Adopted Soldier

Chapter 403

Chapter 403: 403

It has been a few days since Alex and his group started walking through the changing world, to get home . As they started their journey, the first thing that they noticed was the world that they knew no longer existed as it was now looking like a different world altogether . The world of science that they were used to, became a world of fantasy . Cars no longer raced through the streets, only monster-like beings did that . The planes that soared through the sky were replaced with gigantic winged creatures that could eat an elephant whole . This made it painfully obvious that the age of man might be nearing its end .

Every city they have been to was either destroyed or transformed and became a fortress . Also every now and again, they would see a random monster eating a human corpse, or worse yet a live human . This journey to get back home gave each member mixed feelings .

Even Emily and Oliver, who loved the new fantasy look the world was changing into was finally feeling a bit off . Even though they finally gained the powers that they wanted, their excitement only lasted for a few days as they saw the horrors of the changing world .

Still, as expected of humanity, even in such a dire situation they were able to adapt rather quickly . Those that weren't able to do so became food for the monsters .

. . .

Throughout their journey back home, the group encountered numerous people in need of help . Of course, they tried there best to help these poor souls . Unfortunately for them, even in this new age were magic and other supernatural abilities exist, some problems cannot be solved . This made them understand that same as before, no even more so than before, the law of the jungle was the one truth, the survival of the fittest . The strong feed on the weak, while the weak served the strong .

. . .

There was also another thing that started changing during the journey which was Alex's perception of Evangeline . Even though he was still fully devoted to Rachel, but for some reason, Evangeline was able to dig deeper into his heart . It might be because Rachel was actually helping Evangeline . Even Niel who was mostly partial was helping Evangeline as well .

Alex couldn't comprehend why they would do this, but since it wasn't really hurting anybody, he decided not to be too bothered by it .

. . .

After months of walking and seeing the changes the world was having, the group was able to finally reach the capital of Berdonia . The moment they were near the capital they noticed the great decline of monster encounters . Not even the more powerful monsters such as the giant moving mountains could be seen . Actually, unlike the majority of the world, the area near the capital of Berdonia felt different . The mass of monsters wasn't seen which was surprising, but even more surprising was the medieval-styled fortress in the middle of the city .

The walls of the fortress stood over thirty meters in height and there were even towers that had ballistas equipped . Unlike the other fortresses they've seen that still had a feel of modern science . this fortress really felt like it came from a fantasy novel .

Alex and the others slowly and cautiously approached the fortress and headed towards the gates . The moment they were at least three hundred meters near the gates, a bolt of lightning fell from above the sky . The group was able to evade, then Alex raised his sword up and the next second someone fell from the sky .

Alex who blocked the attack had his sword broken in half, and he quickly evaded before the giant sword sliced him in half .

Alex was surprised to see that In front of him was a beautiful lady, no beautiful was not enough to describe her, she was a divine being, no even that couldn't describe her beauty . This person was wearing full plated armor while carrying a giant sword . Upon closer inspection, Alex finally figured out who she was .

"YOU! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO KILLED SIR LYNER!" Alex emitted a suffocating amount of bloodlust that could make even the hardiest of mercenaries puke .

Rika couldn't recognize who Alex was, but she knew who Lyner was . That was the person she will never forget for her entire life . She was about to ask how Alex knew Lyner, but before she could open her mouth, Alex threw the broken blade of his sword, forcing Rika to evade . Rachel and the others were about to correct Alex's misunderstanding but before they could say anything, Alex like a bolt of lightning charged forward .

He appeared before Rika and released a full-powered kick onto her face . Rika was able to easily evade this move, but then Alex used his new ability to make the ground Rika was standing on try to pierce her . As Rika jumped backward to evade, Alex using a full-fingered spear hand was about to pierce Rika's heart, but Rika was able to catch Alex's spear hand by holding onto his wrist .

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Alex shouted as he could no longer control his rage after seeing the killer of his teacher .

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