Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1353 - Asking for Death (4)

Chapter 1353 “Asking for Death (4)”

“Sire, I know my fault now, I really know it. I only did everything for the princess’s sake.” Yu Yao seems to have thought of something then and turned towards Mu Ying. “Ying’er, Ying’er, you tell them, hurry and tell them you pushed the princess down to the pond and that I only intervened to save her. Tell them.”

Mu Ying felt wronged to begin from all those years of maltreatment, but to hear this directly from her own mother that she wants her to admit guilt, well, that’s just beyond grief anymore. It’s downright humiliating and insulting.

Ying’er… how many years has it been since I heard her call me that? So she’s willing to call me using that way just so I can die for her…. HA!

For a moment, the poor lady who never felt motherly love could swear there’s some kind of lump suffocating her lungs. That’s just how hurt she was inside and that’s also the moment where any family ties she had with Yu Yao died off. She’s done with her and wants nothing to do with the old hag.

“I did not try to murder the princess.” Without looking up and half kneeing there, Mu Ying respectfully answers without a hint of dishonesty. “Sire, I’ve done as you instructed and cared for the princess with the upmost respect, never have I overstepped my boundaries or try to murder her.”

That speech felt like a thunderclap for Yu Yao. Pointing with fire spewing out of those eyes at her eldest daughter, this woman was seething with rage: “Do you know what you’re talking about? You were clearly trying to kill the princess, admit it! Don’t you know you’re trying to kill me by denying that!”

That brought a derisive sneer to Mu Ying’s face. So even she knows that could warrant the death penalty. So she wants me to die for her!

The friction between the leopard chief’s family didn’t escape those present, it’s too obvious something wasn’t right. Di Cang could care less though, he only cares about his own family and that meant his precious gem of a daughter.

“Quiet!” Bai Yan finally snapped after seeing the old hag trying to point her finger at Mu Ying. Then turning back to her own daughter with a gentle smile of cooing nature: “Ling Yan, tell mother here what happened.”

Biting her own thumb, the peachy baby explained despite her own nervous expression: “Just now I was playing and accidentally fell into the pond over there, but Sister Mu Ying saved me by fishing me up.”

Although she’s not afraid of water, but others don’t need to know that.

“I understand then sweetie.” Giving the baby girl a rub on the head as a compliment for being brave, Bai Yan returns her attention to the woman with that hard-cold gaze, “What else do you want to say?”

That completely went beyond what Yu Yao expected. In her view, everyone should be believing her words and not some child!

“What does the little princess know? She can’t even walk properly. Her brain must not be functioning properly. Are you all really going to believe her?!” The moronic woman splutters this out without forethought.

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