ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 28

Chapter 028: Mech Training

After White Feather showcased Caesar's childhood photos to Lin Yuan (of course, excluding any backgrounds that contained the royal palace), Lin Yuan's final evaluation was: "You were really cute when you were small."

Caesar: "…"

Is this comment good or bad?

When he was a child, Caesar had a chubby face, his mother and Wang Xiong couldn't help but want to pinch him every time they saw him. Starting from ten years old, he quickly slimmed down, his figure getting better and better. By the time he turned 18, his stature was tall and slender, very similar to how His Majesty Trent looked when he was that age, and because of regular exercise, he had beautiful six pack abs…..

Caesar was quite confident about his current body. So, although White Feather took the initiative to expose its Master's dark history….. he could be adult about it, not interested in bothering with this foolish mech.

And seeing Lin Yuan happily looking through the photos, he could temporarily push down the idea of ​​punishing White Feather.

A C-Class mech's cockpit was not as spacious as an S-Class, there was only the main driver and co-pilot seats. Caesar let Lin Yuan sit in the main driver position and sat next to him, then he looked at Lin Yuan and said: "Do you want to get acquainted with these function keys first?"

Lin Yuan smiled and said: "No, I'm already very familiar, let's start the training right away!"

Caesar nodded, then turned on the training room's simulated exercise environment with an infrared remote controller.

This kind of smart 3D training room was similar to a one person training room on the holographic network, the training program could be set by the user. Common training programs included basic training, and three kinds of special training and comprehensive training.

Basic training was undoubtedly used by novices, but since Lin Yuan could be admitted to San Romia Military Academy, this basic training would certainly be useless. Thinking of this, Caesar directly turned on the first special training.

A virtual 3D scene immediately appeared in the spacious training room, red laser beams were continuously strafing around, the driver needed to quickly predict the paths of the lasers, and manipulate the mech to dodge. Once a laser hit the target, points were deducted, and if shot by three consecutive lasers, the training was automatically terminated.

This training was mainly to help the driver improve the flexibility and responsiveness of their maneuvering, in the future, when they were in a real war, they could quickly escape the enemies' attacks.

Lin Yuan sat in the pilot seat, his expression earnest, his ten fingers quickly taping the operation keys.

Different combinations of keys sent out different commands, the driver must clearly remember all the keys, forward, back, extend arms, turn, lift legs, side step, jump…..

Under Lin Yuan's operation, White Feather was practically like an agile human!

When the lasers shots approached, Lin Yuan skillfully avoided them all!

The lasers' path angles became more and more tricky, at this time, three laser beams suddenly shot simultaneously form the front left, right rear, and straight ahead. Seeing the laser beams about to pass through the mech, Lin Yuan suddenly reached to the left and forcefully pulled down the balance bar, and his right hand pressed the five buttons ACFEQ -

White Feather immediately soared into the air, simultaneously doing a clean and efficient face about to dodge the right rear laser beam in an instant, letting the front left laser beam sweep past his left leg, then he steadily landed on his right foot and bent over, neatly avoiding the front laser beam flying straight overhead!

Lin Yuan felt more excited to play, next up was four laser beams from four directions!

Lin Yuan pulled the balance bar up and used his right hand to rapidly press a few commands. Under his command, White Feather performed a 360 degree turn plus a side flip, avoiding the four beams one after another!

If someone was observing from the sidelines, they would ask in shock-

This is really a mecha made of metal? Aren't these moves simply from a gymnast and an acrobat?

Caesar watched Lin Yuan skillfully dodge the two waves of laser beams in this way, and finally couldn't help but use his spiritual connection to ask White Feather: "White Feather, are you dodging it for him?"

"Nope!" White Feather said innocently, "I haven't turned on my intelligence center, this is all his doing! His manipulation is comparable to my intelligence center's most precise data calculations!" Here, White Feather's tone was obviously excited, "You ordered me to completely hand over the control right to him, so I completely gave it to him! But I didn't expect him to dodge it all! Isn't he awesome?"

Caesar was silent for a moment, then he smiled and said, "Yup, he's super awesome, don't start to help, keep giving all the control to him."

The speed of the lasers was getting faster and faster, the number was rapidly increasing, and the angles were even trickier, on the final wave, the training grounds almost turned into an overwhelming laser net.

