Accompanying the Phoenix

Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11.1

Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 11 . 1

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He… . Was he just having fun with her? Such a perfunctory answer, so perfunctory, he probably didn’t even have time to even consider the matter, ah! And that smile! Why would he be smiling, ai! Even more ridiculous, was that he was completely complacent and just disregarded her words!

The hand that’s roughly pinning Xing Yun’s robe shook with fury . But before she could explode with anger, her nose twitched, a faint smell floating in the air . Instantly, her body no longer held the feeling of anger, but rather, was taut and alert .

Magic particles . It’s very light, but definitely cannot be taken lightly . Chen Li released Xing Yun’s robes from her grasp and turned to look at the sky . The night sky was filled with little demon sprits, hindering her vision . She could only tell that the smell vaguely came from the south east . But when she tried to pinpoint it again, the magical particles was nowhere to be seen .

Chen Li’s eyebrows knitted slightly, the magic particles… She could tell that they were different from the demon realm’s, but she couldn’t recognize it .

As she was pondering, the atmosphere changed . The originally bright young demon spirits that were crowding around Xing Yun, had all frozen in the air, dead still . Chen Li got a bad feeling and hurriedly hauled Xing Yun behind her as her whole body spilled out waves of power . With a loud echo, all the surrounding spirits were pushed away only to see the group just float into the sky aimlessly . Slowly, the demon spirits began to tremble violently . One by one, they all gradually turned into a blood red color from the inside out .

“What happened?” Xing Yun asked, slightly surprising Chen Li . It seemed that he too has sensed the change .

Chen Li just shook her head . “ To put it simply, it isn’t a good thing . We need to leave this garden and find Prince Rui . ” If Prince Rui were to know of this, then Xing Yun really would have no place to stay .

Chen Li barely finished her sentence before a horrifying scream of a woman sounded throughout the night sky . The cry was mournful, filled with countless resentment and hate . The demon spirits in the air, too, seemed to be affected by the screaming . Their trembling bodies intensified, and some of them even started letting out small crying noises similar to a child’s . The sounds echoed within the dark night .

Xing Yun’s brows wrinkled slightly . “Let’s get out of here . ”

Even he has heard the noise? Then…… Chen Li waved a hand, magical power sweeping forward . It cut straight through the demon spirits, sweeping a way out of the garden . She dragged Xing Yun with her as she walked out of the garden, conveniently hearing Prince Rui’s men as they shouted one after another into the air .


“Help me!!”

When she stepped out of the fenced garden with Xing Yun in tow, Chen Li felt shocked by her surroundings . Prince Rui’s home was filled with young demon spirits, all the color of blood, everywhere . They were all crying and acting similar to a new born baby, blood red tears streaming down their faces . Some crawled on the floor, others on the walls, and many of them were even clutching to people as they all kept sobbing . However, their bloody tears were equivalent to dangerous acids, causing burns to mar the skin . The servants were all in a panic, running chaotically through the residence . Torches lit up the night, but whenever the tears made contact with the torch, fiery light exploded, so dazzling that even Chen Li had to close her eyes . It was similar to the nightmarish illusion from earlier, scaring Chen Li through the depths of her heart .

Xing Yun knitted his brows, Chen Li muterred . “A demon spirit has bitten back against it’s owner . He couldn’t raise the demon spirit, I need to quickly find Prince Rui . ”

A Demon Spirit is very difficult to obtain . Even out of tens of millions of young demon spirits, only one talented spirit can achieve a conscious human body and become a complete demon spirit . Others, even if you were to hand raise it day and night, year by year, the most it would be able to achieve is a soulless vessel, unable to cultivate or learn . Within Rui Wang’s palace, there is only one that is able to cultivate into a human body, the young lotus miss . However, on the day of the encounter, her heart did not hold any resentment . But now, it’s so high that she even tried to kill the prince! How could this………

Chen Li suddenly recalled how the magical particles suddenly disappeared, and her expression turned grave .

“Chen Li . ” Xing Yun suddenly called out to her and pointed southeast to a small road . “Prince Rui’s residence is right over there . ”

Chen Li looked up at the southeast corner . However, instead of seeing a house, the only thing that was visible was a crowd of glowing red spirits .

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