Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 20: Mysterious Golden Human

Chapter 20: Mysterious Golden Human

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“Many thanks!”

Sun Mo knew that there was a reason behind the change in Zhu Ting’s attitude. However, he didn’t have the mood to analyze it. After he reached the resting room’s entrance, he spoke to the others, “This chance is extremely rare. You guys should go ahead and view the battles. They would be of help to your growth.”

Sun Mo was just finding an excuse. He didn’t want others to see him performing Tuina.


Li Ziqi lowered her head and twiddled her index fingers. She wanted to see how Sun Mo would help Qi Shengjia, who was clearly an inferior student, to overturn the situation.

“Ziqi, come in with me!”

Sun Mo couldn’t bear to see Li Ziqi like this. After all, she came here to find him. If he tossed her out like this, it would be too merciless.

Wang Hao and Zhou Xu exchanged mutual glances when they saw the door being closed.

“Deliberately acting mysterious!” Zhou Xu whispered.


Wang Hao nodded. From his point of view, Qi Shengjia had no way to reverse the situation.

After entering the room, Sun Mo immediately took out the ancient whale oil when the two others didn’t notice. “Take off your clothes!”

“Ah?” Li Ziqi gasped in a low voice.

Qi Shengjia was ill at ease, glancing at the melon-faced young girl. Although Li Ziqi was in men’s clothes, she was so beautiful, and one could tell that she was a girl with just a glance.

“Why are you ‘ah-ing’? I’m not asking you to take off your clothes.”

Sun Mo didn’t have time to waste. He was going through the steps of the ‘muscleforge technique’ in his mind to be more familiar with it. Then he urged Qi Shengjia, “Hurry up.”

The order of the battles depended on the lot they drew. The top 50 should all be crushingly strong. Many students were like Qi Shengjia, completely giving up to despair when they saw who their opponents were.

Even though some students felt that the opportunity was rare and wanted to spar with these experts, the battle hall members wouldn’t show mercy and would give it their all to end the battles quickly. After all, to these powerful students, these battles were a waste of time, and there was no meaning to it.

Hence, although Qi Shengjia was the #106 to head up the battle stage, it would be his turn in at most half an hour later. This was why Sun Mo wanted to quickly borrow a resting room. If they went too far away, it was possible that Qi Shengjia might miss his turn and would be treated as though he had given up.

Due to Teacher Jin Mujie’s instruction, Zhu Ting specially found a resting room that was usually reserved for teachers. It wasn’t large, but the equipment inside was very comprehensive. There was even a small bathroom.

On the bed, the bedsheet was clean and tidy. Qi Shengjia, who only had a pair of shorts left, climbed up on it embarrassedly.

“Go and lie on it!”

After cleaning his hands, Sun Mo twisted open the bottle’s cap. A strange fragrance instantly permeated the area, causing one’s mind and spirit to stir.

“What is that?”

Li Ziqi was curious.

“Ancient whale oil.”

After Qi Shengjia lay down, Sun Mo stretched his hands and pressed down on Qi Shengjia’s back. As expected of the grandmaster-grade ‘muscleforge technique’, with just a single touch, he could clearly sense the outline of Qi Shengjia’s muscles. After that, he kneaded the muscles to soothe the pressure as detailed information entered his mind.

“Muscles are mildly injured, and many capillary blood vessels are fractured. But there’s no problem with his blood. As expected, he trained too excessively, resulting in internal injuries.”

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight. Before he obtained the muscleforge technique, he could only see the data of his target’s muscles. But now, he clearly knew what influence those data would have on Qi Shengjia’s body.

The ancient whale oil that was diluted by water was still white. He smeared it on Qi Shengjia’s skin and as he continued to knead and press. The oil blended into Qi Shengjia’s skin. As sizzling sounds rang out, clouds of white steam rose.


Qi Shengjia only felt his body heating up. It was like he ran for an entire day and went into a hot spring. All fatigue in his body vanished.

In the resting room, as the clouds of white steam rose, the fragrance became more intense.

“Ancient whale oil? It’s really fragrant. I will get some people to search for it when I return and give one bottle to my aunt. This oil seems to be very effective when used on one’s body.”

Li Ziqi had been embarrassed to keep staring at the back of a man. However, her gaze gradually couldn’t be shifted away.

This massage technique of Sun Mo was too bizarre!

Li Ziqi’s clans had five grandmaster masseurs. Usually, after her cultivation, some of them would help to adjust her condition. And because her aunt’s body wasn’t that well, Li Ziqi specially went to learn massaging skills for her sake. With regard to the three main factions and six branches of massage skills, she had some understanding of them all. But the massage skill Sun Mo was using didn’t seem to lie within this system.

“It should be some sort of massage technique that’s circulated from remote places.”

Li Ziqi was contemplating. All of a sudden, she saw Sun Mo’s hands ferociously clapping onto Qi Shengjia’s back.


After that, a large amount of golden spirit qi flowed out from Sun Mo’s hands. The streams of golden spirit qi gathered and solidified into a strange-looking human.


Li Ziqi’s ruby red lips opened wide. She couldn’t help but take two steps back as her heart trembled.

The bottom-half of this golden man was in vapor state, but its upper-half was a robust male with solid muscles. It shone brightly, as though its body was covered in olive oil.

Although the golden man was formed from spirit qi, it was incredibly vivid and life-like.


The golden man opened its eyes. Both its arms exerted force as it hugged inward, displaying its plump and sturdy muscles. After that, a thudding sound rang out as its right fist hammered onto Qi Shengjia’s back.


