Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 24: When A Gentleman Seeks Revenge, It’ll be From Day to Night

Chapter 24: When A Gentleman Seeks Revenge, It’ll be From Day to Night

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“You guys can chat. I still have to go and braise the pig trotters.”

After finishing his drink in one gulp, Ludi licked his lips and enjoyed the aftertaste for a while. Then he took his pig trotters and headed out.

The tea wasn’t bad, but Ludi was thin-skinned, so he didn’t ask for another cup.

“After I become a great teacher in the future, I’ll be able to afford such tea leaves as well. I’ll rinse my mouth with it!”

Ludi set a small goal for himself.

“Drink up!”

Sun Mo personally poured Li Gong a cup of tea.

Li Gong smiled bitterly and finished it. It didn’t matter since he was the one who had spewed it out anyway.

“Drink it all up, the entire pot.”

Sun Mo had no intention of letting this end.

(When a gentleman seeks revenge, it’ll be from day to night. Want me to drink a cup of tea that has been spat? You’ll count as lucky if I don’t pee all over your face.)

“Teacher Sun!” Li Gong pleaded.


Sun Mo spat into the cup and put it in front of Li Gong.

“Sun Mo, you are an intern teacher. Can you not humiliate me like this?”

Li Gong gave in.

Sun Mo was sick of the persuasion and grabbed Li Gong’s hair directly, tugging it downward. He then brought the cup to Li Gong’s mouth, forcing the tea down his throat.

“Cough cough, cough cough!”

Li Gong coughed and struggled.

“When you spat into it, why didn’t you think of my status? Should I be the one humiliated instead?” Sun Mo asked.

Li Gong had wanted to push Sun Mo away with brute force. But when he heard this, his body stiffened up, and cold sweat covered his entire forehead. How did he know about that? A fluke? Right, it must be a fluke!


Sun Mo raised his hand and slapped the cup into Li Gong’s face.


The cup shattered, and Li Gong’s nose broke as well. Two streams of blood immediately trickled down like water from a fountain.


Li Gong cried out agonizingly, held onto his face, and fell to the ground.

Sun Mo picked up the pot and poured it all over Li Gong’s head.


Water splattered and Li Gong was drenched.

“Ahhh, it’s so hot!”

Li Gong’s clothes were completely wet, and he rolled around after being scalded. His skin had turned a little red as well.


The dorm room opened, and Ludi stood there in a daze. He had forgotten something and came back to get it. However, he hadn’t expected to see such a violent scene.

“I’m sorry, I came to the wrong place!”


Ludi closed the door and dashed down the stairs. As he was too nervous, a few pig trotters had dropped down.

Rumors said that people were giving Sun Mo a hard time and that he was leading a pathetic time in the logistics department, having to do all the tiring and dirty jobs. He wouldn’t be able to hang on for long...

Bullshit. That person seemed to be the one in-charge of Sun Mo in the logistics department. However, he was being trashed and yet didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Could it be that he can act like this just because his fiancée is the headmaster?”

Ludi was extremely envious. “Sun Mo is really having it good when sponging off a woman!”


“Department... Department Head Yang Cai came to look for me today, asking me to make things hard on you.”

Li Gong was in so much pain that he was clenching his teeth.

“You’re trying to haggle with me?”

Sun Mo smiled coldly.

“No, no, I wouldn’t dare.” Li Gong explained, “I think that you should help me cure my lame leg, then we can deal with him to...”


Before Li Gong could finish his words, Sun Mo picked up the pot from the ground and smashed it right on Li Gong’s head.


Li Gong fell flat on his back.

“Don’t you understand your situation yet?”

Sun Mo squatted down next to Li Gong, poking him in the chest. “You don’t have a choice. Yang Cai’s goal is just to deal a blow to An Xinhui through me, chasing me away while he was at it. I’m telling you, I don’t care if I have this job or not.”

Li Gong looked at Sun Mo. Given his judgment that was trained from scrambling around at the bottom of the society, he could tell that this young man wasn’t joking.

The actual owner of this body was previously worried that he’d make mistakes and get fired. That was why he kept on tolerating things. However, things were different for Sun Mo. Although this was a good job that over 200 people were fighting to get, even if he were to be eventually converted to a permanent position, he’d still tender his resignation if he wasn’t happy with the job. He wouldn’t have any reservations.

Li Gong was at a loss. He was like an old dog whose territory had been snatched from him, lowering his head. His teeth were unable to get through Sun Mo!

Sun Mo grabbed onto Li Gong’s leg with one hand and kneaded a little with his grandmaster-grade ‘Muscleforge Technique’. This gave him a greater understanding of Li Gong’s injury.

Li Gong first felt soreness and numbness, followed by a piercing pain, and then a warm current flowing through. His lame leg, which he had lost the feeling of, felt extremely comfortable.

“It’s moving? My leg is actually moving?”

Li Gong was elated.

“Don’t challenge my patience again. If you want your leg to be cured, then do as I say.”

Sun Mo got up and patted Li Gong on the shoulder. “Another thing. The muscles on your lame leg haven’t been moved over the years and have shrunk a lot. If this drags on, it will be impossible to cure it.”

As Sun Mo removed his hand, Li Gong’s lame leg once again returned to the icy cold condition it was in before. That feeling was like a parched traveler in the desert finding a watermelon after great difficulty. But when he had just taken a bite into it and hadn’t had the opportunity to enjoy it, someone slapped him in the face, and he spewed it out.

“Are you a demon?” Li Gong cried.

“No, I’m Sun Mo.”

Sun Mo wore an extremely alluring smile, flashing his eight white teeth, causing Li Gong’s heart to palpitate. “I’m Sun Mo, who is even more terrifying than a demon!”

