Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 710 - The Death of Lin Chuxue

Chapter 710. The Death of Lin Chuxue (Part One)

Mario and Chekhov pretended to walk away, and Chekhov mumbled, “If only Dulson was here, he could run with this woman on his shoulders.”

Mario: “Are we sure we’re going?”

Chekhov: “What do you think?”

Mario: “I feel like I can still fight.”

Having said that, he turned around and suddenly attacked the old man. He leapt through the air and swung his fist at the silver-haired old man. Just as he was about to hit him, the silver-haired old man grabbed his wrist and twisted it.

There was a crack.

“Ah!” Mario screamed as the old man then kicked him in the abdomen, causing him to vomit blood as he flew a few dozen meters away. Chekhov was shocked as he ran over to see badly Mario was injured.

Mario was knocked unconscious right away from the impact.

“Go!” Lin Chuxue’s face changed dramatically and yelled at Mario and Chekhov, “I don’t need you guys to take care of me.”

Chekhov was already injured before, and Mario, who was the only one who could fight, had lost his fighting ability. He could tell that their strengths were not on the same level, and Mario’s move just now was easily resolved by the old man. That was enough to see how powerful this man really was.

“I hate people who don’t keep their word,” said the old man as he took a step forward, he did not intend to let anyone leave.

Lin Chuxue stood in front of him with a gun pointed to her own forehead.

The old man stopped.

Lin Chuxue urged Chekhov. “Go!”

Chekhov dragged Mario towards the Hummer.

As he walked away, he heard Lin Chuxue’s voice as if she was shouting to him and Mario, “Tell Xu Cheng that if I had another chance in this life, I would still urge him to become a strong man, even though the gap between him and me is getting larger, and that I’ve even become a canary or burden to be where I am right now in this desperate situation, I don’t regret it! I have no regrets about making my husband a successful and wonderful man! And that ‘sister-in-law’ from you just now… I liked it. Tell him I’ve repaid what I owe him for protecting me when we were kids.”

When Chekhov, who was dragging Mario away, heard these words, he suddenly had a bad feeling as he turned his face to look at Lin Chuxue; that gorgeous woman, she was full with determination on her face, and it was a look that Chekhov would never forget for the rest of his life.


Lin Chuxue pulled the trigger in the end, and the bullet went across her forehead. After that, she slowly collapsed on the ground with her eyes staring at the sky, and a beautiful and graceful smile on her face.

Chapter 710. The Death of Lin Chuxue (Part Two)

Chekhov was so dumbfounded that he forgot to walk, and he even dropped Mario onto the ground.

Mario didn’t faint at all, but he did suffer from devastating internal injuries, and he also heard the gunshot as well as what Lin Chuxue had just said. However, all he wanted to do right now was to pass out completely and treat this part as a dream.

The old man stood there as he looked at Lin Chuxue slowly dying away without any expression.

His students were surprised. “Teacher, she is dead.”

The old man: “I know, I could have stopped it, but I didn’t.”

“What about the other two people?” the other students asked.

The old man: “I didn’t kill them just so they can guard the dead body for Xu Cheng to find, let’s go.”

He turned around and got into the car. The other students hesitated for a moment and looked at Mario and Chekhov, who were injured, without any weapons, and had no fighting ability. They didn’t see them as a threat as they got into the car and left.

Chekhov crawled and ran towards Lin Chuxue’s body, vomiting blood as he ran, but he still managed to take out the medicine from his bag and inject it into Lin Chuxue’s body.

However, …

There was no effect!

It wasn’t just him, but Mario knew it too. Big Brother Cheng had once told them that the medicine could only have the potential to save lives if they protected their head and the heart.

Mario felt guilty and shocked as he laid on the ground as he stared at the sky.

No one expected that this woman would dare to kill herself because she didn’t want to be a burden to Xu Cheng!

She was never afraid to die for Xu Cheng!

She belonged to the same world as them in the end, and she was just a flower vase. Although she was a woman who couldn’t fight alongside them, she had a strong heart!

“Sister-in-law!” Chekhov kneeled and shook Lin Chuxue’s body. He bowed his head in silence, and everything around him seemed unusually quiet.

Mario knew very well that neither he nor Chekhov could escape the responsibility.

They were not dead, but they were no different from being dead because of the death of Lin Chuxue, and they would spend the rest of their lives in remorse.

He didn’t want Chekhov to suffer the consequences, so with his hands shaking, he took out his cell phone and called Xu Cheng, who was on his way here.

Xu Cheng was still in the waiting room for his flight to Switzerland when he received a call from Mario.

The moment he answered, Mario said a few words in a heavy tone, “Boss… she died.”

Every word was hammering at Xu Cheng’s chest, causing him to feel breathless.

His mouth trembled. “What did you… just say?”

Mario choked, “Sister-in-law, she died!”

Xu Cheng’s face turned pale instantly and his eyes reddened. He raised his head and took a deep breath. “Didn’t you bring the medicine with you? She’s hurt, right? Hurry up and give her a shot. It’s okay, make her one of us, I was about to introduce her to you guys! She’s your sister-in-law, she is qualified to be one of us… hurry up and give her an injection.”

“I know, she’s already my sister-in-law in my heart!” Mario’s eyes were red and said, “But Big Brother Cheng… she shot herself in the head with a gun…”

Tears rushed down Xu Cheng’s cheeks from the corner of his eyes, he kept his hand on the phone, but his mouth trembled, and he could not say another word.

Finally, he sneered. “My wife asked you to play a prank on me like this? She is a very naughty person sometimes, especially in the past few months. She always blames me for not spending time with her, I know it’s my fault. Tell her, I’m going to marry her!”.

The sound of Mario’s sobbing came from the other end of the phone, and Xu Cheng was surrounded by a sense of sorrow that was hard to put into words.

He was a bit losing his mind and said, “You put her on the phone.”

Mario was still crying.

Xu Cheng shouted, and everyone in the waiting room heard his roar.

“You let her answer the phone!”

“Big Brother Cheng…!” Mario sobbed and couldn’t say anything more.

“Call me Boss!” Xu Cheng roared!

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