Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 29: Sitting At Home, But Points Were Coming Down from the Sky!

Chapter 29: Sitting At Home, But Points Were Coming Down from the Sky!

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The ink had already dried, and Sun Mo kept the manuscript.

Lu Zhiruo blinked her big eyes, watching with such fervent gaze as if she was a kitten that had starved for days and had just discovered dried fish left to dry on the balcony.

“Hold on, why don’t I help him tidy up his manuscript? Won’t I be able to read it openly then?”

Lu Zhiruo clenched her small fists and knocked her head. She was so stupid.


A golden halo suddenly extended out in the library, bringing forth some noises in the initially quiet atmosphere.

“It’s a great teacher halo!”

Lu Zhiruo looked around and saw a handsome young man walking in. He waved his hand to get everyone to continue with their learning.

“He’s called Qin Fen, a graduate from Jixia Learning Palace, one of the top nine renowned schools. Do you want to have him as your teacher?”

Sun Mo assessed Qin Fen. What high EQ. He had released the ‘Wide Learning and Retentive Memory’ halo in the library. Not only would this leave a favorable impression on the students’ hearts, but it would also spread his name. His way of doing things was a lot better when compared to Zhang Sheng who only knew how to build up his reputation by bribing students.

Of course, the great teacher halo was something that could only be gained through enlightenment and not learned. Even if Zhang Sheng wished to do this, he was unable to.

Sun Mo was unable to replicate this act either. The ‘Priceless Advice’ halo could increase the weight of his words, allowing the students to be influenced for a while. However, he hadn’t grasped it completely yet; thus, it would only work at times. As for the ‘Ignorant and Incompetent’, it was a great teacher halo that was purely punishment in nature. If he were to throw it out here, he’d definitely bring about a great commotion, and he’d then be fired.


Lu Zhiruo shook her head without any hesitation.

“You don’t look up to him? From what I heard, many students want to become his personal disciple.”

Sun Mo was surprised by how decisive Lu Zhiruo was. For students who didn’t have a good aptitude, there was no chance for them to study under a great teacher. Therefore, Qin Fen’s reputation as a graduate from a renowned school was very tempting. It wouldn’t be bad to be his personal disciple.

“It’s not about his capabilities. I just don’t like the scent of him!” Lu Zhiruo explained.


Sun Mo was stunned and he subconsciously sniffed. There didn’t seem to be any other smell other than that of ink? (Moreover, are you really able to smell it despite being over 30 meters away from him?)

“Teacher Sun smells better.”

Lu Zhiruo smiled sweetly, flashing her dimples.


Sun Mo couldn’t help but pat Lu Zhiruo on the head when he saw how docile she was.

The papaya girl didn’t doge but squinted her eyes slightly. She tilted her head a little and rubbed it against his hand. Her hand then reached out toward the manuscript on the table.

Did that monkey obtain the art of immortality? She really wanted to read it!


The sky was slowly turning bright. Yan Li, who usually liked to sleep in, got up. After washing up, he changed into a clean set of uniforms.

“It’s such a pity. Why can’t we wear the clothes we brought from home? Who would be able to tell that I come from a rich family like this?”

Yan Li felt gloomy as he looked into the mirror. But that didn’t matter. He put on his jade bracelet and then rolled up his sleeves just so that the bracelet would be revealed discreetly.

The true way of doing things was to flaunt your wealth in a low-profile manner.

It wasn’t as if Yan Li wanted to hitch up with girls, but that he wanted to become Qin Fen’s student. He knew that his aptitude was mediocre, but he could make it up with his wealth.

After all, cultivation required the depletion of a tremendous amount of resources, and money could be used to purchase some resources. Otherwise, if one were to rely on their own cultivation, how long would they take before they managed to achieve anything?

“Yan Li, you’ll definitely be able to succeed.”

Yan Li gave himself some encouragement. Today was the day of the student recruitment meet. Many teachers who were hard to meet would appear, and there would even be great teachers amongst them. However, Yan Li felt that he might not have such a chance to be chosen by them.

At the thought of this, Yan Li felt very gloomy. However, when he turned and saw Qi Shengjia, who was just getting up from his bed, he felt a sense of superiority.

“A salted fish!”

Yan Li wore a contemptuous smile. It was degrading to share the same dorm with trash like him. Was he not leaving school? Why was he still not doing anything?

Over the past two days, Yan Li would hope to see Qi Shengjia’s bed being emptied every time he returned to the dorm. He had even had the delusion that this pauper would flee away sheepishly like a loser, but he would be disappointed every time.

“I must get a great teacher this year!”

Wang Hao clenched his fist.

“Sigh, Shengjia has entered the battle hall. His chances are a lot greater than ours.”

Zhou Xu felt emotional and couldn’t help but be a little jealous. Previously, he was in a position in which he could look down on Qi Shengjia. However, now that Qi Shengjia had overtaken him, he naturally felt slightly uncomfortable.

“Zhou Xu, who did you say has gotten into the battle hall?”

Yan Li frowned. Had he heard wrongly?

“It’s Qi Shengjia. Didn’t you know that?”

Wang Hao was a little envious as well.

“Haha, is it fun to lie to me?”

Yan Li let out a stifled laugh and then glanced at Qi Shengjia from the corners of his eyes. “If some trash of the 4th-level of the body-refinement realm could get into the battle hall, then wouldn’t I be able to become its lecturer?”

“Shengjia, show him your battle hall’s identity plate.” Wang Hao teased, “By the way, Sheng Jia is at 5th-level of the body-refinement realm, not 4th-level.’

