Ace of Ace


Chapter Prologue

­ Prologue

5th June, 2022

Gun Choi went to the local council light-heartedly .

“Today is finally the last day”

The last day of the 24-month public military service .

Beep . Beep .

Lowering his head to check his smartphone, he found a message from his colleague .

“Don’t forget! after work we’re having your discharge celebratory get-together!”

The colleague who’d been assigned to the civil service department due to his obesity had been counting down days for this gathering .

However, Gun himself wasn’t even the slightest bit interested in the upcoming event .

There was only one thing in his mind right now .


The day had finally come after a long wait of nearly 3 years since his last attempt at the league . He was finally re-entering… . to prove those who doubted and abandoned him wrong .

“This time… Finally…”

As he was walking across the street, he witnessed a pram racing down a hill uncontrollably . Within moments Gun had taken off to save the pram from crashing… to save the baby that may be lying there innocently .



With screams of terror and shock echoing his surroundings, he slowly lost consciousness .

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