Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon

Chapter 61 - Day 13, 10th Floor Big Picture (5)

Chapter 61 - Day 13, 10th Floor Big Picture (5)

I was shocked.


It was for another reason. Over 2,000 people were prostrating themselves before me on the ground. They were also wailing.



They said those words. King and saviour. It was my new packaging. The main entrance of the castle had a very gentle and wide slope. After gathering the residents there, Mino addressed them. It had only taken 30 minutes.

"The king has decided to take me as his wife.”

In those 30 minutes, I became a saviour that would restore the glory of the past, which was different from the ‘demons.’ It was the second time I felt admiration today, after the big guy’s use of the axe. I felt like my choice was right. I only memorized the vocabulary words and combined them to use in conversation. The pronunciation and nuances of my Tellan wasn’t that good.

Although I couldn’t completely feel how brilliant her speech was due to the language barrier, I couldn’t help being impressed with Mino. An incredible voice and pressure came out from a girl of around 20 years old.

"How great." I unknowingly exclaimed once her speech was over.

Mino looked at me with surprise before laughing. "Now they are Your Majesty’s as well.”

It was like she said. Even though the harsh words ‘your lives belong to him’ came out in the speech, the inhabitants seemed to respond to that even more.

"Then let’s go.”


I walked through the castle with her guidance. It was the opposite of the castle’s top floor. There was a room in the basement where the treasures were originally stored. Now it was empty and an altar was the only thing there.

I stepped up to it.

[Neutral Zone - Castle: Lewin. Integrated.]

My view changed. Just like the other day, I was up in the sky. Every time an integration was taking place, it was possible to observe the newly added territories from the sky.

Talia. Forest. The factory. The newly added ‘Lewin Castle’ was attached to the south of Talia. Originally, it was the most remote place in my area, but not anymore. There was an area to the south of Lewin Castle.

[City: Vermouth]

[Neutral Zone - Campi Reservoir]

Lewin was located between two cities. I narrowed my eyes. There were people around the perimeter of Lewin. All the inhabitants had been instructed to enter Lewin Castle, so they must be from the cities.

They were the inhabitants of the forest and Jin Soo-young’s ‘Vermouth.’

I went down to Talia. The inhabitants of the forest saw me coming down from the sky and ran over.

“What's going on?"

“King! They...”

After hearing Kino’s explanation, it wasn’t difficult to predict the situation. Jin Soo-young’s Vermouth was a city where the buildings and culture remained intact. The value of the relics were high, but the Tellans living there suffered from a lack of food and water. This didn’t change after Jin Soo-young occupied the city, but then it was integrated with Talia. Although it wasn’t tasty, there was no need to worry about starvation. We had the Kasava.

“They want to distribute the food but... The guards didn’t listen to us when we tried to stop them.”

All of the Tellans here were now my citizens. The golems wouldn’t kill any citizens.

“Stop.” I waved my hand towards the elder explaining the situation.


"Don’t panic, I don’t plan to neglect you.”

I headed straight to Lewin Castle. I was greeted with cheers at Lewin Castle. They didn’t know about the fighting outside, but they could see a new world before them.

"Your Majesty." Even Mino, who remained calm in front of the residents, was flushed with excitement.

“I have something for you to do.”


"There is a conflict outside. It’s between residents who know me already and those who don’t.” I briefly described the situation to Mino.

“Can you do it? If it is too difficult then I will...”

"No, it's fine." Mino looked at me with a determined expression.

"I will scold them harshly for making trouble for Your Majesty. Everything belongs to Your Majesty, and me as well."

There was a slight anxiety in her last words. Maybe it was because she could actually see Talia now. It was a heavenly scene that she witnessed for the first time in her life. She couldn’t believe that she really was the owner of this place.


She needed to be convinced again of ‘who she was’ in this place. I laid a hand on Mino’s shoulder.

“You are my queen.” After that, I walked behind Mino. Mino left to instruct the residents in a solemn voice.

“You. My. Queen.” Jin Soo-young, who was leaning against a wall, imitated my tone and ridiculed me.

"You have played the king. Are you a king now? Your Majesty?”

"How can that be? Princess-nim?”

The conversation seemed to be an exchange of compliments, but there was a degree of sarcasm if one listened closely.

"I’ll carry you."

“...I don’t want to.”

"Don’t be stubborn. Really.” I put a hand under her legs and on her back.


"I’ve met a lot of crazy girls lately, but you are probably at the top of the tower.”

Did Japan call this a princess embrace? No matter how busy, there was no way eyes wouldn’t gaze at me as I walked down the castle.

Jin Soo-young complained, "C-Change your posture. Just uphill...”

"Didn't I tell you? Don’t be stubborn.”


"Remember this next time you are injured.”

I headed down from the castle towards Talia. After entering the city, the army of Lewin Castle was already moving in unison to successfully control the two forces with no blood loss.



“...It is great.” Jin Soo-young said in a reluctantly approving tone.

“Honestly don’t think about it. There is an insurmountable gap between you and I. What is this?”

“This crazy bastard!”

Jin Soo-young jerked away with a shout, then she flinched as it agitated her injury. Then I dropped her to the ground. I sat on a bench while Jin Soo-young recovered her breathing. Her HP had almost reached the limit so I pulled out a medicine from my inventory.


She looked at it with surprised eyes. “...Tha...nk you.” Jin Soo-young accepted it.