“That’s impossible!” Yan Li cried out and assessed Qi Shengjia dubiously. “Even if you want to lie, you should be more serious about it. I would believe that he can get up to 4th-level. After all, anyone could have a streak of good luck. But 5th-level... Would a guy who’s so poor that he has to wear a pair of holey socks be able to afford peak-grade medicine?”

Wang Hao and Zhou Xu exchanged a glance and suddenly appeared astonished. If a cultivator wished to advance, other than putting in effort into their cultivation, the other method was to take peak-grade medicine for additional nourishments. However, these alchemical pills were all very expensive.

Even Qi Shengjia’s father couldn’t bear to buy them. So, did Sun Mo, who was completely unrelated to Qi Shengjia, have so much money to waste on him? It could only mean that Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was very amazing.


+20 favorable impression points from Wang Hao.

Prestige connection with Wang Hao: Neutral (73/100).


+16 favorable impression points from Zhou Xu.

Prestige connection with Zhou Xu: Neutral (41/100).

Sun Mo immediately received favorable impression points from two students. This gave him a feeling of exhilaration as if he had picked up a money pouch. However, this Zhou Xu clearly didn’t have much admiration for him.


“How about it? You don’t have anything else to say, right?” Yan Li sounded very proud. “If I didn’t remember wrongly, your opponent was Peng Wanli, who is at 6th-level of the body-refinement realm. Even if you’re at 5th-level, you won’t be able to win against him!”

Wang Hao couldn’t be bothered to answer him. He took out Qi Shengjia’s plate and threw it over.


Yan Li immediately took it and was then stunned. Qi Shengjia’s name was written in gold on the black wooden token. There wasn’t any sense of aesthetics to it, but after seeing it, Yan Li was so astonished that he was speechless.

This was something Yan Li wanted and even dreamed of but couldn’t get. Even worse, now it appeared in the hands of an inferior student.

“What the...?”

Yan Li screamed as if a thick mace was pierced into his butt, and his voice broke. He clutched onto the plate tightly, trying to console himself by saying that this was a fake. However, he was unable to do so. It was because he had seen a battle hall’s plate that belonged to a good friend. He had spent a lot of money to treat that person to a meal.

“Shengjia won against Peng Wanli despite the difference in their level. Moreover, Teacher Jin Mujie even gave him praise in front of everyone, saying that Shengjia’s Skywolf Fist is quite good and that he has reached a small achievement in it.”

Zhou Xu helped to speak up for Qi Shengjia as the former would still need the latter’s help in the future. In the past, although Zhou Xu didn’t like Yan Li, he would definitely not scoff at him.


Yan Li denied this possibility without even giving it any further thought. A great teacher’s judgment was very high, so why would they praise Qi Shengjia?

“You can just go and find out from others! Many of them saw the battle with their own eyes.”

Wang Hao urged. “Let’s go. Today’s a big day.”

“Why?” Yan Li couldn’t understand. (How did a salted fish manage to turn the tables around? Could it be that he encountered a great teacher? But why would a great teacher be so free as to bother with such a trashy student? That won’t do. I must find out the truth behind this.)

Qi Shengjia pursed his lips and clenched his fists tightly. He wasn’t good with words and thus wasn’t able to scoff at Yan Li. However, when he saw Yan Li’s countenance changing from blue to red repeatedly after taking the plate, Qi Shengjia felt that all the humiliation he had experienced over the past three years had been washed away.

Qi Shengjia smiled and reached out his hand. “Have you seen enough? If you have, then return it to me. I’ll be heading to the student recruitment meet.”


Yan Li almost died from fury. He wanted to rebut, saying ‘who would care for a lousy plate like this?’ But he wasn’t able to say it. It was because he really wanted it!

Qi Shengjia left the dorm, and he hadn’t left far away when he heard banging sounds coming from it. He didn’t have to ask. It must be Yan Li venting his frustrations by smashing stuff to the ground.

“Thank you, Teacher Sun Mo!”

Qi Shengjia had heartfelt gratitude toward Sun Mo. In the 15 years of his life, he had never been able to walk with his head held up high like this before. And all of this was what Sun Mo had given him.


+50 favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia.

Prestige connection with Qi Shengjia. Current state, friendly (408/1,000).

Sun Mo, who was cultivating the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art by the Sorrowless Lake, received a notification from the system. It was really a case of sitting at home but money was coming down from the sky.

(Qi Shengjia, you can do it!)

Sun Mo hadn’t expected that Qi Shengjia would contribute so many points. Honest people were really reliable. If you were to treat them well, they’d thank you for life.

For a short instant, Sun Mo had thought of taking Qi Shengjia as his personal disciple. After all, he’d be able to gain a tremendous amount of points, but he immediately dismissed this thought.

There was no other way out. Qi Shengjia’s potential value was extremely low, and it was destined that he wouldn’t be able to gain much in life. How could he let a student like him be his first disciple?

Even salted fish had dreams!

Sun Mo was still planning on producing a few great swordsmen, saber saints, or people like that.

Turning his head, Sun Mo then looked toward Lu Zhiruo whose potential value was extremely low. However, the first thing that he saw was her pair of papaya breasts.

They were really too big and would be seen with just a casual glimpse.

Sun Mo hesitated. He felt that if Lu Zhiruo wanted him to be her teacher, he’d definitely not reject her.

“Is this discrimination?”

The system clearly guessed what Sun Mo was thinking.

“Rubbish. Big boobs are just. What’s wrong with sticking firmly by justice?”

Sun Mo retorted, speaking as if he had a righteous stand. He then took the water the papaya girl had passed to him and drank it up. He couldn’t help but think that if he were to do this in No.2 High School, he’d be reported to the Ministry of Education the next day, suspended from his job, and received investigation.

“Ding! Please recruit five students from the student recruitment meet. If you fail, there’ll be a punishment!” The system issued a mission.

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