Above Your Head

Vol 2. Chapter 132: The Salvation of God (69)

Vol 2. Chapter 132: The Salvation of God (69)


The call with Celestia was over. She said she would make some time and come find me sooner or later, since that was her intention in the first place. It was said that the reason why she was able to solidify her position of Empress was due to the overwhelming uproar when the Emperor-class Gigas, Ra of Bright Light, was gone. 

'It's not bad.' Needless to say, I did not intend to return Ra. Aside from the fact that Ra was definitely necessary, Ras himself did not really want to leave. 'I do have to go to Leonhardt once.' It was time to think about how to make the name of the Game Master known.

Captain-nim, it's the Basaras. 

"Again? They're persistent, so persistent."

This time it's not an intrusion by warp, but they are after a surprise attack. 

"Surprise attack?"

We've confirmed the approach of the Giga-class battleship. I guess we have no choice but to confirm as the units we sent disappeared without a sound. 

"You've basically made up your mind," I commented. No matter how much of a late-comer we were, if we have reached the Stage III Civilization, we were by no means a pushover of a force. Why would we go to the lengths of being independent from the Primordial God? It meant that they wouldn't be able to overwhelm us just by bringing a battleship over. However...it was entirely possible if the objective was terrorism and looting. That was exactly what they were after, too.

"Phew." I moved my body on Earth to an open area that had been destroyed by the monster whales. Boom!!! A giant crater was formed just by exerting my power. As it was hit with the energy being released from my body, the land composed of dirt and gravel was transformed into magnetic sand and pieces of iron.

"Ahhh… It's really so hard to control." I shook my head. In fact, my capability itself was far below the Emperor-class, because I was just able to stand as 'me'. But I was called the Administrator, and I was born with the Divine Spirit of the Absolute God who stood beside the Creation God. I could wield mythical power and authority just by calming that power, just like the ancient Gods of Olympus and Asgard.

At this point, it did not matter if my own capabilities were lacking. Although my capabilities were less than that of an Emperor-class, an Emperor-class would be on the highway to hell if they acted up in front of me.

Groarrrr!! The Divine Spirit was on fire. The exertion of power was so strong that it created its own laws by twisting the laws of physics.

"It's only at the level of an Untouchable even at this rate." 

Since when on earth was being an Untouchable something that’s 'only at that level'? The space split apart and Ares showed up. Pieces of metal that filled the ground were stepped on by his feet and he let out a sharp sound. 

"You're here? Let's go!"

Okie dokie. Ares grabbed me and put me on board as if he was devouring me. The Avalon System was activated, synchronizing Ares' Iron Heart with my soul. 

I still had yet to completely digest my Divine Spirit. Even though I was receiving a huge amount of faith on Earth, and could produce and wield all kinds of powers, my level was just at the level of an Untouchable. But the moment I got on board Ares, I rose above my limits.

Pooof!! I arrived in space. It was somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn by location. At that place, there was a huge tree flying there. I stared at it and muttered, "… A tree?"

It's an Ash Tree Chest. It's a specialty product of the Fairy Tribe made from the World Tree. 

I sneaked a peek at the information above the tree, and the number of fairies exceeded a thousand. It was ridiculous that the fairies who first came to Earth were pirates notoriously known throughout the Great Universe. 

"There's nothing more to see." 

Woooooong! I raised my right hand. Ares' right hand raised up in response. Just like that, I edited of my right hand. 


- W-W-What the?!?!

- From the side, an unidentified metal body has appeared! It is approaching at high speed! The distance between the metal body is 150 kilometers! 100 kilometers! 50 kilometers!!

- No, what is this... It's a hand?!

- Deploy full power into the Barrier!!

- Ah, no, we can't stop it-...!

I had devoured Project End, and as a result, the Unique World gew to Rank SSS++++. Then, I was able to grow the size of the Unique World. If I was determined to do so, I could expand it to the size of the solar system, no, perhaps I could even create a huge dimension beyond that size! But what was the point in an inutilizable space? Instead of blindly growing the Unique World, I increased the mass that could be brought into the Unique World.

"Hmmm!" I grabbed the Ash Tree Chest with the enlarged hands. Just like that, it was brought over to the Unique World. 

... Really now. No matter how many times I look at this, it's ridiculous.

You're ignoring the laws of physics, huh.  

