Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1027: Divine Cultivation Serum

Chapter 1027: Divine Cultivation Serum

The voice of the White Ape continued to echo in his ears, but Li Luo was rooted on the spot. There was only one thing in his mind at the moment. "Ninth-grade! Ninth-grade! Ninth-grade!"

Only the heavens knew how much Li Luo had been wishing for a ninth-grade resonance. No, it was probably the dream of every cultivator. Although Li Luo possessed triple resonances and might not appear weaker than someone with a ninth-grade in some sense, the ninth-grade resonance was still the pinnacle. It was the final dream that everyone chased after.

Li Luo had been trying all kinds of ways to cultivate his resonances to the ninth-grade, which was why he knew just how challenging of a feat that was.

Over the years, he had taken in so many liquids and lights that if it were anyone else, they would probably have their resonant palace overwhelmed with the sheer amount of impurities.

The amount required to reach the ninth grade was exorbitant.

Most importantly, most of the ordinary liquids and lights lost their effects after one's resonance reached the eighth-grade. One would minimally need liquids and lights of the seventh-grade to have some sort of effect. Ideally, eighth-grade ones would be used. However, they were extremely expensive resources that even the beloved grandson of the Dragon's Fang Lineage, Li Luo, could not afford.

As for ninth-grade liquids and lights... Li Luo had never seen any of them so far.

Yet the Divine Cultivation Serum was capable of substituting for that monstrous amount of liquids and lights. This was enough to shake Li Luo's mind, even with his temperament.

It was a godly medicine that was exponentially more amazing than ninth-grade liquids and lights!

After the surprise, Li Luo's eyes lit up with burning enthusiasm. His gaze was boiling so furiously that it seemed to melt even the golden cauldron in front of him.

How could he miss out on such a wondrous medicine that could save him and almost endless amounts of resources?

"Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me quickly!"

As Li Luo was overwhelmed with excitement and his heart was trembling, the White Ape scratched his chin and said with a troubled look, "The Divine Cultivation Serum is indeed a top notch medicine. However, the refinement process is too complicated. We've spent countless resources on it, but it's still yet to be fully completed. Currently, we're unable to refine the finished product. It's still a half-finished one. In this state, we can forget about refining it to increase one's resonance grade. With its imbalanced medicinal properties, it'll harm your resonance instead."

As soon as the White Ape finished his explanation, the enthusiasm in Li Luo's eyes dissipated and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He stared at the White Ape with frustrated eyes. Such a critical difference in effect almost caused Li Luo to scream out and curse at it.

"So this half-finished medicine is not only ineffective, but is essentially a poison? God damn it!"

Li Luo felt agitated and his gaze turned a little stormy.

"Sacred Envoy, what's the matter?" the White Ape asked in a caring tone when he noticed that Li Luo was trembling. He quickly reached out and supported Li Luo by the shoulders.

"Don't touch me. I need to think quietly for a moment," Li Luo replied restlessly.

The White Ape scratched hijs face and said, "In the past, we had someone we called the quiet kid here."

Li Luo continued in an emotionless tone, "Senior White Ape, the sect entrusted you with such an important responsibility and so many precious resources. Why did the final result end up like this? My disappointment in you is immeasurable."

Hearing this, the White Ape's face turned red immediately. He hurriedly explained, "W-well, the Divine Medicine is truly too difficult to refine. After all, a Divine Medicine with such effect has barely been seen throughout history. Be-besides, it's not like we've totally failed. Although the Divine Cultivation Serum is merely a half-finished product now, it's only a step away from success according to my estimations! We're just one step short of it over here. If we can imbue it with an ancient and pure energy, we should be able to balance its medicinal properties. The Divine Cultivation Serum will finally be created!"

Li Luo was shocked. "Ancient and pure energy? We should have something like that, right?"

"Ordinary heavenly treasures aren't sufficient. It has to be exceptional!" the White Ape explained.

He took out an ancient book and passed it to Li Luo, pointing to a particular item on the book. "Something like this."

Li Luo looked at the ancient book. There was a drawing of an indescribably tall tree. The tree covered the whole sky, surrounded by an air of longevity yet bursting with vitality.

As he stared at the tree, he felt a very familiar feeling from it.

After a while, it finally clicked for him. "Isn't this the Tree of Resonant Power?!"

He had seen a Tree of Resonant Power Back in the Astral Sage College. It looked exactly like this, except for its scale and age.

"Tree of Resonant Power?" The White Ape scratched his head in confusion.

Li Luo was slightly startled. He had forgotten that the Sacred Void Resonance Sect existed long ago, probably before the Academic Federation was formed.