Lin Yuan quickly tapped the keys, his slender fingers skipping across the console resembling a gorgeous dance.

Isn't his hand speed too fast….?

Caesar was in awe and admiration, this guy really was a Small Monster, his family couldn't afford to buy a mech, so he usually practiced online? Just by practicing online, he achieves such a level in practical performance, anyone could see just how hard he worked!

Caesar couldn't help but turn to look at Lin Yuan, the boy's face was full of excitement and earnestness, his forehead was dripping with sweat, but he ignored it, putting all his attention on the console in front of him.

Obviously, he was extremely happy to be personally manipulating a mech for the first time.

After training for so long, he actually didn't seem a little bit tired…

Lin Yuan was focused on the 3D scenes playing out on the mech's screen, quickly determining the path of the lasers.

And Caesar was focused on watching Lin Yuan.

Somehow, looking at Lin Yuan's earnest face, Caesar's heart suddenly fell into a gentle mood - this was his favorite person, he was so hardworking, so outstanding, so energetic, so full of fighting spirit, like a tiger that recently grew into adulthood, fearlessly waving its two claws.

Such a pure, earnest little tiger…..

He really wanted to keep him by his side for a lifetime, and never let him be even a little bit hurt.

"Ah! Darn ….." Eight lasers suddenly shot out at the same time, and Lin Yuan finally couldn't dodge them all. He was hit three consecutive times, and the training program immediately stopped. Lin Yuan scratched his head, somewhat annoyed, then looked at Caesar and asked, "How do I dodge this?"

Caesar: "…"

Can I say that I didn't see what just happened at all? I was solely preoccupied looking at you…

Caesar turned away and deadpanly commanded White Feather: "White Feather, replay footage of what just happened."

White Feather immediately sent out a recording of the training.

Seeing the previous wave, Caesar thought for a moment, then said: "These eight lasers are coming from fluctuating angles, you can doge them by dividing them into four groups. You already dodged the first group and the second group, no problem, the third group can be ducked with a Kohl Echo jump, then pause in the air and do an 18 degree side spin to avoid the fourth group."

Lin Yuan froze, staring blankly, "Echo jump and side spin? These two movements simply can't be combined, right?"

Caesar gave a faint smile, "Come, I'll teach you how to do it."

Lin Yuan was about to stand up and change seats with Caesar, but Caesar didn't have that intention, he directly reached out and grasp Lin Yuan's fingers, set his in position, then adjusted the program to start from the point they needed to practice.

"You dodge the first 2 groups, I'll come in to dodge the last 2, we'll work together."

"Go it!"

The training program started up, the same eight laser beams once again shot out from all directions, Lin Yuan immediately concentrated his spirit, dexterously dodging the first two groups, then shifted to concentrate on Caesar's actions- only to see Caesar's slender and strong right hand fingers, as if casting magic, suddenly forcefully tap five keys, at the same time, his left hand tapped down three command keys -

White Feather's body immediately jumped up and nimbly dodged the third group of lasers, Caesar again accurately tapped down seven consecutive keys, White Feather paused in the air for less than 0.1 second, then according to the command, it spurn sideways, and the last group of lasers really brushed past the mech's shoulder!

Lin Yuan: "….."

Two ultra-difficult moves were consecutively completed with such ease.

After a long silence, Lin Yuan stared at Caesar in admiration, "You're freaking awesome! You need super-fast hands just to complete one of those two moves, and you still need to accurately grasp the timing, to be able to complete two of them consecutively ….."

Caesar was very pleased receiving Lin Yuan's praise, if he had a tail, it would already by sticking up.

After Lin Yuan praised him, he continued to studiously ask: "Oh right, what command did you add in the middle?"

Caesar answered earnestly: "That was the R key, this key allows the mech to hover in the air for a period of time. Those two moves can't be directly chained, so this pause is equivalent to a buffer between the actions. When you want to chain many difficult moves, you can try this air pause buffer method."

Caesar said while once again taping the buttons in slow motion.

"Do you understand?"

Lin Yuan's eyes were bright: "Understood!"

When Lin Yuan usually practiced making the mech complete the three difficult moves, he would habitually perform one action, land, then connect it to another action. This allowed the mech's body to maintain a stable balance, and he could perform the actions more confidently.

