Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1437 - “Head Alchemist of the Celestial Palace (6)”

Chapter 1437 “Head Alchemist of the Celestial Palace (6)”

“Something fishy is going on with this Holy Dragon Mountain. When we came it only took us half a day to transverse the landscape, yet we can’t make it down to the base after walking for a full day. I suspect we’ve activated some sort of trap along the way.” Bai Yan explains after musing over the situation.

There are countless traps and illusionary spells placed along the place, yet she’s never seen anything like them before. Whether it be from theoretical standpoint, or their makeup, it’s very different from the modern-day style she uses.

“Xiachen, are you worried?” She asked out of fear for her boy panicking.

“I am not Mother. As long as I’m with you then I’m happy.” Bai Xiachen shakes his little head and defuse the idea.

Ruffling the boy’s hair with a smile, “Alright Xiachen, we will definitely leave this place.”

This child is always so intimate and sensible, like a burning warmth in my heart.

“But Yan Yan, what is wrong with this place? Why can’t we get out of this place?” Mo Li Shang the young friend scratches the back of his head in confusion.

“For the time being I can’t figure out the cause either,” pausing to furrow her brow, “regardless of the issue, we will eventually find out the reasoning, I’m sure of it.”

“Okay.” Nodding with a firm belief in the other side, the young man doesn’t sound worried after that reassurance.


Precisely at the same time while they were searching for a way out of this strange and maze-like mountain, others on the other hand had just arrived here to land at the spot they were in not long ago.

Glancing around for her precious grandfather, Yue Shishi appeared shocked and horrified when she noticed the soul burning inside a pyre of flame.


Reacting to the outcry, the lost soul flickers with life for a brief second and reached out with a hand. Perhaps wanting to touch the girl for one last time. However, when the hands of both granddaughter and grandfather interacted, what happened was a heartbreaking scene of the latter dissipating into specs of light, signaling the final destruction of his soul and passing.

This spectacle left Yue Shishi stunned like a rock, unable to move an inch further from the spot as she remained in that outreaching pose.

“Grandfather…” She murmurs this while weeping silently.

Grandfather not only died, but his soul… it’s also gone?


Who in the world have such hatred for Grandfather that they wouldn’t let his soul move on?!

Collapsing into a crouching pose after losing all strength, the girl cusped her own head in pain that left her crying out in agony.

“Shishi, how many people know about your grandfather coming here to find the Ice Fruit?” Healer Yu finally spoke up, his face cold and heard.

Still sobbing uncontrollably: “Only those in the Celestial Palace know about it.”

“Then its undoubtedly Yun Ruo Xi who’s behind this. Only the Celestial Palace and the Demon Realm’s king have the power to kill your grandfather. I’m sure the demon king didn’t move against us, that leaves only those we know.”

Of why Healer Yu was so certain Di Cang didn’t do it was because they took a short detour to the Demon City prior to coming here. From the information he got, the man never left the city.

“Let’s go Shishi, it’s time we made that woman pay.” That said, the old elder picked up the corpse of his disciple and dragged the girl away with him.

Of course, this entire event remains unknown to Bai Yan who should’ve been close enough to notice the new arrivals. Unfortunately, the illusionary spell they are in has cut her and her companions off from the outside world, making them the only ones being kept from leaving.

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