ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Roommates are Alpha

Lin Yuan and Snow went together to the freshman arrivals section. They placed their luggage on the conveyor belt, and turned to the freshman check-in. Freshmen were scattered around the white school building. Because the military section and the medical section students were not together Lin Yuan hurried to get Snow's phone number, smiled and said: “Snow, contact me often ah!"

“Ah.” Snow nodded his head, turned to the medical school entrance line, Lin Yuan also turned to the military department.

The freshman of the military department had to pass through five checks, including registration and checking student data, they also had basic physical examination, data measurement, serological testing, psychological testing, as well as the most troublesome physical tests- one test was as tiring as running a marathon.

It took one hour to finish the freshman report. Lin Yuan, panting, walked to the luggage storage office to receive his luggage. His heart couldn't help but feel apprehension, after all, Hobby was hidden in his trunk. If it was found, he didn't know how to deal with it……

He reported his school number to the luggage distribution robot, and a familiar luggage was quickly transported on the conveyor belt. The trunk was still sealed, apparently the previous scan did not find a problem.

Lin Yuan was relieved, he quickly dragged the suitcase to the dormitory.

After he used his card to enter the dormitory, Lin Yuan couldn't help but stop in wonder -this housing condition is too good!

The large apartment-style dormitory consisted of four separate large bedrooms, a common living room and a dining room with a dining table and four stools. The living room was also decorated with soft sofas and the rooms were very clean. The large floor-to-ceiling window showed the military school landscape, the room lighting was also very suitable.

There were no people in the room and the four bedroom doors were open.

The four bedroom patterns were the same, so Lin Yuan casually selected the leftmost one.

In the middle of the bedroom was a two meter wide bed. Enough space to do somersaults…. Next to it was an automatic wardrobe and a wide desk with a school issued computer……

Such housing conditions was simply a luxury five-star treatment!

Lin Yuan quickly opened the trunk to find Hobby, after looking for a long time, he found that small Hobby had shrunk himself into a small ball, hidden in the Lin Yuan's white sweater. He's disguised himself as part of the white sweater.

No wonder the luggage was not searched after the laser scan! Apparently, the smart laser robot thought it was just a furry sweater after the rough scan!

Hobby seemed to be aware of his owner’s breath, he immediately stuck his head out from the sweater, and excitedly flew into Lin Yuan’s arms, rubbing his face against his cheek.

Lin Yu laughed and embraced it, “Hobby, you’re so smart! You didn’t get caught, did you? ”

Hobby shook his head proudly.

Lin Yuan whispered: “I secretly brought you in, I don't know if it's a violation of school rules. You have to stay hidden in my room, if someone comes you have to hide in the closet. I'll give you food every day ok?

Hobby nodded excitedly.

Lin Yuan touched its long ears, put it on the bed and said, “I'm taking a bath, that physical examination made me sweaty, you stay here, don't run!”

Hobby nodded again and again.

Until Lin Yuan went into the bathroom, Hobby happily turned around, curiously walking around the house.

Lin Yuan walked into the bedroom bathroom. The bathroom was separated into two parts, the outside was the sink and toilet, and there was a shower and wide bathtub. The shelves even had brand new towels, toothbrushes and a variety of unopened shampoo, shower gel and other things. The equipment was very complete.

Lin Yuan pulled the device for hot water, placed himself into the big bathtub, and comfortably took a bath.

In the bath he suddenly heard a sound outside the door, as if it was Hobby’s voice……

Lin Yuan washed off the bubbles, stood up from the bathtub and took a towel to clean up, when suddenly the door of the toilet was opened and his eyes met someone else's.

Lin Yuan: “… …”

The boy had a pair of brown eyes, his aquiline nose made his eyes look particularly deep. His handsome facial features were as if personally carved out by the Creator, he almost couldn't find a trace of flaws.

The boy's tall figure was suitable for a soldier, and his body seemed to have innate arrogance, like a king visiting his territory. The strong oppression made people dare not look directly into his eyes!

– He's an Alpha!

The moment he appeared, Lin Yuan smelt his body's strong Alpha atmosphere!

Somehow, Lin Yuan’s spine suddenly stiffened!

Like a threatened animal, Lin Yuan self- protection instinct made him immediately jump out of the bathtub. He quickly grabbed a bathrobe to wear, his looked alertly at the incomer, and asked with a cold face: “Who are you?”

The boy looked at him thoughtfully, after a moment, his lips slightly curved. He whispered: “This question should be asked by me, why are you in my bathroom?”

Lin Yuan froze a moment, “… … ah?”

“Are you a new student in San Romia?”