Sun Mo had been a teacher-in-charge for six years and had taught 12 students who went to Tsinghua and Peking University. He hadn’t managed to do this only through patient guidance. When he became strict, he could make a spartan warrior cry.

“Oh, right, I’ve gained enlightenment and obtained a great teacher halo today. Do you want to give it a try?” Sun Mo teased.

“What’s that?”

Li Gong pouted, not believing it. Was it so easy to get a great teacher halo?

“Ignorant and Incompetent!”

After saying that, Sun Mo snapped his fingers.


A golden flare flashed, like sparks that were created when flintstones were struck against each other. These flares didn’t disappear but condensed to form a golden arrow, shooting out toward Li Gong.


After seeing the light flare appearing, Li Gong was given a shock. He backed off unconsciously. However, the golden arrow’s speed was too fast, and it stabbed into his head in the blink of an eye.

The golden arrow’s power pushed back Li Gong’s head abruptly. When he lifted it back up, his eyes had lost focus. His gaze became dull and spiritless, appearing as if he was intellectually disabled.


A sound came out from Li Gong’s throat unconsciously. His mouth opened wide, and saliva came dripping down from the corners of his lips.

“Li Gong, can you hear me?” Sun Mo asked loudly.

Li Gong turned his head, still appearing to be in a daze.

“My great teacher halo is really amazing!”

Sun Mo was surprised. He had temporarily turned a person into an idiot. He walked up to Li Gong and tested him by asking some simple questions.

Li Gong didn’t show any reaction.

“Is this for real?”

Sun Mo was a careful person. He would always try his best to gather information about the unknown to prepare for emergencies. He raised his hand and slapped Li Gong’s face.


The slap was very loud.


Li Gong smiled idiotically, and more saliva came dripping out from his mouth.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Sun Mo exerted more and more strength, but Li Gong continued to smile, still not showing any significant reaction.

“I’ve ascertained from his gaze that he’s a real idiot now.”

Sun Mo was surprised.

The ‘Priceless Advice’ halo that he had gotten previously had the effect of reinforcing what the teacher said, and thus Sun Mo didn’t manage to have any direct experience from it. But now, he truly experienced how powerful the great teacher halo was. He felt very happy. If any student were to not listen to him and create trouble in class, he would just toss an ‘Ignorant and Incompetent’ halo at them, turning that person into an idiot and stop the ruckus.

Sun Mo started to study the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. It was only after half an hour had passed that Li Gong started to regain his consciousness.

“Who am I? Where am I? What did I do?”

The daze in Li Gong’s eyes gradually dissipated. He realized that he was still in Sun Mo’s dorm, but his memories were still stuck at the point where he had been hit by a ‘golden arrow’. He couldn’t recall what he had experienced in between.


Li Gong dropped to his knees.


+20 favorable impression points from Li Gong.

Prestige connection with Li Gong. Current state, neutral (26/100)

“Teacher Sun, I was wrong!”

Li Gong cried. He was regretting why he had promised the Logistics Department Head to create trouble for Sun Mo. He had initially thought that Sun Mo was just a mediocre person who had become an intern teacher in the Central Province Academy after getting involved with An Xinhui. He had thought that Sun Mo didn’t have much capabilities. However, by the looks of things, Sun Mo was very scary.

“If anyone were to say that Sun Mo is someone who sponges off a woman in the future, I’ll spit all over their face.”

Li Gong had seen Sun Mo performing the ‘Priceless Advice’ halo at the warehouse a few days back, and he had gained enlightenment with yet another one. His talent was probably at Gu Xiuxun’s level.

Li Gong was just a worker in the logistics department. Although he had the Logistics Department Head, Yang Cai, backing him up, why did he have to fight against Sun Mo? To Yang Cai, someone like himself was like a chamber pot. When needed, he would be called. If not needed, he would be kicked away.

If he were to get into trouble, he could forget about Yang Cai helping him out.

“Teacher Sun, if you ask me to head to the east, I’ll definitely not run toward the west.”

As someone who had been scrambling in society for over twenty years, Li Gong decided to change sides after assessing the situation.


+30 favorable impression points from Li Gong.

Prestige connection with Li Gong. Current state, neutral (56/100)

Two consecutive notifications rang out, causing Sun Mo to assess Li Gong. He was a little surprised.

“Li Gong’s respect toward you led to the increment in the favorable impression points. This is the power of a great teacher!” the system explained.

“Very good. Go gather negative news about Yang Cai after this.”

Sun Mo was in no hurry to take care of that Logistics Department Head. It wasn’t because he had any reservations, but more like once he made a move, he wanted it to be lethal, not giving the opponent any chance to retaliate.

In order to keep Li Gong motivated, Sun Mo massaged his lame leg a little more, making him feel so good that he had a strong urge to do anything for Sun Mo.


Next morning, Sun Mo was woken up by the sound of rain hitting the plantain trees.

“It’s raining?”

He opened the window and a light breeze blew in, bringing in the humidity from the rain. Sun Mo couldn’t help but stretch out his body.

The rain still hadn’t stopped after he had his breakfast.

Sun Mo took out an oiled paper umbrella, picked up the [Essentials of Alchemy] and [Compendium of Herbology] he had borrowed from the library, and went out to return them.

Sun Mo’s body was very healthy due to cultivation. However, after he got a rough grasp of the general knowledge in this world, he still chose to study alchemy and herbology. He wanted to have a greater understanding of his body through them.

As it was raining, there were fewer students around. Sun Mo walked for a while and then turned to the path leading to the Sorrowless Lake.

The wind and rain brought about melancholy, causing Sun Mo to miss his home.

The lakeside, pavilion, and stretches of lotus leaves!

Jin Mujie was enjoying the scenery when her beautiful gaze landed on Sun Mo.

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