Just now, Caesar directly paused while suspended in the air, then immediately calculated the direction of the mech's route change, this approach made Lin Yuan feel enlightened, like he'd suddenly opened up a door to a new world!

"It's the first time I've seen this kind of method, I'll give it a try."

Lin Yuan excitedly grab the control from Caesar's hands, and resumed the previous section of training.

He really was a fast learner, he very smoothly dodged the wave of lasers.

After dodging, Lin Yuan continued staring at the 3D screen in front in concentration, but after staring for a moment, he found that no more laser beams were appearing, Lin Yuan asked doubtfully: "It ended?

Caesar held back a smile, saying, "Yeah, you've now passed the first stage of the special training. It seems that I underestimated you, I thought you'd need at least three days to pass the first stage."

Somewhat embarrassed by Caesar's compliment, Lin Yuan earnestly explained: "Probably because I used to practice online so often? This training's style is very similar to the online one. Although online was dodging light bombs, not lasers, the light bombs were really small and relatively easy to dodge, and the principle is the same. Also, a real mech's operation seems to be almost identical to online?"

Caesar finally couldn't help but smile - this guy's earnest look, really was stupidly cute.

"Uh ….. why're you laughing umm ….." Lin Yuan blushed, scratching his head, "My family really wasn't as well off as yours, we couldn't afford our own mech, so I could only go online and train. All the knowledge I have was learned online, I don't know if it's accurate."

Caesar looked at him and smiled, asking, "What's your username?"

Lin Yuan felt somewhat bashful to say: "It's … Ball. I registered when I was ten, and casually choose any name, my avatar in the virtual network is also a small ball."

Ball? He chose that at ten?

Unable to stop himself from laughing out loud, Caesar had no choice but to change the subject: "The next stage is attack training, are you tired? Do you want to take a break?"

Lin Yuan immediately shook his head and said: "I'm not tired!

Caesar said: "Then do we continue to the next stage?"

"Let's go!"

He obviously liked operating mechs, with such high-intensity training, his sweat was flowing, but he actually didn't feel tired.

There were more than 10 kinds of simulations in the school's mech training room, the driver's reaction speed, dexterity, coordination, attack ability, defense ability, etc. could be train, in accordance to his own childhood training method, Caesar had Lin Yuan complete the first stage of the reaction speed training, then change to the second 3D setting, starting the attack ability training.

The attack training setting's terrain was more complex, there would be multiple multi-colored mechs suddenly popping out from different angles and fleeing in different directions. The driver must grasp the timing to kill them, if they don't quickly KO them and allowed the mech to escape the training range, their points would be deducted, with three consecutive escapes resulting in training termination.

Because they didn't know where the mechs would appear, the driver's spirit must be highly focused.

Lin Yuan's whole body was already completely resembling a small hedgehog, his black eyes full of alertness.

Reassured, Caesar gave over White Feather's driving rights to him, when necessary, he took the initiative to give Lin Yuan directions. Fortunately, Lin Yuan was a very quick learner, once he learned it, he could immediately complete it, never making the same mistake twice.

The two people practiced in the training room until 11 pm, half way through the second exercise. Seeing Lin Yuan not looking like he was ready to rest, Caesar said: "We'll end here today."

Lin Yuan hurriedly said: "I'm not tired ….."

Caesar directly stretched his hand past him and shut down the mech's operating system, "It's 11 o'clock, we should go back and sleep."

"….. It's really 11 o'clock?" Lin Yuan had no choice but to take back his hands, and follow Caesar out of the cockpit.

They walked side by side back to the dormitory, seeing Lin Yuan's melancholy look, Caesar's heart softened, and he quickly added: "Don't worry, there's still a month left before the competition, I'll train with you every night until then."

Lin Yuan looked up at him and said: "But if I'm training with White Feather, what will you do? You're not joining the competition?"

Caesar couldn't help but smile, "It doesn't matter, I don't need to practice this kind of thing."

- Stupid, I joined this game for you.

- otherwise, why would His Highness the Grand Prince run away to participate in a C-Class mech competition? Just to return to Cepheus and see Trent His Majesty's ugly expression?



Kohl Echo jump- 科爾回波跳躍- heck if I know what this means.

Ball- 圓圓- Yuan-Yuan, meaning Round, but it doesn't sound silly in English, so I changed it to ball.

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