Qi Shengjia spat out mouthful after mouthful of saliva. He felt like a dough that was being kneaded by Sun Mo.


Sun Mo had a headful of sweat. What the hell was this thing on his back? Could it be that before it took an arrow to the knee, it was the genie from Aladdin?

The oil on the golden man’s body shone brightly. It wore a corset and had a purple turban on its head.

Ever since the indian-looking golden man was formed, Sun Mo didn’t need to act personally. Its massage techniques were profound and exquisite. Its thick and strong hands would cause Qi Shengjia to scream every time they come in contact with the young man.

“Sun...Teacher Sun...what...what massage technique is this?”

Li Ziqi was badly shocked. Letting someone like that knead your body must truly be a terrifying experience!

“Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands!”

Sun Mo was too shy to admit the truth. Even if someone were to beat him to death now, he wouldn’t tell them that this was known as the ancient massage technique. Sigh, he had truly met a ghost. Why did the golden man’s forms seem to carry a philosophical aura?

“How...how unique!”

Li Ziqi quietly took a few steps back. She was deeply afraid that the golden man might stretch out its hand, pull her onto the bed, and start kneading her as well.

The golden man suddenly leaped into the air. It flipped in the air while raising its right arm and jutted its elbow out before heavily smashing it into Qi Shengjia’s body.

“ARGHHHH!” Qi Shengjia roared.

Li Ziqi also screamed. Her hands were covering her face, but there were gaps between her fingers where one could see that she was watching unblinkingly.

Sun Mo was badly frightened. Would this indian-looking golden man kill someone? Just when he was preparing to check on Qi Shengjia’s condition, the muscles of Qi Shengjia’s body began to tremble and frenziedly absorb spirit qi.

“This is the sign of a breakthrough!”

Li Ziqi exclaimed in shock. Qi Shengjia was in a daze after the massage. How did he manage to break through in such a state?

“Could this be an effect of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands?”

Li Ziqi analyzed, she couldn’t help but breathe softly, “How miraculous!”

“Quickly wake up!”

Sun Mo shouted loudly. He grabbed hold of Qi Shengjia’s arm and wanted to pull him up. At such a crucial moment, one had to maintain their consciousness and clarity to absorb the largest amount of spirit qi, elevating the effectiveness of the massage to the maximum. Sadly, Qi Shengjia wasn’t able to do so.

He was like a pile of rotten mud lying limply on the bed. There was even a stupid-looking smile of enjoyment on his face.

“Sigh, no wonder your potential value is extremely low!”

Sun Mo shook his head.

It was only after five minutes did Qi Shengjia wake up. In addition to the nine minutes used during the massage, not even twenty minutes had passed yet.

“Who am I?” Qi Shengjia rubbed the center of his brows. “Where am I?”

“It’s almost your turn to fight!”

Li Ziqi passed a cup of water over.

Qi Shengjia gulped the water down and finally regained his senses. After that, he only felt shocked. Right now, his entire body felt extremely comfortable.

“I...I broke through?”

Qi Shengjia finally recalled what had happened earlier.


Li Ziqi offered her congratulations.

“Teacher Sun!”

Qi Shengjia got down the bed, and a thudding sound echoed as he knelt on the ground. The force was so great that it almost cracked the floor.

Two rows of tears flowed from his eyes. He couldn’t help but be emotional because now that he was at the 5th-level of the body refinement realm, he truly had enough strength to fight Peng Wanli.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +50.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia. Friendly (158/1000).

“Get up and tidy this place up. Prepare to go on the stage!”

After hearing the favorable points notification, Sun Mo was very satisfied. He used less than 10ml of the ancient whale oil and after counting everything, he gained an excess of 40+ favorable impression points from the incident. He still made a profit.


Qi Shengjia nodded furiously. He was extremely agitated. “How did I break through? Oh right, it must be the effect of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. As expected of Teacher Sun’s ultimate technique!”

Qi Shengjia felt that meeting Teacher Sun was the blessing of three lifetimes. It was truly too fortunate for him.


At the battle hall’s stage, it was already the second time that the judge Zhu Ting called out.

“Qi Shengjia, please get up on stage!”

Zhu Ting frowned. When he saw that no one replied, he took out an hourglass. When the sand in the hourglass fell completely, it would mean that Qi Shengjia had automatically given up.

“Teacher Sun?”

Qi Shengjia stood in the passageway and felt a little anxious. However, since Sun Mo didn’t say anything, he didn’t dare to speak either!

“Do you want to win?”

Sun Mo’s gaze turned to the battle stage in the distance. Beside Zhu Ting, there was a short but stocky young man. Through the Divine Sight, all his data appeared before Sun Mo’s vision.


Qi Shengjia nodded.

“If you want to win, do what I told you to!”

Sun Mo instructed in a low voice.

Li Ziqi was like a rabbit as her ears pricked up.


Qi Shengjia tidied his hair, completely clueless.

“What are you ‘eh-ing’ for? Have you remembered what I said earlier?” Sun Mo berated.


Qi Shengjia hurriedly nodded.

“Go ahead. Even though this might be your last battle before you quit school, I hope you can give it your all. When you recall this battle in the future, I want you to only feel pride and not regret.”

Sun Mo patted Qi Shengjia on his back for encouragement. After that, he pushed Qi Shengjia forward.

This time, Sun Mo’s great teacher halo wasn’t activated, but in Qi Shengjia’s heart, an unprecedented sharpness and determination appeared.

For this battle, he would win or die trying!

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