Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 27: Wealthy Family, Rainy Season!

Chapter 27: Wealthy Family, Rainy Season!

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“No money? Her money pouch must have been stolen by a thief.” Sun Mo analyzed as he walked over, handing the packet in his hand to the girl. “These are osmanthus cakes. You can have them.”

Lu Zhiruo looked up and threw a glance at Sun Mo. The girl didn’t accept the packet and cowered back a little, avoiding his gaze.

“I’m not a bad guy!”

Sun Mo tried to ease his tone.

“Father said that all bad guys would say that.”

Lu Zhiruo pretended not to hear what he had said.

“If you don’t dare to speak to strangers, why would you leave home by yourself?”

This girl really didn’t bring shame to her surname. She was like a newborn deer, cowardly and scared of strangers.

Lu Zhiruo remained silent, not saying a word, almost burying her entire head into her bag.

Sun Mo shook his head and turned to leave.

It was only until Lu Zhiruo heard the footsteps getting further and further away did she quickly look up. She saw the package placed at the side. After struggling for a few minutes, she then reached out her index finger and poked at it.

It was the scent of osmanthus cake!

“He doesn’t look like a bad guy. Should I eat some?”

Lu Zhiruo picked up the package, but before she took a bite, she put it down again. “I better not. He might be hiding in some corner, waiting for me to take the bait!”

At the thought of this, Lu Zhiruo held onto her bag tightly and stood up. She tiptoed and looked around, only sitting back down when she didn’t see anything.

“Should I eat it or not?”

Lu Zhiruo was hesitant.


Her stomach was starting to growl again. Lu Zhiruo had been waiting here for one day and one night, ever since she lost her money pouch yesterday. She wanted to catch the thief but didn’t manage to succeed.

“I’ll just take one bite. Even if there are sleeping drugs in it, I wouldn’t fall from just that bit, right?”

Lu Zhiruo couldn’t stand the starvation anymore. However, when she opened up the package and ate the osmanthus cake, her ears pricked up, like a small deer that had heard a ferocious beast getting near.

The footsteps she had heard earlier were coming back.

“This is bad! I really fell into the trap!”

Lu Zhiruo’s face was filled with worry. She wanted to run away, but what if that thief happened to pass by when she had left? Wouldn’t she miss the thief then?

The girl hadn’t made her decision and Sun Mo was already standing in front of her.

“These are buns that had just come out. Do you want to try one?”

Sun Mo had casually brought the buns seller with him from the corner of the road. He then took a bite on one of the buns.

Lu Zhiruo glanced at the buns and then looked toward Sun Mo, assessing him seriously for the first time.

This person wasn’t old, and his teeth were very white. He had a very gentle smile, which contrasted with the worry and reproach in his black eyes.

When she saw his gaze landing on her hand, Lu Zhiruo’s face flushed up, and she quickly hid the osmanthus cake behind her back.

“Are you going to eat it or not?”

The seller was feeling displeased. If it wasn’t because Sun Mo had paid him a lot of money, he wouldn’t care to make this trip.


Lu Zhiruo quickly took one bun. She gave it some thought, took another, and then suddenly bowed toward Sun Mo.

“Give me ten more buns!” Sun Mo said, “By the way, I’m a teacher at the Central Province Academy.”

After hearing this, Lu Zhiruo’s big eyes lit up. She instantly became less wary against Sun Mo.

“Why are you sitting here by yourself?”

Sun Mo stood under the roof, looking at the sky that was filled with dark clouds.

Drip! Drip!

The raindrops hit the umbrella, producing a deep and stifled sound.

“I... I’m trying to catch a thief.”

After eating the hot buns, Lu Zhiruo’s hostility toward Sun Mo dropped even more.

“It’s raining, and there are so few people on the streets. It’s harder to steal in this situation. Thieves would be laying at home and sleeping.”

Sun Mo wanted to add that given her physique, even if the thief were to appear, she wouldn’t be able to catch him.

Strength: 3. You’re really very weak.

Intellect: 5. Your brain is still alright, but why do you appear so stupid?

Agility: 3. What gave you such a heavy burden?

Endurance: 3. Weakling, go and train!


Looking at Lu Zhiruo’s data, Sun Mo couldn’t help but glance toward her chest. He was then astonished. The girl was hugging her small baggage the entire time, blocking her chest. It was only now did Sun Mo notice that her chest was astonishingly big. Did she stuff two papayas in her clothes?

‘Potential Value: Extremely Low.’

“System, is it possible to have a lower potential value than this?”

Sun Mo was speechless. Even Qi Shengjia, whose potential value was extremely low, would be able to spit in contempt when standing in front of this papaya girl. There was probably no one whose data could be as low as hers.

“She already has such big papayas, so why would she need potential value?” the system asked.

Sun Mo was stunned from the remark, but he had to agree.

“That’s true!”

Lu Zhiruo sighed and looked toward the cloudy and raining sky. It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to get her money pouch back. At the thought of this, her expression turned sad. “That’s something my mother left for me!”

The girl’s shoulder trembled and she started sobbing.

Sun Mo couldn’t bear to see this and consoled her, “Maybe the thief who stole it is someone hardworking and can’t bear to take a break even on a rainy day.”

“Right, right, there’s this possibility!”

Lu Zhiruo instantly cheered up and kept on nodding.


Sun Mo thought in his heart. (There’s really no one who can compare with your intelligence. Can you not take someone else’s consolation seriously?)

Lu Zhiruo was scared of strangers, timid, and wary. However, once she started talking, she would let her guard down completely. Sun Mo didn’t even try to find things out from her, but she already said a lot.