“Your room card has a bedroom number. This is my bedroom, the school expressly states that we cannot privately change bedrooms.” The boy looked at Lin Yuan, calmly said, “Since you're done, can you come out? I’m not used to sharing a bathroom with people."

“… …” Lin Yuan’s face suddenly turned red. He quickly rushed out from the bathroom.

Passing around the boy, his strong Alpha essence and his pair of deep eyes, made Lin Yuan’s body feel tense.

This is his roommate, he had to ask his name and say hello, but strangely, the usually friendly Lin Yuan when the boy looked at him he just felt a need to put some distance between them.

– Leave his gaze, the farther better, the sooner the better!

Once his brain commanded him, Lin Yuan did not even glance in his direction, he almost instantly turned and left the bedroom. Wrapped in a towel he looked like a white whirlwind!

“… …” The boy's mouth, still standing in the bathroom door, twitched involuntarily.

But Lin Yuan felt even more depressed. Just after he left the room he ran straight into another Alpha.

The Alpha boy was tall and straight, with dazzling pure gold hair, blue eyes like a mysterious ocean. He was handsome, his lips were raised in a frivolous smile.

“What's going on?” The boy looked at Lin Yuan, then looked into the bedroom, “Caesar, why is someone running out from your bedroom in a panic?"

The boy named Caesar also came out from the bedroom, standing behind Lin Yuan, he looked down at the shorter Asian teenager, and said: “He should be our roommate, he accidentally entered the wrong bedroom."

“Roommates?" the blond boy looked at Lin Yuan. Smiling he said, “Hey, roommate. You're a freshman too? ……Oh my God, why are you so short?”

He stretched out his hand and placed it on top of Lin Yuan's head, patting it gently like a pet.

Lin Yuan’s head just reached his chin so his patting was very natural.


Lin Yuan's body stiffened, he tightly clenched his fist and did not hesitate to directly throw a punch!

Unexpectedly, the boy behind him caught his arm!

Lin Yuan's attack was without warning, to catch it, Caesar's reaction speed had to be amazing!

His hand had great strength, his slender fingers almost clenched into Lin Yuan’s bones!

Lin Yuan's arm was gripped tightly by his fingers, so it was his body's first direct contact with an Alpha. Lin Yuan’s scalp suddenly tingled, his body even began to inexplicably heat up.

They confronted for a moment, then Lin Yuan stiffly said: “Let go!”

Caesar frowned, he let Lin Yuan go, and asked: “You have a habit of beating people when you're unhappy?”

“… …” Lin Yuan ignored him.

The blond, blue eyed boy was still smiling, as if watching a small animal. The deep eyed boy behind was giving out a suffocating sense of oppression. Surrounded by two Alpha, Lin Yuan's blood inexplicably grew cold!

There seems to be some sleeping beast waking up, and the strange trembling sensation in his body made Lin Yuan very uncomfortable!

No longer wanting to be near them, Lin Yuan directly pushed the blocking blond boy to the side, turned into his bedroom, and banged shut the door!


The two Alphas looked at the door.

Caesar was silent for a moment before he said calmly: “Brian, you provoked him.”

Brian smiled and stroked his chin, looking back at Lin Yuan's door, he meaningfully said: “I did not expect our little roommate would be so violent…….I wanna see how much he can do.”

Brian said as he turned towards Lin Yuan's bedroom. But Caesar frowned: “Hey, you just started school. Do you want the principal and General Bayh to find out?"

Brian stopped, wiped his forehead and said, “Oh, shit. I’m afraid of my old man and his three-hour "How to be a respectable person" lecture. I'll be a good student like you.”

Brian shrugged his shoulders, gently placed his right hand over his heart, bowed to Caesar, and said solemnly, "My dear Prince, I'm off to take a bath, you do you."

Then he turned, humming a song, into his bedroom. He smiled back at Caesar as he closed the door.

Caesar turned to look at Lin Yuan's bedroom, his brown eyes gradually deepened.

– Why did, at the moment I saw that boy in the bathroom, he oddly smelled like an Omega?

The smell was so faint that the average person would never notice.

However, Caesar was different.

He has the most acute senses and the best insights in the entire empire, and it stems from the various intensive training courses he had received since childhood, including a top-secret course.

Omega Pheromone Resistance training course!


Author's Note: The Prince's Sensitive Dog Nose!

Stage: One day Xiao Yuan suddenly entered into estrus! The Prince's Omega Resistance training is challenged!

Prince: To resist, to control…….. Uh, bad, it's too much to handle………..oh forget it ^ _ ^

Lin Yuan: …… I feel like the universe is out to get me!

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