“It doesn’t really matter to me. You should watch your mouth a little bit. There are two things that you have to put up with. Being weaker than me and being a small dog that barks at the strong.”

“...Are you strong?”

“Then am I weak?”

I got up again, this time intending to go back to business. I helped Jin Soo-young up.

"In addition, this isn’t a little world... It is really bad for a woman to swear like this.”

“...A real jerk.”

Jin Soo-young didn’t show any resistance as I assisted her towards the central stairway. She opened her mouth once we were in front of the stairs.

"Now you should be vigilant. You don’t know when I will kill you.”

"Indeed, a girl with a dirty mouth will have a dirty mind.” I put Jin Soo-young down by the stairs.

There were many things to worry about on this floor. Maybe the biggest purpose was to show my abilities to Jin Soo-young. As I said, Jin Soo-young wasn’t an idiot. It wasn’t enough to imprint ‘you can’t kill me’ into her. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but if she noticed a gap, then she was going to try and kill me.

"I will become the emperor.” I told Jin Soo-young in a serious voice.

“...He. The ruler of this world?”

"Let's see? I think my opinion has changed recently, but if I become the emperor of this world, it won’t be different from becoming the emperor in reality.


She couldn’t kill me, rather than don’t kill me.

I was far above Jin Soo-young. I wanted to instill the fact in her mind that there wasn’t much value in stabbing me in the back compared to following me.

"Go down the stairs first.”


"I have a lot of work to do here today.” I also wanted to check the result of the experiment.

"When you see Director Oh, tell him that we met some Chinese explorers.” I was going to roll Jin Soo-young down the stairs.

"W-Wait a minute."


“I have one thing to ask.”

I raised an eyebrow. Jin Soo-young spoke with a serious expression. "Will you sleep? With that woman?”


“What? I...” I pushed Jin Soo-young down the stairs.


The contents of my experiment weren’t much.

The Chinese swordsman. I didn’t kill him. Once his body was in a critical state, the roots of his desires were extracted.

-He wants to kill.Those taller than himself.Also a big body.All the good-looking people...

It was a review of the ‘tasty part’ that the sacred creature ate. Complex. I had expected a little bit, but it was very precise. Perhaps he changed his physical inferiority complex into combat power? Of course, there was a risk, but obtaining a unique talent would have a food effect.

However, I had no intention of taking it. Unique talents weren’t the only sweet parts. The root of his desire was a desire based on an inferiority complex related to the body. If he obtained a better body, then the sense of inferiority would lessen... Wasn’t it similar to a mental state?

That’s why he fed the sacred creature. He instructed the sacred creature to eat the desire itself.

“Hey. Still nothing?”

I asked the sacred creature but there wasn’t a reply. The sacred creature almost screamed as it devoured the Chinese man’s desire. Shortly after that, the sacred creature fell asleep straight away. Well, I just guessed that he was asleep. It was probably due to a sudden sense of satiety.

Anyway, I did an experiment with the Chinese man in that state. I placed a ticket in his hand and tore it.

My ‘servant’, Jin Soo-young came to me after I occupied the area. But generally, others would be forced out as soon as I took over an area.

But what about this? What if a ticket to the 5th floor was used? It was an item that would automatically return a person to the place it was torn after 12 hours.

The Chinese man was already half dead. Once he returned to reality, he wouldn’t have a significant influence due to his desires being eaten. However, he might be able to stay in the occupied area using this method. It was a loophole that I could use.

The remaining time was about 10 hours. I wouldn’t be able to do anything until that time was over.

I turned around and looked at something, then threw my tired body on the bed.

I was currently in the upper level accommodation. It was a pretty luxurious room. I didn’t know what the material was, but the sheets and cushions covering the bed were smooth without feeling old.

There was a mild scent. I closed my eyes.

"Your Majesty."


I opened my eyes, sat up and saw Mino. She reported with both hands clasped in front of her.

"Everybody has obeyed Your Majesty’s authority without any problems. No one was hurt or killed except for two people who clashed before the first suppression occurred.”

“...Well done.”

I rubbed the sleep from my face and removed my feet from the ground, placing them back on the bed.

“I’ll be sleeping now. Then...”

There was no meaning. There was still a lot of time left, and I didn’t need to intervene in anything.

“Now... Is that what you are saying?”

“Yes. Now.”

Recently, I didn’t have a lot of time to lie down like this. I’m going to take a nap, so take care of everything.

“Please.” I lay down and closed my eyes. As I felt a weight on the other side of the bed, I realized two things.

My skills in Tellan were still poor. I used simple words and often didn’t understand the meaning of idioms. For example, 'sleep.’ I opened my eyes.



The second thing was that I just thought of this as a good place to stay. As king of the castle, it was natural to take the best room in the castle. The best room in the castle. Then whose room was it? You stupid bastard.

"So... If you look...”

I hadn’t thought of it. But I needed to say something now. She was trembling in front of me right now. Ah, she had mistaken my words and had taken off her clothes right away. She didn’t need to do that.

I had to admit my mistake and take responsibility. As the coffee coloured skin neared my nose, the identity of the scent coming from the bed became clear. Suddenly, I remembered what Jin Soo-young said before she descended.


Mino’s nervous face became grouchy because she thought I was laughing at her. “Why... Do you...?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

I solemnly apologized. I tried my best to keep my manners.

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