ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 22

Chapter 022: Smart Armor Suzaku

… What’s going on?

He went to the bathroom, then came back to find that Lin Yuan had suddenly disappeared. Caesar looked around anxiously, saw an opened corridor door and immediately rushed in, just in time to see another door shut behind Lin Yuan.

He walked to the door and found that the door had automatically locked, and it was set to the most advanced access permission. Caesar took out his identity card and brushed it at the sensor, the door opened, and he saw a shocking scene –

Lin Yuan jumped into a large mech's cockpit, and the red armor directly jumped into the sky, fleeing the museum!

Caesar almost chocked!

– Lin Yuan!

Caesar shouted, but there was no response!

Damn, why did that fool jump straight into the cockpit? That huge red mech was clearly an S-Class – the highest level intelligent mech! Their intelligence is not inferior to mankind!

The Empire only had ten S-Class mech, and due to confidentiality, average people didn't understand the true intelligence of S-Class mech. They only knew that they were very powerful, but they didn't know just how powerful.

S-Class mech were controlled with the mind, they needed to have a Master that matches their spirit, someone who doesn't own the machine must not drive it! If the driver’s mental threshold was not high enough, or the driver was not recognized by the mech, they were likely to be counter-controlled by the powerful armor, or even deemed an enemy and destroyed!

Lin Yuan doesn't drive an S-Class armor, he doesn't even understand the principle of handling an S-Class mech, he'll get in an accident!

Caesar had never been so anxious in his life, the moment Suzaku took off, he didn't hesitate to press the space button on his wrist, “White Feather, fast-catch up!”

“Yes! Master!” Hearing the Master's call, White Feather immediately changed his body, pushed Caesar directly into his chest's cockpit, jumped and launched his wings!

Pure white wings like the wings of a large bird, giant mech wings, immediately sped upwards at a speed similar to Suzaku!


Suzaku's cockpit.

Lin Yuan, who was wrapped by the nerve fibers, was undergoing the matching process with Suzaku’s intelligence center.

0% … 1% … 2%…

The matching process percentage was consistently climbing upwards on the screen.

At the moment, Lin Yuan's mind seemed to be replaying memories in strange movie-like fragments, his brain felt like it was about to explode, he felt like thousands of insects were tearing at his nerves!

In the man-machine spirit matching process, he was forced to view Suzaku's memories!

More than a decade of following his former owner on the battlefield, being drenched in the enemy’s blood, the excitement, more than ten years of imprisonment in the museum’s top secret room. He couldn't escape the lonely and painful memories….. The joy of victory, the sadness when Master left, the reluctance of imprisonment…..

Many years of repressed memories poured directly into the 18-year-old's mind, Lin Yuan’s spirit was about to collapse!


“Hello, my name is Ling Yu, our spirit match was successful, so I'll be your Master. What would you like as a name, something to match your redness…..is Suzaku good?"

“I don't like it.”

“Oh, well, I’ll make you like it.”


“Suzaku, I'm an Omega…that day you did the genetic testing…you already knew right?”

“What are you going to do?”

“Oh well, I've been using inhibitors for so many years, no harm in continuing.”

“But it's dangerous…”

“In what way? I was born an Omega, if I didn't do this, I would've been forced to match with a stranger and have children at 18 … that’s the rules of life’s game. That's the real danger.”

“Master, your body’s Omega Pheromone has reached its peak, you have to…”

"Don't say it! Immediately adjust the sailing route, let the Night Corps go directly to the Issyville cosmic wormhole!”


“I’m sorry Suzaku, I can't take you with me.”

The plot of the former owner and armor poured in, from the moment of that first encounter, to the day of parting, the scenes flashed in front of his eyes, causing Lin Yuan’s mind to whirl in chaos. He clenched his fists, his brain overflowing with memory scenes over and over again, assaulting him with shockingly terrible pain, causing Lin Yuan to curl up and bite his lips until it bleed.

“Son, what do you want to be named? How about Little Yuan? ….. Don’t cry, don’t cry, you like the name, right? It's okay, I'll make you like it.” There was a gentle voice whispering in his ear.

“Son, you'll grow up to be a Beta, a healthy and happy Beta ….. okay?"

“Little Yuan, your daddy will give you something delicious, it's called cake. Come, say it with daddy, ca-ake…..silly goose it's cake not kale!"

“Little Yuan, you stole the ice cream again right? So naughty, and eats all day, you look like Porky Pig!”

“Little Yuan, sorry, daddy has to go, he can’t take you with him. Be obedient okay? No matter what difficulties you face, you must stay strong to live …..”


He heard a hoarse tender voice shouting, “Dad, don’t leave me….. Daddy …..”

The man never looked back. The weather on that planet was freezing cold.

Then, the child’s arm was injected with a cold liquid, he lost consciousness, and lost his memories.

He didn't remember that man’s appearance, didn't remember anything before the age of four, didn't even remember his name…..

Lin Yuan's eyes reddened, he began to struggle desperately.

