ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: New Omega Inhibitor

As the family doctor, Fornt is very familiar with the Lin family next door. Lin and her husband are descendants of the ancient earth era of humans in Asia,

Asia in the Earth era was a very great country, with nearly 5,000 years of civilization, and there were hundreds of legendary surnames - compared to a complex name like Fornt Venetier? Having an only two or three syllable name was simple.

Mrs Lin and her husband are Beta, their daughter Lin Yao is also a Beta. Her husband was a soldier of the Empire who died in battle many years ago, therefore, the Government paid them a yearly stipend to maintain their daily livelihood. The war between the Lacey Empire and Strandian Federation has stretched over hundreds of years and has claimed the lives of thousands of young soldiers. This single mother Beta family circumstance is increasingly becoming more common. Mrs. Lin and her daughter Lin Yao are a very ordinary, not notable family….but she also has a son.

-Lin Yuan.

Fornt remembered the boy’s name and even remembered the first time he saw him.

That was ten years ago, Fornt had just moved to a civilian residential area on this planet. That day, he saw a boy about eight years old, an Asian boy with yellow skin, black hair and a pair of big obsidian black clear eyes. Rennes is a cold planet, with regular snowfall, when Fornt met Lin Yuan he was playing in the snow. The boy molded the snow into a variety of interesting shapes, a spherical jellyfish, and hexagonal starfish, there were flat crabs and a variety of strange marine life.

He was oozing out a layer of sweat from his brow, his ears were slightly red, but the cold didn't stop his fun of piling up art snow sculptures one after another.

Fornt stood in the distance, sitting idly watching the boy play, the little boy spotted him, smiled back at him–the boy’s smile was bright, his grinning mouth showing white teeth, his little baby fat jiggled as he laughed, he was lively and lovely.

–At that moment, Fornt thought he saw the long absent Sun.

The second time he saw the boy was on a cold, snowy night. Mrs. Lin came looking for him in the middle of night in tears, begging him to save her child. He took a medical kit over to look at the child, and inadvertently discovered that the boy was an Omega–and a very pureblooded Omega at that!

Descendants of a Beta and Beta pairing can only be Beta! Only a combination of an Alpha and an Omega can give birth to a pureblooded Omega! The pureblooded Omega ratio in humans is only 5%, and less than 1% of Omega are men!

According to the law of the Empire, Omega, who are treated as a rare "cherished species", are required to be registered to the “Empire Omega Protection Association” at birth and placed under direct control of the government. Before the age of 13, the Government will provide living allowances for the Omega's family.

At the age of 13, all Omega will be shipped to the Cepheus Galaxy star to attend an Omega School for a 5 year education period. The serious imbalance in the gender ratio of Alpha and Omega, plus the extremely low birth rate and high mortality rate of Betas, has put the human population in a negative state of growth.

For the sake of humanity's continuation, Omega, who have the highest fertility rate, become the Empire's “protected” species at the age of 18. The society will immediately arrange a genetically compatible Alpha for their marriage, bearing only the most outstanding offspring! It was strange that the Omega child called Lin Yuan would be lost in this desolate, barren planet. It was immediately clear that he was not registered in the Omega Protection Association, but was living as an ordinary Beta in the most desolate planet in the universe, and had lived there for eight years.

–Fornt was in disbelief.

Mrs. Lin reluctantly told him the whole truth. There's a secret experiment to change a human's physiology. The experiment's promoter was a very ambitious Omega genius doctor, he hoped that Omega would finally be able to leave the government's control. Then they'll be free to direct their own life, instead of being forced to become some Alpha's plaything, year after year treated as a tool for human reproduction!

The doctor developed an “Omega pheromone inhibitor" which quickly became an open secret between Omega. Many Omega men and women with a strong sense of autonomy secretly used this inhibitor to become no different from ordinary Beta. They could go to school, make friends, attend social events, rather than be like a machine trapped at home for childbirth, childbirth, childbirth.

Among these Omega, the most famous was Ling Yu, a major-general. After using the Omega pheromone inhibitor, he mixed into the military Academy, and became the youngest General in the history of the Empire, with excellent military command. He even had his own independent corps!