I replied to the words of the two control personas who were baffled, "It's not that I'm ignoring it, I'm just briefly modifying it."

The Ash Tree Chest, which was flying through space, appeared in the Unique World. I, who was standing by in the Unique World while riding on a Star-rank Gigas, received it and gently put it down. 

"It's here!!"

"Wow! What kind of tree is this??"

The devotees who were waiting raised their left hand as they heard the sounds of surprise. After all, they knew that the battleship, which was dragged out all of a sudden, would desperately fire like crazy if it was left as it was.

'In the worst possible scenario, it might even self-destruct.' Because of that, I edited the of Shadow Stalker, which changed into the form of a pistol. Click! The pistol in my left hand disappeared and it appeared in the Gigas' left hand. I commented, "I'm stopping it. The time is 24 hours."

- Loading the Time-Space Freeze Shell... Completed.

Along with the announcement, I pulled the trigger just like that. Flashhh!!! As the huge pistol fired off a huge bullet, a storm brewed around it. After completing its role, the Shadow Stalker changed back to its original size and returned to my hands.

Poooof! The flow of time as the Ash Tree Chest was hit by the bullet froze. It was unquestionable if it was done with Shadow Stalker's original output (Because it was used on adult humans), but it did not matter to the current me.

"Come on now! Catch the pirate bastards and freeze them, then separate the Iron Hearts and take them out!" 

"We have to finish it in 24 hours! Let's hurry!"

I looked at the devotees who were pouring into the ship for a moment, and said to Genie, "It's a pretty interesting-looking ship. Can we plant that World Tree thing in the Unique World?" 

It'll take quite a while, but it's possible now that we've captured all the fairies. 

"Then let's plant it on the . World Tree, huh. I'm getting a surge of queer foreboding!" I left them behind and flew up in a flash. Down there, I could see a planet the size of the moon which was full of huge buildings. I named it after what the people of the Unique World called themselves. There were also the additional five planets, but since it was still not developed yet, it was only a magnetic sand planet just like the Steel World in the past. However, I was utilizing them to build a new Stage. 

From now on, if it was beings who had faith in me, the Game Master... A dream stage where they could access anywhere in the Great Universe and gain wealth, honor, and great strength would be formed! 

Captain-nim, as you said, it's something that's already happening all over the Great Universe. 

"Hence, even more so why we shouldn't miss it. Moreover, even if they start in my Stage with their bare hands, this is a place where they could ultimately grow to become a Gigas pilot. It's a great advantage in this Great Universe era." My heart was thumping just from thinking about the countless players who would run about on my stage in the future. I added, "In addition, it also serves to help the descendents of Earth-34."

The current fighting power of Earth-34 was not normal. It was not a joke, since it was a situation where a restaurant ahjumma could use Sword Qi and a school teacher could use high-rank magic. The stats of the current human race was so high that it was equivalent to that of a spiritual beast or a guardian beast rather than human beings. However, would their children and grandchildren also have that sort of ability? 

'That's impossible.' I did not have the intention of giving out unlimited spiritual pills and stat points like the Project End did (Of course, it was not because the Project End had wanted to do so), so players would have to develop their own capabilities to catch up to the far-reaching difference of their predecessors.

I closed my eyes after watching the stage that was under construction for a while. Then, I expanded my consciousness… In a split second, the entire Unique World was perceived, and shortly afterwards, the entire Earth entered my cognitive range. It was a huge amount of information that would cause the brain of an average human to burst right away, but I was able to receive all that information leisurely. I focused my consciousness…

I could see my father. He was walking on a beautiful beach with my mother. The two looked quite different in age, but my father looked very young and handsome, so they looked good together as a couple. 

I could see my brother. He visited Min-kyung, who was dealing with work at the Diplomatic Office, and was trying to show intimate physical affection with her where no one could see. Min-kyung seemed to be embarrassed with her flushed face and could not think straight. 

I could see Jae-seok and Kyung-eun smiling at their child acting cute, Seon-ae who was reading a book while watching the pouring rain, and Alex who was on a show discussing the definition of justice.

I could see the appearance of people. People who were pulling up collapsed buildings, and people who were doing business. Singers, actors, and comedians who were making others laugh on the TV shows that restarted back. People who were honing their Ability and making it into their own, people who were just relaxing, people who were traveling around, as well as people who were playing games all night long. And even people who were praying. 