The Tree of Resonant Power was clearly a name that had been given subsequently.

However, the Tree of Resonant Power back in the Astral Sage College might not be old enough. Perhaps only the original Trees of Resonant Power from the Ancient Colleges would suffice.

In other words, could he complete the Divine Cultivation Serum if he could borrow the use of the Tree of Resonant Power from the Ancient Colleges? Li Luo's heart that had just died of disappointment had come to life once again.

The final ingredient to complete the Divine Cultivation Serum probably required something important from the Tree of Resonant Power as well. Nonetheless, his hope had been reignited.

Li Luo pondered for a few moments before he smiled warmly towards the White Ape. "Senior White Ape, the sect has some information regarding this ancient tree that you mentioned. How about this? You can pass me the half-finished Divine Cultivation Serum and I'll bring it back to the sect and complete it."

When he said this, his heart skipped a beat. He stared at the White Ape without batting an eyelid as he awaited his response.

After all, it wasn't easy to get the Spiritual Resonance Cave to open up. He would have to wait numerous years before it'd open again. That would be too long of a wait for Li Luo, so he had to bring the Divine Cultivation Serum along with him.

He wasn't sure if the White Ape would allow him to do so, however.

"Are you taking it away?"

The White Ape looked at Li Luo with reluctant eyes. He had spent a lot of effort trying to complete the Divine Cultivation Serum after all.

"Senior White Ape, our goals are the same. We all want to complete the refinement of the Divine Cultivation Serum. The sect will remember all the hard work you've spent on it. When the time comes and we've achieved our goal, I will suggest to the sect to name it the White Ape Divine Cultivation Serum!" Li Luo vowed with a mouth full of lies.

"Oh?" The White Ape's eyes lit up when he heard this. He then laughed and said, "That's a pretty good suggestion, Sacred Envoy.

"In that case, you may take the Divine Cultivation Serum with you. It's useless to keep this here if we're lacking the last ingredient after all."

Finally, the White Ape agreed.

Li Luo was elated as he thanked the White Ape. "I will definitely live up to your expectations, Senior."

The White Ape grinned as he put his hands together. A seal emerged, and the golden cauldron in front of them began to shrink in size.

After a few moments, the cauldron that was a hundred feet tall became the size of a palm.

The White Ape stretched out his hand, then the golden cauldron flew over and landed in his grasp.

"Here, take this. This golden cauldron has the ability to preserve the Divine Cultivation Serum. Once you find the final ingredient, just put it in and the golden cauldron will assist you with the final step," the White Ape explained.

Li Luo received the cauldron in a hurry. His hands could not stop shaking with the little golden cauldron in them. This treasure was much more valuable than the Golden Dew Platform and the Heavenly Dipper Wheel.

This was something that could elevate his resonance to a ninth-grade!

Li Luo took a deep breath and kept his excitement under control as he carefully placed the little golden cauldron into his pocket sphere.

As the White Ape looked at it with a gradual loss in interest, he waved his hands, planning to leave.

Just as Li Luo was about to follow, he noticed something familiar in the cauldron next to them. The cauldron was full of Origin Enlightenment Fruits. However, these fruits were mostly charred and the energy that remained appeared pretty weak.

Clearly, these were the Origin Enlightenment Fruits left behind after their energy had been extracted.

Li Luo blinked. Although these Origin Enlightenment Fruits were leftovers, they still contained some medicinal properties. The White Ape might have thrown them aside without a second thought, but they were still quite valuable.

After all, most of the people outside the thatched cottage had never even had the opportunity to get a whiff of an Origin Enlightenment Fruit.

Li Luo hurriedly asked, "Senior White Ape, may I bring this along with me too?"

The White Ape blinked for a moment and asked in a strange tone, "Isn't that just trash? Sacred Envoy, you sure are thrifty."

But then he waved his hands and continued, "Up to you."

Li Luo quickly waved his hands, and the leftover Origin Enlightenment Fruits in the cauldron flew over to him. After some selection, he picked out some of the dessicated fruits that still contained some medicinal properties.

Only then did he reveal a satisfied smile.

The harvest was... so great that he felt a little guilty.

Li Luo placed his hands together and said a prayer. "Dear masters of the Sacred Void Resonance Sect, I'm not a swindler. This is all for the reputation of the Sacred Void Resonance Sect in the future. Please do not blame me."

After his prayer, he followed after the White Ape and left the main house with a grinning smile.

However, his face changed completely when he walked out the door. He noticed that the sky outside the thatched cottage had turned blood-red.

A surging river of blood was reflected in his eyes, causing the smile on his face to turn stiff.

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