However, his Omega inhibitor unexpectedly failed during a military operation, in the middle of the battlefield he was forced to enter into heat. Fortunately he managed to gain control of his Alpha subordinates and successfully evacuated his regiment from the front lines, but he was ultimately expelled from the military.

It attracted the attention of His Majesty, and since then the Omega pheromone inhibitors were seized and disabled. The young major General Ling Yu was unaccounted for ever since. Some say that he was secretly executed by the military, some say that he was brought home to have children. Some have even said that he was too humiliated to appear in public and committed suicide.

In any case, the legendary Omega General never appeared again, and no one knows the truth of his whereabouts, That battle became the army’s top secret, which no one dared to openly discuss.

Fornt was shocked that the child Lin Yuan was also injected with the Omega pheromone inhibitor! In that year the inhibitors had become prohibited in the Empire. He'd been injected with the drug from birth, so even as a strong pureblooded Omega, his Omega scent was very light.

He was sick because his inhibitor's effect was running out, and at eight years old he could not enter heat like an adult Omega, so his body’s hormone imbalance caused his immune system to collapse. Mrs. Lin told Fornt that according to the Omega doctor's deduction, if the inhibitors were injected long term till the age of 20, through an Omega's most intense heat from age 18-20, Lin Yuan could completely become a Beta. Although a private sex change was obviously violating the laws of the Empire, but when faced with Mrs. Lin’s tear stained face and the tightly held body of the constantly trembling young boy, Fornt relented.

Yes, he really liked that lovely boy. He wanted the child to grow up happily, rather than die at the early age of eight. Thus, Professor Fornt promised to help Lin Yuan. He took the list of medical ingredients from Mrs. Lin and after intense research he successfully made a new Omega inhibitor–this inhibitor not only adjusts the Omega's hormone imbalance, but also let their physique be no different than ordinary Beta, more importantly this inhibitor could change the human blood factor to avoid high-end screening checks–even routine blood tests!

The only test that must be avoided is genetic testing.

Human genetics cannot be changed with pharmaceuticals, once Lin Yuan's Omega gene was detected his identity would be exposed! Ten years ago, a decision in a moment of weakness, caused Fornt to embark on a journey of no return. He has watched Lin Yuan grow up, he loves that little Asian boy. Now, that lovely little boy has grown up and became an 18 years old teenager, if he could hold out for two years, he could completely turn into an ordinary, happy Beta, and have the freedom of control of his own life.

However, why did he suddenly apply to that damn military school? And he actually got accepted? God dammit!

The Empire places great importance on the observance of military rules and regulations, an institute controlled directly by the military like San Romia Military Academy, where annual enrollment is limited, if Lin Yuan is admitted to the academy but doesn't report on time, the army will certainly hold him accountable—to register for the San Romia Military Academy yet inexplicably not show up, it's not strange to be treated as a deserters from the battlefield, he might even be wanted by the military!

If Lin Yuan goes to military school, he cannot guarantee that his Omega identity would not be detected. Once his identity is exposed, he would be sent to the Omega Association, and given to an Alpha for marking, possession, and childbirth! For Lin Yuan who has always thought himself a Beta, it'd be a devastating blow!

Fornt frowned in thought for a long time, eventually he took a deep breath, and tried to connect to a friend's communicator. Soon on the holographic projection screen, a middle-aged steel faced man appeared.

The man glanced at Fornt, asked in a deep voice: “Fornt, why are you looking for me so late?"

Fornt smiled and said:” Oh, my dear Lieutenant-Colonel Knox, there’s something I’d like to ask you. What types of test does the San Romia Military Academy perform on school freshmen? My nephew plans to register for San Romia Military Academy, I want to know the situation in advance. ”

"Physical examination, physical fitness tests and serological tests." The stern-faced officers frowned slightly, he then said,” Your nephew? Claude who plays games all day? He has no hope of getting into San Romia Military Academy, you’d better let him give up. ”

"Cough, he's always stubborn." Fornt dragged his nephew out as a shield, then immediately changed the subject,” So you say, the school doesn't do genetic testing? ”

Knox nodded:” Only in cases of suspected bloodline problems do we do genetic testing, generally it's not done. ”

Fornt smiled,” Oh, thank you, I'll take you out to dinner when I get back. ”

Knox deadpan, "That's what you’ve been saying for the past decade."

