Accidentally Married A Fox God - The sovereign lord spoils his wife

Chapter 354 Please The Both Of Them

Additionally, if she answered in a manner which displeased Her Ladyship, the Fox Lord might just decide to chop her into pieces anyway...

Xiao An Fei stole a peek at the fox cub, and felt her heart instantly drop into her stomach. The Fox Lord was giving her a fierce stare, one that could only mean that he was envisioning her untimely death.

Pursing her lips, she came to a decision after careful consideration. Xiao An Fei knew she had to find a middle ground between telling the truth, and elevating Li Meirong's opinion of the Fox Lord. That way, both parties should feel satisfied enough for her to keep her limbs intact.

Her hand trembled lightly as she kept combing Li Meirong's hair. "When it comes to cultivating romantic relations between men and women, His Lordship has never been very fond of it. My Lady is the first person to ever enter his heart. This servant is absolutely certain that in the future, even if His Lordship were to take a few concubines, you will always hold the highest position for his affections."

That was the truth, after all, was it not? Since the Sovereign Lord carried the Bai Clan's curse, he wasn't capable of willingly copulating with any other female anyway, but that wasn't to say that the elders of the Bai Clan would not try to attach more females to him for the sake of strengthening ties with other members of the Huli Jing.

Xiao An Fei sighed deeply as soon as she finished her explanation. 'This should please the both of them, right?'

Li Meirong's gaze dropped. Her tone gained a fierceness that wasn't there before. "If this is really the case, then it's good that you told me. If I marry, I don't plan on sharing my husband with anyone else."

Li Meirong's hand clenched into a tight fist. She already knew how terrible it was to find the person she held feelings for in the arms of another. There was no way she'd willingly relive this sort of experience ever again.

"But My Lady, it is very common for a man of high station to select more than one spouse." Xiao An Fei mumbled, doubtful. She wasn't sure why Li Meirong was so opposed to the idea. Human males commonly married at least four wives, especially those males with royal titles, that much she knew.

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