Then he pointed to Brian’s vibrant black eye.

“…….” Brian rubbed his swollen eyes, shut his mouth, and obediently bowed to eat his five-star fruit.

Caesar looked back at Snow’s door and gently frowned.

– Strange, why, when Snow walked past him, did he once again sense the atmosphere of Omega? Almost the same atmosphere as Lin Yuan?

What is going on with my nose today, I actually had a bug twice in a row? I definitely smelled Omega from both roommates.

Is the new climate too hot, and my body isn't used to it?

Caesar touched his nose with some doubts and decided to give his nose a thorough and comprehensive examination.



Wang Xiong- elder brother

Platinum- the author called Snow's hair chestnut here. It's definitely platinum blond. Idk what's up.

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