Absolute Choice

Chapter 580 - Transcendental Nine Transformations

Chapter 580: Transcendental Nine Transformations

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The Transcendents possessed an inborn ability known as the Transcendental Nine Transformations.

This was an ability that stimulated one’s vital potential, allowing their bodies to be greatly enhanced for a short period of time.

All their characteristics—strength, burst strength, speed, endurance, defense, etc—would undergo a qualitative change.

The Transcendental Nine Transformations had nine levels. It went from the First Transformation to the Ninth Transformation. Each rise in level enhanced the Transcendent’s strength several times, but the burden on the body would also increase.

Ordinary Transcendents could mostly use the First Transformation, and those that could use the Second Transformation were considered elites. Anyone that could use the Third Transformation was considered combat generals, and once one could use the Fourth Transformation, they typically had the right to vie for the throne of the Transcendent King.

Almost every Transcendent King in history had the ability to reach the Fourth Transformation; however, very few could use the Fifth Transformation because although every increase in the Transcendental Transformation resulted in a metamorphic change in strength, the burden on the body also increased in a hellish manner.

To withstand the burden of the Fifth Transformation, other than the Transcendent’s body requirement of being capable of withstanding the upper limits of the transformation, one’s Transcendence bloodline also needed certain natural endowment. Transcendents who could accomplish both were rare.

Tianjie was the most astounding genius in the history of the Transcendents and also the strongest king in history. This was because he attained the Transcendental Fifth Transformation by thirteen. When he ascended to the throne, he had reached an unprecedented Transcendental Sixth Transformation. And to date, the limits of his body had managed to raise the limits of the Transcendents to the Transcendental Seventh Transformation.

Ever since the Transcendents were banished to the desolate lands, the Transcendents had been constantly planning on returning to the world to take back their home. However, they ultimately lacked the crucial factor needed to accomplish that—combat strength to defeat the strongest human!

Tianjie’s appearance made revenge a possibility. No Transcendent doubted that their king who had attained an unprecedented Transcendental Seventh Transformation could kill all experts of humanity.

This was because once Tianjie used his Seventh Transformation, he would be an invincible existence!

“Transcendental First Transformation!”

One-Pun’s Full Moon Wheel had made Tianjie turn serious, but in fact, his so-called “seriousness” had an absolute sense of belittlement. Compared to his limits of the Seventh Transformation, Tianjie’s First Transformation was not even one percent of his maximum strength.

But even so, just with the First Transformation, Tianjie was already a headache for One-Pun.

After the First Transformation, the originally terrifying speed was raised once again. Whip-like kicks bombarded One-Pun with enhanced strength. Although his Guardian Sword Truth was able to defend against the barrage of attacks, the opportunity for him to use Full Moon Wheel as a counterattack turned slim.

One-Pun passively defended for Tianjie was just too fast. He was momentarily unable to return any attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every kick from Tianjie lashed at the Guardian Sword Truth’s barrier, causing explosions to happen everywhere. The aftershocks from the collision were in no way inferior to a nuclear bomb’s.

Although One-Pun could only defend, Tianjie failed to shatter the Guardian barrier. The invisible barrier conjured by Sword Intent was resilient and indestructible. It completely defended against the Transcendent King’s attacks.

Tianjie slowly lost his patience.

“Very good. This King has no choice but to admit that you aren’t weak!”

“Transcendental Second Transformation!”

Tianjie’s Transcendental Transformation raised in level again as his body bulged once more. His dark green skin turned darker and although it looked like his body had only enlarged, his speed and burst strength were also raised by three times!

The sudden increase in strength nearly caught One-Pun off guard.

Kicks that weighed a million tons slammed down, causing the barrier to tremble. Like a sledgehammer striking glass, spiderweb-like cracks appeared as they were pushed to the brink of shattering.

One-Pun roared and made a timely retreat of half a step. At the same time, he sliced upwards with his Moon Reflection Sword, drawing out an arced sword beam which swept out like flowing water. As it lingered around Tianjie’s right leg, it gently enveloped the leg and, like he entered a vortex, the might of the kick came to a sudden halt.

Tianjie’s expression changed slightly. It turned out that he wasn’t the only one holding back. The human in front of him had also held back.

“You actually belittle This King?”

Tianjie was enraged. No one ever dared to hold back in front of him. Enemies he encountered would have no choice but to use full strength when faced with his terrifying oppression.

However, this human had not used all his strength from beginning to end. If he hadn’t used the Transcendental Second Transformation, this human probably had no intention to use the mild, water-like sword technique. This was no doubt a form of belittlement and humiliation to an expert like Tianjie.

Tianjie retracted his right foot and this time, he clenched his fist.


After a moment of ice sculpture-like stillness, he suddenly attacked in an explosive manner, appearing right in front of One-Pun. He bent his arm and raised his knee before throwing his punch forward like a spear. This was a simple cannon punch, but the force it released far exceeded that of a cannon.

If this punch were to strike the Guardian Sword Truth’s barrier, it was likely that the barrier would shatter as a result.

One-Pun, who had made this judgment, was alarmed. The lashing kicks which Tianjie had demonstrated were already at the level of S Class calamity fiends, and that appeared to only be the tip of an iceberg.

One-Pun did not dare be imprudent. Without a choice, he had to use his secret Taiji Sword Technique to face the attack. The supreme ultimate of Taiji generates the opposing forces and the two opposites generate the four images. This was a top sword technique that used softness to conquer strength.

Sword beams spun like a vortex as Tianjie’s punch struck forward. However, it felt like he had hit clouds as it produced a deep rumbling sound. Most of the punch’s might was devoured and scattered.

Tianjie’s expression turned gloomy as he threw out his left fist.

Meeting his attack was the Full Moon Wheel. Like a full moon that tore through the night sky, the sword beam was like a retracted bracelet that instantly bound his left arm. Following that, the sound of electric saws buzzed as the sharp sword beams attempted to lacerate the dark-green arm.

“Transcendental Third Transformation!”

At that instant, Tianjie raised his Transcendental Transformation to the third level in anger. His left arm thickened once again as he shattered the Full Moon Wheel. His unstoppable cannon punch also instantly raised its might by nearly five times.

This punch shattered the Taiji Sword Technique and broke through the Guardian Sword Truth’s barrier. Instantly, One-Pun was sent flying hundreds of meters.


The Moon Reflection Sword had been sent flying into the sky before it landed on the ground. One-Pun coughed as he stood up. The punch had nearly inflicted him with heavy injuries.

“To force This King to use the Transcendental Third Transformation and take This King’s three punches, Human, you are very impressive.”

Tianjie said coldly, “But that’s all there is to it. To be honest, that punch was not even a tenth of This King’s full strength!”

Tianjie’s greatest joy was to see the despair in the eyes of the weak. At that moment, he wished to see a look of helplessness and frustration from the human’s eyes.

However, those dull eyes had unswerving determination and willpower. Despite witnessing that punch, the human did not seem perturbed.


Based on what?

“What a coincidence. My sword technique’s might is also only a tenth of my fist’s might.”

One-Pun sighed lightly, seemingly making up his mind as he slowly clenched his fist.

When One-Pun clenched his fist, Tianjie suddenly felt his nerves turn taut. His inborn intuition made him notice a dangerous aura.

The human in front of him had changed. He was as weak as a lamb when holding a sword, but when he clenched his fist, it was as though he had transformed into a colossal behemoth!

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