When the communication ended, Fornt awkwardly touched his nose. Yes, it had been ten years since he came to this planet, and every time he called he'd invite his friend to dinner “when he returned”, he didn't even know how many dinners he owed his friend now. Fortunately, he picked up some very valuable news.

Lieutenant-Colonel Knox was one of San Romia Military Academy's instructors, he manages the testing period, every year the freshman experience a month-long hell under his reign.

"Since he said so, the serum would go undetected." Fornt sighed, and said to Mrs. Lin: “Mrs. Lin, don’t be impatient, I've thought of a way." Mrs. Lin looked up immediately,” Professor, do you have a good idea? ”

Fornt said:” Let Lin Yuan report to the military school, I'll give him a batch of inhibitor pills, made by dispersing the bi-monthly injection into several tablets, so that it could escape the intelligent detection ability of the interstellar gateway. As long as he takes the medicine on time, after two years, he will completely turn into a Beta. ”

Mrs. Lin was in shock:” Send him to the Military Academy? This …What if he… in school…. ”

Fornt smiled: “Don’t worry, this inhibitor's performance is more stable than before, it won't suddenly fail. As long as he takes the medicine on time, his Omega pheromone will be comprehensively suppressed, there'll be no unexpected heat.” Fornt paused,” but you’ve got to find a way to get him to keep taking his medicine. Each pill's inhibitor concentration is very low, taking it every day is best, if there are unexpected disruptions, make sure it lasts no more than a week. ”

Mrs. Lin is conflicted for a moment, sending Lin Yuan away to the Military Academy seems to be the only choice, adventuring to school with drugs seems to be much better than being wanted by the army … … Even if the worst case scenario occurs and his Omega identity is exposed, being a pureblooded Omega, he'll at least be immediately protected by the Government.

–As long as there's no unexpected estrus. For inexperienced Alpha cadets, an Omega's estrus pheromone would definitely make the Alpha lose their minds like animals …Mrs. Lin doesn't dare to think about the horrible possibilities. She can only tightly clutch her necklace to her chest, and whisper again and again in the bottom of her heart a prayer: God, please bless this child! Please bless him!


Next door in the Lin house, Lin Yuan was resting in his bedroom.

The 18 year old teenager stretched his body, comfortably sleeping in his bed, dreaming of a warm and wonderful landscape. Although he was sure he'd never been to that place, he always dreamed of that scenery. The blue planet, where there was sunshine, green plants, with soft golden sandy beaches and an endless blue sea, the waves on the beach make a sweet rushing noise. He could even smell the salt in the warm sea breeze gently brushing his cheek.

He dreamed that he was living in a simple cottage by the sea, a soft melody always drifting through the room. There's a soft hand stroking his head, a man’s voice repeatedly ringing in his ears: “Son, you’ll be a Beta, an ordinary, joyful Beta … … All right?" Lin Yuan heard words coming out of his mouth:” Okay Papa! I am a Beta!”

-Is that…father?

That gentle voice who's calling him son, is that his papa?? In the dream, a wave suddenly engulfed all the good scenes in front, replacing them with endless despair and darkness.

-His 18th birthday has passed, today, he's really a grown up.

Deep in his body there seems to be a fierce beast slowly awakening. That beast was controlled, repressed for a long long time, now it's finally woken up- lonely, screaming, and yelling. It seems to want to break through, layer by layer, it peels back its prison walls. A strange thrill rises slowly from his spine, his pale skin oozing out a thin layer of sweat, rapidly flowing blood in his blood vessels. His heart began to fiercely beat out of control. There's a strange sense of emptiness, Lin Yuan shivers from the cold. From the deep places of his body, he felt a sudden desire to be hugged.

Why is it so cold …Is it snowing outside? Lin Yuan vaguely thought, a little uneasy, he wrapped himself deeper into his quilts, and fell into a strange nightmare.

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