His memories were in disorder, he wasn't clear if the memory was from the mech or himself, but, the memory of the man’s voice, made him want to cry…..


Is that my dad?

This kind of forced recall, with complete remembrance of little details, was too painful. His heart was battered with waves of pain, like a rope was tied around it and pulling tightly!

5% … 20% … 80% … 100%!!!

The matching process percentage on the screen suddenly soared to 100% within five seconds!

Lin Yuan’s spirit immediately began to control Suzaku!


Suzaku was shocked!

This was just an eighteen year old child, he'd only led him into the cockpit to control him and get enough spiritual power and energy to escape!

He had been shut off for too long, his spiritual power was declining, even his secretly hidden energy resource was running out, if he wanted to escape, he had to rely on a human's power. He didn't expect that the young man's spirit was so tenacious, he not only couldn't control it smoothly, the boy even counter controlled his intelligence center!

Suzaku tried to suppress Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan’s will resolutely struggled against him!

Both sides were in a stalemate, causing Suzaku's intelligence center and Lin Yuan's spirit to suddenly jumble in chaos!

Son? Be a Beta? Father? Live strongly?

What are these memories?

Why does this child's memory, have a very familiar figure –

General Ling Yu!


Not far behind, Caesar was frowning deeply. The red armor was suddenly flying unsteadily, it even launched a series of particles guns. White Feather was unprepared for an attack, he flew up and down in clumsy dodges and instinctively tried to counterattack. Caesar immediately ordered: "Don’t fire back! Lin Yuan is in there, don’t hurt him!"

“…..” White Feather was silent for a moment, then it began shouting back defiantly, “Master, that's Suzaku ah! Don't attack so it doesn't get hurt, but also follow it closely and capture it, this is too difficult Master! He’s an S-Class like me!”

Caesar, of course, knew this. White Feather and Suzaku were at the same level, they normally would not dare to attack each other, even if they went all out in a real fight, it would lead to a tie.

White Feather was annoyed: "This sucks! Ancestor Suzaku is my idol. Master! I really don't want to chase it ah!

Caesar frowned: "Try to connect to the other cockpit, I want to see Lin Yuan's situation!”

“… Unable to connect.”


“The driver on the other side didn’t respond! Suzaku’s intelligence center seems to be in a….. Oh….. oh no…..” Another group of light energy shots fired over, and White Feather moved to avoid the danger. White Feather said gloomily, "Not again! We'll be blown to pieces at this rate! Its intelligence center is messed up! It's out of control! Master, do something!"

Caesar was silent for a moment, then he calmly said: "Forcibly invade Suzaku’s intelligence center!”

“…..” White Feather didn't respond, he silently began to invade the other’s intelligence center.

A powerful electromagnetic interference abruptly enveloped Suzaku. Suzaku was already in a state of chaos because of Lin Yuan's spirit confrontation, so White Feather's invasion easily succeeded. The situation in Suzaku's cockpit immediately appeared on Caesar's screen.

Caesar saw Lin Yuan under Suzaku's control in its cockpit.

He was tightly wrapped like a dumpling by red nerve fibers, Lin Yuan was curled up, twitching painfully, occasionally breaking out in intense struggles. His sweat had already soaked his clothes, his eyes were red, and his lips had been bitten bloody.


Lin Yuan faintly cried, his pale lips slightly trembling.

“Daddy … Don’t leave me…”

Caesar’s heart suddenly tightened.

Like a hand had forcefully grabbed it, an acute heartache instantly spread over his body, the always calm Caesar was furious: “Suzaku! Stop it! You’re going to break Lin Yuan's spirit! Stop! ”

Almost all S-Class mech underwent matching with a driver's spirit when they were freshly manufactured, empty of memories. After a successful match, they would be loyal to their Master.

Suzaku had ten years of memories with Ling Yu, plus he was imprisoned for ten more years, his intelligence center had too much messy memories. Now that he was forcibly matching with Lin Yuan, the two sides were fighting with each other, trying to subdue the other, the consequences of repressing each other was a mental breakdown!

Caesar stared intently at the huge, fire red, bird like S-Class mech, Suzaku, desperately wanting to tear it to pieces! That idiot Lin Yuan had never driven an S-Class mech, he didn't know how powerful an S-Class armor was! Watching Suzaku trying to control Lin Yuan's spirit, giving him memory disorders and making him tremble in pain, Caesar was crazy with anguish!

“- Suzaku! Land now!”

Caesar’s cold voice sounded in the other’s cockpit, but Suzaku apparently couldn't process his words, it still stubbornly flew forward with the fastest speed, its huge red wings beating, shimmering brilliantly under the sunlight.

White Feather suddenly shouted: "Master! Master! We're quickly approaching the Barila Grand Canyon, and Suzaku is running out of energy. Its energy levels is only 2%….. 1% … ah ah ah! Its going down…..”

The energy exhausted Suzaku suddenly began rapidly falling!

Below it was the Barila Grand Canyon, its depth reached thousands of meters! If they couldn't catch it in time, such a drop would definitely destroy it!