“I came to Jinling to find a great teacher to learn from. But they don’t want me!”

Lu Zhiruo shared what she had been through and couldn’t help but start crying.

(Given your aptitude, they’d be blind to take you in.)

Sun Mo shook his head.

The rain kept on pouring down, not showing signs of stopping.

“What are you planning to do next?”

It didn’t make sense for her to keep on waiting out here.

“Waiting for the thief.”

There was a hint of stubbornness in Lu Zhiruo’s reply. Moreover, given that she didn’t have any money, there was nowhere she could go to.

“You’re better off going back home earlier.”

Sun Mo took out his money pouch and pushed it to Lu Zhiruo. If she continued to wait here, she’d probably even lose herself. Then Sun Mo turned around and left.

“I can’t take it.”

Lu Zhiruo chased after Sun Mo, wanting to return the money pouch to him.

“Take it as a loan.”

Sun Mo waved his hand impatiently.

“No. Father said that one shouldn’t get undeserved rewards. Moreover, I’ve already eaten the osmanthus cake and hot buns you gave me.”

Lu Zhiruo was very stubborn, making a few attempts to stuff the money pouch back to Sun Mo. Then, after making another attempt, she suddenly cried out.

“It’s him!”

Although this word didn’t make any sense, given Sun Mo’s intellect, he immediately understood that Lu Zhiruo was referring to that thief. Therefore, he immediately followed her gaze.

A sloppy-looking young man was holding onto an umbrella and staying close behind an auntie.

Sun Mo was speechless. (You’re really hardworking. To think that you’re not even taking a break on a rainy day!)

“Don’t run, return me my money!” Lu Zhiruo shouted out loud.

“Is this what they meant by having big boobs but no brain?”

Sun Mo had wanted to remind Lu Zhiruo to not alert the thief, but it was too late. Thankfully, his reaction was fast enough and he had already darted out. At the same time, he drew his wooden blade and tossed it out.

The young man was a habitual offender. When he heard the cry, he quickly ran toward the closest alley. However, he hadn’t run far off when the sound of slicing wind rang out next to his ear. Then, a wooden blade hit him at the back of his neck.


The young man stumbled from the strike and fell to the ground.

Puddles splattered.


After Sun Mo rummaged through the thief’s home, he called the constables to take care of the case.

He had to say that with the title of a teacher, things progressed a lot smoother. He watched as a constable broke one of the thief’s legs and then acted very respectful toward him. Sun Mo was very pleased with this outcome.

Lu Zhiruo, who was wearing cotton clothes, hugged her small bag and followed behind Sun Mo like she was his tail. As she had managed to find her lost money, she started humming happily.

When they were nearing the school gates, Sun Mo turned back.

Lu Zhiruo’s head shrank back, her grip on her bag tightened, and her ears also pricked up. She was like a small deer that was listening to any movements, immediately escaping if something was amiss.

“How long are you going to follow me?” Sun Mo asked.

Lu Zhiruo avoided Sun Mo’s gaze and mumbled softly, “I... I don’t know.”

Sun Mo couldn’t understand what Lu Zhiruo was thinking about.

“That... Teacher Sun, you’re really amazing. How did you know that the thief would come back?”

Lu Zhiruo blinked her eyes, looking at Sun Mo with an admiring gaze.

(How could I have known? I just mentioned it in passing to console you.)

Sun Mo couldn’t get himself to speak the truth after seeing the girl’s gaze. He did feel a little proud to have such a beautiful young girl admiring him.

“This is called conjecture!” Sun Mo fabricated a story.

“That’s so amazing!”

Lu Zhiruo’s eyes gleamed brightly like the stars in the night sky.


+5 favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo.

Prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo initiated. Current state, neutral (5/100)

“That can’t be. You believe this?”

Sun Mo was speechless. He looked at the girl’s innocent face and suddenly felt that he mustn’t leave things as they were. Otherwise, she’d definitely be swindled.

When they entered the school gates, the guard, Mister Qin, put out his head from the window.

“Teacher Sun, this is...”

From the young lady’s dressing, Mister Qin could tell that she was clearly not a student of their school.

“My relative.”

Sun Mo passed him a packet of tobacco leaves that he had bought a long time ago. Although the guardhouse’s authority was very small, almost at the bottom tier in the school’s hierarchy, it would be beneficial to keep a good relationship with them. Moreover, a packet of tobacco leaves was just about twenty or so coins.

“Oh, she came to look for you for help? Or is she going to take part in the student recruitment meet?”

Mister Qin immediately broke into a smile. It was no wonder that Sun Mo could sponge off Headmaster An. He really knew how to conduct himself. Amongst so many intern teachers, he was the first to give him, a guard, a gift.

After entering the school and looking at the passing students, Lu Zhiruo felt very anxious. She immediately went up a few steps and followed Sun Mo closer.

Intern teachers didn’t have an office, so Sun Mo brought Lu Zhiruo back to the dorm.

“That’s my bed, feel free to take a seat!”

Sun Mo poured a cup of water.


Lu Zhiruo nodded. However, as her clothes were drenched by the rain, she was worried that she’d dirty the sheets. Therefore, she put her bag down by the bed and sat on it.

She kept her legs closed tightly and put her hands on her knees, behaving herself.

Sun Mo’s impression of the girl improved after seeing this. She was a sensible girl, but he’d still have to ask about her plans. Otherwise, if her family were to come looking for her and blame him for human trafficking, he’d be in trouble.

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