I smirked. "Haha." Of course, I knew that this scene would not last forever. People would find gaps in justice, truth and honor. They would be jealous and hateful. They would fight each other by all sorts of standards separating each other. They would commit crimes and bear malice.

But even so, I...


"Ahh." I calmed my consciousness upon hearing the voice that distracted my focus. "What's going on?"

There are many fleets approaching the solar system at high speed!

"If it's approaching at high speed, then..."

Yes, it's the Astral Drive.

The fact that they came directly without using Warp Drives meant that their scale had crossed a certain line. Either the size of the fleet was massive or a Terra-class battleship, equivalent to the Albatross ship, was on the way here. 

"No, just looking at the Newbie, it's not like they are high-profile people who were out of their minds, so isn't this too much?"

It is definitely not normal. Earth-34 is not even a civilization with special resources. Moreover, entering the Stage III Civilization means that we have the minimum required fighting power, so I can't believe they're barging in so openly like this. 

"My god," I grumbled and got on board of Ares. Then, I crossed the space. 

- I can't believe they're already in the Stage III Civilization. As expected, there was a reason why the Arch-Sorcerer was paying close attention!

- It's Earth again! Was it called Earth-34? They, too, will undoubtedly be incorporated into the Leonhardt Empire! 

- We have to deal with it before it turns into a situation that causes problems and makes things difficult.

I let out a scoff at the communication message delivered, "Demi-humans, huh. It's been a long time." As I moved into the Astral Realm, I could see dozens of battleships moving towards Earth. Moreover, one of them was a Terra-class ship. Unlike the Albatross ship, it was a battleship that was completely focused on combat, so it was a military power that was almost impossible for a civilization that had just entered the Stage III Civilization to deal with.

It's the Tekea Federation, huh. In many ways, it's an ill-fated relationship. 

"It's a case that is really just unlucky." Saying so, I extended Ares' arms and grabbed on to two battleships.

- Cra-, this crazy-?! What the hell is this!!!

- Gunfire! Bombard it!!!

- It's not possible! It's already clinging on to two battleships!

- What the hell is with this huge hand?!

I threw the battleship, which was freaking out, into the Unique World. Then, I extended Ares' hand out again, grabbed another battleship, and threw it into the Unique World. 

Was it because I didn't abandon my physical body? I could feel that I was still living as a human even though I was holding on to Divine Spirit, Divinity, and the Status of God. I threw the Terra-class battleship into the Unique World while laughing. "Hahaha! Welcome to Earth-34!" Somehow, I was in a pleasant mood. 


「Author's Afterthoughts」

Above Your Head, which I felt lost at, agonized at, excited at, and lost again, is finally completed! I would like to extend my thanks to everyone for supporting and waiting for my inadequate work. 

I always feel sorry after finishing a title. It is all the more so as I am not able to always present a satisfactory composition that I wanted to try and show to the readers. In Above Your Head, I wanted to portray the process of the world changing and adapting to the individual, rather than the individual adapting to the world when an individual with an extraordinary lineage from birth comes into contact with the world as a protagonist. 

However... I always feel like this, but I am supposed to only do exactly what I have to do. But I always want to show the readers all sorts of things, and I can't get rid of the tendency of the Storyline-Settings maniac in me, so the story ends up with unnecessities(...)

Then, just like that, for the characters that I wanted to use as an important role in the beginning, there are instances where I pass them off under the guise of  'Ah! If I include this, it will get too complicated!' ㅠㅠ

I'm especially sorry about how I handled the two major Arcs(Which should have been the case), Juan and the Heroine class character(Which should have been the case), Seon-ae in Volume 2(...) In particular, I'm really sorry about Seon-ae's story. Apologies for being such an incompetent author ㅠㅠ


To be honest, I am most apologetic about Bo-ram and Dong-min. I am so sorry. Your airtime. Your portion was replaced by Jae-seok and Min-kyung(...)

Enough with this topic.

There were a lot of mistakes and shortcomings in many ways, but thank you so much for being on this journey with me until now! The presence of you readers have always encouraged me when I was grumbling about having no self-confidence! 

Despite the fact that it has been a while since I started writing, I'm sad every time I finish a work... But, I'll be back with more interesting and better writings!!

I'll start working on the next piece as soon as I can without going on a hiatus ㅠㅠ

I love you and thank you always!

24th July 2020, Park Geon.

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