“…..” Caesar’s heartbeat almost stopped, then he immediately used his spiritual power to directly control White Feather. At that moment, Caesar and White Feather's spiritual integration directly jumped to 300%, the highest man-machine combination! At this moment, as long as Caesar thought it, regardless of the order, White Feather would immediately react like it was his real body!

The huge pure white mech suddenly spread its wings as far as it could stretch, then it accelerated downwards, moving towards Suzaku's falling path – swooping down!

Suzaku had almost reached the bottom of the canyon, it had already given up hope.

Because of its confrontation with the young man's spirit, its intelligence center was in chaos, and it accidentally fired off its particle guns, exhausting its already low energy. It couldn't even change its size, it could only let itself drop.

That poor child in the cockpit, he is so young….. His memories have the General's figure….. Is he the General's child?

Suzaku thought in sadness.

If it really crashed, it could only use the scrape of energy it still had left to eject an escape pod, hoping to save the child.

3000 meters….. 500 meters….. 10 meters…..

It was falling at a fast speed, Suzaku immediately braced itself for an impact with the rocks at the bottom!

At that moment, he was suddenly covered by a huge shadow, that shadow shrouded his whole body and lifted him up -!

White Feather's arms suddenly stretched down and accurately grasped Suzaku’s shoulder, then it did and aerial jump and immediately lifted Suzaku upwards. They narrowly avoided the dangerous rocks at the bottom of the canyon, like dodging a waterfall of rocks, then they directly flew out of the Barila Grand Canyon with the fastest speed!

“…..” Caesar’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat.

“…..” White Feather also felt lingering fear, "Ah ah ah ah, Master, your math must be very good, we save it by just ten meters! Ten meters! You scared the crap out of me!"

Caesar finally felt slightly relieved, his palm was slippery with sweat.

He had been even more frightened than White Feather, his heart had almost stopped. If he had been ten meters short, Suzaku’s head would've stuck the ground!

The faster a mech was moving, the faster their fall, he was a good distance away from Suzaku, even though they're the same level, it would not be easy to catch up. Seeing Suzaku falling from such a high place, if he couldn't save it, and Suzaku and Lin Yuan crashed into the Grand Canyon, and the machine was destroyed…..

He didn't even dare think about the consequences!

At that time, Caesar and White Feather integrated and dived at the fastest speed!

After a long silence, White Feather regained his balance and flew steadily at a high altitude while clutching Suzaku.

If you looked up from the ground, it would look like one red and one white bird were flying gracefully.

“Oh, does this mean I rescued Ancestor Suzaku?” White Feather asked, then he shamelessly moved his arms to cling to Suzaku's waist and cheerfully said, “Master, I think this hold is more stable, what do you think?"

Caesar: “…”

This machine had definitely stayed with Brian for too long, it had absorbed all of Brian's shamelessness.

White Feather continued excitedly: “I saved Ancestor Suzaku~ I saved Ancestor Suzaku! I can't wait to tell the other armors about this, they'll be soooo jealous!"

Caesar calmly said: “If you don't want to be executed by the Mech Association, you better not mention this to anyone."

“….. Oh.” White Feather closed his mouth, aggrieved.

“Find a vacant land to put Suzaku down, I want to see Lin Yuan's situation."

“…..” White Feather silently looked for a wide prairie and slowly landed, steadily resting Suzaku on the ground.

Suzaku’s cockpit immediately popped open, and Caesar quickly jumped in to find Yuan.

Lin Yuan's spirit was strongly fluctuating, he was barely conscious. But when he became aware of a familiar warm atmosphere, he instinctively stretched out his arms and directly rushed into the boy's arms in front of him.

“…..” Caesar's body stiffened, then he immediately reached out to catch Lin Yuan.

The boy's flexible body leaned on him, shivering in his arms. He brought up his arms to hug his neck, and softly whispered: “Dad …..”

Caesar: “…”

Lin Yuan was clearly recalling bad childhood memories. The always optimistic boy actually revealed such a sad expression.

Looking at his pale face, Caesar's heart softened, he tightened his arms and held Lin Yuan up, then he walked back to White Feather's cockpit while gently whispering in the boy's ear: “I'm here, don't be afraid, it'll be okay.”

“… Master! Master! You said outsiders can't come into the cockpit!” Perceiving a stranger’s breath in his body, White Feather immediately resisted, “This is my cockpit, you can't just walk in with outsiders!”

“He's not an outsider.”

Then Caser lightly added, “Oh right, I order you to mute! If you talk anymore nonsense, I’ll have Brian drop you down to C-Class.”

“…..” White Feather obediently muted.

Without the annoying background noise, Caesar brought Lin Yuan into the spacious cockpit bedroom.

Lin Yuan was clinging tightly to his neck, his head buried in his chest, his pale lips and his body was still trembling.

The boy was in a coma, defenselessly lying on his chest, causing Caesar to feel distressed, he immediately tightly hugged him back.



Cake not kale – it actually said cake (dangao) not eggs (dan)

The armors are referred to as both it and he, so it might get confusing at times.

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